Dear Steven - A Fan's Oral Fixation

by Pettybox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Pamela writes to me that she's using my stories for masturbation fodder, but wants to act on her fantasys. Would I write a story about her oral affairs? She settles for me to do a little editing, tense changes etc, and give you 2 of her stories. (With a little help from Petty or Steven "Sig" Grayson as she thinks of me)

Dear Steven,

I know you list your stories as PETTYBOX, but always think of you as Steven in my fantasies, so I will keep it that way. I first read your Steven "Sig" Grayson stories when I was away from my home. I work in sales and spend 2 or 3 nights a week away and I began getting horny almost the first night I spent in a hotel away and alone. I love your perspective and style of erotic writing only because you don't get off the path of reality. Everything is feasible, where so many other writers deal with deep kinks, future worlds and TV fantasies. I prefer a story that I can put myself into.

Although I don't know how old you are or what you look like, when I read you I hear a voice in my ear and that IS you. I realize it is only perceived, but that sexy voice has driven me crazy on many nights.

In the past 18 months or so I've become somewhat of a bad girl when I leave town. When I turned 29 and began to think about 30 I decided it was time to add excitement to my life. I broke up with my boyfriend and room mate of 7 years and decided to look for one of the true loves you always write about. In a short time I realized that I already had that love and went back with my boyfriend. My Tucker (not his name) was and is my life mate, but he just doesn't bring me the unbridled sexual excitement I fantasize about. I love Tucker and I know if he knew about my secret life it would break his heart and end us. But, I'm fairly certain that I'm not bringing STD's or disease home and I really enjoy my double life and it has made my life with Tucker more fulfilling.

I would like to write to you and tell you about this obsession of mine just to put it out there. I know there are a lot of women like me who get the same urges and wants. They might think they are abnormal, or sluts or whores, but I don't think so. The urges they have, I am sure, are normal and even healthy.

If I write my story to you would you write it into one of your erotic pieces?

Love, Pamela

Dear Pamela,

Thank you for your "fan" letter. I'm flattered by the effect my stories have had on you. I just write them as an outlet to pass the time and break writers block from my real writing job. I wish they were edited better, but I try to mask my real writing style so if I ever become a well known author these pieces won't haunt me. If it makes you feel any better, I do have a low, somewhat husky, voice. But, I'm not a good aloud reader, so keep your fantasy if it makes you happy.

If you choose to write to me, or submit a piece to one of the posting sites, I would be happy to read it. Choose a pen name and submit it on your own, you don't need me as an outlet.

Good Luck, and please be careful out there.

Petty (Steven)

Dear Steven,

I would really prefer to have you write my story into one of yours, but apparently that idea didn't interest you. However I would prefer to just send it to you and have you read it. Maybe someday it will inspire a character for you. I will send it along soon. Just let me know you got it and read it.

Love, Pamela

Dear Pamela,

Developing characters for the stories is usually easy, most of them are real people I know or know of. It helps my perception and keeps reality at hand.

If you write to me I will read it and if it seems appropriate I will post it for you with credit given to "Pamela", unless you want to change that. You have piqued my interest. If I edit it I will not change the salient points you want to make. I can't say how long it may take to find the time to do this, but I won't forget you.

Petty ( Steven)

Pamela's Story

My name is Pamela and I demonstrate and sell software to large corporations in the communications business. You would be hard pressed to get through a day without seeing or hearing something that my company didn't have something to do with the production of.

This sales incarnation of myself began about 6 years ago right after I moved in with my boyfriend Tucker. I never thought we would live together, but with being out of town 2 or 3, sometimes, but rarely 4 nights a week, it made sense. I've socked the potential rent money away each month with few omissions. It sounds silly, but if Tucker and I ever get married, my savings will be the down payment on our dream house, my "dowry".

Tucker and I always had a good sex life where we were happy and but not too experimental. For the first few years of being away each week, coming home was always something to look forward to. You see, from the beginning of being on the road each night I would lie in bed and masturbate about Tucker, then about fantasy guys, and then when hotels began to regularly have hook-ups for laptops I began reading erotic stories online. I would lie in bed with the laptop next to me. By the time I got home I was pretty well ready for the real thing.

