Dear Steven - A Fan's Oral Fixation

by Pettybox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Pamela writes to me that she's using my stories for masturbation fodder, but wants to act on her fantasys. Would I write a story about her oral affairs? She settles for me to do a little editing, tense changes etc, and give you 2 of her stories. (With a little help from Petty or Steven "Sig" Grayson as she thinks of me)

Dear Steven,

I know you list your stories as PETTYBOX, but always think of you as Steven in my fantasies, so I will keep it that way. I first read your Steven "Sig" Grayson stories when I was away from my home. I work in sales and spend 2 or 3 nights a week away and I began getting horny almost the first night I spent in a hotel away and alone. I love your perspective and style of erotic writing only because you don't get off the path of reality. Everything is feasible, where so many other writers deal with deep kinks, future worlds and TV fantasies. I prefer a story that I can put myself into.

Although I don't know how old you are or what you look like, when I read you I hear a voice in my ear and that IS you. I realize it is only perceived, but that sexy voice has driven me crazy on many nights.

In the past 18 months or so I've become somewhat of a bad girl when I leave town. When I turned 29 and began to think about 30 I decided it was time to add excitement to my life. I broke up with my boyfriend and room mate of 7 years and decided to look for one of the true loves you always write about. In a short time I realized that I already had that love and went back with my boyfriend. My Tucker (not his name) was and is my life mate, but he just doesn't bring me the unbridled sexual excitement I fantasize about. I love Tucker and I know if he knew about my secret life it would break his heart and end us. But, I'm fairly certain that I'm not bringing STD's or disease home and I really enjoy my double life and it has made my life with Tucker more fulfilling.

I would like to write to you and tell you about this obsession of mine just to put it out there. I know there are a lot of women like me who get the same urges and wants. They might think they are abnormal, or sluts or whores, but I don't think so. The urges they have, I am sure, are normal and even healthy.

If I write my story to you would you write it into one of your erotic pieces?

Love, Pamela

Dear Pamela,

Thank you for your "fan" letter. I'm flattered by the effect my stories have had on you. I just write them as an outlet to pass the time and break writers block from my real writing job. I wish they were edited better, but I try to mask my real writing style so if I ever become a well known author these pieces won't haunt me. If it makes you feel any better, I do have a low, somewhat husky, voice. But, I'm not a good aloud reader, so keep your fantasy if it makes you happy.

If you choose to write to me, or submit a piece to one of the posting sites, I would be happy to read it. Choose a pen name and submit it on your own, you don't need me as an outlet.

Good Luck, and please be careful out there.

Petty (Steven)

Dear Steven,

I would really prefer to have you write my story into one of yours, but apparently that idea didn't interest you. However I would prefer to just send it to you and have you read it. Maybe someday it will inspire a character for you. I will send it along soon. Just let me know you got it and read it.

Love, Pamela

Dear Pamela,

Developing characters for the stories is usually easy, most of them are real people I know or know of. It helps my perception and keeps reality at hand.

If you write to me I will read it and if it seems appropriate I will post it for you with credit given to "Pamela", unless you want to change that. You have piqued my interest. If I edit it I will not change the salient points you want to make. I can't say how long it may take to find the time to do this, but I won't forget you.

Petty ( Steven)

Pamela's Story

My name is Pamela and I demonstrate and sell software to large corporations in the communications business. You would be hard pressed to get through a day without seeing or hearing something that my company didn't have something to do with the production of.

This sales incarnation of myself began about 6 years ago right after I moved in with my boyfriend Tucker. I never thought we would live together, but with being out of town 2 or 3, sometimes, but rarely 4 nights a week, it made sense. I've socked the potential rent money away each month with few omissions. It sounds silly, but if Tucker and I ever get married, my savings will be the down payment on our dream house, my "dowry".

Tucker and I always had a good sex life where we were happy and but not too experimental. For the first few years of being away each week, coming home was always something to look forward to. You see, from the beginning of being on the road each night I would lie in bed and masturbate about Tucker, then about fantasy guys, and then when hotels began to regularly have hook-ups for laptops I began reading erotic stories online. I would lie in bed with the laptop next to me. By the time I got home I was pretty well ready for the real thing.

