E is for Everything

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Steve and Chris spend their Anniversary in a new and exciting way.

Steve and Chris had been married for ten years. Or would be on the upcoming weekend. Steve sat reading the morning paper, as was his want, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee his other companion, as Chris hadn't made her way downstairs yet.

They owned and operated their own floral shop. One of the advantages being that Steve was always bringing home beautiful arrays for his wife. Most would think that working day in and day out in a floral shop would lose its allure, but the fact of the matter was, Chris loved flowers, and loved the fact that Steve was always creating new arrangements just for her.

Steve smiled. He heard the padding of her bare feet as she descended the stairs from their bedroom heading towards the kitchen. As was usually the case, the aroma of the coffee had finally made its way upstairs where Chris's super-sensitive nose had been alerted to it, waking it up. And as was usually the case, Chris appeared wearing her shorty powder-blue bathrobe with nothing on underneath. He stood, pouring her coffee setting the cup down on the counter, turning just as she entered the room.

"Morning gorgeous," he told her as she automatically came towards him as he folded her within his arms. It was something he told her nearly every morning, even though at times she came down stairs still half asleep, her short neck length reddish brown hair mussed, no makeup, and often still sleepy-eyed.

"You're just horny," she teased as she allowed him to hug her even more tightly, his hand slipping down her back, lifting briefly the hem of her short robe to give one of her bare cheeks a loving tender caress.

"Aren't I always?"

Even after ten years the briefest touch of his wife's body excited him. As though to confirm that, Chris lowered her hand also briefly, feeling the rapidly growing bulge throw his Levi's.

"Yep!" she confirmed giggling, then changed direction on him, "Coffee?"

It was a game they sometimes played. Steve stood between his wife and the coffee he had poured for her waiting on the counter. She stepped to one side to retrieve it, as did he affectively cutting her off. The game was on. They'd played it often enough that Chris knew it was better to give in, not that she minded giving in, she didn't. She was just always surprised that Steve would get and receive such satisfaction in looking at her. Even so, she rolled her eyes feigning exasperation even as she reached, undoing the sash holding it together. Chris stepped back, pulling open her robe as though a flasher in a public park.

The view of her cute little nude body never failed to please him.

Chris certainly wasn't tall. At barely over five feet, her fairly large sized breasts tended to make her look "top-heavy" as she'd often referred to herself. But she knew that just the sight of the "girls" as she lovingly called her boobs, never failed to please her husband.

Steve stood admiring the view as he did each and every time. Unlike the trend or style of the day, Chris had a fuller bush, though she did keep it closely cropped, preferring that rather than the thin narrow strip of pubic hair, as was the fashion.

"Happy now?" she asked. They were still playing the game of course as she allowed her robe to fall, closing. Steve stepped aside, allowing Chris to reach the counter as well as her coffee, which she now sipped, her back towards him.

Steve stepped in behind her, his arms coming around to re-part her robe, which she had failed to re-tie of course. She felt the touch of his fingers as he gently encircled her nipples, already hard, already expectant. Holding on to the coffee cup with both hands, balancing it precariously only inches away from her face as she leaned into the counter for support, eyes closed now, not trusting her weak-knees as she continued to feign indifference, though her pussy felt otherwise. Steve toyed with the "girls" tweaking her erect nipples more fully now, palming the softness of her breasts within his hands, now pressing his fullness against her ass, letting her know as he did his desire, his ever growing need for her.

Chris was too horny this morning to allow their game to continue much longer, giving in to his teasing caress far earlier than usual. "Fuck me!" she breathed. "Oh God Steve, fuck me!" Chris sat the cup of coffee back onto the counter before spilling it, feeling her husbands hands as he fully hiked up the back of her robe, the sound of his belt being unfastened, then the sound of his zipper lowering. It seemed to take an eternity though it was only moments until the press of his firmness against the twin cheeks of her ass told her he was ready.

