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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Humor, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Lori wanted a job but her huge breasts kept getting in the way. Until she interviewed with John, that is. His interview technique was unique and they both wound up enjoying the benefits.

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"What are you staring at?" she asked calmly, knowing full well what he was staring at.

Startled, he tore his eyes away and looked toward her face. He could feel his eyes being pulled inexorably downward again and fought the urge with every ounce of willpower he could find, but it was not enough.

When she had entered his office for her interview, he thought he heard some soft talking and a giggle from outside the door. He had an important contract to finish up before the interview; so as she entered the office, he kept his head down concentrating on his work.

She sat down in the chair opposite his desk and waited patiently, as was appropriate. As she waited she looked around Mr. Toland's office. Neat, but not conspicuously clean; a well-used but orderly office. It was pleasantly but not ostentatiously decorated. There were pictures of sail boats and German Shepards, so she guessed he liked sailing and dogs, but that was not a given. There were a couple of diplomas and some interesting chatchkys, highly polished eggs made of pretty stone or glass, and items that looked like brain-teasers. She liked what she saw. It spoke well for the man who sat behind the desk.

The young woman also noted that there were no family type pictures and no ring on his finger. Not that she was interested in anything but a job. He was too old for her anyway.

John Toland finally sighed and said, "BREN-daaa..." The first part of his Administrative Assistant's name was spoken loudly to get his secretary's attention; the second syllable trailed off precipitously as he finally took note of the breasts, and the woman, sitting patiently on the other side of the desk.

Brenda entered his office with a large smile on her plain but friendly face as she said, "You done with that report, boss?"

John tore his eyes from the breasts - no woman damnit - and looked at Brenda's much smaller but by no means small, breasts and then her face. 'What the hell is the matter with me?' he thought. 'It's not as if I haven't seen boobs before? Brenda has given me lots of looks at hers, covered and partially covered, and they are quite nice. But, shit-a-God-damn! Look at those things!'

He lifted the report that he had been working on and found himself unwittingly staring at the interviewee's breasts again. It was as if they were magnetic and his eyes were made of iron.

Brenda stifled a laugh as she took the pages from the distracted man and left the room.

John forced himself to look down at his desk and search for the interviewee's resume. It was the strangest thing, he had known her name a moment ago and now he could not remember it. 'What the hell is the matter with me. So what if they are the largest fucking tits I have ever seen. She could titty fuck a god-damn Mastodon with those things.'

Lori McAtlis sat primly with her back ramrod straight; forcing herself to smile at the man she wished would hire her. She had dressed professionally for the interview in a white on white silk blouse with a light cotton blazer and a skirt that was not too short. She had even borrowed her mother's pearl necklace and earrings. She thought she looked very professional.

High school graduation had been five months earlier. She thought it would be easy to get a job as a secretary or a receptionist, but everywhere she went it was the same thing. They liked her resume, short as it was. She had gotten very good grades and done a lot of community service and intern work with good reviews. She had had jobs babysitting and organizing charity events. Of course, she did not put the disaster at Dunkin' Donuts on her resume.

It had not been her fault the two guys had gotten in a fight, nearly killed each other and been taken to the hospital. The next day the manager asked her to resign but never explained why; he did not have to, she knew.

She had heard from a friend that worked here that John Toland was a good man and a good boss. He would understand and help her out. She kept smiling as she took a deep breath, which enhanced the obvious even more, if that were possible. She sighed and lowered her eyes in sadness as she saw where he was continuing to stare.

John just kept staring her tits and thought about what to say. It seemed like an eternity to both of them, but was only about three minutes.

While he was sitting there, he could hear Brenda talking to a few people, but could not make out what they were saying. Every so often someone would laugh a little - a nice laugh, nothing mean.

"What are you staring at?" she asked calmly, knowing full well what he was staring at.

Without looking up from her massive chest, he said, "Have you thought about breast reduction surgery?"

Lori had never had any interviewer even mention her breasts before, much less ask such a personal question. "Excuse me?"

"Well, I mean they must hurt your back."


"Oh, come on, Lori. I bowl ten pin. Those babies must weigh twenty pounds each." He paused and, still looking at the humongous hooters, he said, "How many interviews have you been on since graduating?"

Lori responded slowly, "A dozen. No, actually more than that. I'd say closer to 15."

He waved his hand. The exact number was not necessary. "Right. And no one gave you a job, right?"

"Correct. You are very perceptive, Mr. Toland," she said with a little sarcasm.

He ignored the sarcasm as understandable. "John."