When I turned 29 I realized that the gates of 30 were close and I was still unmarried, although in love in a committed relationship, and still jerking off to stories when I should be living some of those fantasies. I felt I was doing something that teenage girls did and there must be something more out there.

The thought of having an affair excited me, but to tell you the truth, getting down to opening my legs for another mans penis always stopped me. Tucker and I are good together and if we ever wanted children, and I still do, I thought it was unwise. In addition, I was afraid of palimony laws in my state. If I were to be caught through pregnancy or STD, I stood to lose a lot if Tucker wanted to be vindictive. He could never live at our standard of living on his salary alone, I could.

Before I met Tucker, since about my senior year in high school right up through college, I was a bit wild, sex wise. I didn't screw every guy I ever dated, but any that tried hard enough would at least get a blow job. Intercourse sex was something I reserved for special guys that meant something to me. I was sorting though guys to find a husband and once he met a certain criteria, we screwed. If I felt a guy had a chance but needed a reason to stick around, I wasn't shy about oral sex. It was easy enough, guys loved it, and it didn't require a motel room. Of course, the best thing was it usually meant I got the same thing back, when I wanted it. But I wouldn't get undressed that far for someone who "might" not be a screwing candidate. Many times I was happy to just do the deed, which was somewhat fulfilling, and then go home and finish myself off.

Incredibly, Tucker was not a big fan of getting blowjobs. He's a bit anal retentive and the thought of putting your mouth where someone pisses was off putting to him. So any oral endeavors we had were either in or right after a shower or bath. Once he accidentally came in my mouth and I "accidentally" swallowed it. He was ready to get me the Ipecac syrup, fearing I might become sick from it. If he knew how many loads of sperm I swallowed before him, he would have left me for sure. But, that was my business and our sex life was "our" sex life and I liked it, overall.

One night in Madison Wisconsin I was lying in bed reading a story from one of my favorite erotic authors. The story dealt with lots this particular woman's obsession with sucking her man's cock. As I read it I thought about how I felt the same way. I loved the animal smell of a man's genitals; that hint of sweat mixed with the last drops of urine. As unlikely as it sounds, that odor cocktail always flared my nose and made me look forward to the pungent first taste in my mouth as my tongue licked the tip. Then as I got more and more of it in my mouth I kept getting that same taste until I licked all that off and then just smelled his wiry haired patch each time I went down over him with my mouth. It was usually about this time that I got my first taste of his pre-ejaculate. Those sweet clear little droplets were like a drug to me. Once I tasted pre-come, I knew I wanted him to come in my mouth. Knowing I was driving him crazy and he had no control once he got to a certain point made me all powerful. If I could sense it, and I was always pretty good, I would hollow my mouth for his first shot of sperm. When they can "blast" that first shot it's probably half the pleasure of their orgasm. If you're sucking hard with your tongue over the little hole, it thwarts that blast that seems to open the urethra for more goodies.

Letting that first shot fly in your mouth and then sucking down hard in him just about gives him a stroke. It's the key to a good blowjob and not all women know this.

So, after playing all of this out in my mind I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 10 p.m. I remembered in talking to the desk clerk at the Crowne Plaza that he suggested the lounge for a little late night fun. I was Thursday, Karaoke Night, and he planned on going in at the end of his shift at ten. He was cute and I admired his tight ass when he turned around to get my messages. I was also well aware that he checked out my boobs as I signed in, and watched my walk-away when I went to the elevators. There was a definite flirt in his voice when he said I might enjoy the Karaoke. I'm good looking enough to be used to this, but it's always an ego boost.

I really thought about pulling down his zipper, fantasizing that he was the man handling my boobs as I fumbled at his pants, and it was all I needed. I got up and put on my one "relaxation" outfit I brought, a tank top and tight pair of jeans. I fixed my hair after being tied up all day and let my auburn hair down. Just for old times sake I thought I might see if I still had what it took to get a guy to do what I wanted with me in control.

