Guess What Dear, We're Divorced

by Writingdragon

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Desc: Sex Story: A lesson in cutting your losses


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Ralph looked up into her eyes. She was wild with passion, her movements maniacal as she moved in deep practiced strokes up and down the length of his pole. Over and over, she rose up and then slammed down burying him deep inside her wonderfully muscled sheath; her tightness and warmth were amazing. She had a sinister smile as she controlled their pleasure forcing him to just lay back and accept the pounding she was happily administering to him. Ralph was in heaven. It had been nine or ten months since he had gotten anything but a cursory quickie from her.

Her head suddenly flipped backwards, her damp hair moving in a sexy dance of purpose and need, she moaned out, "Oh yesss, baby your doing it! I'm cumming!" Her body flailed wildly from the convulsive spasms deep within her body. She hardly noticed when he pushed upward with all his might burying himself deep inside of his wife expelling the essence of life at the entrance to her womb. Lost in his own wonderful sensations.

Her body spent, Callista dropped onto Ralph and sighed, "My gosh Ralphie that was amazing. I mean that was probably the best you have ever done for me. See, you can be an extremely good lover when you put your mind to it." Her demeaning attitude and callous words were delivered with the same biting tone of an angry dog owner responding to his animal after it finally gets the trick right.

Kissing him on the lips as an adult does a small child; she smiled at him, her expression almost sad, or even melancholy. She sighed and got out of bed heading towards the bathroom. Ralph watched his wife of five years walk away from the bed. Her lithe, sensuous sway of the hips was still very much like he remembered when they first met in his junior year of college.

'No matter what, ' he thinks, 'She has just got to be a bitch about it, damn it! How can someone who looks and pleasures the way she does, have such a piss poor personality?" Shaking his head, he got off the bed as soon as he heard the shower start to flow.

Sitting on the toilet he contemplates her weird mood swings. Just then the shower curtain is pushed aside as Callista looks at him. Jumping, he sheepishly says, "You startled me."

Shaking her head she shrugs as she drops an expended container of disposable douche in the trashcan in front of him. He glances at her with a, "Why are you doing that," confusion painted on his face. She never cleaned herself out after they made love, 'or had sex before, ' he thought; she had always said she liked the feel and smell of him on her and in her afterwards.

Looking at him as if she can read his question and shaking her head letting her hair move around her face in a wild untamed look she sarcastically says, "This is a new day and I want to be fresh and new everywhere."

Shaking his head, a bit bewildered by her last statement, he quickly tries to think about any special occasion he might have forgotten about. Before Ralph can say anything else, she closes the shower curtain and begins to wash her long auburn tresses.

Finishing her shower, they exchange places with a minimum of conversation. He washes himself off, lost in remembering the emotional turmoil of the past 18 months understanding that nothing Callista has done during that time is as it appears.

He remembers coming home early from work almost 18 months ago to find Callista and her personal trainer, a huge muscle bound Norwegian gorilla, in the throes of passion. The big oaf was pumping in and out of her like a piston in a dragster; she was screaming in a way she never did with him. He became physically sick and left the house. Driving around he even thought of killing himself after finding them. After some soul searching, he decided not to take a coward's way out. Instead, he went back home to find out if he still had a marriage.

In his whole life, he had never been in such emotional pain. He thought he had gotten away without being seen. However, when he came home an hour later Callista was crying on the couch, still in the housecoat she had been wearing. She ran over to him and threw her arms around him. Crying, she babbled out, "I had never meant for you to see what happened today. It was the first time. Bjorn has been after me for almost seven months, and I just finally caved in. Please forgive me, it will never happen again." She looked and acted so sincere and apologized for hours and days afterwards.

She changed her health club and Ralph watched as she slapped the freak of nature as she stormed out of the old health club. He realized that her attitude, in spite of her academy award winning performance, was a downward spiral from that point to this day. How can a man love a woman so completely for six years and not understand she is capable of gutting him like a deer?

