by AmandaMarais

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BDSM, Rough, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amanda and Edwin are asked to take care of her parents house while they are on vacation. They invite another couple over to join them. The swinging can begin...

Since my parents have been together, they have been going on vacation almost every year. This year was no exception. They booked a holiday to Cuba this year for ten days.

Normally when my parents are on vacation, my sister is home to take care of the house, because she still lives at my parents house. But this year my sister was going on vacation with her friends, and it happened to be that she and my parents were on vacation over the same period. That's why my parents asked Edwin and I to live at their house for those ten days.

My daddy wanted us to spend the nights at his house because he is afraid somebody might break in. Edwin and I share a normal house so we don't have to be so scared that somebody might break in, but my parents live in a big villa with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna. The house has two bathrooms and four bedrooms.

So Edwin and I decided to take the offer and we packed our stuff to spend the next ten days in my parent's house. Daddy gave me the keys of the house, together with the remote control for the gates before they left for the airport. For me, it felt like coming home since I only left the house a few years ago. The first thing we did was shopping, filling the fridge with food and all kind of drinks.

Daddy's house is located in an area where all houses are villas. The house is surrounded by a large area of grass, trees, bushes and other plants. From the street, nobody can peek into the house or even the grounds cause the sight is blocked by a wall with a big gate which opens automatic by a remote control.

Edwin and I enjoyed the swimming pool, followed by a nice hot steam sauna and after that we plunged into the Jacuzzi. Because we didn't want to keep all this pleasure for ourselves we decided to invite another couple to spend a few nights with us. We invited Billy and Brenda over.

They are a couple we have known for a while. They are not just friends. Edwin and I have been swinging with Billy and Brenda for quite some time now. We swing on a monthly base. On such an occasion, we change partners and have sex with them. So we decided it was a nice idea to invite them over and spent a few night here so we could have some fun. Billy is the same age as Edwin and Brenda is three years younger.

It was getting late and I decided to go to bed after an exhausting day. Brenda and Billy were coming tomorrow and they were staying for three days. But Edwin decided that his day was not over yet. I walked into my old bedroom and looked at my double size bed. My eyes wandered around.

My bedroom hadn't changed a thing since I left, everything was still the same. I grabbed a picture from the shelf and looked at it. It was a picture showing me and Ale, one of my ex-boyfriends.

"Nice picture," a voice said behind me.

I turned around. It was Edwin. I showed him the picture, telling him it was Alex. He looked at the picture and smiled, giving it back to me. As I placed the picture back on its place on the shelf, Edwin took me in his arms. Before he kissed me he said, "That guy doesn't know what he is missing."

Edwin slowly guided me towards the bed as our tongues were swirling around. I dropped onto the bed, laid down on my back and Edwin crawled on top of me, our lips sealed to one another. His hands roamed over the fabric of my t-shirt, caressing my breasts. I wasn't wearing a bra because this was my t-shirt I wear at night to sleep - that and a thong.

His lips moved down my neck as he began to kiss me all over my hands rubbing over his back. He was only wearing his boxers.

I felt his warm breath in my ear, "I want to tie you to your bed."

I giggled. "What are you waiting for?" Edwin laughed and got off the bed and walked to one of the drawers, searching through them, looking for anything suitable.

"Try the lowest one," I suggested.

He opened the lowest drawer that was filled with scarves. I used to collect all kinds of scarves when I was younger. I loved to wear a different one every day during the winter. Edwin grabbed a few and crawled back on top of me. He took my wrists and moved them above my head and he made me grab the iron rail. I curled my fingers around it while Edwin used a scarf to tie my wrists tightly to the rail.

"Lift your head," he commanded me. As I lifted my head a bit, he used a second scarf to blindfold me. I could not see what he was doing now but I could feel it as he grabbed my ankle and pulled it to one side and tied it to a bed knob. He grabbed my other ankle and tied it to the opposite knob so now my legs were spread wide open.

I could feel how he sat down next to me and hiked my t-shirt up above my breasts so they were all clear for him to admire.

"Nice view I have here sweetie, now where is that Polaroid cam I had seen earlier today?"

I laughed. "That must been in Jessy's bedroom, but why do you need that?" I heard him walk away, leaving the room. "Edwin? Where are you?" I shouted, trying to loosen the scarves but he had tightened them so hard I couldn't move my wrists or ankles an inch. The harder I tried, the tighter they seemed to get until they began to cut into my flesh. I heard something.