When I turned 29 I realized that the gates of 30 were close and I was still unmarried, although in love in a committed relationship, and still jerking off to stories when I should be living some of those fantasies. I felt I was doing something that teenage girls did and there must be something more out there.

The thought of having an affair excited me, but to tell you the truth, getting down to opening my legs for another mans penis always stopped me. Tucker and I are good together and if we ever wanted children, and I still do, I thought it was unwise. In addition, I was afraid of palimony laws in my state. If I were to be caught through pregnancy or STD, I stood to lose a lot if Tucker wanted to be vindictive. He could never live at our standard of living on his salary alone, I could.

Before I met Tucker, since about my senior year in high school right up through college, I was a bit wild, sex wise. I didn't screw every guy I ever dated, but any that tried hard enough would at least get a blow job. Intercourse sex was something I reserved for special guys that meant something to me. I was sorting though guys to find a husband and once he met a certain criteria, we screwed. If I felt a guy had a chance but needed a reason to stick around, I wasn't shy about oral sex. It was easy enough, guys loved it, and it didn't require a motel room. Of course, the best thing was it usually meant I got the same thing back, when I wanted it. But I wouldn't get undressed that far for someone who "might" not be a screwing candidate. Many times I was happy to just do the deed, which was somewhat fulfilling, and then go home and finish myself off.

Incredibly, Tucker was not a big fan of getting blowjobs. He's a bit anal retentive and the thought of putting your mouth where someone pisses was off putting to him. So any oral endeavors we had were either in or right after a shower or bath. Once he accidentally came in my mouth and I "accidentally" swallowed it. He was ready to get me the Ipecac syrup, fearing I might become sick from it. If he knew how many loads of sperm I swallowed before him, he would have left me for sure. But, that was my business and our sex life was "our" sex life and I liked it, overall.

One night in Madison Wisconsin I was lying in bed reading a story from one of my favorite erotic authors. The story dealt with lots this particular woman's obsession with sucking her man's cock. As I read it I thought about how I felt the same way. I loved the animal smell of a man's genitals; that hint of sweat mixed with the last drops of urine. As unlikely as it sounds, that odor cocktail always flared my nose and made me look forward to the pungent first taste in my mouth as my tongue licked the tip. Then as I got more and more of it in my mouth I kept getting that same taste until I licked all that off and then just smelled his wiry haired patch each time I went down over him with my mouth. It was usually about this time that I got my first taste of his pre-ejaculate. Those sweet clear little droplets were like a drug to me. Once I tasted pre-come, I knew I wanted him to come in my mouth. Knowing I was driving him crazy and he had no control once he got to a certain point made me all powerful. If I could sense it, and I was always pretty good, I would hollow my mouth for his first shot of sperm. When they can "blast" that first shot it's probably half the pleasure of their orgasm. If you're sucking hard with your tongue over the little hole, it thwarts that blast that seems to open the urethra for more goodies.

Letting that first shot fly in your mouth and then sucking down hard in him just about gives him a stroke. It's the key to a good blowjob and not all women know this.

So, after playing all of this out in my mind I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 10 p.m. I remembered in talking to the desk clerk at the Crowne Plaza that he suggested the lounge for a little late night fun. I was Thursday, Karaoke Night, and he planned on going in at the end of his shift at ten. He was cute and I admired his tight ass when he turned around to get my messages. I was also well aware that he checked out my boobs as I signed in, and watched my walk-away when I went to the elevators. There was a definite flirt in his voice when he said I might enjoy the Karaoke. I'm good looking enough to be used to this, but it's always an ego boost.

I really thought about pulling down his zipper, fantasizing that he was the man handling my boobs as I fumbled at his pants, and it was all I needed. I got up and put on my one "relaxation" outfit I brought, a tank top and tight pair of jeans. I fixed my hair after being tied up all day and let my auburn hair down. Just for old times sake I thought I might see if I still had what it took to get a guy to do what I wanted with me in control.

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