Big And Bigger

by Stormbringer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Slut Wife, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Black men take their boss's wife.


Copyright┬ę 2005 by Stormbringer

How Horse Met Dunnell
The Prequel to "Dr Bitch"

The trailor rocked from the powerful fucking going on inside.

"I can't get enough of that big dick," growled Shoshona. "Fuck me D." The sexy black woman wrapped her legs tightly around Big D's waist.

"Your wish is my command." Dunnell Jackson flipped up one of Shoshona's bra cups and arched his back to suck one nipple between his lips. Her dark brown nipple was swollen and pointy. He grasped it with his lips and teased the tip with his tongue.

Shoshona dug her nails into Big D's back and she sat up as a big orgasm turned into a loud scream of pleasure. "Oh gawd D. Oh god. Oh yeah. Oh shit. Fuck NO!." Her claws moved to his chest and she pushed him back."

"What the fuck, Bitch?" Dunnell looked into her face and saw her looking over his shoulder. He turned to look out the window. Their boss's pickup was riding down the long dirt road trailing a cloud of dust. "Shit!"

"Fuck." Shoshona jumped off her desk and started straightening her clothes. She then turned her attention to straightening her desk up.

Dunnell looked down at his cock. It was swollen it's full ten inches and as hard as a rock. "Fucking ain't right." He needed to bust a nut bad, but he needed his job even more. He quickly dressed, noticing he'd dripped precum over a blueprint on the floor. He was wiping it off when the boss came in.

"Damn it Jackson! Get your lazy black ass back on the job site." Alan shook his head at the quality of help available through temp agencies these days. Alan was a good looking white man in his late thirties. He had sandy blonde hair and a fit body.

"Sure thing, boss," said Dunnell. He winked at Shoshona and headed for the exit. He wasn't paying attention and bumped into what felt like a solid brick wall. The six foot black man found himself bouncing off the torso of a massive black giant nearly half a foot taller then he was.

"Watch where you is going."

Dunnell was black himself, but he would have crossed the street if he had see this black man walking towards him. The man was dark black and looked like his flat nose had been broken once. He was a big ugly brute built like a heavyweight boxer.

Dunnell was back on the construction site and hammering at a truss when Alan showed up with the black monster in tow. "Listen up," shouted Alan. "This is Horse. I need all of you to show him the ropes. Dunnell show him around."

Horse walked up to Dunnell. The black giant's fists were clenched and his muscles were tense. Dunnell got the impression he was always like this. "What's your real name?"

"Just Horse."

"Just Horse. Is that Native American?" Nothing! The big ogre didn't even crack a smile. "Come on you can help me carry some of these studs." The two black men worked together for several hours. Horse caught on pretty quickly and was good with his hands. They were silent for the most part, speaking only when necessary.

The workers gathered together to eat during their lunch break. "Hey Big D, you get any in there?" asked a Latino worker.

"I was tappin that ass just fine till the damn boss showed up with the big guy here."

"Why they call you Big D?" asked Horse.

One of the men interupted. "Cause he's got the biggest dick in the county. Fuck it, in the whole country."

"Fuck that shit." Horse's face finally showed an expression and it was a smirk. "I bet mine's bigger."

"No way is any one bigger then Dunnell," said the latino.

"I bet I am. Why do you wimps think they call me Horse?"

"Bet, bet, bet," one of the men started chanting and the others chimed in.

Dunnell Jackson was the defacto leader of the group even over the white crew leader and it was all because they had seen his cock in the shower once. "I'll take that bet," said Dunnell a little uneasily.

"I aint showen these homos my cock for nothing."

No man black or white or of any race had ever come within three inches of Dunnell Jackson's cock in length. The thought helped reassure him. "You willing to put up a paycheck?"

"Yeah. But if I win, the black bitch in the office."

"Shoshona. What about her?"

"I wants to fuck her."

Dunnell didn't know it, but that wouldn't be the last time he heard Horse utter those words. He would here them often over the course of many years. "It's a bet. Whip it out."

"You first."

Dunnell took out his cock. It started hardening after a couple jerks. It amused him how his coworkers reacted to it. Some stared in awe. Others pretended they weren't interested, but took hidden glances at it. Soft it was seven inches, but it quickly hardened to it's full ten inches in length. Dunnell's skin was an even brown and his cock matched his skin except that the head was lighter.

