B is for Bastard

by Thesandman

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Desc: Sex Story: Amy faces one of her greatest fears.

Amy crossed the parking lot towards her car. As usual, it was nearly vacant. Though the offer of escort by security was available, Amy had been doing this for the better part of two years, and no one had ever had, or been given reason to really be concerned.

She hated closing late, but the thought of having the next two days off work was a small little bonus for whenever she had to. Working at a quaint leather goods clothing store, she juggled the package she carried under one arm as she crossed the parking lot towards her car, already fishing for her keys inside her purse. She smiled, the leather jacket she had had her eyes on for her husband Dave had been something he'd been wanting for quite some time now. Amy had finally managed to stash away just enough, including her employee discount to get it for him as a surprise.

She grinned once again remembering the last surprise she had gotten for him, though it was an outfit she had purchased for herself. Along with the regular type of leather clothing most stores carried, her store also carried a line of rather provocative, extremely sexy and very revealing leather outfits as well. Wearing the tight fitting vest with criss-crossing leather stitching had barely contained, let alone kept from being revealed, her rather large and ample chest.

Average height, with shoulder length auburn hair, green eyes and a pixyish face, she wasn't considered drop-dead gorgeous, but certainly attractive. Though most men she encountered tended to stare at her breasts long before noticing her face, something she had learned to live with and accept in life though at times it had actually annoyed her.

She had safely reached her car, opening the door when she decided to throw the package into the trunk, taking it inside the house later so that Dave wouldn't see it. Tossing her purse into the passenger seat, she walked back around her car opening the trunk. Amy leaned over setting the package securely inside when she felt a presence behind her. Too late!

"Don't move! Don't turn around or I'll blow your fucking head off!"

She felt the hard press of steel within the small of her back, fear gripping her immediately as she briefly considered her options. In the span of a millisecond, Amy couldn't think of any as suddenly some sort of cloth bag was yanked down over her head. She cried out in surprise, but it wasn't loud enough to elicit any real concern by her assailant.

"I told you, shut the fuck up if you want to see the sunrise again," he warned.

"Please! I have a daughter," she began, hoping that by revealing this tid-bit of information, he might ease up on her, if not actually spare her life if that was something he was even considering.

He didn't reply, as she felt her arms roughly yanked back around herself where he proceeded to tie them together with what appeared and felt like a piece of rope.

"Get in!" he ordered.

For a moment Amy was confused, unsure by what he meant, taking a step back towards the front of the car.

"No you stupid bitch! Get in the fucking trunk!"

"Please!" she whimpered uselessly once again. But it was of no use. She felt herself bodily grabbed, then actually lifted up and into the trunk itself.

"Remember what I told you, one word. One fucking word, and no one will ever find you, let alone recognize you when they do!"

Fear seized her like nothing ever had before. Though unable to see, as the trunk closed the darkness became even more so, and though she wasn't normally claustrophobic, the mere thought of being locked inside her own trunk in such a confined space caused her to panic. She cried out anyway, even though she had been warned against doing so.

"Please, whatever you want, I'll do whatever you want, just don't hurt me!" she pleaded.

But her plea went unheeded as she heard the start up of her car, then movement as her assailant pulled out of the parking lot, and then soon out onto the highway.

There were too many twists and turns for her to have any clue as to where it was they were headed, only when it seemed they were heading up hill did Amy begin to guess where it was they might be. A short time later, she heard as well as felt the crunch of gravel, then dirt beneath the tires as the car left the road. They were headed up into the mountains!

Once again a new wave of fear and panic filled her. She had no doubt in her mind she was going to be raped, she'd already accepted that very real possibility. But now with them traveling into such a remote area, she began to wonder if she really would survive this ordeal at all. Her only real hope was to play along, buy some time perhaps, and then hope for some kind of opportunity to present itself so that she could fight back, or have some sort of chance to escape. Amy felt the car slowing, then stop. She heard the door open, close... footsteps as they approached, then the popping of the trunk as it opened.