By the time I got to the lounge it was only mildly crowded but there were plenty of tables near the microphone and I sat down and pulled out the other chair to make it look like I might be there with someone. I was unsure about being open to be hit on, but if this clerk were to, I sort of "knew" him and knew where he worked and could be pretty sure no funny stuff would go on, especially where he worked. The DJ played a few songs and I was happy it wasn't too loud. They were obviously trying to keep low profile clientele there for a good time. There was a basket where potential singers would drop their song requests and name for a call to the stage. The first name was called and an older woman with a pretty good voice sang "Walking on Sunshine". She shook her ass like she was selling herself and got a nice hand. Then the DJ pulled up the next one and smiled.

"Our own Brian wants to sing "I can't fight this feeling", the REO song."

Now I knew his name and half way through his song he noticed me and smiled at me. He WAS cute and maybe 24-25. Once again he looked at me like he had never seen boobs before. Without a bra I sit up there pretty good and when he smiled I felt my nipples harden and I knew I made the connection. Whether he had the balls to follow up was another story, after all, he WAS in a Karaoke bar where he worked instead of home with a girlfriend or out at a players club. After the song he gave me another look and smile and headed back to his seat at the bar. I fully expected a drink to be sent over but nothing happened. Twenty minutes and 4 or 5 singers later they called Brian back up to sing another old song, "You're Kiss in on My List" by Hall and Oates.

He sang the whole song right to me, it seemed. If it were appropriate I would have had my hand down my pants to relieve the itch he was causing. But, after finishing he winked at me and went to the bar. I was devastated.

When the waitress came over I ordered a second dink and told her to get Brian whatever was he was drinking. She leaned low and whispered, "He can't accept that because he works here and you're a guest, but I'll tell him."

She went to the bar and got my drink and stopped to whisper something to Brian. When I got my drink I looked at him and he raised his beer glass. I knew I made a connection, although a small one. A half hour later he was up singing another oldie, "He don't love you like I love you" and again he sang it right to me. Upon finishing he winked and looked to the door and went out to the lobby.

"Well, here goes!" I thought to myself as I left a tip and gathered my purse and headed for the door. Once in the vestibule of the restaurant and lounge I didn't see him at first but he called out my name.

"Pamela, over here." He called from just inside the closed restaurant.

I turned and went over by him and he smiled and said he couldn't really do anything on premises with a guest, and would I like to leave. That would be breaking the first rule I made for myself and told him I could not. I boldly told him he could come to my room, and that was the only way he could meet me.

He told me he couldn't do that and he was sorry. I told him I was sorry as well and started back to my room, disappointed. Maybe some other night I might get the guts to try this again. The moment had passed as disappointment killed my horniness. My door was just clicking shut when I heard some one or something hit it.

"Pamela! Open or I'm caught!" I heard through the door.

Instinctively I opened it, probably because I heard my name.

"I ran up the hall behind the security camera sweep. It's an old trick to get to rooms around the cameras. I only had 2 seconds left." Brian said.

He began to explain how the 5 cameras on the floor swept the elevator lobby, snack and ice areas, the stairwells and both ends of the hall. I stopped him as I didn't care and was really having second thoughts on my original idea.

"I'm not sure if my original invitation is open, the a... "moment"... may have passed." I told him.

Brian looked disappointed but perplexed.

"I... a... "thought" we had a connection. Can I see you the next time you come through?"

"It was only sex Brian. I can't get involved. Don't think too much of me."

"Oh. I knew you checked out my butt when I turned to get your messages, you know in the mirror." Brian recalled.

"... and you did the same to me when I walked away, I saw that in the other mirror." I said with a laugh, "And you looked down my blouse when I signed in too."

The honesty and sexual innuendo levity began to relight my flame as Brian turned around towards the door.

"You still have a cute ass." I said with a smirk as he turned back.

"You still have a cute everything." Brian said as he boldly approached me and leaned his face in to kiss me.

