Oil Please

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: 22 year old Elizabeth asked her mother to watch her cats over the weekend. When Mary arives at her daughter's duplex she finds her daughter's neighbor, 25 year old Rick sunbathing in his Speedo. He is young and muscular and fantasies start wandering around in her head. What is a woman to do?

My name is Mary Heinz and I am a 53 years old woman. I have a 22 year old daughter, Elizabeth, who lives across town in a duplex she shares with her two cats, Chief and Mia. I have been married for 31 years to a wonderful husband and provider, Phillip Heinz. I used to be what men called "cute" but as I have aged cute has turned into nice looking. I am 5 feet 7 inches tall, weigh 122 pounds and have shinny black hair that runs down my back. My bust is a 34C. Why do I tell you these personal details? Well something happened last weekend and I need to tell someone and I have picked you.

Elizabeth had called me during the week and told me she was going to be out of town with some girlfriends over the weekend and wanted to know if I could come by her duplex and feed the cats. I agreed and on Saturday around one o'clock I grabbed some cat nip for the two little hellions to play with and drove over to her duplex. It was a beautiful sunny day and I wore a light blue flowered sun dress, sandals and a baseball cap with my hair pulled through the back of the cap.

I should probably describe Elizabeth's duplex so you'll understand the rest of the story. The builders wanted each side of the duplex to have as much privacy as possible so it were built like a large capital "L," with only one adjoining wall and that was where the corners of the L meet. Each side of the duplex has a one car garage, one at the top of the L and the other at the bottom and centered in between the garages is a very large and private decked yard that is fenced from garage to garage.

I parked my old Chevy at the back of Elizabeth's garage and walked up to the gate and let myself inside. Out on the deck, laying face down on a lounge chair was Rick, Elizabeth's neighbor. Rick is 25 and quite a hunk. He was reading a book and wearing one of those Speedo swim suits and nothing else. When I entered the gate he looked up from his book.

"Oh hi Mrs. H, how are you today?"

"Good Rick and yourself?"

"I'm great, just trying to work on my tan, that's all."

"Well, I just stopped by to take care of Elizabeth's cats. Talk to you later."

Rick went back to reading his book and I let myself in to Elizabeth's house. The cats were playful but glad to see someone hadn't forgotten their need to be fed. As I fixed their food I looked out the kitchen window at Rick. The way he was he was lying he couldn't see me staring at his body. He was about six feet and 175 pounds. He had a sculptured body and I was sure he worked out a lot. He had a great tan which brought me to stare at his ass; he had a fabulous ass that was barely covered by his swim suit. My thoughts drifted back to my younger days and the men I dated. Did anyone ever look as good as this boy? I doubted it. I wondered what his cock looked like. I wondered what it would feel like sliding in and out of my pussy. My hand wandered down and went under my dress and rubbed my mound. I was already wet.

Christ, get a grip on yourself Mary, he's a child for God's sake. As I watched him do absolutely nothing but read his book I tried to remember the last time that Phillip and I had made love. I couldn't remember. I fantasized that Rick would roll over, take out his cock and make me lick it. Oh God, fantasies are wonderful, but not to be acted upon. I had never been unfaithful to my husband although I had a number of offers in the early years of our marriage. I was married and I was faithful, that's all there was to it!

I open the back door and went outside with full intentions of going straight home and masturbating.

"Excuse me Mrs. H; could you do me a favor?"

"Uh, I guess. What do you need?"

"I can't reach my back, could you put some oil on it for me?"

"Sure, I guess." I put down my bag and walked over to his lounge chair.

Rick handed me the bottle of oil. "Here you go Mrs. H. Thanks a lot, I appreciated it."

I squirted some oil on my hands and started rubbing at the top of his shoulders. He had very muscular shoulders and I could feel their strength beneath my fingers.

"Wow, Mrs. H. Do you have some training? As a massage therapist, I mean."

"No. I've given a few rub downs over the years, especially when Elizabeth had a pulled muscle or something. She was real athletic in high school and was forever pulling a muscle in her leg, or back. Once even in her butt!"

"Hummmm, I would have paid money to see that."

I slapped him on the butt, playfully. "Watch your mouth young man."

"I'm sorry Mrs. H. I didn't mean anything,"

"OK, no offense taken." I continued to rub down his back and around his sides. God he felt wonderful. I hadn't had my hands near another man's body since my college days and it felt, oh I don't know... forbidden maybe.

"I pulled my back a week ago; I would love it if you rubbed a little lower."

My hands slid down his back to near his butt. I massaged around his lower back but my eyes were on his ass. I wanted to rub that ass in the worst way. My mind told me to keep my hands where they belonged, but my gut really wanted to rub his ass.

"Oh Mrs. H, that feels so good."

As I continued rubbing his lower back I could see his butt cheeks clenching and unclenching and I decided that a little teasing wouldn't hurt. I mean, I am just rubbing oil on the boy. I splashed some more oil on his back, way too much oil. "Oh Rick, I'm sorry it just sorta slipped, here let me get this off your back and onto your legs." I scooped up most of the oil and started massaging his leg. I started at his ankle and worked my way up to his thigh. When I moved up towards his butt cheeks he spread his legs a little wider allowing me access. My hands neared his bathing suit and I let a finger barely touch where his balls were, just a light rubbing. His ass clenched tight this time and I could hear soft moans.

"Ohhhhhhh, that's real nice."

What started out as rubbing some oil on the boys back had turned to a massage and now was morphing into something else entirely, something that I was afraid I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. "Why don't you turn over Rick and let me do your front?" He looked at me over his shoulder, first questioningly and then knowingly. He got up on one elbow and turned over on his back. He put his hands under his head and smiled up at me. Rick had a great smile too.

"OK Mrs. H. You are free to do you're thing you want."

I lifted up the hem of my dress so I could straddle his torso, but I lifted it high enough that he could get a glimpse of my panties. I wanted him to know that they were wet and his for the taking. I sat down on him and could feel his hard cock pushing on my ass. I hope he could feel my wetness. I rubbed his shoulders and arms and then moved down to his chest. As I rubbed circles I played with his nipples making them hard. I wiggled my butt just enough to keep his attention on me. He squirmed as I toyed with his nipples. "Are you OK Rick? I'm not too heavy for you am I?"

"Oh no Mrs. H. You are perfect."

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