A Love For Life

by golden girl

Copyright┬ę 2005 by golden girl

Incest Sex Story: a wealthy mum and her son prepare for their holidays

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   .


We were the last to leave the party, the band had already announced the last waltz, but we clung together for the final time, we were about to spend the whole night together in a hotel bedroom and we wanted to remember it as special.

I'd just finished a run as the star of a West end musical show and I was sky high, I had a month off now and was looking forward to spending it with my lovely son who also acted as my manager, we were having the one night in this hotel and then we were jetting off to a tiny little island deep in the Indian ocean which we owned jointly, nobody knew us there and nobody would care if they did.

We'd been there a year ago and stayed naked for practically the whole month of our stay, although I had made millions out of my career as a musical star and a recording artist, I'd always kept a very low profile so the press would find me boring and not worth any effort in tracking me down, consequently we were able to make love on the beach, in the surf or in the beautiful little lagoon in the centre of the island.

It was our own private little paradise and I intended keeping it that way.

"Is there anything to drink in the room?" I asked and my son laughed sending a shiver all the way down to my toes,

"There's a bottle of the finest champagne mum" he said as he pulled me further into his embrace, "Only the best is good enough for you"

I nuzzled my lips into his neck and kissed him tenderly,

"Your aftershave is very sexy darling" I whispered, "It's enough to turn a girl's head"

"I just want it to turn your head mum" he whispered and ran his hands down onto the swellings of my bottom, "Nobody else's"

"Do you want me to change into something more revealing?" I asked and then put my lips next to his ear, "Or would you like to undress me yourself?"

"Oh mum" he laughed, "You know the answer to that one already"

"Yes I do" I kissed his ear again and pushed myself into him, "And I want to tell you exactly what I'm going to do to you"

The band finished and we walked slowly towards the lift to our room, he had an arm around my waist and my head was on his shoulder, the lift came and as soon as the doors closed, we kissed, a long, lingering kiss that left me breathless and wanting more as we arrived at our floor,

I made him sit on the couch whilst I poured out two glasses of champagne and put a tape on the music centre,

"You know you're gorgeous don't you mum?" he said softly and I giggled at him as I passed him his drink,

"My boobs are too big"

"No they're bloody not" he exclaimed, "They're like the rest of you mum, they're perfect" and to prove his point, he reached out and eased a breast out of my low cut neck line, he pursed his lips and kissed the nipple gently, his eyes on mine all the while,

I smiled at him and pulled away for the moment, the germ of an idea forming in my mind,

"Pull out your trouser pockets" I said and he laughed,


I repeated what I'd said and even though he looked mystified, he did as I asked, it took just seconds to slit both pockets and then I went and locked the door,

"Let's go out onto the balcony"

"So that's why you insisted on the penthouse" he laughed but took his glass and the bottle out onto the balcony overlooking the bustling city.

He sighed with pleasure as I stood behind him and slipped both hands into his pockets, as usual he wore no shorts under his trousers and my hands quickly found his semi-erect penis,

"It's all yours mum" he said softly as I stroked him gently and fondled his freshly shaven testicles,

"I want this in my mouth" I whispered, "And your balls too"

I felt his hand finding the side slit in my dress and his fingers touched the naked flesh above my stocking as I masturbated him slowly,

"And after I've finished sucking and licking you, I want it inside me, I want you on top of me and looking at me while we fuck slowly, I want your eyes looking into mine, I want both of us to relish the knowledge we have, the knowledge that you'll be fucking me, me darling, your mother"

"Jesus Christ mum" his fingers moved slowly up my thigh, I gasped loudly as he touched the front of my panties and felt the wetness there, "You're soaking" he grinned,

"It's called anticipation darling" I said in his ear as I licked it, "I've been thinking about this all week"

He hooked a finger under the narrow strip of my gusset and teased the sensitive skin just in between the lips of my pussy before pushing his finger right into me,

"Nice" I said softly and rolled my hips against his finger, "Did you see me on that chat show this morning?"

"I always watch when you're on television mum, you know that" he replied,

"I wore stockings without any knickers"

"You slut" he laughed and as I took my hands from his pockets, he removed his own hand from my pussy and turned to take me into his arms, "Let's go to bed now mum"

"Why?" I asked teasingly, "We haven't finished the champagne yet"

We kissed and I searched his mouth with my tongue, I sucked the saliva from his tongue, I took a mouthful of champagne and he drank it from my mouth, I was so carried away with what I was doing that it wasn't until my dress slipped off my shoulders, that I realized he'd unfastened it!