Something in me wanted to push him away but his manly smell drew me in as I kissed him back. Before I knew it he was kissing me again and again. I threw my arms around him and pulled him close. I moved my hands down his back and grabbed his ass. It was the invitation he needed as he grabbed both of my butt cheeks and squeezed. My fire was lit.

Necking with him was quite delightful and I was starting to get a fire started down below, but my intention was to oral him and nothing more. As our tongues entwined I was opening up more and more to letting him eat my cookie if he would settle for that if I got to suck him.

"Brian," I said pulling back from him, "let's understand what this is before we go any further. You aren't going to bed me down. In plain words, you aren't fucking me. I want to play and I'm going to make you real happy."

With a smile on my face I began to go to my knees and I pressed my face into his crotch, kissing the front of his pants. I looked up at him and saw a surprised, but happy look on his face. With my eyes riveted to his I began to undo his belt, then the clasp on his pants. When I found the tab on his zipper I slid it down as I asked myself the age old question, boxers or briefs.

He wore silk briefs and was beginning to get hard already. I reached into the front slash and found his cock and pulled it out. He looked like he might be about the same size as Tucker and was circumcised. I prefer uncut men, they just have more taste and are more sensitive around the head, but Brian was fine. I held him tightly in my hand and pushed my face into the right side of his shorts beside his cock and then the left, inhaling deeply each time. The smell lit my fire, the fact I was doing something really naughty fanned my flames even more. I touched my tongue where the base of his shaft came out of his shorts and licked a line to the tip. I looked up at him and laid the head on my tongue and closed my mouth over it.

I was in heaven! That manly taste and a little salty / stale urine aftertaste filled my mouth while its aroma filled my nostrils. I pushed my head over him as deep as I could go and sucked back hard. I repeated that five or six times and then just played around the head with my tongue. Then I got down to business and put my hand around him and began to bob up and down in pace with my hand stroking.

He moaned like I remember guys moaning in high school and college. They knew they were going to get off and a pretty mouth was going to do it for them. God, I loved sucking this mans cock. Brian, who only had to show his backside and give me an ocular once over, was the perfect candidate for my try at a tawdry oral affair. The smell, the taste, feel of him in my mouth made it everything I wanted.

I was just getting into the feel of the whole thing when he pulled back from me.

"Let me see those beautiful tits and great ass of yours. Two can play this game and I would love to eat you." Brian said with a sexy whisper.

I swore to myself I wouldn't do this, but my pussy was running like a faucet. I fell back and sat in my heels and pulled my tank top from my jeans and took it over my head. He gasped at the sight of my beauties, which I'm so proud of. I stood up to undo my jeans and he reached out to do it for me. He ran his hands over the entire of my ass and legs removing my tight denim cover. As I stepped out of my jeans I quickly sat on the edge of the bed and took him into my mouth again and I slipped my lips over him a few times.

Then I fell back and said, "Show me how you want it!".

Brian was an expert pussy eater and drove me over the edge fast. He tried to pull off my panties, but I insisted they stay on. I held aside the front of my thong and he took a quick hint. My patch was thick, but trimmed low around my lips. I hadn't shaved for the bikini season yet, or else I normally have just a "goatee" or shave it all off. He rubbed his nose in the patch and his tongue quickly found my clit. I worried I wasn't as fresh as I might like to be because he only licked and sucked my clit and left the rest of me alone, but his efforts had me shivering and shaking in just a few minutes, but I must admit part of that was the anticipation of finishing him with my mouth. God Bless my Tucker, but the smell and taste of a naturally scented crotch of a man made me insane.

Once my orgasm cycle began and started to huff and puff with my little screams (that also drive my Tucker wild) I held Brian's face tight to my clit until my last orgasm really wrenched me out. I wanted to lay back and hold my pussy, but I wanted that cock back in my mouth so I could feel it jump and swell in my mouth until it came. I hadn't tasted a mans sperm in a long while and I was short of breath in anticipation thinking about it.

