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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A futuristic story set in a circus. Set in a time when incest is slowly becoming more and more accepted, two circus performers, brother and sister, have to work together when her normal partner is injured. Love blossoms.

We were the last of a dying breed. We were sexual entertainers and acrobats, the best, and because of that, we'd managed to struggle on when all the other troupes had finally collapsed. We'd always been small, and that's probably why we'd survived on our own as long as we had, but now we were in serious trouble, we were one body short.

Although there were ten of us altogether, it was basically a family troupe, and to a certain extent always had been, right from when my grandparents first started it round about 2230. Now, nearly fifty five years later, having reached a peak of twenty two members, and even then considered a small troupe, we were back down to ten. Jem and Shella are the oldest in the party at fifty two and forty nine respectively, and my parents; there's my two older brothers, Jek, thirty, and Pete, twenty eight, with their wives, Salla and Cin respectively both aged twenty seven; Relly, my sister, aged twenty four, plus two others, Liorn, thirty one, and his wife Ro, twenty six. My name is Kerr, and at twenty one I'm the youngest.

Salla, Cin, Liorn and Ro had all come from other troupes at various times. When there was more than one troupe, it was quite common for the troupes themselves to meet up during the off season to swap ideas, train up new talent, always easier like this, and just generally to have a two month long gossip and talk. This had also been the time when artists would move between troupes, allowing the different experiences to build up the troupes repertoires, because unlike ordinary circuses, in this profession there were no secrets between rival troupes. It was too specialised a profession to allow that. Salla had come like that, and then stayed when she and my eldest brother fell in love and married. Cin and Pete had met during the off season, and the only reason they stayed with us rather than going to Cin's troupe, was that we were temporarily short of a female performer as one of our performers had decided to leave the profession altogether, when quite by chance she had become pregnant...

Liorn and Ro had come to us at about the same time, but for a completely different reason. The troupe to which they had belonged had been forced to close down with massive debts. Over half of the performers had decided to retire and look for something else straight away, the rest moving to the three remaining troupes. We had taken only Liorn and Ro, as we never really wanted to be particularly big, just the best. Now, ten years later, we were the only troupe still going, the final one having closed down just a year earlier. We'd lost four performers in the mean time, but as luck would have it, we had managed to maintain our balance. We would have liked to have had one more couple, and ideally two, from outside the family. We had tried to tempt a few to come to us when the last troupe had closed, but sadly none of the redundant performers had really wanted to continue; they all assumed that we wouldn't be long behind them in folding. We regularly talked idly about giving it up, but none of us really wanted to, and while we were making a living, even if a poor one, we were determined to continue as long as we could. Ro in particular loved sex so much that if we'd had to close down, she would have gone on and done something else that would involve her having as much sex as she could possibly manage, and preferably in public as she was also an exhibitionist.

Ro had lost her virginity at fourteen, as was normal, but then, as was also normal, didn't have sex again until after her fifteenth birthday. When she started her training proper, her two trainers had been both excellent sex partners, as well as excellent acrobatic trainers. When the troupe had closed she was not quite seventeen, so had yet to perform in public, this being illegal until aged seventeen, and had come to us with the particular intention of proving that she really was good enough. Liorn had come with her because, unknown to her at the time, he'd been in love with her. They had been partnered fairly early on, and Liorn had used the opportunity to successfully woo the girl he loved. This combination of events had got her hooked on sex, to the extent that she was often the one who was pulled in to do acts when any of the other women were unable for whatever reason.

Jem and Shella, had virtually retired from active participation in the ring, and instead acted as coaches, trainers, costumers, ring masters and announcers. A couple of times a week they did their main turn, the rest of the time just filling in as and when necessary. Their particular act was always very popular, but they were no longer able to do it two or three times a day, every day. This was a real shame, as it was one none of the rest of us had ever mastered. Shella would hang over the trapeze, head one side, feet the other, looking away from her husband, whilst Jem would swing towards her on another. At the last possible moment, Shella would arch her back and spread her legs wide, and her husbands penis would slam into her vagina. This was done some thirty feet above the ground, and Shella never kept hold of her trapeze. It sounds simple, and even boring and uninteresting when described like that, but it was anything but. There were lots of things that could go wrong with it. With a serious miss, Shella could go flying off the trapeze, and as we used no safety net, she would hit the ground, or Jem could just miss his wife's vagina and hurt both of their genitalia quite seriously. Even if they did connect, there was no guarantee that the sudden jerk of their impact wouldn't cause one or both to fall.

Fortunately, it never had for them, but every time, in practice, something had gone wrong when any of the others tried it. Jek and Salla had tried it many times, once Jek had even broken his leg doing it. He had even tried it with both Cin and Ro, but after the experience, Ro had refused to ever try it again, Liorn had gone along with her and he'd never attempted it. I had tried it a couple of times with Salla, and once with Cin. Salla and I had so nearly succeeded the first time.

I had come flying down, and my erect penis had entered Salla's vagina neat and clean as anything, while her legs had gone around me to hold us secure. Unfortunately, she bounced slightly on her trapeze, and next thing we knew, the only thing stopping her from falling was the fact that her legs were gripping me tightly around the waist. Fortunately, being a practice, we were using a net, and in any case we were only five feet from the ground at this point, and everybody was there to rescue us. We had hung there laughing like drains for a few minutes until we had been rescued, my erection embedded deeply in Salla's vagina whilst her legs gripped me tightly. We had tried to rotate our hips a little, simulating real sex, not for the sex, but for the amusement factor. Our subsequent, and only other, attempt had been a severe disaster, putting us both out of action for a couple of days, as had my one and only attempt with Cin.

So, that was one act that was about to die.

We had another problem. A much more subtle problem, and one that probably wouldn't show itself for a few more years yet. Trainees and juniors.

Juniors had to have already joined us by the time they were eleven. In theory, by the time they were eleven, if they hadn't done any training with us of any sort, it was usually not possible for them to adjust to our way of life, as natural prudishness had started to set in. Occasionally older children were accepted, but they had to show a particular aptitude, and probably be ahead of whatever age group they would join. However we absolutely would not take on fourteen-year-olds or over under any circumstances as by then the training was too specific.

Outsiders, those not part of a troupe family, were expected to live with their own family up until they lost their virginity at fourteen, at which point they would move in with us on a permanent basis, and continue their ordinary education alongside their new training.

In practice and training sessions, every single person would be naked, even for those acts where costumes would be worn on stage. This was to get juniors and trainees in particular used to the sight of other naked bodies, and used to handling them, and being handled whilst naked. This happened right from when they first joined us, some as young as eight which was the youngest we would accept as it was the youngest at which we were allowed to start the training. Initially, the training was solely acrobatic, there would be no true sexual element to their training until they were fifteen, but for about three or four hours every day, and for six days every week, the under twelve's would be running, jumping, springing handstands and all sorts of general acrobatic routines designed to get them fit, strong and flexible. These exercises would never stop for the duration of their careers, right up until they retired at fifty or sixty.

Round about their twelfth birthday those that were thought suitable to continue the training were allowed to sit through a complete show, and watch what was going on. We had always rejected about thirty percent at this stage, some because of their looks, height or weight, we had minimum and maximum heights and weights; some because they hadn't reached a particular level of skill and fitness, and a few because we thought that either their attitude or their psychological make up were unsuitable.

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