C is for Clitoris

by Thesandman

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Desc: Sex Story: Bree's abnormality turns into a blessing in disguise

As Bree approached her 25th birthday, she looked towards it as just another day. Another day of being a "loner" as she'd been labeled, though in truth it was a self-imposed sentence. She was certainly attractive enough, not a beauty queen no, but certainly considered cute under any circumstances. Bree wore her long dishwater blonde hair in a ponytail most of the time, and though some considered her a tomboy, as she was certainly athletic, Bree was definitely all woman. Her breasts were on the large side, though not overly so. Like twin small-sized grapefruits that she was in fact rather proud of, few in fact had ever seen them, male or female.

Bree was a loner for one simple reason. It had been a hardship for her most of her adult life, and one in which she had not reconciled herself to, both ashamed as well as embarrassed that she should be cursed with such an abnormality as she considered it. Bree had an enormous sized clit.

It wasn't just 'big' or bigger than average in comparison, it truly was enormous. Like any young girl, she'd explored that curiosity with others growing up, learning through simple look-see, that she was certainly different. By the time she had reached puberty, been to see a doctor for normal womanly exams, she had seen and learned through that experience, and certainly by the doctor's startled expression that she wasn't normal, far from it. Bree's clit was the size of a thumb from the knuckle up whenever she became aroused.

And Bree was aroused a lot. Because the other curse she had to learn to deal with as well, was the fact that it was extremely sensitive too. She'd had to learn to be very careful. Even walking after a certain fashion could cause stimulation, crossing and re-crossing her legs. Her doctor had told her 'it' as he'd so delicately referred to her clit, could be surgically repaired, altered. But he'd also warned her, in doing so, she was apt to lose all sensitivity, no guarantees that the nerve endings wouldn't be permanently damaged. Bree might have to learn and accept she would not be capable of a clitoral climax, but at least she would look 'normal'.

She'd thought about that. For a day. But then came to the conclusion that she couldn't accept that, wouldn't accept that, and therefore would simply have to learn to deal with her peculiar abnormality. One thing Bree enjoyed doing, was climaxing, though she'd go to her grave before ever admitting that to anyone. Never admitting that she masturbated daily, sometimes twice if she was particularly aroused, which occurred frequently as she practiced running track. Therefore, she was resigned to her situation, even if it meant never being with anyone because of it.

Which is what she had already discovered earlier on. Bree had managed to hold on to her virginity until she was eighteen, or rather, that had been the plan anyway. She had met Dan, popular in school, a real jock. And being a bit of one herself, they had taking a liking to one another, running early in the morning side by side before school, as they were both members of the track team. As she'd hoped, anticipated, they had grown closer, eventually dating and took advantage of his parents being gone for the weekend to further explore the possibilities.

All had gone well in the beginning. Infatuated with her breasts, which Dan had paid a great deal of attention to, had aroused Bree to fever pitch. Touching his prick, a man's prick, for the first time another first for her, as well as a very exciting one. Bree allowed her guard down, trusting in this man-boy, who seemed attentive and appreciative towards her needs as much as his own. Until he had screwed up enough courage to slip his hand down between her legs, toying with her there briefly before snatching his hand back, switching on the end-table light, sitting there with a freaked out look upon his face. She still remembered the stinging words he had spoken to her even now.

"What the fuck are you? One of those hermaphrodites or something?"

She'd never even heard that word before, had no idea of its meaning. But the way he looked at her, and the way he'd even spoken the word assured her it had been less than complimentary. Bree had gathered herself without saying so much as a single word, fleeing from his home, and walking the two miles back to her own place. She had run crying up the stairs, remaining there for the better part of the next two days until her mother threatened to take her into see another doctor as she was becoming worried that Bree was even more sick than she had claimed to be.

The real reason of course, and what was confirmed upon her return to school, was that "Dan the Man" as his friends called him, had already circulated the news that Bree had a penis, instead of a pussy. He'd never gotten close enough to discover otherwise, automatically assuming that 'she' was really a 'he' with tits.

