Dolly's Bike Ride to Paradise

by woolywombat

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Desc: Sex Story: Mature honey kidnapped and sexually worked over by a biker gang... to her great delight!

Rob and Dolly Hamlin were sitting in Oldham's Bar in North St. Louis having a drink with their son Scott. Oldham's was a gathering place for most of the bikers in the area. Scott had a motorcycle customizing shop right next door and the location couldn't have been better. It was like having the bar do your advertising and marketing for you, Scott said. The bar was packed this evening and the customers were the usual lot. Some business types, "wannabe bikers", Scott said. Tough looking bike club members drinking by themselves and looking over the people looking them over. And, the bulk of the customers... just plain folks.

Dolly, Scott's mother, was a beautiful, mature 57 year old woman. Dressed in conservative clothes... a loose sweater and slacks, she was a 5' 2", 140 lb., platinum blond knockout. The sweater hinted at what lay beneath, but only hinted at the 38 DD cup tits under that sweater. Her ass, on display as she went to the restroom and past the biker club's leering members, was tight and round for her years. The sight of the gorgeous woman elicited some suggestive comments as she passed.

One rough looking character mumbled, "Now that mama would be a good fuck!".

Dolly ignored the comment and proceeded to her destination. Looking back, as she entered the rest room, she shuddered. "My god, those guys are a scary bunch", she thought. I think I'll tell Rob and Scott that it is time to leave.

On the return trip, one burly fellow stepped in front of her blocking her path and said, "Are you with those wimps over there? Why don't you have a drink with some real men?"

Dolly replied, "I'm an old married woman out with my husband and my son, just leave me alone".

"I don't know if we want to leave you alone... you look pretty hot to me... too hot for those guys that's for sure", the big man said. With that he moved to one side and allowed her to return to her table.

"Rob," she said, "that big unshaved lout over there made a pass at me and I think it's time to go".

Scott and Rob agreed and paid their bar bill and got up to leave the bar. The large man who had stopped Dolly shouted to them as they were leaving, See you later, baby!" as the reached the door. God, I hope not, Dolly thought to herself.

As the couple went to their car and Scott to his, one of the bikers walked out the door to have a cigarette. He must have gotten a fix on the car Dolly got into and the license number. Neither Dolly nor Rob noticed the man and neither did Scott. The man quickly discarded his butt and went back inside the bar. Within minutes, the entire club had emptied the bar and were revving up their machines. The observer pointed to the direction that Dolly and Rob had gone and the entire mob sped off in that direction. The six bikers split up at the crossroads they encountered until one of them spotted the car they were looking for. Rob still did not notice that they were be followed and proceeded to drive to their destination. Pulling into their driveway, he left the car and they both went into their house.

As they were both settling down and preparing for the next day, a knock came at their front door. Dolly, being the closest, went to answer it. When she opened the door it was pushed in and one of the bikers from the bar stood in her foyer.

"What do you want?", she asked in a loud voice.

"YOU, BABY!", the rough leather clad man replied.

"Just a minute, you", Rob said as he approached. "Get out of my house before I call the police!".

"Go right ahead, buddy... Call anybody you want... we won't be here and neither will your hot little wifey either!" "Get your coat, lady... we're going for a ride!"

Dolly was stunned! The nerve of this lout!

"I will do nothing of the sort", she shouted.

With that the man pushed Rob out of his way and retrieved Dolly's coat from the chair where she had placed it. Grabbed Dolly by her arm and dragged her out of the house.

Rob protested loudly, "Let her go right now!".

By then, the man had Dolly secured on his Harley and roared out of their driveway.

"You might get her back after we're finished with her!", he shouted back to Rob.

Rob ran to phone and called 911. After he had related his story to the police who came to their house. He felt that his world had been turned up-side down. He simply was at a total loss as to what to do. The police were of little help. They intended to check out Oldham's Bar to see if they could get a line on the biker group, but they were not very confident that they would get any information that would get Dolly home.

Meanwhile, the biker who had Dolly captive had linked up with his five friends and was heading out in the country where one of the members had a hunting cabin. These guys were hungry for ass and they had big plans for the lady with the big tits. By the time they arrived at the cabin, Dolly was next to frozen. They had not stopped to allow her to put her coat on and she was numb from the wind and cold. They hooted and hollered when they saw their prey had been captured and with cheering in anticipation of fucking all night and for as long as she could hold out.