"Edwin, is that you?" Suddenly, I heard a clicking sound. He was taking pictures of me, as I was tied up on the bed, my legs spread wide, and my breasts fully exposed.

"Smile for me sweetie," he said while taking more pictures with the Polaroid. After each click I could hear the picture sliding out of the camera. After a few minutes of clicking he stopped and must have laid the camera aside; because I could feel Edwin crawl up between my legs. His hands started to caress my feet and then gently running his finger tips upwards over my knees and thighs.

"That tickles hun," I laughed.

He moved further upwards and I could feel his lips tighten around my left nipple. Slowly he started sucking, his tongue flicking over my nipple as I moaned softly, wriggling on the bed. He kissed my breasts all over and moved downwards, running the tip of his tongue over my stomach. I felt him move my thong aside and his breath tingled my pussy. He placed a kiss on my labia. Then, he slipped his tongue between my pussy lips and slowly ran it upwards between my lips till he reached my clitoris. When his warm tongue touched my clitoris, I could feel a lightning strike up my spine.

In small circles he started running his tongue around my clit. My ass swerved all over the bed. I was moaning louder as he placed the tip of his tongue against the entrance to my pussy hole. Slowly he pushed his tongue inside me and started to make short moves pushing his tongue in and out.

I felt this warm feeling building up inside my stomach and my hips bucked up and down on the bed. He sealed his lips around my clit and slowly sucked on it as I could feel my orgasm building up inside me. He laid his hands on my hips to keep me down as he started flicking his tongue fast and hard over my clit.

I was moaning out loud as I felt a powerful sensation running through my body. I was cumming - cumming all over his face as he licked up the juices that were running out off my pussy. This went on and on until finally my orgasm began to subside.

I was exhausted and feeling very satisfied. He released the scarves from my ankles and wrists. I grabbed the blindfold and removed it too. Still recovering from my orgasm, I was still laying spread-eagle on the bed as Edwin laid down next to me and gave me a big hug.

Not much later we fell asleep.

The next morning I was preparing breakfast for my sweetie. I heard him as he walked into the kitchen and gave me a sweet kiss on my cheek.

"Good morning sweetie," I said.

Edwin smiled, laying the pictures he made last night in front of me. "You looked fantastic baby," he said his face radiant.

I grabbed the pictures and looked at them. They made me blush so I gave them back to Edwin. He took them and walked into the living room.

A few seconds later he came back and asked, "What time are Billy and Brenda coming?"

I looked at the clock, "Well, they should arrive any minute now."

I baked some eggs and bacon and we had our breakfast.

"Mmh, that tasted good hun, almost as good as you." Edwin said while starting to clean the table. I stuck my tongue out at him and suddenly I heard the horn of a car.

"That must be them," I said while grabbing the remote control.

The gate opened and Billy and Brenda drove in. I closed the gate behind them. Edwin was still in his boxers and I was still in my t-shirt and thong. After Billy parked the car, they got out and we welcomed them with big kisses and hugs. After giving them a big tour around the house we showed them their bedroom. They could have my brother's bedroom because that was the only other room, besides my parents bedroom that also had a double-sized bed.

"Well why don't you two unpack and after you're done that come downstairs so we can all have a drink." I told them.

"Okay, see you in about twenty minutes or so," Billy said.

I walked into my bedroom and changed into a pair of jeans and a blouse.

After refreshing myself in the bathroom I decided to bring Billy and Brenda some clean towels for when they wanted to go swimming or whatever. I grabbed two large towels from a drawer and made my way to their bedroom.

As I arrived, I heard Billy saying : " Take off your clothes - strip for me."

I stopped at their door. The door was not open wide, but also not closed completely. It was open a little bit so I could peek inside. I noticed Billy was sitting on the edge of the bed, his face away from me, and Brenda standing in front of him while she slowly unbuttoned her summer dress. Still holding the towels, I go on peeking through the door and I see her taking off her dress. She was wearing no bra at all.

As the dress drops on the floor I see how she is wearing a nice silk red thong. Suddenly I see that Brenda has noticed me watching but she says nothing and moves her hands over her body, looking at me.

"Now your thong," Billy commanded her. As she grabbed the edges of her thong I opened the door and walk inside. Brenda covers her breasts with her hands as Billy turns around quickly, blushing.