It took a long time for Bree to come to terms with that experience, realizing only after a great deal of soul-searching, that "Dan the Man" had been, probably was a virgin himself by all accounts. That, and struggling with his own male-prowess, 'bragging rites' which had obviously not come to fruition, caused him to lash out at her in some effort to reclaim his own manliness.

Bree never returned to school after that, already enough credits to graduate, which she did, but without going through the ceremony with everyone else. Thus, Bree had become the true 'loner' she now was. Staying away from most everyone, too afraid to allow herself to really get close to anyone again, male or female, and contenting herself with self-pleasures, which is how she truly lost her virginity with the aid of a non-judgmental vibrator.

It had been another three years before she'd allowed herself to become close with anyone. Finally, she'd met another young woman whom she befriended. A bit "frumpy" perhaps as some might use the term, but Alice was real, down to earth, and had enough self-doubts about herself. Allowing a friendship to develop with her seemed safe, especially as they worked together, and it was nice to finally have someone to go to lunch with, or the occasional movie together. And though she certainly didn't confide in Alice as normal girlfriends might, neither did Alice seem so inclined to do either, which was just fine with her too.

Like Bree, Alice usually rode the bus into work, though on many occasions, her older brother Jack usually brought her, or picked her up, dependant upon his own work schedule. Whenever he had, Alice had always offered to give Bree a lift home as well, something she had always declined, however politely without giving reason.

And the reason was, she found Jack very attractive. Knew he wasn't seeing anyone (at the moment anyway) according to Alice who spoke of her brother fondly, and the hard times that the two of them had been through losing both their parents early on in a tragic traffic accident. Bree knew they shared an apartment together, had been invited over there as well, also declining. Until finally Alice had verbally pinned her to the matt about her being "unsociable" if not out-right rude to Jack, who had made several attempts himself to talk to her whenever the opportunity rose.

Fearing that she might actually lose her one true friend, she'd invited Alice over to her place one weekend, where she finally confided in her, confessing all... and even more surprisingly, agreeing to show Alice exactly what she'd found courage enough to tell her, after much coaxing and assurance of course on Alice's behalf.

Alice had her own private demon's to deal with as Bree quickly learned. Her left breast being considerably larger than her right, though certainly correctable through surgery, she had neither the insurance to cover it, nor the funds to do so, though she had been putting a little away every payday just for that very reason.

"So you see? We both have our little imperfections if you want to call them that," Alice had stated. "Though to be honest with you Bree, I think I'd rather have your problem than mine. You see... I'm not sure I've even had an orgasm yet. I mean I've, well... you know, touched myself plenty of times. And it sort of feels nice, but that's about all it ever feels like."

They had spent a goodly portion of the evening drinking wine, eating lots and lots of chocolate, having, as neither one of them had really ever had before, their first pajama party, even if it was only the two of them. After the laughter and giggling had died away, is when things had gotten serious, when the conversation had led to Alice's questioning of Bree, why she didn't like Jack's attention towards her, especially as he'd mentioned to his sister that he did in fact like Bree, wondering if she might in fact go out with him some time. If it hadn't been for the wine, and the fact Bree felt more comfortable with Alice than she ever had with anyone, she might not have confessed all to her, let alone allowed Alice to eventually convince her to show her just exactly what it was she was talking about.

"What do you mean it's really big?" she'd asked. "I mean, not that I really know what is or isn't. For all I know, mine's big in comparison to everyone else's. The only thing I do know for sure, is that my tits are two different sizes completely. Obviously that isn't something you've had to deal with the way that I have."

They had laughed, albeit a little uncomfortably, with Alice first showing Bree her lop-sided boobs.

"Ok, I showed you mine, your turn to show me yours!" Alice had challenged.

"Just promise you won't laugh ok?"

"Did you laugh when you saw my breasts?" Alice countered.


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