"John," Lori repeated and looked at his eyes, even if he was not looking at hers. They were a warm, luminous brown, and she liked them. Lori examined the man as he continued to stare at her ginormous mounds. He was a good looking man, just shy of six feet, maybe 180 lbs, with a lot of muscle. Straight brown hair parted on the side. He had a rugged, weathered face, probably from sailing. She guessed his age at around 30, maybe a little older. She knew he owned this manufacturing business and had heard from her father that he ran it well.

"It is a little difficult to ignore the 800 pound gorilla," John said out of the blue.

Lori felt ridiculous and a little offended. Was he calling her a gorilla? She repeated, a little put out, "Excuse me?"

"It is an expression, Lori. No one could ignore an 800 pound gorilla standing next to them. Could they?"

"No. I guess not."

"So let's talk about your tit-, er, breasts. How big are they?"

"You're kidding!"

"No, I'm not."

Lori shrugged, "I don't know, Sir. I go to a specialty store and they make bras especially for me."

"Well, I am not an expert, but your chest must be almost four feet around and I can only imagine the cup size. Double G? And that is on a frame that is average at best. You can't be more than 5' 7 and what, 130?"

Lori was getting embarrassed and annoyed. No one had ever talked so outrageously about her breasts. "I really couldn't say, Sir." She got up to leave.

"Lori! Sit Down!" John ordered her.

She turned to look at him and he was actually looking into her eyes for the first time.

"Yes, Sir." She sat once again in the chair she had just vacated, but on the edge, as if ready to leave at the least provocation. If he had not been looking at her face, she would have left.

John examined the girl as she sat. Good looking, attractive even. Her long, straight, very light blonde hair came down well below her shoulders. High cheek bones; a cute little hook to the nose; deep set, intelligent, blue eyes that seemed to bore into yours; and a sensuous, full-lipped mouth with nice, straight white teeth. He looked at the legs extending out from beneath her pleated skirt that came down to just above her shapely knees and calves. She wore demure two inch heels. Overall, she was quite pretty, except for the overwhelming sight of her hugantic mammaries.

"Do you want a job?"

"Very much, Mr. Toland."

"Fine. You can start as our receptionist working for Brenda, whom you've met. We fired our last receptionist last week, so you can start as soon as you would like."

She jumped up and said "Wow! Really? I mean after all the talking about my tits, I never thought I would get the job. I mean-" she stopped talking, seeing John's hand in the air, palm forward like a traffic cop.

He could not believe it when he saw her tits bouncing around. He was also quite amazed that he did not have a hard-on. He said, "I still want to talk about your tits. If you want the job, it is part of the job description. You have to talk to me openly and honestly about your boobs." He smiled at the last descriptive noun.

She smiled back, sat back down, and said, "I don't understand. Why?"

He sat and stared at them some more. Then he replied, "Because I think that you have a... ," he paused for emphasis, "BIG problem... or two."

"No, I don't, Sir."

"Yes, I am afraid you do."

"No, I don't. Everyone else does."

He smiled and said, "I see your point," meaning the topic, not her nipples.

"And I see yours, Sir," meaning the topic, not his penis.

"Doesn't your back hurt?"

"Sometimes, but not often. I know how to stand properly." She stood to show him how and walked around the office. In order to hold them up she had to arch her back, which had the unfortunate ramification of making them seem even larger than they were, if that were possible.

"Huh. I see." Now the erection began to pop up as she strutted her tits around his office. He leaned forward to try to hide it.

She continued, "I know they are big, Sir. Well, ok, excessively large. But I cannot afford surgery and I am really afraid of doing something so drastic. I have lived with them for nine years. I am used to them. It is everyone else that has a problem. Why can't they see past them, Sir?"

He thought, 'It's a little hard to see past a mountain range!'

He looked at his watch. "It is a very good question, Lori. Would you like to go to lunch and we can discuss your tits some more," he said, smiling. It was lunch time and he was hungry, in more ways than one.

He rationalized, 'It's not a crime to have lunch with an employee. Anyway, nothing had been signed yet, so she wasn't really his employee yet.'

She looked at him, trying to figure out if he was coming on to her. 'What's the harm?' she thought. She shrugged, "OK, Sir."

In addition to her tits, good looks and great personality, this "Sir" thing, was really turning him on. He adjusted himself as best he could, turning to the side as he got up to try not to expose his large hard-on stretching down one leg. Luckily he was wearing loose-fitting pants.

However, Lori did not miss the pole in Mr. Toland's pant leg. She had seen many such protrusions before and tried to just shrug it off. However, she had to agree that, at least in this regard, he did have a good point; it seemed to be quite large. Maybe he had his own version of her problem, just a little lower.

