The Closer

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sales are down and the boss sends Terry, the 51 year old senior VP known as 'the closer' out in the field. She meets with two handsome executives and they invite her to dinner to discuss the contract. Terry hasn't been laid in months, her husband isn't interested. These two are! Find out how Terry 'closes' the deal.

Terry Lane is the 51 year old Senior Vice President for New Business Development and Sales for Tri-Care Healthcare. She has been with Tri-Care for over 21 years, starting out as a Marketing Director and Salesman and then was promoted a Regional Marketing Director and then on to a Vice President for New Business Development. She was finally promoted to her current position eleven years ago. She is attractive, smart and very good at what she does. The CEO of Tri-Care has the fullest confidence in Terry, after all she has been his protégé. She is tough, demanding and has little use for those with lesser talents. In the sales department, the staff that she supervises, refer to her (in private of course) as "the witch," "the bitch" "the blonde bitch from the front office" but in the industry Terry Lane is simply known as..."The Closer".

Tri-Care has been in the contract management business for more than 25 years, providing contract rehabilitation services to hospitals nationwide. Tri-Cares President, John Kelly started the business out of his house and the company now has annual net revenues in excess of $35 million. The current fiscal year is almost half over and this year the sales figures are down. Significantly down.

"So Terry, tell me what going on in sales. Why are we so far behind projections?" John asked.

"Christ John, I don't know. All of the regional sales managers have good prospect lists. I looked over each one of them personally. Good hospitals with contract extended and ready to sign, but nothing is happening."

"Well that's nice, but good lists don't make us any money. Shit Terry, you're the 'Closer, ' get your butt out in the field and see what's going on."

She walked back to her office and re-reviewed every lead sheet for every salesman in the company. Terry only hired men in the sales department because she was always convinced that since hospital administrators were predominately males, they would not be as responsive to females as they would their own sex. She totally ignored the fact that she had made her reputation in the industry by successfully selling to those same males.

Terry looked at one particular account and thought about it for a couple of minutes. She rose from her desk and walked down the hall and into the sales department. Terry stopped at an office door, looked in and said, "Johnson! My office. Now."

Don Johnson looked up when he heard her voice, but before he could respond all he saw was her spinning around and exiting the sales department. "Shit, now what?" he thought. He got out of his chair and walked down the hallway to her office, stood at her doorway and knocked. "What's up boss," he said it with a huge grin.

"Sit down Don. I have been reviewing lead sheets and was wondering what was happening at Ascot Hospital. Looks like they have had your contract for over two months now."

"Well, I don't know for sure. They always take my calls and tell me that everything is on track, but, so far Jim Bellone, their CEO, hasn't been willing to sign."

"OK, fine. Call him up and make me an appointment for Thursday afternoon. Tell him I would like to review the plans for the unit. Hell Don, just tell him the bitch from hell would like to meet with him." She looked up at Don and smiled.

"Yes ma'am.

Terry punched her secretary's number on her phone. "Becky, get me on a flight to Tulsa for tomorrow, sometime early enough that I can be at Ascot Hospital by, oh... one o'clock or so. I'll also need reservations at the Marriott-Downtown and then a flight back the next day."

Terry left work early so she could get packed for her trip. She stopped by the tanning salon and spent 20 minutes under the lights and then headed home. When she arrived she went directly to her bedroom, undressed and went into the bathroom to shower and wash off the sweat of the tanning booth. She looked at herself in the mirror. Hummm, she thought. Not to bad for 51. Her ass needed a little work, but not too much. She lifted her breasts with her hands and studied them. 34C and just a bit saggy. Nest year I've got to go to a plastic and get implants. She stepped onto the scales and watched as the LCD lit up to 139. OK, I can live with that, it all fits on my 5'10" frame. Terry stepped into the shower and began to wash her body. As her hands traveled over her breasts and between her legs she felt the stirrings of desire.

"God Damn him," she said out loud. Why can't Brad fuck me once in a while? I've got a nice figure and I love to play sexual games but lately, lately hell, it's been six months since he's touched me. God Damn lawyers, they were all alike, always screwing other people, so why couldn't he screw his wife? Maybe when he gets home tonight I get ready and we can have a go at it before I have to fly out.

