Weekend Work

by Alistair Acorn

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Desc: Sex Story: She sure was easy to pick-up at the dance but what ulterior motives did she have?

She was all over me on the dance hall, I picked her up at the first dance and she stuck to me like glue the whole evening. Bette was her name and she was about 38, well so she said anyway, I prefer older women, so this was right up my alley. I'm a 28year old, who likes to score at the weekends.

All my mates are married, some of them with multiple kids, me I just can't hang on to a woman that long. I pull out my ten and a half and they are off, not so much the oldies, they like a big cock, well all the ones I score with do anyway. There must be some young woman out there who wants big cock but not the ones I have met so far.

As I said Bette was all over me rubbing herself against my hard penis and my leg. She was wearing a long ankle-length dress and I couldn't just grope her in the middle of the floor it would be too obvious, but I had my hand between her legs a few times and she seemed on fire.

"Are you going to take me home Duncan."

As if I had wasted all the evening dancing with her, to walk away, I intended to do more than take her home.

"Of course Bette any time you want to go we will leave."

"After the next dance, I like a slow waltz."

I hunt out the places that have old-time dancing for it's there that I meet my women, the younger set don't usually come to these dances.

Eventually we got home and she still was all over me, but this time she had her hand in my trousers handling my cock. "God you are big, just what I need." She said with a smile on her face.

"I'm glad you like what you feel Bette."

"If your wanting to fuck me there is something you have to do first."

God I thought I've picked up a kinky. I suppose she wants to be tied up or some stupid thing.

"Well what have I to do first?"

"Fuck my daughter, she is a bit retarded and she needs a man, she has been on about it for days. I can't let her out on her own, come I'll take you to her, after you've finished with her then we can fuck, if you don't want her then there is the door."

I followed Bette into a bedroom and sitting on the bed was a young woman, or should I say woman. She sat cross-legged on the end of the bed holding a teddy bear in her hands. She had a pair of huge breasts; well they looked large to me.

"How old is she Bette, I don't want to be roped in for molesting a child?"

"She is eighteen and three months, well over the legal limit, well will you do it."

"I haven't heard her ask?"

"Glad, do you want this man to fuck you, put is penis in your itchy spot."

"Will he, oh great, Ill take off my nightie." Which she quickly did.

How could a body like that have a simple mind? She was blonde and the dumb blonde jokes came to mind, but they weren't as simple as Glad.

"Why not Bette, but you had better get ready as once I finish here I'll be right in."

"I'll be waiting." She said as she left the room and closed the door.

Straight on to her back and knees up and spread wide went Glad, and I hadn't even taken my shoes off. I wasn't going to muck up my clothes and to be on the safe side I put a chair under the knob of the door. I stripped with Glad watching my every move. She didn't flinch when she saw my cock, but what shook me when she said, "I've never had a cock before. I only play with myself with my hand. I saw a movie where a man and woman fucked and I wanted it too."

Shit I said under my breath a bloody virgin, this is going to be harder than I thought, as long as she doesn't start acting up, or screaming the place down.

I could see she was wet as she was pulling the lips of her vulva wide and I could see her lovely pink inner flesh. I got between her legs and put my knob into that moist hole, she then let go and grabbed me at the side of my body as if she was guiding me in. I leant forward, and as sure as hell I came up against her barrier. I pushed a little harder and I felt her stretch, but it was her who done the deed. She thrust her hips towards me, I tore through her hymen and sunk halfway into her depths. She let out a little cry put kept thrusting herself on. I loved this tight feeling I had around the whole length that was in her body, and it got better as I sunk all the way in. I had intended to make this a quickie so I could get to Bette but this was better than I ever imagined, a lovely young body, vibrant and with full elasticity in her flesh, wrapped around my rod. I had wanted a young woman who wasn't afraid of a big cock, and now I had one.

It was a pity that she had the mind of a youngster, but her body was perfection. Gazing down at these lovely orbs of pink flesh with the large darker pink areoles and I couldn't resist to lean forward and take one in each hand as our two pubic bones were crashing together.

I was into the hilt and the feeling was out of this world, and by the look on Glad's face she loved it also.

"Glad do you like that?"

"Oh I want you to myself, I like your cock, and it makes me feel funny."

I began pumping and watched when I withdrew, the lips of her passage came with me, as if wanting to hold me forever, I loved the sight as I sank once again into her. I wasn't working alone Glad was keeping up and soon we were in cuckoo land as I unloaded into her body, I didn't know or care if she was on the Pill I just exploded inside her.

Eventually I slipped out and lay down beside her, but she got up and sucked my penis clean. The sight of these lovely lips around my shaft, and the sight of her lovely bottom with her swollen lips protruding was enough to give me another boner. Glad still kept my penis in her mouth, but now only the head was in. As her mouth stretched, she fought to keep the head in.

I lay on my back and by holding her hips I turned her until she was astride my hips, I reached down and placed the head in her entrance and she oh so slowly sank down. These marvellous orbs were now in full view, and were bouncing wonderfully as she raised and lowered herself on my phallus. The smile on her face told the whole story; she loved every minute of it.

God Bette can wait, this was far better than I ever imagined. I had someone who I could see fuck me into an early grave, but what a way to die. Glads intellect may be low but in one department she could win an award, well in my books anyway.

This time she exploded into an orgasm, and she shuddered and quivered while impaled on my rod. But she never missed a beat. I am sorry to say I never managed to cum but that did not matter for she would get it eventually, I was certain.

After she had her climax she came and lay on my chest I put both hands around her and this was how we went to sleep. What woke me up was the banging on the door.

"Haven't you finished yet, I have been waiting hours."

"Bette I'll see you in the morning, Glad and I haven't finished yet."

"Glad, its mum, are you all right darling."

"He's mine mum, I'm keeping him, he's in my hole now and I want him to stay there. Go away."

Seeing her now sitting up there again with those lovely breasts staring me in the eye, my boner had returned and Glad was once again riding the Cock Horse. I didn't hold back this time I have emptied two loads into her body as I watched her face. There was no need for words her face told you everything, the way her eyes were closed, a smile on her face as she rolled both her hips and her head in pleasure.

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