I smiles and say, "I see you are already enjoying your stay. Here are some fresh towels you might need."

Billy grinned and Brenda giggled, not knowing what to say cause they just got caught. It's not that I had never seen them naked because I have seen them naked many times during our swinging sessions, but still they were feeling a little embarrassed by their actions. Laying the towels on the bed, I left the room saying "We are at the swimming pool, if you need us."

And I closed the door behind me.

I walked into my bedroom and Edwin was changing into his swim shorts. I didn't tell him anything but he noticed this wicked smile on my face.

"Something wrong baby?"

I giggled. "No sweetie, nothing." I took my pink bikini and undressed myself and changed into my bikini. On my way out, I grabbed a magazine to read while sitting at the pool as I was not in the mood to swim.

Next to the swimming pool was a table with a few chairs around it. I took place in one of these chairs and opened my magazine while Edwin dived into the pool. From here I had a nice overview of the swimming pool, the Jacuzzi and the sauna.

A few minutes later Brenda and Billy arrived and they were also wearing more suitable outfits. Billy was wearing funny flowered swim shorts and Brenda was wearing a Ferrari red bikini. Brenda has a D-cup, so compared to my B-cup breasts, hers look like melons. And covered by a red bikini, all eyes were focussed on her tits - especially Edwin's eyes.

"Can we use the Jacuzzi?" Brenda asked.

"Sure, just push the button next to the Jacuzzi and it will start," I smiled pointing to the Jacuzzi controls.

Brenda and Billy made their way to the Jacuzzi which was right beside the swimming pool. As Billy pushed the button, it started and the first bubbles came very quickly. While I was reading in my magazine Edwin came out off the swimming pool and took place in one of the chairs next to me.

"Look at them," he smiled.

As I lowered my magazine, I could see Billy and Brenda were kissing in the Jacuzzi, their hands roaming over each other's bodies.

"Well, as long as they are enjoying themselves." I giggled and continued to read.

From time to time I lowered my magazine and peeked at Brenda and Billy as they were kissing passionately. I noticed how Billy slowly moved the straps of her bikini down her shoulders and removed the bikini top. He laid it on the tiles next to the Jacuzzi. His hands moved over her breasts as they kissed.

"Want to join them?" Edwin says.

A little surprised, because I felt I'd been caught peeking at them, I answered "No, not really, but you can go if you want?"

Edwin got up. "Okay sweetie, come whenever you like." And he made his way to the Jacuzzi and lowered himself into the bubbling water. I continued to read my magazine. A few minutes later I can't help myself and lower my magazine one more time.

Edwin has moved close to Brenda and his hand is rubbing over her shoulders while Billy is kissing her breasts. I am getting aroused by watching all this. Brenda turns her head and she lays her lips on Edwin's mouth. I can see how their tongues are fighting while Billy is enjoying himself with Brenda's breasts.

I start crossing and uncrossing my legs as I am getting uncomfortable on the chair. I am getting wet watching this intensely erotic scene, but I don't want to give in. They haven't noticed me peeking yet so I continue to watch over my magazine as I see Brenda's hand moving under water towards Edwin's lap. I see his eyes close as she probably wraps her fingers around his dick.

I smile as I see her arm slowly moving up and down. Edwin's head tilt back. Brenda's other hand is doing the same now for Billy as his head is also tilted back. What an exciting view this is. It is turning me on so much that I want to masturbate right here, right now.

"I can't stand this any longer." I think as I got up and moved back into the house to fix me a strong drink. I didn't know that watching other people have sex could turn me on so much. It turned me on even more on to see my partner playing with another female's body.

Edwin and I went to bed early that evening because I was very tired. It has been very hot that day so we left the window open so it could cool down at night inside our bedroom. Suddenly I wake up and I look at the clock - 11.38 pm.

I turn over to Edwin. He is sleeping like a baby. Why did I wake up? Listening hard, I hear some noises. I try to figure out where they are coming from. As the noises get louder, I realize they are coming from outside. The sounds are getting more clear now and I can hear somebody moaning outside.

Slowly I get out off the bed, trying not to wake Edwin up, as I make my way to the window. I peek outside and I see Brenda and Billy sitting in the Jacuzzi again. Brenda is sitting on Billy's lap, slowly rocking up and down.