Terry dressed sexy in a black baby-doll pajama and a matching black peignoir. She walked down to the family room bar and made a pitcher of martinis, his favorite and waited.

Brad walked in the front door just after seven. "Hi Honey" he said and then kissed her on the cheek. He looked at the way she was dressed and frowned. "Oh God Terry, not tonight. I'm so God Damn tired. I've been working the last 12 hours or the Myers case. No way, not tonight."

She was stunned. "Fuck you Brad, just fuck you." And she ran into the bedroom and slammed the door.

The alarm went off at seven the next morning and when she opened her eyes she realized that she was alone. Brad must have slept in the guest bedroom she thought. She rose, showered, dressed and headed for the airport. Her plane landed fifteen minutes late but she still had plenty of time to grab a cab and get to the hospital in time for her appointment.

The cab dropped Terry off at the circle in front of the hospital and she went inside, found administration and walked in the secretaries' offices. "Hi, my name is Terry Lane and I have a one o'clock appointment with Mr. Bellone."

The girl, she couldn't have been much over 21, looked at Terry, checked her bosses calendar, and looked back at Terry. Please have a seat Ms. Lane. Mr. Bellone will be with you soon."

"Thank you. Can I park my suitcase somewhere?"

"Sure, I'll keep it safe for you." The girl took Terry's suitcase and stored it in a closet behind her desk.

After about 20 minutes the door to the executive suite opened and two men walked out through the door. One was a tall man who looked to be in his early forties, nice build, black hair with just a bit of gray showing, blue eyes and a killer smile. The other man was younger, maybe 30. He was also tall, probably over six feet, muscular, tanned. He had blonde hair and, of all things, piercing green eyes. The older man walked up to Terry, extended his hand and said, "Ms. Lane. My name is Jim Bellone and this is my COO, Bob Ritter. Why don't both of you come in my office and let's talk"

They spent the next hour discussing the proposal for the rehabilitation unit and the various costs associated with developing the project. Then they toured to space that was designated for the project and then returned to Jim's office.

"Look Jim," Terry said. "I think it's pretty clear cut that a rehab unit will enhance your bottom line and you certainly have enough free space, so why are you hesitating on signing a contract?"

"Terry, your right about the unit, it's perfect for the hospital. It's really a matter of knowing the company that I am going to be dealing with. After all, we'll be partners for the next five years. Your account manager, Don, seems like a nice guy, but sill I don't know enough about the company."

"What can I do to help move this along? I've been with Tri-Care for over twenty years so I can assure you that I can tell you anything you want to know."

Jim looked down at his watch. "It's almost four and I have an appointment with a board member. Are you staying in town tonight?"

"Yes, I'm at the downtown Marriott."

"Well then, how about I take you out to dinner and we can finish this discussion."

Yea, sure she thought. Take me out to dinner - like hell. He knows I'll put it on my expense account, so it's a free meal for him. "That would be great Jim. What time?"

"I'll pick you up at, oh, seven in the lobby."

"That's good, I'll see you then." Terry rose, shook Jim and Bob's hand and left the office. She retrieved her bag from Jim's secretary and went out to the lobby and called a cab. She was in her room at the Marriott by five.

Terry opened her bag and took out her clothes. What to wear? During the day she had worn a smart, but severe business suit with a skirt that was about six inches below her knees. But not tonight, no that just wouldn't do. No, she needed to use some of the old 'Closers' charm on Jim. She pulled out a very nice black cocktail dress. Spaghetti straps, but not showing too much bosom, but just enough. She found her black strapless bra and set it with the dress then she went into the bathroom. She took a long bath, fixed her hair and carefully reapplied her makeup. She looked through her bag and pulled out a new pair of black panty hose and put them on, put on her bra and then she slipped the dress over her head. She adjusted the dress in the mirror and went into the living room and put on her shoes. Terry looked at her watch, 6:50 - show time!

She was sitting in the Lobby when both Jim and Bob walked in the Marriott front door. She was a little surprised to see Bob, but that wouldn't alter her plans all that much. She could charm two men as easily as one.

"Hi Jim. Bob."

"Good evening Terry, you look really smashing!" Jim said.

"Yes, very nice." Bob chimed in.

