Reward and Punishment

by speedie

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Cuckold, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tam, a white wife is used by her black parole officer lover to reward prissoners who co-operate and as a play toy in a sex orgy for a number of street gang members who are new parolies. She has benn off birth control and the danger of pregnancy is very possible.

My wife, Tam, has been going out on Friday nights with her boyfriend Terrell, a probation officer, for four months now. She regularly fucks four different black men, usually each of them once a week. One guy, a security guard where she works, gets to be sucked off and have an additional fuck during the week. The one she enjoys best is Terrell because he pushes her to the edge of her comfort zone and will spank her if she is not enthused when they are out.

She is 38, 5 foot, 4 inches tall, 125 pounds and her tits fill a C-cup. She has auburn hair that is shoulder length. Her pussy is shaved as smooth as a baby's butt. Her ass is nicely rounded and she claims if it was just a little smaller, she would be five pounds lighter. As it is I like her ass just the way it is. She has been shopping in the girls department in the store for her clothes such as hip hugging flip skirts and in petites for swim suits. We have been expanding our love life for about six months to include other partners. She found she is really turned on to be fucked by large black men.

On Fridays, she comes home and changes from her work clothes to her fuck me clothes. Terrell usually tells her what to wear before she goes to meet him. Up till tonight she always went alone and when she came home with her pussy swollen full of slick cum, we would fuck while she told me who and what they had done. This time though, he wanted to take her out of town for the weekend upstate to the city where the state prison is. He asked her if I would like to come along just in case things got out of hand with too many men. Since I had never been along on one of their fuck junkets I eagerly agreed. I couldn't imagine why he could be concerned about too many men since he and I both had seen her fuck eight to ten men on occasion. She was scared, excited, afraid, and horny all at the same time.

She bathed and dressed in a black garter belt, black stockings, black shelf bra, mid- length A line black skirt, cream colored silk blouse with no sleeves, and five inch open heels. The blouse was solid colored but the black bra made a shadow underneath. The skirt had a six inch slit on the side. As she moved around she bent over several times and the top of her stocking with one garter strap was exposed along with her bra and upper tits. She packed an overnight bag with a thong swim suit, more lingerie, a short sun dress, make up and pussy lube. It is an incredible high to watch your wife get dressed to go and get her brains fucked out. Just to know that before too many hours have passed, a stiff dick is going to flood that lovely pussy.

Terrell picked us up in his state car. She sat in the front seat with him and he complimented her, "you look fucking sexy, bitch". He explained that Tam was to act in an official capacity as an advisor and I was a citizen along on a fact finding trip for the city. He had already cleared it with his boss so there was not going to be a problem. Tam was on the Chief of Police's citizen advisory committee. As soon as we got on the interstate he pulled her skirt up to her waist and unbuttoned her blouse. He was pinching her nipples as she slid her finger in her pussy. After two trucks blowing their horns and getting her aroused, he made her stop fingering herself and sit exposed but not satisfied.

I asked, "Terrell, are we staying up at the prison or are we staying at a hotel?" He answered, "the prison doesn't have facilities for staying, but the state has motel suites for visiting officers. We have one of those reserved. Just so you know and now Tam will too, we are taking three convicts back with us. They are members of the Black Knights, all have finished or have early parole because they have agreed to give up a supplier and I am giving them a job in my club. I promised them Tam is going to give them a little taste of fringe benefits if they behave. There are also two spics that are not getting out that she is going to entertain in the prison. I owe them for some information and we made a deal. Are you ready for them, bitch?" He was grinning from ear to ear. Tam said "O god, are you sure I won't get fags? Fucking who you tell me to is one thing, but I hope your boys can still know how to fuck and I get something out of it." He was smiling as he looked at me in the mirror. He reached over and pinched her left nipple hard causing her to winch. "Bitch that is going to earn you a spanking when we get there." That is what she wanted, anyway, a little rough sex.

We arrived at the motel after a three hour ride. Terrell had teased her unmercifully most of the way. She loves to be exposed and played with but wants to finish it. Terrell wanted to keep her on edge for his use. When we had put our cases in the room she begged him to fuck her and tried to undo his pants. He told her that all her holes would be filled before the night was over. He made a call and told her to get in the car. Terrell said after she had left "are you sure you want to go inside? These guys have not had a woman for four years and it might get a little rough. As long as they don't permanently mark or hurt her, I am going to let them do what they want. You should know she asked me to arrange this. She has fantasies about being a fuck slave to a bunch of convicts. She didn't want me to tell you but if they get carried away with her I didn't want you to think I would do something to fuck it up between you and I. If she asks tell her I was warning you about what might happen, OK?"