"Damn, bro. You should be in porn with that monster," said the white foreman.

Horse undid his pants. He reached in and pulled out his thick slab of meat. At first, it didn't look that impressive in Horse's hand. The black giant's hand was so big, his penis looked sized to match it. It's true size was revealed when he released it. The cock fell like a chopped redwood tree angled slightly downward.

"Holy crap!" The foreman stared openly at the monster. All the men were now staring at it. "It looks thicker then yours D, but the length is about the same. I think Horse wins, but it's close."

"It aint close." Horse snorted. "Mine ain't even hard."

"No fucking way!"

Horse's cock grew and grew. Dunnell couldn't concentrate on his own erection and his cock shrank to dangle between his legs. Horse's cock was as dark black as his skin. He was uncircumsized. Horse pulled his foreskin back revealing a swollen cockhead as dark or darker then his skin. The head suddenly spit out some cum. The onlookers stepped back. The fluid was as much as a normal man's ejaculate, but with Horse, it was only precum. It shot more precum out of what was now a thirteen inch shaft. It would take a lot of lubrication to coat the thick monster.

"What are you loafers gawking at," yelled Alan. "Get back to work lunch time is over." Dunnell had just stuffed his dick back in his pants when Alan came up to him. "Jackson, I need me some cheap labor and I just volunteered you and the new guy."

"What's that boss?"

"The wife wants a new deck and hottub built. You and Horse can work at my house on weekends. I'll give you Fridays off until it's done."

"But boss, Sunday is the lord's day," complained Dunnell. To him it was the day he prayed to the lord to make his hangover go away.

"You need money don't you?"

"Yeah boss." Dunnell got the impression Alan was more threatening to fire him then offering him more money. He was broke and the boss had him by the balls. "I'll be there."

Near quiting time, Alan left the job site for the day. No sooner had the pickup turned off the dirt road, then Dunnell was in the trailor with Shoshona. Minutes later his cock was buried in her pussy. "Oh gawd D, I love that big cock," she groaned. "Make me cum, baby." Shoshona was a first class slut and already pregnant with Dunnell's baby.

Dunnell was the first man to bring Shoshona to multiple orgasms. His big dick reached places unknown and she'd never be satisfied by a smaller man. Her biggest orgasms were always when he came in her pussy and this time was no exception. "Oh yes," she cried with joy as her womb flooded with sperm. She'd never make him wear a rubber even if it meant getting pregnant over and over again.

Shoshona nearly blacked out from the intensity of her orgasm. As she recovered, she became aware of a slight pain in her pussy. She was stretching out near to ripping. The feeling was pushing deeper. The young secretary opened her eyes. She trembled in fear at the brutish face lustfully staring down a her. "Oh my!" An intense feeling rippled through her body. Shoshona noticed D standing beside Horse staring intently at her crotch. "Asshole," she told him realizing he had set this up. "Oh god!" The feelings coming out of her pussy were hard to describe. Her quim was convulsing with a strange mix of pleasure and pain. "Aaaargh!" Shoshona's eyes flew wide open as Horse's huge bulbous cockhead pushed well past her cervix.

"Damn," growled Horse in a booming voice. "This is one hot pussy. I'm gonna fuck you good, bitch."

"Do it. Fuck me with that monster dick." Shoshona was staring at Horse with a worshipful look on her face.

Dunnell was astonished watching his favortie piece of trim submit completely to Horse's enormous cock. Her lithe legs wrapped around the black giant's hips and Horse started thrusting. Shoshona howled as climax after climax overwhelmed her. Big D watched this amazing porn show until he was distracted by the phone ringing. "Yeah," he answered.

"This is Shoshona's husband, Ray. Is my wife still there?"

"Yeah, she had to work late, but she aint here. She's at the jobsite. I'll get her to call you. Congratulations by the way. I hear you're going to be a father." Ray sounded thrilled as he thanked Big D before he hung up the phone. He watched Horse fuck Shoshona for nearly an hour. When the black man came, he bellowed like a bull. Cum squirted out from their joined crotches turning into a flood as Horse pulled out. Dunnell was amazed at the size of the swollen monster now covered in sperm. Small jets of semen were still shooting out from the head.

Horse waited for his cock to stop shooting. The head shrinking slightly as the foreskin rose up to envelope it. "Fucking good pussy. Your dick really loosened her up for me."

"See him? He's the Silver Surfer."

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