I sat up and met Brian face to face.

"Are you sure you don't want to get fucked? I have condoms."

I was sort of proud of myself when the thought of any other man making love to me soured my stomach. To justify how bad and filthy I had been tonight, I still wanted to remain pussy-true to Tucker and that made all my rationalizations fit in my morality.

"No way, let me suck you until you come", were words he certainly understood as he quickly stood up before me.

I gobbled his cock with its messy pre-cum all over it's not so fully hard state.

In my mouth I loved the preview taste of what I was going to get as he turned rock hard in the matter of a few seconds. I truly love sucking cock and I was so happy I was doing this no matter how naughty, slutty or two-timing it seemed. This was sex I truly enjoyed for the sex of it. There was no love involved, just the animal feel of it all. I really felt like a complete woman.

With one hand holding his ass the other was wrapped around his cock stroking it as I matched movements with my mouth. The hand on his butt let me know when he was beginning to flex up his orgasm and prepare to come. My hand was just tight enough around him without really squeezing him to feel when he was ready. His balls already looked tight so I knew his load was already gone from his sack and was working its way to his prostate. I was ready for him.

I felt his ass tighten under my hand and his cock chubbed a bit in my hand as he pursed his lips and whispered a long hissing "yesssss".

He made no attempt to stop me from taking his load in my mouth and before I could think a long watery stream hit the back of my throat. I was semi-prepared for that so I didn't choke but a bit and hollowed my mouth so he could shoot. There seemed to be a five second delay before he grunted hard and a heavy shot of creamy sperm hit the roof of my mouth. I stayed hollow for a second more and another one hit just short of the first. It was here I had to swallow and suck at him to clear my mouth.

His sperm tasted sweet, almost a bit citrus, with that bleachy, salty after taste but it was perfect to me. As I sucked the last drops from him I thought of the pineapple and mango tray on the evening check-in counter. They were plugging hospitality at their Hawaiian locations with airline "miles" cards applications. Brian was no newcomer to getting a good blowjob and rewarding his sucker with a sweet treat. I always eat all sperm loads shot in my mouth every time I did this before, and wanted to keep doing the same. A nicer taste was only a bonus.

When Brian backed away as I drew the last drops from him he began to lose his footing and twisted to the bed beside me. He laid back and closed his eyes and breathed deeply through his mouth, repeating "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh" over and over again. His cock laid on his belly now and I bent over to kiss those precious balls. I mouthed each one and ran my tongue over them, thanking them for the prize they gave me. When I lifted my head I kissed the plum at the end of his cock and said "Goodnight my little friend."

When I stood up he chuckled and got up slowly.

"Listen to get around the security cameras you'll have to go into the hall and time them for me, so you better get dressed." He said as he looked for his underwear.

"Don't bother looking for them, they're my receipt." I laughed as I pointed to them stuffed in my shoe.

"Then I get yours." He said as I quickly stepped out of them and found my jeans to slip on.

I pulled the tank top over my head as he finished getting dressed, my panties in his pocket.

"Now tell me how I get you out of here." I said with a smile.

"Go into the hall and watch the cameras they flash red lights as they come on. Unless he wants one particular one, they go east end, stairwell, ice and vending room, middle stair well, west end and then back up in the same sequence. When the west end goes out, I have about 13 seconds to get out your door and down the east stairwell. Go out and check it out."

I took my key and walked up the hallway a bit and watched the sequence go down and saw where it was pretty easy if all the doors were unlocked. I got the counting rhythm and was sure I had it down. If he kept the door open to hear me once the west end turned off he was clear. We pulled it off without a hitch and he was gone.

I stripped, took his underwear and wrapped it in my hands and held it to my face as I curled in bed for a well deserved sleep. His aroma had me so wet, I had to jack off one more time and I must have fallen asleep right after because the next thing I heard was my wake-up call.

