Addicted to Rape

by JAX

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Desc: Sex Story: Is it rape if a girl puts herself in the situation when she going to be in trouble. Walk those dark streets in the bad side of town. I suspect if isn't for the courts would say 'she was asking for it'. Well perhaps I was.

Is it rape if a girl puts herself in the situation when she going to be in trouble. Walk those dark streets in the bad side of town. I suspect it isn't for the courts would say 'she was asking for it'. Well perhaps I was.

I was twelve and for the first time I had some shape, not much and I was well behind most of my class but when you've been so scrawny anything was welcome. My days and nights were filled with thoughts of boys and sex, pretty normal for a young girl whose body was surging with hormones. It was only shortly after that I experience my first taste of sex that may have shaped out my future.

"Grab 'er," some boy shouted and I was grabbed from behind.

I had been walking home across the fields and I had spied a group of guys and as they got closer I recognised them from my own school. They were much older and therefore way out of my league, it didn't stop me looking and fantasising though. I felt hard hands on my shoulders and I was pushed up against a large tree.

"I know 'er," said one of them, "she in our school, first or perhaps second year."

I couldn't utter a single sound for I was paralysed with fear. My heart was beating so rapidly in my chest that I could hear its echo in my ears.

"Got some tits on her," said another.

He had pulled apart my school blazer to inspect my small bust.

"Yeah," commented a third. "Hardly a good handful though."

"I don't know guys," said the fourth.

His hand moved over me, squeezing and cupping.

"Small but nice and firm," he said with a chuckle.

I stood they unable to move as they made their intimate inspection.

"Let's get them out then," said one.

"No please," I croaked, finding my voice at last.

They didn't react at all to my pleas but just started to undress me. My blouse buttons were undone and my bra pulled up to expose my naked breasts to them.

"See," said one. "Small but nice."

One by one they hands explored my flesh, squeezing and pinching, it all felt so nice being the centre of their world if only for a moment.

"Fuck me I'm hard," said one. "Lets get her knicks off."

From having the rough tree trunk at my back I was manhandled until I was laying down on the lush grass. Someone reached under my school skirt and roughly pulled my white knickers down.

"No don't," I shouted and making a grab for my knickers.

They took no notice of my outburst just pulled my slim legs open wide.

"Who's going first?" asked one.

"Me," said another, "you lot had first crack last time."

"Yeah that's true," they all nodded.

"Hold 'er," said my first ever lover or rapist.

My arms and legs were held tight as he got down between my knees and unzipped himself; I closed my eyes and just lay there. After a bit of fumbling he found the right place.

"Ahh," I screamed as the pain shot through my body.

"Fucking bitch was a virgin," commented the one holding my right arm.

"Not any fucking longer," laughed the one holding my left.

The pain lessened as his spunk splashed deep inside me. Then one by one they pushed their hard cocks into me and they are spunked too. When they had finished with me they left me lying under that big tree, my breast bare and my legs wide open. I don't know how long I lay there but I was very late by the time I got home.

I never even considered complaining to the police or even to my parents, I just thought it was just something guys did to girls like me. Although the whole experience was painful and humiliating it was that image that came to me while I worked my own fingers between my legs. Again and again my body shook in orgasm while in my mind those four guys used and abused my body. Each night on the way home from school I would wait by that big tree just to see if they would turn up again; they never did.

By fifteen my body had finished growing, I was never going to be big and buxom but I had filled out nicely enough to guys to look at me. I had been on a few dates but it all seemed so tame even when his hands explored my body.

Then it happened again. I was going home after watching our school football game, what girl could resist looking at twenty two hunky guys in shorts running around after a football.

"Hi," said a voice.

I turned and in the near darkness I could see two manly shapes.

"Don't you know it dangerous to walk alone at night," said one with a chuckle. "There are all sorts of perverts out looking for fresh meat like you."

I stood my ground but kept quiet as they advance on me. There was just enough light coming from an adjacent street light for me to see them and them me.

"Pretty little thing," commented one.

"Young too," said the other.

"Oh we like that don't we mate," said the first.

They boxed me in now and my heart was beating wildly.

"Our car over there girlie," said one taking my arm.

"No please," I begged, finding my voice at last.

The other took my other arm and together they pulled me off into the darkness. One opened the car door for me and pushed me inside.

"Ok mate just park up over there," said the guy in the back with me.

The car started and drove just a few hundred yards but out of sight behind some buildings, garages I think.

"Lets see what we have," said the guy next to me.

His hands started undoing my clothes while his mate fiddled with the interior light.

"Nice tits," he commented from the front seat as my bra came off.

I was naked very quickly and my legs roughly pulled apart.

"My God, will you look at this, her cunts wet already," he laughed as he unzipped and pushed into me.

I moved my hips against him.

"Look at her go," came the comment from the front seat.

"Fucking juicy piece of meat," said my rapist lover.

His hands were very rough on my breasts bringing pain and pleasure to my body.

"Come on mate," said his friend impatiently.

"Yeah, yeah," he panted.

His pounded into me harder and faster now then his body jerked and I felt him flood me. I felt the cold air as the car door opened and a new body covered mine. I waited while he got his cock out then he pushed forward and I felt it enter me. Their total disregard for my feeling only heightened my lust and my body was repeatedly sweep with orgasm after orgasm. They watched as I redressed myself then they dropped me off just around the corner from my house.

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