Kay's New Bra

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: 23 year old, 7 month pregnant Kay is sexually frustrated by her husband and need a new supportive bra. She goes to a maternity store and meets the 50 year old store owner Linda. Linda helps her fit a special bra and solve her sexual frustrations.

Kay Baker stepped out of the shower and began toweling off. As she dried around her breasts she noticed that they felt heavier than they had the morning before. She turned, looked in the mirror and studied her profile. Although she was seven months pregnant she still didn't show all that much. Probably because of her athletic activities she thought. At twenty-three she was a well known local tri-athlete, competing about six times a year in local and state races. She had never won but she was consistently among the top ten finishers. Kay stood five-six and weighed in at 105, at least before her pregnancy. Her hair was cut very short in almost a 'butch' style. She was a blue eyed blonde with a high maintenance sex drive!

As she continued to dry off she thought about sex, or rather her lack of it. Before she was pregnant Phil, her husband of two years, and she made love on a regular basis, at least once a day if not more but since her pregnancy he had abstained from sex, telling her he didn't want to hurt the baby. Bullshit! She had told him a number of positions they could use, but he wasn't interested. She even asked him to perform oral sex on her, but he just looked disgusted at her request. Kay masturbated often, but it wasn't the same as flesh to flesh sex.

She once again looked at her profile in the mirror. I don't look bad, she thought. I'll bet there are a lot of men that would love to get me into their beds. She reached down and touched herself, finding her clitoris and rubbing it in a slow, circular motion until she felt the familiar feelings welling coming up from deep inside her and coming ever faster to the surface.

"Oh God, Oh God, yessssssssssss." Kay came with such a force that it surprised her. She leaned back on the countertop for support and let the wave of pleasure wash over her body.

Once she regained a stable footing she stood up and her thoughts drifted back to the problem with her breasts. Before she was pregnant she was a standard 34B. She never wore a conventional bra substituting instead a sports bra, but as her pregnancy continued her breasts grew as her body prepared itself for the baby's milk. She had tried buying a bra off the shelf, but they didn't fit right, weren't comfortable and didn't provide enough support and they quickly grew too small. What she needed was a bra that fit correctly, provided support and made her breasts feel comfortable. She also wanted the type that would allow the mother to pull down the flap to feed the child.

While Kay was dressing she remembered a shop in the far corner of the mall that specialized in maternity clothing. Maybe she would stop by and get some advice on buying a bra that would meet her needs.

The mall opened at ten and Kay was one of the first customers in the front door. She walked down the center aisle until she saw the maternity store. When she got up to the front door it was locked and the sign said that the stores' hours were from 10:30 to 8:00. Kay looked at her watch and realized she only needed to wait about 20 minutes until they opened. She had just taken a seat on an adjacent bench in the hallway when she saw a face in the stores' door looking out at her. The woman inside put her key in the lock, opened the door and stuck her head out.

"Excuse me; are you waiting for me to open?"

"OH, why yes I am."

"Well I hate to loose customers, so why don't you come in and browse around while I get ready to open?"

"OK, thanks, I will." Kay got up and went inside the store as the woman held the door for her.

"My name is Linda and I own the store. What is it I can do for you... uh?"

"Kay. My name is Kay. Well it's my bra, or rather my breasts. You see I'm seven months pregnant and my breasts have grown and I can't find a bra that fits rights or provides support so I though maybe that you could help. God, I feel like a cow with udders hanging down to my waist."

Linda looked critically at the young woman. She was young, early twenties and had a great figure. She would have never believed that she was seven months pregnant, she hardly showed at all. Her breasts were a little big, but that was a natural phenomenon of being pregnant. "Well, I sure wouldn't use the analogy of a cow. You hardly look pregnant at all and I'll bet your breasts don't sag a bit. What size bra did you use before?"

Kay looked at Linda. She was probably in her late forties or early fifties, tall and thin. She had black hair down over her shoulders with just a hint of Grey at her temples. She was small breasted but had a nice butt and long killer legs. Kay always liked women with long legs. "Well you see that's just the thing. I didn't really wear a bra at all, just a sports bra. But my bust size was 34B. I am a tri-athlete and my breasts have never been a problem until now."

"Well, I think I can fix you up with something that will fit and support you and still be comfortable. Come on in the back, I have booth where we can have some privacy and I'll measure your bust for starters."

Kay followed Linda through the curtains into the back of the shop and into a large changing booth.

Linda turned to her. "I had this specially build so my customers could be measured and try on several bras in complete privacy. The changing booths out in the shop are too small for two people. Why don't you get out of your blouse and bra and let's see what we have to work with."

Kay felt a little embarrassed and taking off her clothes in front of someone she didn't know but realized that it was just part of Linda's job in the shop. Linda had left the booth to get her measuring tape and left Kay alone to change. She unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulder and hung it on a hook on the booth wall. She reached back and unsnapped her bra and hung it with her blouse. She just stood there in the booth, her hands covering her breasts waiting for Linda's return.

Linda walked back into the changing booth and looked at the woman standing in front of her. What she could see of Kay's breasts revealed that they were magnificent! She wanted to reach out and caress Kay's breasts right then but was certain she would scare off this beauty, no she would wait and see what developed. "Well, please drop your arms and let's get the first measurement."

Kay dropped her arms to her side and let Linda go to work. She watched as the woman took the measuring tape and wrapped it under her arm pits and around her back, bringing the soft cloth tape back to her front, across her breasts. The tape was rubbing on her nipples and it made them hard.

"Well that the first measurement. Hummm, by the way, you sure don't look like a cow, you have wonderful breasts. I hope your husband appreciates them."

"Well, not really. He... uh... well he hasn't..."

Linda looked up startled. Could her husband be ignoring her? "Well, sometimes husbands don't see the beauty of a woman during pregnancy. Us women know better thought, don't we?"

"I guess. It's just that I'm always horny, especially now and he hasn't touched me for some time."

Oh this is just too good to be true. "Well I'm sorry honey. Now let's see what your cup size might be." Linda reached out to Kay and lifted one of her breasts in the palm of her hand and felt all around the globe. She repeated the process with her other breast. "Looks like we need to try a D cup for a start. I'll be right back."

Kay sat down on the chair and tried to breathe normally. When Linda had touched her breasts electricity sparked inside her stomach. Her nipples responded to the touch by getting hard and she could feel herself leaking into her panties. It was the softest, kindest and most sensual touch she had ever felt.

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