The morning found me happy and bright, guilt-free. I showered and prepared for another day of work in the area before catching my flight home. The last thing I did before leaving the room was to roll up Brian's underwear and leave them in the trash can. My affair was over and I didn't have to look back. In the pie chart of life I had made a tiny sliver that was for me and me only to enjoy. I realized the risk I took having unprotected sex, but with oral sex and the men I might choose I considered the risk minimal.

This was the first of a long string of oral affairs I had over the next couple years. Among the men I chose were hotel clerks, waiters, pilots, and flight stewards and even men in the offices I called on for work. I once shut my thumb in a rental car door and had to go to the ER. The doctor who treated me flirted a bit and when his shift was over he got a blowjob in the parking lot. Since Brian, there have been at least a hundred of my little affairs and I never had a single bad experience. I chose my "marks" well, getting men I thought I could trust, men who wouldn't pursue me, men I could always nail down if I had a problem. I never put myself in a situation where I could be taken from where I wanted the affair to take place. Even the ones that took place in my rental car were always in a parking lot that required a ticket to get out and I never had the vehicle keys on my person when it happened.

I may write you with more of my memorable affairs, but this first one is a great example of the how and why I do this. I love the smell of a man, between his legs. I love the taste of his sperm that I stirred up. I love the feel of appreciative hands on the back of my head as they groan in pleasure. I loved being the bad girl before, and now something makes me love it again.

Pamela (with love)

Dear Pamela,

I read your story and like it quite well. I may edit it just a bit and post it as is, crediting you with an explanation of circumstances. Just be patient.

Petty (Steven)

Dear Steven,

I was afraid you hated it because I hadn't heard from you. As long as you read it, I really don't care how you handle it. I'm really hoping for a character inspiration from you. Here is a recent story, where I try to get more graphic, as in your writing. While trying to write my stories down I've had been a good girl. Just the writing was enough to satisfy me, jerking off as I write (haha). But since this night in late February in Ohio, I've stopped my extra-curricular activities and vowing to stay totally true to Tucker. I think the story will explain itself.


My work brings me all over the country to exciting places in California, New York, and The Carolinas. Unfortunately, it also brings me to places like Columbus, Ohio in the dead of winter as well.

I checked into my room at The Residence Inn and was, at first, happy that 3 or 4 restaurants were almost in walking distance, but as I walked through the wind whipped lay-out of the hotel I saw no refuge from the cold with all rooms having outside entrances. It was Monday and I knew I wouldn't be leaving until Thursday night to fly to Buffalo for a sales conference over the weekend. They offer a grocery shopping service that I've never taken advantage of, so with the cold I thought "Why not?".

I made up a list with coffee, milk, wine, bread, and some dinner staples (a steak, some veggies etc) and breakfast food. I needed the time at night to prepare for our sales confab. They had no bar on site, just a beer and wine lounge that closed in the early evening, so I planned on staying out of real trouble.

I called the desk and asked them when the shopper would go out for me and would groceries be there on my return Tuesday. The clerk was a pleasant woman who said her son, a student at Ohio State would probably take care of it in the morning. He worked part time at the Inn doing odd jobs and she was pretty sure Tuesday a.m. was one of his days on as she checked the work chart while stalling.

"Yes, he drives the shuttle to the airport in the morning and then does any house shopping." She assured me.

If you've ever stayed at a Residence, it is as the name implies a residence. They have all the amenities of home, except groceries. You'll find pans, pots, coffee maker, popcorn popper, anything you expect with a full kitchen. I finished my list with a few brand names for wine and coffee, and the type of cuts for meat I wanted. I bundled up and ran it down to the desk, even though she told me to leave it in the room. I wanted to make sure it made the early run. If they didn't clean my room till late, I didn't want to be hung up.

I took advantage of the food on hand in the community kitchen and they made a burger that I washed down in the beer and wine lounge. I was alone there, and the lone fellow who ran both services closed it at 7:30 and I was back to my room.

