by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom shares his sexual experiences with a young sexy woman he meets and strikes up an intimate relationship with.

Chapter 1

From the moment I first met Jessica, I knew she was one of the most interesting, sensual, and exciting women I'd ever met. The occasion of our meeting wasn't anything you'd normally associate with sex or striking up an intimate relationship -- but in our case, it worked. I was working in a public institution and Jessica met me one day in search of the materials we had available for research and historical study. Nothing like working in a historical society to meet sexy young women who are historically minded. I love historically minded babes.

Anyway, enough for philosophizing. Jessica was totally hot and the moment I laid eyes on her, I busily set about checking her out. She was very pretty, had gorgeous long brunette hair and one of Jessica's most redeeming and striking features were her very large, full, rounded breasts. I came to know that these were ALL JESSICA and she had no need of any artificial enhancement in the chest department. I've said it before but I have to admit that I'm a basic "tit man" and if there's anything that will catch my attention quickly about a woman's body, it's if she's been blessed with a nice set of tits. Jessica has been blessed with a very nice large set of tits. They look just right on her. Jessica is a rather tall woman, and her large D-cup tits look just right for her. Jessica is such a beautiful and nicely dressed woman all the time, and she was making me get a huge raging hardon from the moment I first talked with her. I have to admit that as I allowed Jessica to tell me what information she was seeking, it was all I could do to eyeball her wonderfully sexy body without making it too obvious that I was more interested in checking her out than I was in helping her. I'm a horny guy; what can I say? I found myself wondering what it must have been like growing up as a young woman, developing such a sexy and mature body and having to know that you're catching men's eye from their just looking at you.

I didn't pursue trying to have a date with Jessica the first time I met her, but the next time she came into my workplace, I didn't miss the chance to ask her out. We'd already obviously hit it off pretty well on our mutual interests, and Jessica was more than willing to go out with me. I could hardly wait. Two nights later, I went to the hotel where Jessica was staying while she was in town visiting family and the evening went well from there. I really wanted to get to know Jessica much better than we already knew each other, but I also had an overriding desire to make love with Jessica. I pretty well knew that she was a virgin but I didn't care if her cherry had been plucked or not. I still wanted her and I knew that as energetic and active as Jessica was in everything else she did, she'd be a wildcat in bed with me. I knew I'd have a fuck that I'd never had the likes of before.

Jessica had normally worn rather conservative clothes around me when she'd come to my workplace, but tonight I saw another side of Jessica that I'd actually never imagined. I think it became apparent that Jessica had sex on her mind as much as I had it on mine. Instead of the conservative cotton tops, and long dress/jumpers that Jessica had normally worn with me, tonight she had on a very sexy pair of rather snugly fitting pants and a very bust-emphasizing dark brown sweater. I could tell from the shape and appearance of the bra underneath Jessica's sweater that she'd worn one that was far sexier and more bust-emphasizing than anything I'd ever seen her in before. I resisted the temptation to throw Jessica down then and there to fuck her and we went on out for a nice evening dinner and then we actually went to see a movie. When we finished there, Jessica invited me back to her hotel room for a little while. What was a "little while" turned into several hours of sexy playtime.

While Jessica and I had been sitting in a secluded corner of the restaurant we'd gone to for dinner, I'd thoroughly enjoyed myself as I sat across from Jessica and just relished her natural physical beauty and sexiness. Jessica wasn't at all overtly sexy or slutty, but she had a sexiness that was so obvious from the moment you first met her. I'd particularly noticed as we'd sat there eating, that occasionally Jessica's nipples would grow hard and poke out proudly against the cups of her bra and her sweater. I tried to figure if her hard nipples was sexual arousal or coolness in the air. It might have been both but the increasing sexual hunger and fire I could see in Jessica's eyes told me that she was getting horny as the evening went on.

When I'd taken Jessica back to her hotel room, I'd accompanied her up on the elevator and when she'd opened her room door, she invited me in. I joined her and as soon as Jessica sat her purse and coat down on the nearby couch, she turned and moved into my arms. My lips quickly covered Jessica's soft sweet lips, and I pulled her firmly against my chest, feeling the fullness and rounded orbs of her breasts pressed tightly against my body.

"Jessica, you're so beautiful and you're so intriguing," I said as I broke off the kiss to let her know how badly I wanted her. "I want you bad, Jessica," I said as I looked deeply into her eyes to see what she was feeling. I knew from talking to Jessica that she'd actually been engaged to a young man the year before but he'd proven unfaithful to his pledge to her and she'd broken the engagement off. Now, Jessica was about to experience something totally new with me.

I quickly got Jessica out of her sweater and the pants she'd worn, and I soon had my pants, shirt and T-shirt off and onto the floor at our feet as well. Jessica was wearing a very sexy lacy blue bra and bikini panties and my cock was raging hard inside my briefs. I couldn't wait any longer to fuck Jessica. I pulled her close, slid my hand behind her back and undid the fastenings of her bra. As my hands came back to the front, I slipped my fingers in the shoulder straps of her bra and pulled the straps off her shoulders and then tugged gently to remove the cups of her bra away from her shapely full breasts. I wish I'd known Jessica when she'd been growing up and going through her young years developing into the woman she was now. It would have been really something to see a pretty young teenage girl like Jessica start budding these sexy full mature breasts that crowned her chest now. Her breasts were some of the sexiest and some of the most rounded I'd ever seen on any young woman in her early twenties. The nipples of Jessica's breasts were the size of quarters, and her nipples were both totally hard in her sexual arousal.

I leaned over, taking Jessica's left tit in my mouth and flicking my tongue across the hard point while my other hand slid down towards her groin, sliding under the waistband of her bikini panties and quickly finding the bush of her dark brown pussy fur. Jessica's hand came up, cupping the back of my head and forcing my mouth more firmly against the hardness of her erect nipple. I slid my fingers up and down over her wet pussy lips and then I broke off sucking Jessica's tit and lifted her, moving her over to the nearby king-sized bed. I stood Jessica up, slid her panties off her sexy womanly body, and then I spread her legs and moved down so I could lick and kiss her pussy and get her ready to fuck me. Jessica cooperated with everything I wanted her to do. She began to moan when she felt my hot mouth on her pussy and clit.

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