"Please, don't hurt me," Amy cried, feeling the tears as they began rolling down her cheeks, stinging her eyes.

"Then do what your told, and you won't be," she heard. The voice not exactly soft, but less threatening, giving her some small measure of hope.

"Whatever you want,"

"Shut the fuck up." Harsh again. Perhaps she had pressed it too much. To her surprise, Amy felt a wave of anger, desperation overtaking her, replacing the fear and panic, which had seized her earlier.

"Bastard!" she spat, surprising herself as well as her abductor. He laughed. He actually laughed at her sudden courage.

"That's better. I hate whinny weak women. Get tough bitch, show me you got some fucking pride beneath that girly exterior. Prove to me your worth letting go after this is over. Otherwise, I'll just fucking leave you here for the coyotes to eat after I'm done with you."

He was strong. She knew that by the firmness of his grasp, and the way he so easily lifted her from the trunk, replacing her to stand back upon the ground.

"Walk!" he commanded, pushing her in the small of her back causing her to trip. She couldn't run, she knew that, not with her hands tied as they were, nor with her head covered, unable to see where she was, or where she was going. She could only rely on him for direction, and hope.

A moment later she felt his powerful hand seizing her arm, yanking her sideways, once again nearly causing her to fall.

"This way," he told her, sounding angry once again, irritated. He'd liked it earlier when she had gotten forceful with him. Maybe doing so once again would cause him to lighten up a little.

"Mother Fucker!" she spat at him, "I don't know who the hell you think you are, or what you're doing, but I won't go easy," she declared. "I'll cooperate, but only as long as you treat me with some kind of respect."

He laughed, harshly and long, but once again he laughed. "Good for you cunt, I like a woman with some balls, though I admit, I do prefer a nice set of tits on a woman. And I can see that you do. I'm looking forward to sucking on them!" he told her.

Amy felt herself backed into what felt like a tree. She felt her hands being untied and thought briefly that this might be her one and only chance to run if given any kind of opportunity. If she was quick enough, perhaps she could yank the covering from off her head, give her a chance to run, escape. But Amy realized just as quickly that plan was too flawed, in the time it would take for her eyes to adjust, he would have her again. No, she'd have to be patient, patient, wait and continue to hope... and pray.

Her arms once again were secured behind her, the bindings tightly wrapped about the tree she was leaning against, pinning her there.

"Ah yes, much better!" she heard him say with a great deal of eagerness and satisfaction in his tone of voice.

"Would you at least lift this hood away from my mouth and nose?" Amy ventured. "It's hard to breathe with this thing on," she explained. She was hoping he would remove it entirely, but realized that if he did, it might very well lessen any real chance at survival in doing so.

He was silent, though she heard, then felt his approach. A second later she heard a ripping of material, felt the coolness of the night air suddenly blanketing her bra-covered breasts as he tore her blouse open. The press of bare steel against her flesh, then her bra too was cut, falling away from her breasts. She shivered, wondering, but feared not that he would use the knife on her to gut her, not yet anyway. Almost grateful as he began slicing away her blouse, cutting it from her as though skinning a deer hanging from a tree, which is almost what she felt like.

He stepped away briefly, and Amy heard the tear of material once again. Walking around behind her, he heard his cautionary demand.

"Close your fucking eyes and don't open them if you know what's good for you."

She did, keeping them tightly shut as she felt the hood that had been covering her head lifted away, quickly replaced by a blindfold, far more comfortable, but just as functional as had been the hood as once again darkness filled her eyes even as she opened them.

She knew she now stood before him half naked. He'd cut away both blouse and bra, her skirt at least, she hoped he'd simply remove. She almost laughed at the thought of hitchhiking down the road with her boobs hanging out, but better that than to at least not still have a skirt to wear, if in fact, she was still alive in the morning.

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