I set up a lot of my presentations for the weekend in the room and ended up in bed by 9:30, knowing I had to drive to Cleveland and back the next morning. I was lucky all day Tuesday with a bright sunshiney, but cold day. I worried about driving in snow to make this courtesy call to a current customer who needed hand holding as they made a network switch from ABC to NBC. My company looked like a hero being there for the big switch-over, when actually I was close-by anyway so for the price of an extra night in Columbus, we made a big customer feel VERY important.

One of the on-air personalities flirted with me something awful during the day, barely ever leaving my side. I was flattered because he was so good-looking, but was put off because he was trying so hard to get in my pants, and that wasn't going to happen. As my day grew to a close, once they were into afternoon programming and our graphics software did its thing, this "weather dude" made his move.

"If you would like to stick around until after the 5:00 broadcast, I would love to take you dinner, get to know you. I see you aren't wearing a ring"

"Jason," I said, "I'm flattered you would ask me, you're very sweet. But, first off I'm not staying in Cleveland; its 2:30 and I want to drive to Columbus in the daylight. Secondly, I'm in a relationship and you should know that."

"Really, I LIVE in Columbus and do straight lines and the morning weather on the radio down there. Maybe we could meet there for dinner?" Jason asked, losing some of his enthusiasm knowing I was in a relationship.

"You're persistent, aren't you?" I said as I curled my naughty smile across my lips. "Would you like to come to my room for a drink?"

Jason didn't quite know what to think of my proposition.

Was I for real?

Was it innocent?

Jason stumbled on his words before answering.

"Wha, er... Oh SURE! Where are you staying?"

"I'm at the Residence Inn, on South Hamilton Road."

"That's only a few minutes from my home. What room?"

"Have the desk call, I'll come down for you."

"You sure?"

"I'm positive."

I set it up so someone would know he was with me, which was my protection in case he wanted to get funny. I actually thought he might not show.

I got back to Columbus in 2 hours flat. The station was just enough outside of Cleveland on 71 to bite away the heavy city traffic. How Jason made the 2 hour trip, back and forth each day was beyond me. He must make good money.

I bundled up my face and neck to make the trip from my car to the room and was met with disappointment when I saw the room door open. I was sure I was broken into.

When I got to the door a young man with a heavy coat met me as I went to walk in and see what I might have lost.

"Oh, Hi I'm Mark, grocery delivery." He said as I breathed a sigh of relief.

"So late?" I asked.

"I forgot my ID so I had to wait until after my last class to go home and get it,... for the wine?" Mark said.

"Come inside for a moment and close the door. You've let most of the heat out as it is." I asked him.

Mark was a great looking guy with sort of an athletic look. I made sure he got a good look at me so I took my coat off as quickly as I could, plus I removed the button-up vest that accented my outfit. My dress underneath clung quite well to my body.

"Can you show me how to start a fire?" I asked him as I went to the fire place and opened the front.

I bent over in front of the hearth and looked confusingly at the situation, knowing his eyes were glued to my ass, as I turned quickly and caught him.

"Sure, I can show you. Not a problem."

"Well, take off your coat so you don't get all heated up under there before going outside again." I said innocently (yeah, right!)

He peeled out of his coat and came right over and knelt in front of the fireplace and bent to load the box. He did have a gorgeous tight ass. I would have loved to make a move on him right then, but I was chicken not knowing the whole situation. I needed to get more information.

He loaded the fireplace with a couple large pieces and asked me to hand him a few smaller pieces of kindling. I bent at the waist and got a few pieces of birch scraps I recognized from the trees outside the rooms. I looked back right between my legs at him looking at me and I smiled. My knit pullover was clingy and I was sure he got a good idea that nothing was under it. The vest made the outfit business-like. Without the vest it was very sexy.

I turned and kept my smile and handed him the wood.

"I hope I know a good piece when I see it." I said as innocently as I could.

He smirked took the wood.

He had a fire going in just a few minutes so I decided to break the ice and test the waters a bit.

"Well, you've warmed things up pretty fast in here. Does your Mom know you provide these extra services?" I said with a hand on my hip.

"My Mom thinks I get groceries, haul laundry for the maids, and do little odd errands. She never really knows where I am, or if I'm on the premises. I come and go between classes and studying." He said seeming to make a point that he was here without really checking in with anyone.