The big man who had her on his bike was called, "Moose" by his friends. They all went by nicknames so Dolly could not identify any names, if by chance they ever left her go. Now, Moose picked Dolly up by her waist like a sack of wheat and carried her into the cabin. Tossing her on a unmade bed, he surveyed the object of their hunt. Dolly lay in frozen stupor as the rest of the men clambered into the small cabin.

One by one, they raped her with their eyes. And one by one, they chattered among themselves as to what they were going to do to her and who would do it. Slowly, very slowly, Dolly came to realize that she was going to be raped and probably sodomized by this group of large and smelly guys. Try as she might, she could not fathom a way out of her predicament.

The leader of the group, a fellow called "Big Mac" by his friends laid down the ground rules for fucking their prize of the day.

"So that we can get a better look at what this ho' has to offer... Turk here is gonna undress the cunt. After that, we are gonna draw lots, just like we always do, to see who fucks her first. After she's broken in, whatever you want, you can do. Try not to kill her yet, but any hole is fair game."

A large bearded black man, obviously Turk, grabbed Dolly and ripped her sweater over her head, exposing her overflowing bra covered tits. The men howled with delight!

"Look at those guns!", one yelled.

Turk snapped the bra straps and pulled the cups down revealing Dolly's gorgeous breasts. Pulling at the center of her bra, he whipped out his knife and cut the lace bra in half. Her gorgeous globes trembled as she tried to cover her nakedness. Her nipples already puckered and hardened from the chill stood like little sentinels. Her tits were heavy rounded and full. Now she stood bare breasted and trembling before the lust crazed mob.

He then unzipped her slacks and pushed them to the floor.

"Step out of them, lady", he ordered.

Dolly fearfully obeyed. Now clad only in her tight panties, she felt already violated. But she knew the worst was yet to come. Next, the panties fell to the floor. Now completely naked, Dolly shivered in dreaded anticipation. By now most of the men had stripped down and were standing stroking their cocks, getting them to monstrous hardness.

Dolly had never seen suck cocks! They all were a lot bigger and thicker than Rob's puny prick. She knew that the chances of her survival hinged upon her level of cooperation. So she decided to help give them what they wanted. HER BODY AND ALL IT'S OPENINGS!

The men drew straws to determine who was to break in Dolly and get the first fuck of the night. A giant of a man called Tarzan won the "honor". He leered with lust as he approached Dolly. He easily picked her and sat her on the bed.

"Suck my cock bitch! I ain't wasting my chance on a dry hole. Get this cock up to speed so I can customize you for these pecker heads", he roared.

Dolly's eyes bulged as she gasped at the semi-rigid penis being pushed at her face. She tentatively opened her mouth and was blasted by a slap at the side of her head.

" God damn it, bitch! I said SUCK IT! AND SUCK IT GOOD!!"

Dolly gagged as he shoved his huge cock to the back of her throat. She sucked as well as she could and a fast as she could, but it was not fast enough or good enough for her assaulter. WHACK!! WHACK!! More slaps on her head. She felt the cock seem to grow in her mouth as she sucked and sucked on the fleshy intruder. She heard the men cheer when Tarzan yelled "I'm cummin now bitch, swallow every damn drop if you know what's good for you!!!" His cock swelled even more and pulsed and hot jizm shot to the back of Dolly's throat and down her gullet.

" AHHHHHH, AHH! AHHHHH! He shouted.

She was still trying to swallow the load of jizm when he whipped his cock out of her mouth and threw her on the bed. In a flash for such a big man, he was between her legs. He spread her legs roughly and began to rub his still dripping cock up and down Dolly's pussy slit. Dolly hadn't noticed, but she too had gotten wet from the stimulation of sucking this giant of a man.

The combination of their juices made her cunt entrance slippery as wet satin. As he rubbed his truncheon on her flaring labia, her cunthole began to relax in welcoming expectation. As he rubbed, he pressed harder at the cunthole with his prick. Dolly felt the stretching as he zeroed in on his target. Now more cock pushed into her.

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