Within weeks, he knew she had not ended the affair, but now took great trouble to conceal it much better. He tried to act as if he knew nothing, hoping she would change her mind, or come to her senses or something. All his inactivity did was to make her more self assured and arrogant as she reveled in his apparent ignorance of her affair. He struggled over his desire to have his loving wife back, at the same time questioning if she had really ever loved him in the first place. He knew he had enough of the pain to last a lifetime and really didn't want any more.

Callista had even used her younger sister, Stephanie, as a moderator between them for the last fourteen months. Yeah! That was a big help. Stephanie came over to talk and interact with him twice a week, for three or four hours each time. At first, Ralph thought it was to help work things out. But one night Stephanie and he had followed Callista and discovered, she went to Bjorn's house for some personal fitness training.

He made sure he had cleaned himself off thoroughly before exiting the shower wearing a towel. Callista was standing in their bedroom made up to the hilt. She was wearing a sizzling hot little black cocktail dress that showed off her cleavage as well as much more of her toned legs than he wanted anyone but him to see.

"Where did you get that dress?" he gulped.

She twirled and he saw she had on a tiny black thong; the dress would not be able to conceal her bare ass cheeks when she sat down.

"Oh Ralphie, I bought this especially for the occasion, for this very special day," the smile in her voice was almost louder than the smile on her face. The way she moved on the stiletto heals was hypnotic, the upward thrust of the heels showing off her toned muscled legs, leaving him helpless to do anything but watch her as he always had when she dressed this way.

Callista seductively wrapped her arms around his neck as his towel almost fell off. He grabbed the towel with both hands as she removed one of her hands and brushed the new tent pole he's hiding under the towel. Kissing him lightly on the lips then on both cheeks, her hand continues to tease his fully erect manhood. With an evil smile she whispers enticingly, "After five years of marriage, and almost six and half years together, the way you made love to me today was almost enough to make me sad it was the last time you'll ever touch me, but such is life." Twirling suddenly releasing him, her hair flying wildly around her face, she heads out the bedroom door and down stairs.

Surprised, Ralph stood in total confusion at what he has just heard. Then retying his towel, he runs out of the bedroom, "Callista, what the hell did that mean?" Racing down the stairs, his wet feet hit the tile floor at the bottom causing him to slip and fall, feet in the air, bare butt sliding on the cold tile.

Stunned from the fall and shaking his head to clear the cobwebs he looked up, surprised to see his wife in the arms of Bjorn, a man he has hated for almost eighteen months.

Shaking her head in obvious disgust, Callista looked down at Ralph, "You always could find a way to embarrass yourself, and me for that matter." Reaching up she kisses the freak of nature holding her. To this point Bjorn has been sneering at him with the 'Yeah, I've been screwing your wife and I'm going to some more' expression.

Getting up on his knees Ralph covered himself to provide some decency and looks up at his wife with just the barest hint of tears in his eyes, "baby what's going on, you're my wife..."

She breaks from Bjorn's grip, looks at her watch, and smiling says, "Not as of five minutes ago we aren't. I suppose I should say, Guess what dear... We're Divorced." Her arrogant taunting reply sent shivers through his body like nails being drawn down a blackboard.

Bjorn reaches into his jacket and hands her an envelope. She walks over to Ralph with a purposeful, sensuous sway then runs the envelope up and down both sides of his face.

"What are you talking about, baby? We're still married." Ralph asks in total confusion.

"These are the final divorce papers you signed 10 weeks ago," She snorted, "you thought you were signing my company medical insurance forms. You remember, I was giving you a blowjob at the time and swallowed your pitiful little load. You know Ralph, when I swallow Bjorn I lose half of it out the sides of my mouth, he pumps in about a quart." Mocking him, her condescending tone left little doubt to just how detestable he was in her eyes. The little sneer she threw in punctuated her obvious feelings towards him like a gavel sounding in a courtroom.

Ralph looked like he was going to be sick at that revelation.

Grabbing the envelope he opens it and reads... April 21st... 12 noon... irreconcilable differences... pay off $600,000.00 is acceptable.

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