"Should I give her my shopping list for tomorrow? There are a few things I want, or should I say need, for Wednesday night." I asked suggestively.

"No," he said in a low voice, "you can give it to me now and I'll be here either before or after my last class. That class starts at 4:30 and ends around 6:30 or 7 depending how much we cover."

"Make it after." I said. "Then I won't have to hurry to be here to meet you."

He smiled at me, knowing full well I didn't HAVE to be there for delivery.

I wrote down a favorite wine of mine and wrote for him to get what he liked, plus two specific sharp hard cheeses, a parmesan and an aged Swiss. I gave him a $50 bill and said maybe he should do this shopping around his regular shopping trip. He smiled and said a sly OK and said his Mom didn't work Wednesdays anyway.

This kid was no novice at meeting pretty women, he was smooth. He touched my arm a few times in our money and detail exchange. He was sending signals like crazy. My only worry was how he might react when knowing he wasn't going to fuck me. If I didn't give in to screwing this hot stud, I knew I NEVER would, and I thought I never could. However, if he wanted to suck my pussy, he might have THAT chance.

I turned to show him the easels and work I had spread out and said that I had to get back to work, but I looked forward to Wednesday night. I helped him with his coat and he was off. As he left his face was close enough to kiss me and he thought about it, but thought wiser and was off into the cold.

Now to deal with "weather-boy". I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen with him. If I thought he was too much of a player, I might not feel safe (medically) with him. My contact at the station, Melissa Grant, was still there, I was sure, so I called her.

I asked her if she had any problems and if they found any glitches in the rest of the days programming and she hadn't. Than as an aside I asked if I could inquire about someone.

"Who? Did you have a problem?" She asked.

"Oh no, not at all. Jason, your weather guy, asked me to dinner and I agreed to meet him for a drink later. He's not married or anything is he. I don't usually see any clients," I lied, "but he seems real nice."

"I know Jason to be kind of a flirt, the office flirt, but he was in a long term relationship until a few months ago, and he was always harmless. His girlfriend was a regular around here at all our gatherings. She worked at the radio station he works in the mornings and she got a chance to move to bigger market. His ego couldn't take the hit and they parted. To tell you the truth, I've been out with him a few times since and he's still hung up on her. So... " Melissa said to fill me in.

"So I don't have anything to worry about, he's not a serial rapist or anything?" I said with a laugh.

"No, he's got a better chance breaking down and crying over her than that." She laughed.

Now I knew how to play him. I could ask him if it was her or the sex he missed once we got in conversation. Jason might be a good mark to satisfy my hornys. I didn't want to hurt the guy, only make him happy and satisfy my little kink.

If I didn't hear from him by 8:15 or so I was going to get ready for bed and continue to work my presentation boards. With Mark in the picture for Wednesday night, my date with Jason didn't hold the same excitement.

At ten minutes after eight the phone rang and it was the desk.

"Jason Pratt is here to see you. Can I send him?"

"No, I'll be down. Keep my room private for now. Thank you."

I kept my tight fitting knit dress on and bundled up for my walk to the main house. I walked there a bit round-a-bout to be sure I arrived from the opposite way of my room.

Jason sat in the lobby and stood when I walked in. I held out both hands to greet him and we air-kissed.

"Let's see if the beer and wine lounge is open and sit and talk." I said leading Jason in.

There were 2 others at the bar and the bartender said that he just closed down the grill, but would keep the bar open until nine, when he got off.

Sangria seemed the safest bet of what they had on hand and it loosened our tongues right away. Jason told me his life story of radio and TV, and was actually going to school to become a real meteorologist nights and summers. He finally gave me a chance to get a few words in and I gave him some details on me and my job, and my relationship. When the conversation volleyed back to him he began to tell me about the love he lost to a better market. He had a bit of emotion in his voice as he got deeper into the story and the barkeeper said he could freshen us once more but we would have to finish them in the meeting area near the lobby.

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