"Hell yes, I know she has some wild fantasies. OK, we will keep it as sane as we can."

The entrance to the prison gives anyone an eerie feeling. As soon as the gates shut behind you there is a thought that maybe they won't open to let you out. The guards escorted to a search room and a matron took tam to another room to search her. She came back very red faced and asked Terrell "do they always search your body cavities?"

Terrell grinned and told her "just the lucky ones like you they expect could be fun. Did she bring you off and what did she tell you?"

"No, I was too nervous and she made nasty comments about how wet I am. Damn, she liked doing it because she examined me long enough to find out even if I had a bikini wax. If you had not told me not to come before we get inside, I would have let her eat me."

Terrell commented "you never know, she might before we leave."

The guard took them to a lawyer's conference room and left. There was a steel table bolted to the floor along with two steel chairs. There were two steel benches along the far wall. There was a one way mirror on the far wall that Terrell told me we would probably watch the action from. Terrell turned to Tam and told her "strip to your lingerie and give your husband your skirt, bra and blouse. Tam was shaking like a leaf as she dropped the skirt and unbuttoned her blouse. She was biting her lower lip as she handed them to me. She looked awesome in her stockings and heels. He took her hand and helped her up on top of the table so she was lying back with her legs up and her heels were at the edge. Her twat gaped open glistened being wet from the playing and excitement. Her nipples were standing hard.

The door handle clanged and opened. Two Hispanic guys about 30/35 entered with chains on their wrists. A guard entered, grinning at the view of Tam shaking on the table and undid the cuffs. He turned to Terrell and said "the warden said it is your show. Call when you are done". He left and Terrell told the two "she is yours for one hour. Don't hurt or mark her permanently or you deal with me. Got it?"

They both were staring at the gorgeous woman spread out in front of them. Neither of them had shirts on and were hard muscled with tattoos over most of their body. They both had erections poking out the front of their pants. The first dropped his prison denims and sported a 7 inch hard dick. Even before we had left he had grabbed Tams hips and shoved it all in her twat. She looked down at his dick thrusting home and hissed "OOOOOhhhhhhhoooo!!!" He was humping like a jack rabbit. The other had grabbed her right tit and was squeezing it. He used other hand to grab her hair and jam his 8 inch cock in her mouth. We stood at the mirror and for the first time I noticed a guard had a camcorder and was filming Tam. The dude in her twat did not last but two minutes before shooting his first load. He was chewing her left tit and leaving red bite marks. Tam was jerking and moaning around the cock in her throat. The cock in her throat was pulled out and she was pulled to her feet. The bigger cock lay down on the table and told her "eat my ass, bitch, and jerk my meat." She bent down and tongued the brown butt hole while sliding her tiny hand up and down. The smaller cock gave her ass a hard slap on each butt cheek causing her to squirm. He slipped two fingers from the front of her slit to the ass scooping up his cum and smeared it on her butt hole. He then rooted a cum coated index finger in her butt. Tam was now squirming constantly. He stroked his dick to a hard on and holding her ass still, jammed his dick in. Tam pulled back from the ass she was licking and groaned "AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa." The spic she was jacking growled "EAT MY ASSHOLE, BITCH." She stuck her tongue in his ass like a small penis. After five minutes of getting ass fucked the con she was tongue fucking grabbed her hand to stop her stroking. She must have squeezed his dick hard when he grabbed her hand to stop her or hit a spot with her tongue because he started spurting like a fire hose on the table. The guys certainly had not had a sexy woman to play with in a long time. The one in her ass pulled out suddenly and tried to spin her around to put his dick in her mouth but he also started spurting and shot cum on her belly, arm and tits. In only fifteen minutes they looked fucked out. Tam had lain back on the table and was stroking her clit. The guy she had tongue fucked had managed to get a half hard on and worked it in her twat and had her to keep playing with herself. As she worked herself up to a climax the spic in her cunt had worked his self up and was now banging against her hand on each stroke. Her head tilted back with her mouth open and eyes squinting shut. Her teeth clenched and her legs started flopping. She came with a keening sound. The climax caused the fucker to lose it. He slammed in her and held still as his balls pumped his jizz inside her. He pulled out and moved to where he could wipe his scummy dick on her bruised tit. She laid there exhausted with her legs slightly spread and the camera was zooming in on the cum oozing down her butt and in her ass crack.

