My Wife, Her Sister and Me

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, First, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: I was hoping she would wear that dress tonight even though it was much shorter than she would usually wear and she was showing more cleavage than I could ever remember

"Hold it," I said and my wife Katie turned and the room was filled with a bright light.

"For God's sake, Jerry," she frowned but I could tell that she wasn't really upset. "Ever since you got that dammed digital camera you keep blinding me."

We were on our way out for a quite but hopefully romantic dinner and she was wearing the new dress I had bought her.

"Is this dress really ok?" she said tugging at the hem and adjusting the neckline for the hundredth time.

"You look lovely," I say honestly.

I was hoping she would wear that dress tonight even though it was much shorter than she would usually wear and she was showing more cleavage than I could ever remember.

We sat at the bar while ordering and she sipped the drink. I was driving so I stuck to a cola.

"This is lovely," she said with a big smile, "we should come here more often."

I just smiled in return, what with the cost of that dress and the meal it was going to be an expensive night. I just hoped it would all be worth it.

The two strong drinks inside her were having their effect and for the first time she didn't try to pull her skirt down. Sitting on her bar stool I noticed that her skirt hem was far up her thighs and what a lovely sight it was too. Although there was nothing wrong with her figure -- well, her tits might be slightly bigger like her sister's -- she wasn't that happy showing herself off.

Our waiter arrived and I noticed him look at her legs and peer down the front of her dress, I'm not sure she noticed though. The meal was great and she drank a whole bottle of wine all on her own and now she was a little giggly. We drove home with my hand on her smooth thigh and if it had gone on much longer I'm sure she would have nodded off.

"Come on, love," I said helping her out of the car.

"I think you've been trying to get me drunk," she giggled and skipped out of my reach.

I had only seen her like this once before and that was on our honeymoon. I put some music on and picked up my new camera. As she danced around the room I snapped off a few pictures.

"Come dance with me," she said and held out her arms.

She was dancing on air and her skin felt warm and smooth. I found the zip at the back of her dress and pulled it down. I left her dancing on her own and picked up my camera again. At first nothing happened then all of a sudden her dress peeled down like the skin of a banana.

"Stop that," she giggled as the room was filled with the flash.

Her underwear was also new and sexier than she usually wore. The panties were no more than a thong and the bra was small with plenty of uplift to make the most of the small but perky tits.

"Hey, it's just like being on the beach last year," I said.

I remembered last year when she and her 17-year-old sister stripped down to their bikinis at our local beach. My words seemed to have an effect for she started dancing again and ignoring my flashes.

I put my camera down and together we danced some more.

"You are very naughty," she slurred.

I kissed her then and let my hands roam over her almost naked body. Her new bra had a front-opening clip and my fingers soon found it. Like I said before, her tits are small but nice and perky.

Her moaning told me I was doing the right things.

"Lets go to bed," she said as we broke apart.

"We can do it right here," I suggested.

"You are naughty," she giggled.

I picked up my camera again and snapped off a few frames with her tits on display.

"Stop that," she said when she realized that her breasts were exposed.

"Hey, you have beautiful tits," I said.

"They are too small," she frowned. "I just wish I had Sally's tits."

"I don't," I said although it was a lie. "Now put your arms down and show me those sexy tits of yours.

"No, you put that camera down and come fuck me," she giggled.

Well, I did have a few pictures of her naked tits, more than I thought I would, so with a leer I advanced on her. I almost ripped her thong off and I roughly pulled her legs apart.

"Fuck me, you bastard," she groaned.

He legs wrapped around me as I pumped vigorously between her legs. It was all over within minutes, her hips jerked as her orgasm filled her and I pumped my spunk deep inside her. We lay there for some minutes then I heard her softly snoring.

I removed her bra, leaving her completely naked on the lounge carpet and once again I picked up my camera and the room was filled with bright flashes.

Hi, all, come in," my father-in law invited.

It was Saturday morning and we had been invited to spend the weekend with my in-laws.

"Hi, Jerry, sis," called out Sally who flounced into the room.

My voice caught in my throat for today she looked stunning. She was wearing very tight hipster jeans and equally tight white t-shirt and her nipples could clearly be seen to testify she wasn't wearing a bra. I was treated to a hug and a virginal kiss but it still left the front of my pants tight.

For the rest of the day I tried not to stare and all too soon it was bedtime. I wanted to put my hard cock somewhere but my wife wouldn't have it.

"Stop it," hissed Katie when I kissed her neck and fondled her small tits. "Not here in my parents' house."

For god sake, I thought, we are married after all. It was a restless night for me and my hard cock just wouldn't quit. Almost as soon as it was light I was up looking for a long hot shower.

"Morning," said Sally with a giggle, who burst into the bathroom just as I was finishing.

All I had on was the bath towel around my waist. She was dressed in what I suppose was her night attire of a short pink t-shirt and little more than thong knickers. My cock that had gone soft for the first time in hours was suddenly hard again.

"M-morning," I stuttered.

"Don't mind me," she giggled.

While I watched, she pulled down her thong and sat down on the toilet. I looked away politely but I could still hear her pee.

"God, I needed that," she sighed. "You carry on," she said, "I'm just going to have my shower."

"I'll be quick," I said, trying not to stare, "all I've got to do is clean my teeth."

I watched in the bathroom mirror as she pulled her top over her head and pulled her thong down. Her tits were just about perfect young and firm and just about a 'C' cup. She stepped into the bath and pulled the shower curtain across. I was in a state of shock so I sat down on the loo and stared at the hazy shape behind the curtain.

"Hand me the soap," she called out and pulled the curtain back to reveal her wet and completely naked body.

As if in a dream, I picked up the soap from the sink and handed it over.

"I'll ask you to do my back but I don't think Katie would approve," she giggled.

"W-what, no, I expect she wouldn't," I replied.

"That'll do," she said to herself. "Hand me that towel please."

As I was still wearing the one and only large bath towel all that was left was a much smaller hand towel.

"That's not going to cover much," she said with a giggle.

"Here, swap," I offered.

"No that's ok," she said, "you've seen it all anyway."

She stepped out of the shower and dried her hair with the hand towel while I watched her wet body drip onto the carpet.

"What do you think then?" she asked.

"W-what?" I stuttered unable to take my eyes off her hot body and look her in the eye.

"The old bod," she said, "It's not too bad, is it?"

"Yeah," I leered.

"My tits are bigger than Katie's, wouldn't you say?" she said looking right at me and cupping her fine tits in her hands.

"Y-yes," I stuttered, "her's are only a 'B' cup."

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