"Just rub it there for a moment," she purred, loving the feel of his hard prick as it slid up and down the crevice of her ass. Steve leaned into her even closer, his lips now taking soft tiny bites from her neck, his hands once again busy at her breasts, kneading her flesh, toying with her nipples.

"God I love you," he sang into her neck, feeling his desire slip easily as though guided by some unseen hand into her liquid passage. Chris moaned pleasurably, feeling his entire length slip inside, her knee's already buckling though Steve held her easily pinning her there against the counter as he began thrusting his needful prick in and out of her wanton fiery-hot cunt. They came together in a fiery embrace, which they quite often did. Heated, perhaps too short for some, but never-the-less as sweet as it ever was, whenever, or wherever the mood struck or took them.

Chris loved the feel of Steve's hard prick spurting his semen into her. She felt each and very powerful ejaculation as it bathed the inside of her cunt, the sensation of which most often triggered her own release, where she then joined him, milking his cock with the involuntary contractions of her pussy as she climaxed with him.

Steve stumbled back towards his chair, Jell-O legged himself now, collapsing unceremoniously down as he did, smiling boyishly, satisfied.

Her face still flushed, Chris reached for her coffee, sipping it, her robe semi parted, her full breasts peeking out beneath the material. She looked over the rim of her cup towards her husband, his bare prick not quite as full or hard as it had been, but just as enticing to look at, even as the last tremors of pleasure continued to course through her still quivering sex.

"I think, I need some cream to go along with this coffee," she stated replacing her cup once again on the counter. She quickly crossed the short distance between them, now down on her knees where he sat, his semi-flaccid prick in hand now as she devoured him, tasting both his essence as well as her own. "You're going to be late this morning," she advised, his cock even then inside her mouth as she spoke.

He laughed. "It's ok, I don't think the boss will mind much," he told her. "Oh no... he's not going to mind much at all!"

Finally collected and composed once again, Steve hurried about gathering keys, his schedule book and a myriad of other things he used in his work. In was now Chris's turn to sit and relax, as she wouldn't appear at the store until ten, working slightly later, then closing as Steve attended to last minute deliveries himself, or came home to call on the status of expected incoming shipments.

It was a life they both loved, and loved that they were able to work it and do it together.

"What are the plans for this weekend anyway?" Chris had to ask. Steve had been taunting her with some sort of surprise he'd been working on. But so far, it was about all she'd been able to get out of him. Even one of her 'world-class' blowjobs had failed in forcing him to reveal what it was he'd been up to. Steve merely gave her the same evil grin that he had given her before.

"Oh come on Steve!" she pleaded earnestly. "I need to know something! I need to know what to plan to wear if nothing else!" He did pause at that, thinking.

"To be honest with you honey, it really doesn't matter what you wear!"

"Oh that's a big fucking help!" she said exasperatedly. "So if I wear nothing but shorts and a tee-shirt it would be ok?"

"Works for me!" he teased.



They both laughed, the vulgarity of their words affectionate, taunting with promises of even more passion and delight expected.

"Remember what I told you ten years ago?" he asked.

"Oh sure, I remember everything you told me ten years ago," she replied sarcastically.

Steve laughed finally locating his keys. "I told you then, that when we'd been married ten years, that I wanted you to experience anything, everything you've ever dreamed of," he told her.

"I already do," she replied demurely. "I have everything, everything I've ever wanted or needed. I have you!"

Her words made him smile, but she saw by the look in his eyes that he was being quite serious too.

"Not quite everything," he told her. "There is much we've discussed, spoken about before. Things we've wondered about, curious to see, curious to try. Let's just say that this weekend will give you that opportunity. The opportunity to experience anything and everything you've ever imagined, or ever been curious about," he said cryptically.

"Could you be just a little more clear?" she asked hopefully. There was a LOT they had spoken of, talked about over the years. Their dreams, their goals, their "curiosities" as they'd called them.

"I'm already late enough as it is," he informed her heading towards the door. Turning just in time to see the very real look of frustration on her face. "Wear that sexy black little cock-tail dress I got you last year," he said grinning. Waited long enough to catch her smile, and then left for work.

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