Both Terrell and I were stroking our cocks while watching the show. Terrell looked over at me and said "they might get it up again but I think they will just play with her for a while. They look pretty fucked out. I will give them another ten minutes and if they are finished with her we will get her dressed and pick up the cons being released, then go back to the hotel for another gang fuck. I think the black boys will fill her tank. By the way the warden is coming to town next week for a law enforcement meeting and will be there for two nights. He gets to have her both nights and I know he loves to add a little strapping and biting to have a good time. You will probably see a few marks and bruises when she comes home afterwards."

We went back in and both cons were playing with her cunt and tits. One had her in a deep throat kiss. Terrell told them it was time and they grabbed her ass and tits for one last time. I pulled her up and handed her the blouse, bra and skirt to put on. She had red marks on both tits and a red ass. She stepped in her skirt and bra, winching as she cupped her tits. The garter belt and stockings were spotted with cum streaks. Terrell did not even give her a towel to clean up. She was smirking at me as she covered her body. The blouse was buttoned to where the black bra just showed. She smiled and said "I see you enjoyed watching me get royally screwed. Don't cum until you can fuck me with my pussy full of fresh cum, OK?" "Sure, babe" I answered. "I have only had your pussy with fresh cum once and I wouldn't miss this chance. Are you able to fuck some more tonight?"

"Hell yes" "I only came twice and only hard once. I should be good for some more in an hour or so."

We followed Terrell and the two guards down to the administration wing with cons hooting and howling at Tam the whole way. One even jumped on the chain link fence separating the yard from the walk and a guard beat him off with his night stick. I swear I could see Tam strutting like a prime slut. Really swinging her hips and pushing out her tits trying to drive the cunt starved cons crazy. She was really enjoying this. I think she would have let them all fuck her to death and go with a happy smile on a cum drowned face.

In the admin building the Warden met us, shook our hands and grabbed Tam in a kiss while cupping her ass cheeks. Before he let her go he grabbed a tit and fondled it.

"This way to processing. Your paroles are almost ready. We have to get your signature, Terrell, and then I will see you next week."

The 'Black Knights' were sitting at a table when we entered the office. Two of the guys were really huge. All of them where looking at Tam. The third black guy was slender, five feet, ten inches in height, and was staring at Tam with a single intensity. She was staring back, her face was flushed and her chest was heaving with excitement. Fucking black men is her turn on. It is what started her being a fuck slut when she screwed a security guard where she works and discovered that a big black dick is what drives her crazy. Even a little sore as she was she was ready to be these guys sex slave. Terrell asked the slender guy "Jackson, are you guys ready to go back to the world? If you have your papers let's get you guys cleared out".

Jackson slowly looked at me and then said to Terrell "who is the honk? We don't need a shrink or any other shit."

Terrell glared and replied "shut your fucking mouth. I bring who I want and you will get what you have been promised. You mind your shit and I won't put you back here, got it, dickhead. The cunt is in his control and you best be cool if you 'all want some of her ass."

Jackson mumbled something to his 'brothers' and all three got up with their cuffs still on. Terrell motioned to the guards and all of us were led to the release gate. Inside each con was uncuffed and signed a form along with Terrell. The car was inside the double gates and we went out a side door after each con was given a bag which he signed for. Terrell had the trunk open and the bags were put inside after it was checked by the guards. One of the guards was running a mirror around under the car which seemed stupid but was done anyway. When he ended he swung it around where he could see under Tam's skirt and let out a log whistle while grinning ear to ear. Terrell went around to the driver's side. "Get in the front seat and the Knights can sit in the back. Tam, get in the back with them. The three Knights got in with Jackson in the middle. The only way Tam could get in is on top of them and as she did, her skirt was slid up to her waist. She was in the middle on Jackson and had her legs spread on either side of his with her eyes closed. Jackson did not waste any time getting his hands in her twat. With all of us in, the outer gate opened and we started back to the Hotel. Tam had her pussy and tits played with for the ten minutes it took us to drive.

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