The Deal

by Kien Reti

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Wimp Husband, BDSM, Humiliation, First, Anal Sex, Body Modification, .

Desc: Sex Story: He craved Sharon's ass so much that he was willing to put his own on the line. Unfortunately, he lost.


Copyright┬ę 2005 by Kien Reti

Barney fancied himself a master of the art of seduction. He had conquered hundreds of women in his career and had left behind him a trail of broken hearts and bruised souls. But, hey, that was just collateral damage, and the game was only thing that counted.

Sharon intrigued him. She had the finest ass he had ever seen on a woman, and he had seen his share. He had gotten his first glimpse of her magnificent backside at the Simexco board meeting a couple of months back. She was a last-minute stand-in for the scheduled speaker, and she was making her best effort to keep the audience from falling asleep as she valiantly held forth on methods of meeting regional sales quotas. But Barney didn't hear a word she said. Those tight, round buttocks under her form-fitting power-suit slacks had riveted his attention like a target in the crosshairs of a gun sight.

"Sorry," he said to her afterwards, "but I didn't quite understand what you were getting at with that last PowerPunk slide."

Sharon smiled at him. "Not many of the attendees seemed to take much of an interest. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised. Slide shows are such a deadly bore."

He looked her in the eye and smiled back. "Not yours."


"Damn it, man. She's an executive VP in a Fortune 500 company. That puts her way out of your class. Mark my words, Barney, one of these days your pussy chasing is gonna land you in deep shit."

"Look, Johnny boy. When I home in on booty, I never give up. Never. And, I want that ass of hers. I need it, crave it, and I've simply got to have it. I'll do anything to get my hands on it."



"I'm not sure I can bring myself to be unfaithful."

"Look, Sharon, Earl's a loser. He's the classic example of a wimp husband. The guy hasn't made love to you for months, and he probably can't even get it up any more. A woman of your caliber certainly deserves better than that. Not to mention that there's this explosive chemistry between us. Hey, when I touched your hand a minute ago, you could see the sparks fly. Look, baby, it's obvious that we're intended for each other. And, you can't fight fate."

"You're very persuasive, Barney. But, I don't know... "

"Well, can I at least order you something else to drink, my sweet?"

"No, but... "


"But, would you take me home?"


Barney was facing death, and he didn't much care for the feeling. The business end of an automatic pistol looks like an eight-lane expressway to Hell when you're staring into it at point-blank range.

"So, what did you expect, chump? That I'd let you get away with messing with my woman?"

"But, but -- "

"Stop that damned sniveling. If I were going to kill you, it certainly wouldn't be like this. There are better ways, ways that would make you suffer more and that couldn't be traced back to me."

"Uh, Earl..."

"Yeah, scumbag?"

"Uh, well, is it too late to say I'm sorry?"

Sharon chose that moment to reappear. Barney hadn't seen her since that cursed split-second when she had motioned him into the house ahead of her. Since he had suddenly found himself knocked down and held at gunpoint. Like a chump, he had let himself be ambushed! Suckered!

"Barney, my love," she said.


"Here's your chance to get what you so desperately want. You were after my ass, right?"

This was getting way too weird. He looked from her face to her husband's. Earl gave him a lewd smirk, but without shifting his aim. What the fuck was going on here?

"All right, here's the deal," Earl said.

"You were hot for my wife's ass. Well, I can certainly respect that. She does have a world-class ass. But... so do you, my fine fellow. So do you."

"Me? Me?"

"If you want a shot at Sharon's ass, and if you want to hold on to your worthless life, then you'll just have to follow the program."

At gunpoint still, Barney let Sharon help him up from the floor. She snapped tight-fitting metal bands onto his wrists. Through attached eyelets in each of these shackles the lovely lady linked a cable leading up to a pulley overhead. She stepped back, and as her husband cranked the handle of an unseen winch, Barney was stretched upright, precariously teetering on his toes with his arms pulled uncomfortably tight, straight up over his head. This elaborate setup gave him the suspicion that he wasn't the first victim of this scam.

"Now we can get down to essentials." Earl patted him on the butt and reached down to...

Why is he unbuckling my belt? Barney asked himself. So he can drop my pants! In bondage and naked from the waist down, he struggled to hold back panic as he contemplated what might would come next.

The one thing he feared more than any other was rape -- anal rape. Boyhood whispers of what queers did to one another had given him nightmares for years. Even as a supposedly enlightened adult, with gay friends and acquaintances, he had shied away from thoughts of what they did in bed. In the ass -- they fucked each other in the ass! And now it was his turn.

His turn.

"You can relax and enjoy it, or have it forced on you." Earl gave an evil laugh. "Listen, tough guy, I can hammer a fifteen-inch steel spike into your asshole to rip it open, if that's what it takes. Or, you can cooperate and make it easier on yourself. Either way is perfectly fine by me."

Barney felt the sweat running down his face. He wanted to scream. If only he had a hand free -- and a knife in it -- so he could cut his own throat. He wished he were dead. He wished...

It hurt. There was a stab of pain so fierce that it became the center of his existence. Something was forcing itself into him down there. Something hard and brutal and unyielding. Up his...

"It doesn't have to hurt. Don't fight it. Stop tightening up. Relax. Give it up. Give up your ass. Give it to me. Open up. I'm knockin' at your door, so let me in. Let me... let me do you. Fuck you. Fuck you in the ass."

Earl's voice was a steady chant, compelling, irresistible, hypnotic in its intensity. And, it began penetrating into the center of Barney's consciousness, sapping his will to resist, soothing him, overcoming his revulsion, persuading him to... accept this horrible perversion, this invasion of his body. And he surrendered.

Barney felt the hard shaft ram into him, penetrate up into his core, and rip open his most vulnerable flesh -- his ass, his rectum, his tender inner chamber. It burned, IT BURNED, and he would have doubled over sobbing in anguish over the shame and humiliation of it if the cables hadn't held him rigidly upright. But it didn't hurt as much now, as his defloration proceeded. It was as if the shock of it all had finally anesthetized him and deadened the pain of the violation of his most private self. And, he discovered, to his horror, that he had a painfully hard erection. And that Sharon was taking it into herself.

She was humming the tune to "Furry Alien Lover" as she exposed herself to him in all her glorious nakedness. As she rocked back on her heels, she writhed and entwined herself with him and slowly hand-fed his quivering hardon into the moist cavern between her legs. Barney's head throbbed to the syncopated rhythm of cock thrusting into his backside and pussy thrusting onto his front side, while crazed thoughts scrolled across his mind as if on a moving marquee: Fucked -- double-fucked -- fucked front and back. Robbed of manhood, stripped of illusions, and I'll never be the same again.

He sensed a liquid eruption boiling deep inside him, and he died.

He kept staring at the white ceiling.


What am I doing here?

"No sudden moves, please," the voice said. "You wouldn't want to disturb the life-support systems."


Various tubes and IVs snaked out of his body. A tube was in his mouth and running down his aching throat. A respirator?

"Finally awake, I see. You gave us quite a scare, but we think you'll pull through."

He wanted to ask what this was all about, but only a weak croak came out.

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