Drunken Chick

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: Hey, I'm just an ordinary guy, not a pervert, just your regular bloke. So what would you do if you found this fucking gorgeous chick lying drunk half out of her brains at a party? Yeah, I'll bet you would do the same as me.

Hey, I'm just an ordinary guy, not a pervert, just your regular bloke. So what would you do if you found this fucking gorgeous chick lying drunk half out of her brains at a party? Yeah, I'll bet you would do the same as me. I had gone with my mate Terry and while standing drinking at the bar we eyed up all the unattached talent and some of the attached ones too. I had noticed her earlier for who could miss her long blonde hair and that black dress that just about covered all of her important bits. She was dancing with this big guy and between dances I could tell she was knocking the drinks back too. Perhaps they had a bust up, who knows and who cares but when I found her flat out drunk in the hallway, I just couldn't leave her lying there, now could I.

"You ok?" I said as I bent low and whispered in her ear.

She mumbled something I couldn't understand.

"Come on, love," I said taking her under the arms and lifted her to her feet. "What you need is some fresh air."

I half carried her outside and the cool air seemed to revive her a bit for she stirred but then she looked like she was going to be sick. My car was just around the corner but as much as I wanted to take her off somewhere quiet, I didn't want her sick all over my fresh carpets.

"You going to be sick?" I asked.

She mumbled again which I took as a no, but I still didn't want to risk it though. While holding her upright, my right hand was cupping her right boob, it felt firm and full and very naked under her dress.

"Got to get you somewhere secluded," I said to myself.

I looked behind me and the party was still in full swing and nobody had seemed noticed my leaving with her. I had lived in this area all my life and suddenly the perfect place came into my mind. A few doors down there was a row of garages and behind them was a strip of grass. With the reflected light from adjacent street lamps giving it all a soft glow, it was the perfect place for our little romantic interlude. Nobody was going to find us there unless they came looking and got very lucky.

"Let's get you out of this," I whispered pulling her zip all the way down her back.

It was a bit of a struggle but eventually I pulled her top down and I was right -- her tits were beautifully naked beneath. She was mumbling again but I couldn't make any sense of what she was saying. I didn't stop to listen to her so it didn't take long to pull her skirt right up and her little black dress was now just a band of material around her waist.

"Let's loose these," I said pulling at her scanty knickers.

That was all she was wearing, the slut, just a simple dress and a pair of thong knickers.

"My, my, but you are lovely," I cooed as I ran my hands over her soft, smooth skin. "Let's get these open wide."

I pulled her knees apart and moved in between them. While still moving one hand over her soft thighs and squeezing her pert tits, I found a condom in my top pocket; well, a guy has to come prepared these days.

"Don't fret," I said softly, "I'll soon be with you."

I rolled the condom on to my hard prick then manoeuvring it into the right spot, I pushed forward. She was dry but the lubricant on the condom eased me inside.

"There you are," I said, "your pussy fits my cock like a glass slipper Cinderella, that means you're mine, my princess."

Slowly at first, I pushed in and out of her and I pretty soon I noticed that she was getting sloppier.

"You like this, don't you, my slut?" I whispered close to her ear.

Even with her body almost unconscious it knew what it liked and how to get the best from it. She pulled her knees up more and she pushed her hips against my thrusts.

"That's right, my princess," I panted.

My hands were moving over her fine soft skin, squeezing and caressing every bump and hollow; she had exceptionally fine tits, not big but a good handful. I was getting near now and I picked up my pace. I could hear her juices squelching with each of my thrusts, even though she had stopped moving against me. Either she had come or had passed out completely, it didn't matter one jot to me one way or the other for I was there.

"Yes, yes," I cried quietly as I pumped a goodly load of my spunk into her.

I lay there for a minute getting my breath back, then I pulled out and stood up. The used condom I rolled up in a tissue for disposal later. I looked down at her and in the dim light I let my eyes travel over her obscenely spread body. Her arms were above her head and her legs wide apart. I contemplated re-dressing her and taking her back to the party, but in the end I just zipped up and walked away.

The party was still in full swing and Terry was still standing at the bar.

"Where have you been?" he asked.

"Queuing for the loo," I lied, well not quite for I had been to the loo to flush away the used condom.

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