As he escorted her to the elevator, he could not help but notice her figure from behind. She was a head-turner even without the two watermelons on her chest. Her ass was full and round, and her waist was smallish. From the way her hips twitched and glutes clenched, he thought she probably worked out.

Lori walked ahead and was now sure that he was checking out her behind. She was surprised, but not unhappy. Most guys were terrified of her breasts. They loved to stare at them and even feel them up, but none of them were interested in a meaningful relationship with a woman who would have to use a crane to get out of bed. That, of course, was not true. She just had to turn on her side and push herself up. It was a good feeling to have someone checking out the rest of her package.

John was not the first person to suggest breast reduction surgery. Her doctors had also mentioned it a few times. She was terrified of what might happen. She had read about botched breast surgeries. No way. Not her. They might be a tad on the large side, but they drew attention and felt good. Until it was necessary, she felt they could just hang around a little while longer.

John opened the passenger door to his little Honda 2000. After she got in and sat down, she found her breasts uncomfortably close to the dash board and tried to reach down to adjust her seat. Her breasts got in the way, so she re-opened her door as John opened his. He bent down to see what the problem was. She got out and bent down to adjust the seat. It was at that moment that the Fates decided to step in and take matters into their own hands. Her bra broke at the juncture between her breasts; her huge tits fell into her blouse, which did not have a snowball's chance in hell of containing them; and four buttons gave way in an instant. Her breasts exploded from the torn silk blouse.

The two of them just stood there, bent over, staring at her size 48G tits swinging in the afternoon sunshine. She pulled her blazer together and looked at Mr. Toland looking at her deliciously rounded cleavage.

John had never seen breasts, in the flesh or not, that were so humongous. Her areolas were each the size of Rhode Island (ok, a large naval orange) and the nipples were standing out about an inch. He was salivating and swallowed hard so he could talk.

"Get in, Lori."

He got in the car and patted the seat. "Come on. I won't bite." 'Unless you want me to, ' he thought. "Where can we get you another bra?"

Lori stood up and tried to decide what to do. It would be very awkward to take the subway home looking like this. That thought pretty much decided it. She sat down in the seat, still attempting to cover her breasts; but it was a losing battle. She was sure everyone could see the huge valley between her breasts from top and bottom. She was trying to figure out what to do when Mr. Toland said something that astounded her.

"Your breasts are beautiful. Can I feel them? Suck on them? Are they sensitive? Do you like it when men play with them?" He could not believe that he was saying all this to the young woman. Was she even eighteen? She had to be, didn't she? "Are you eighteen?"

"I am almost nineteen, Mr. Toland."

"Good. Call me John, please," he reiterated as they drove out of the parking lot.

"John, my dad is not much older than you are. And I really need this job. I really don't think it would be a good idea for us to get involved."

Smiling, he said, "OK. No involvement, just hot sex. What do you say? Not to blow my own horn, not that I could, but I have been told I am pretty good in the sack."

"Sir. You just offered me a job and now you are propositioning me. Don't you think that is a little unethical?"

"Hey, I offered the job without strings. And touch-and-feely or not, you still have it. Did I ever say anything otherwise? You start Monday morning. 7:45AM sharp. Doors open at eight. Brenda will show you what you have to do. It is not much and does not pay much, but a lot of our Admin Assistants started at the same desk. Brenda did. Talk to her."

"What is the salary?"

"Pushy big-tittied broad aren't you?" he laughed.

"Hey! 'Huge tittied', if you don't mind!" She laughed as well. She could not believe how they were talking to each other. She had never talked to anyone like this.

"I pay $8.50 per hour to start, no benefits. After one month, if Brenda gives you the thumbs up, we'll bring you on full-time at $9.00/hr. After three months you get a performance review. Your raise is directly related to the review. If you are rated outstanding," he quickly eyed her breasts popping out all over and brought his hand to his mouth in a Groucho Marx imitation, "and you are outstanding, you will get a raise to $10.50. Another review after another six months, and we will see about putting you into an Admin Assistant position where you can be at $12.50 or more. How does that sound?"

"Sounds good! But what about the benefits?"

"Well the bene's vary."

"Vary? How do they vary?"

They had reached a little Italian restaurant that John liked and he parked the little car. He turned to her and said, "We'll talk about the benefits during lunch, ok? Here we are. How are you going to eat your lasagna holding your blazer together?" He asked as he leered at her, raising and lowering one eyebrow.

"You are so bad! I guess I won't be able to..."

"You have to... I don't think I can eat staring at your big tits on display. All the blood in my body would be in my dick. It would be a little awkward to eat when the table had two legs on the floor on your side, and was balanced on the end of my dick on my side."