"Ooh my god, there they are having sex in the Jacuzzi." I think. Watching them again is turning me on like it did earlier today. I move my hands under my t-shirt and slowly I start rubbing my nipples while I see how Brenda is riding Billy. Both of them are moaning. I lick my lips and move one hand into my thong. I run a finger up my slit, feeling my wetness. I am not just wet, I am soaking. Slowly I start playing with my clitoris.

I jump as I feel hands on my shoulders and I turn my head around.

It is Edwin. "Keep watching sweetie, keep watching." He slowly turns my head back to the Jacuzzi scene. Edwin's hands are moving all over my body as he grabs my t-shirt and pulls it over my head and takes if off. While I am watching the couple, he bends down and pulls down my thong and gets back behind me.

"You like watching them, don't you baby." he asks.

I nod and blush at the same time. Edwin takes my hands and puts them against the window, making me bend over a little. I can still see everything Billy and Brenda are doing. Edwin kicks against my feet telling me to spread a bit. I can feel how he is rubbing the head of his cock over my pussy lips, searching for the entrance to my soaking wet cunt. I arch my head as I feel his dick sliding into my pussy all the way.

"You are soaking wet baby," he groans and grabs my hips. "Keep watching sweetie."

Slowly he starts moving his dick in and out of me pulling me tight against him. I love it when I am being fucked like this, standing, bent over a bit, from behind. And he knows it.

The moaning from outside becomes mixed with our own moaning and the sound of Edwin's balls slapping against me as he fucks me. From time to time I feel him slapping my ass.

By now, Brenda has moved onto her knees, her stomach laying on the edge of the Jacuzzi as Billy moved behind her and is fucking her doggy style. Neither knows that we are enjoying the show and performing one of our own.

Edwin starts moving faster and harder, bringing his mouth to my ear "Say it baby, say you want me to fuck you hard. Say it sweetie."

I am moaning even louder now. Edwin tells me again to say that I want him to fuck me hard. I whisper through my moans, "Fuck me baby, fuck me hard."

His hips buck at me harder. "Louder baby, I want to hear you louder."

I grunt out the words. "Fuck me hard, fuck me... hard!"

His balls are slamming against me, his cock deep inside me as I keep saying that sentence over and over again, louder and louder, almost screaming in the end as Edwin explodes inside me, his cum filling my pussy - just as I am cumming at the same moment - still while watching Billy and Brenda fucking out in the Jacuzzi. With a few short bucks Edwin makes sure he got all of his cum inside me. Then he makes his way back to the bed and collapses.

My legs are shaking and I drop onto my knees, still watching the show outside. I am leaning against the wall while I watch how Billy finishes the job. Edwin's hot cum starts running down my thighs. I hurry as best I can for the bathroom and take a quick shower before heading back to bed.

The next morning I am standing in the kitchen, making breakfast again still thinking about last night. I grabbed a knife from a drawer and started slicing a tomato. Brenda walks into the kitchen and walks behind me.

"Can I help you with that sweetie?" she says while laying her hand on my hand. I cant remember that I ever told Brenda I am bisexual and I cant remember her telling me either so this was feeling a little strange to me. She caressed my hand by rubbing her nails over my fingers and over my wrist slowly while I was slicing the tomato. As she was standing behind me, I could feel her warm breath on my neck. Brenda laid her other hand on my hip. I kept looking down at how her hand was on mine while slicing that tomato. Slowly her hand moves from my hip towards my stomach while her lips and tongue starting kissing my neck all over without saying a word.

I close my eyes and I feel her hand gently and very slow slipping inside my thong. Suddenly we hear somebody coming from the stairs as Brenda pulls her hand out quickly and takes a seat at the table. My fingers are still trembling as Edwin walks into the kitchen.

"Good morning ladies."

Later on that evening we were enjoying a nice drink in the living room on the couch. Billy was walking through around the room, admiring the pictures my dad had placed up on the wall together with some paintings.

"Hey, what is this?" Billy laughed. He turned around, holding some polaroid pictures in his hands. While he is studying them all he turns to me. "Amanda, you are one sexy thing!" he said turning the pictures over to Brenda who takes her turn to look through all the pictures.

Realizing what photos they are, I look at Edwin as I am feeling so ashamed!

Billy laughs at my discomfort. "Well this gets me in the mood to get naughty with you Amanda!"

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