I didn't have a bra on, just stockings, suspender belt and a very tiny little g-string, he ran his hands down over my back and cupped my buttocks in his huge hands whilst he slavered over my breasts, he sucked each nipple in turn and nibbled each one gently as he slipped his fingers under the narrow string between my buttocks,

I gasped into his mouth as I felt a finger worming it's way sensuously into my anus,

"You dirty, dirty man" I giggled and wiggled my bottom on his finger, "You know I love that"

"I know exactly what you love mum" he said as he took his finger out and sucked it with me, "Now are you ready for bed?"

"I'm more than ready darling"

We went back into the apartment where he knelt to take my g-string off and pressed his lips gently to my soaking slit,

"Your cunt smells beautiful mum" he said as I pressed myself back at him,

"I hope it tastes beautiful too darling" I laughed and squealed as he pushed me backwards so that I fell onto the bed, with one movement, he moved forwards and clamped his mouth onto my pussy,

"Oh sweet Jesus" I gasped and felt my first orgasm approaching, "I'm coming baby"

I felt his lips sucking at my clitoris as the first spasms hit me,

"OH GOD" I screamed and arched my back, waves of pleasure washed over me, threatening to engulf me, I undulated my hips and we set up a rhythm and his tongue slithered from my clitoris down to my anus.

He stopped for a minute and I smiled, I knew what he was going to do, then his testicles appeared over my face and he used both hands to open my pussy up again for his mouth, I held each testicle in turn and sucked them gently,

"That's so fucking good mum" he whispered into my cunt as I probed the dark little hole of his anus, I gripped his penis, brought it to my lips and he groaned as I closed my lips over the swollen dome,

"Mum" he gasped, "You'll make me cum!"

"I intend to" I laughed and then did the trick with my throat that allowed him to slide all the way in past my tonsils, I had another little climax with him as he erupted and although I was unable to taste it, I knew he had pumped his beautiful, creamy spunk into my stomach!

"You're incredible mum" he whispered as we lay together enjoying the last of the champagne,

"You're not so bad yourself darling" I smiled, and took hold of his cock once more, it was stirring again so I helped it along with my lips and mouth until it was fully erect and glistening with my saliva, he rolled on top of me and kissed me as I parted my stocking clad thighs for him, he has always been quite an athlete in bed and that night was no exception, he did everything I'd asked, he eased his erection into me without either of us touching it and began to move slowly and rhythmically in and out of me whilst we locked eyes on each other,

"We're doing it mum" he said softly, "We're fucking"

I arched my back and used my vaginal muscles to squeeze him,

"Yes darling, you're fucking your own mother"

"I love your cunt mum, it's the wettest, tightest little cunt in the world"

"It's your cunt darling" I giggled, "Yours to do whatever you want with, whenever you want to do it!"

"I want to make you scream again mum"

"I'll scream anyway, I always do when I climax, you know that"

I licked the sweat from his neck and he produced more by thrusting energetically into me as deeply as he could, I moaned softly and clung to him locking my ankles around his back, my long finger nails digging into his buttocks,

"Fill me Jamey" I gasped, "Tell me that you'll shoot every last drop of your spunk up me"

"I will mum" he said as our tongues dueled, "You'll be so full of your my hot, creamy spunk that you'll have to go to the loo and empty yourself"

"Yes baby" I could feel it coming, "I'll stand up and let you watch"

"Like last year on the island?"

"Mmm yes"

It had been the first time I'd ever done anything like that before, I'd been swimming leisurely in the deep blue water whilst he slept nearby on the sand, as I came out of the water, I realized I should have peed in the water, but I was so very happy and so very much in love with my son that I did it as I walked towards him and I was still peeing as I stood over him, I was giggling helplessly, but my laughter soon turned to moans of lust as he sat bolt upright and pushed his mouth into my groin!

"I drank your pee mum"

"Yes" I could only just manage to speak, the precipice was near and I was about to go over it willingly,

"I can't wait to do it again mum"

"Jamey" my voice rose as I reached the edge, "Jamey, I'm there darling, I'm there"

I felt him stiffen, his cock seemed to swell inside me,

"I'm coming too mum"

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