Lori laughed; she could not help herself. She felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Never in her life had she been able to talk to anyone so freely, with such carefree abandon, about her breasts. The 'pair' had never, ever been a laughing matter. The other girls had always hated her and made fun of her. She had no girlfriends. All the guys wanted to do was see and feel her tits. They did not care about her as a person at all. She got the distinct impression that John was appreciating more than just the two huge appendages on her chest. True, John made no bones, well one bone, about wanting to play with them, but it was different somehow. She liked talking to him about them.

While she had been laughing, her tits had jumped the fence. They were sticking out all over again. She dropped her hands in disgust and watched as her magnificent twins emerged from hiding. "They are impossible, you know. I know what I'll do." She took off her blazer, totally exposing her breasts for him to see. In the process, she had leaned somewhat in his direction, sticking her tits perilously close to his hands. In addition, she had inadvertently exposed them to two men walking by the car as well. One tripped and fell into the other. They both fell in pile to the sidewalk with a couple of thuds and grunts.

"Ooops," she said seeing the two men on the pavement. "Here hold this," she said handing the blazer to John. He took it slowly still mesmerized by the sight of the massive soft globes so near. It felt like they were black holes and he was being drawn into them. He threw the blazer behind her seat and leaned in to lift and kiss a nipple.

"Sir! What? Oh shit." Her hands went to his head to push it away, but the kiss and his slippery tongue on her sensitive nipple felt too good. She couldn't stop him. Her eyes closed, enjoying the overwhelmingly erotic sensations. Her breasts were primary erogenous zones.

Both of his hands came up and started to caress her left breast. His tongue tickled the end of her nipple as he sucked gently. He squeezed her big tit and she moaned. She could feel her pussy immediately getting very wet. Neither of them were paying any attention to the two men, who had gotten up and brushed themselves off. They looked into the open window again and stared at the man's face stuck to the end of the huge breast. It seemed like the young woman's breast was bigger than the man's head, but he did not seem to mind at all.

Neither did the two men. They stood there, bent over, enjoying the show. One of them reached in and squeezed the unmanned tit, taking a swipe at the exposed stiff nipple with his thumb making Lori moan some more. The fact that she had three hands on her did not register for a few moments.

John wanted more, but this was not the time or the place. She moaned again as he gave her nipple a little nip. He started to pull his head away, but she grabbed him by the ears and pulled him back. "Please don't stop. God, don't stop."

That was when it hit her that there were too many hands. She opened her eyes and fought the desire to let both men have their way with her breasts; it felt so good. But finally, she slapped at the other man's hand and pressed the button to raise the window. He quickly pulled his arm back saying, "Damn, she has great boobs!"

Not being one to let a lady down, John continued sucking for a few more minutes, while she continued to moan. When she seemed ready, he reached up and pinched her other nipple hard and bit lightly into the one in his mouth. That did it.

"Hm Hmm Hunh oh GODDD!" She came hard and fast when he bit down. No one had ever done that to her. Her whole body spasmed; electricity sparked from her tits to her pussy, which caused a flood in her panties.

When the orgasm had passed and she opened her eyes, she saw the two men that were watching her. She yelled at them, "Show's over! Beat it, perverts!" They smiled, tilted their non-existent hats to her, and left.

"Oh my God, Sir. You have to take me somewhere to get cleaned up. I can't go into the restaurant like this."

"Sure you can," he said reaching around her big tits, brushing them, making her groan. They were even more sensitive then usual. He grasped the far side of her blouse, and then he grabbed the closer side. He pulled them together in front and pulled the cloth this way and that until her breasts were covered... sort of and tied a knot beneath the monsters. There was an enormous amount of cleavage showing, but it looked good to him. It was a kind of a Pam Anderson look, only with much bigger tits.

"Thank you for the effort, Sir, but I still cannot go in," she said meekly.

"Why not?"

She mumbled something unintelligible.

"Speak up, baby. I couldn't hear you."

"I wet myself."

"You're kidding."

She looked at him, defying him to make fun of her.

"I'm sorry. Just a second."

He opened the storage compartment between their bucket seats and pulled out a few napkins. "Will these help?" He handed them to her.

"I guess." Lori started to lift her skirt, but stopped. "John! Look the other way!" she said, exasperated, but in a fun way.

"OK," he said and looked away for a second. He heard clothing shifting and looked back; he could not resist. What he saw almost made him come in his pants; his dick was jerking on its own within the tight constraints of his pants. She had stockings and a garter belt on - no pantyhose!

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