Jim took Terry's arm and they walked outside and got into Jim's Cadillac sedan. Jim drove with Terry beside him and Bob in the back seat. The restaurant was a country favorite of his, as Jim had told her as they walked to the car.

It was quiet in the car for several minutes but finally Jim spoke up. "I think you'll like this place Terry. It's just outside the city about five miles but they have the best steaks in Tulsa. I hope you like steaks?"

"Sure. Steaks are fine with me."

When they arrived at the restaurant, Jim parked and the three of them walked in the front door. Jim and Bob were greeted by the hostess with hugs and kisses. They were obviously well known in this place. The hostess seated them at a secluded booth in the corner and passed out menus. When their waiter arrived Jim asked about drinks. "You having anything Terry?"

"Yes, please. I'll have a Dewers on the rocks."

Jim ordered Jack Daniels - straight and Bob went with a beer. As they sipped their drinks they talked about mundane things, nothing about the contract or the company. She told them she was married to a lawyer, which immediately brought a round of 'lawyer jokes' and much laughter. Both Jim and Bob were single and Jim told her that he was Bob's mentor and had been for several years now. She wondered if they were gay.

They ordered their steaks, a bottle of both red and white wine and ate, drank and discussed the contract and Tri-Care, the company. They had finished off both bottles of wine by the time dinner ended and they each decided on desert. By the time the waiter had bought the desert a combo had set up in the corner opposite them and was playing nice slow songs. Songs you could dance to she thought.

"How about a dance Terry?" Jim said.


Jim took her hand and walked her out to the dance floor. He took her in his arms, held her close and they began to dance. She could feel the heat from his body invading hers and it felt good. She and Brad hadn't danced in years. Just having a good-looking man holding her tightly felt good. Terry melted just a bit more into his arms, laying her head on his shoulder. They dance through two slow dances before they walked back to the table. Bob had ordered after dinner drinks to go with their desert and they ate and sipped their drinks, now much more comfortable with each other.

"Well, I think it's my turn to dance. Terry?" Bob asked.

She rose from the table, took Bob's hand, and they walked to the dance floor. He took her in his arms and they melted onto the floor and into the music. As Bob spun her around the room his hand dropped from her shoulder to her back and pressed her breasts into his chest. Bob's head dropped down on her shoulder and she could feel his breath, hot on her neck. As they continued to dance she could feel his hand continue to slowly drop towards her butt. She didn't mind, he felt good in her arms. It was nice to have two young virile men taking an interest in her.

When Bob's dropped his hand a little more and finally found her ass he didn't squeeze it, he just gently and slowly caressed it. He could feel Terry moving her body closer to his and he thought that maybe, just maybe, they could get the woman known as the 'the bitch' warmed up tonight. As they danced he maneuvered her more towards their table and when he was close enough he made a hand sign to Jim that it was his turn.

"Excuse me, may I cut in?" Jim asked.

"Sure boss, no problem."

Terry was sorry that Bob had given her to Jim. She was enjoying the feeling of Bob's hand on her ass as it was causing her to get damp. It had been a long time since she had felt pleasurable sexual feelings.

Jim quickly moved his hand down her back and settled it on her ass where Bob's had been. As he closed the small gap between the two of them he leaned down and kissed Terry on the lips. Not hard, almost glancing, but definitely a kiss. He felt no resistance, so he leaned in and started kissing her on the ear and neck, finally taking her earlobe into his mouth and sucking on it. He heard her moan.

"Ohhhh. Ohhhh, Jim." Her mind was reeling. Clearly she had let this go too far, but, she was so horny and he felt so damn good she just let him continue. As they danced she could feel his hard-on pressing into her stomach and she reached down between them and rubbed his cock through his pants.

The music stopped and Jim let Terry go. He put his arm around her shoulder and walked her back to the table. "Terry, I think it is time we went back to the Marriott, what do you think?"

"Oh Jim, I think that is a great idea, let's go." She was so horny now that he could have raped her on the table and she wouldn't have cared. All she wanted now was someone to make love to her and fast.

Jim paid the tab and all three walked out to Jim's car.

"Here's the keys Bob, you drive."

"OK boss."

Jim and Terry got in the backseat of the Caddy and Jim had just leaned over and kissed her when Bob started the car and drove out of the parking lot. Terry put her arms around Jim's neck and pulled him down to her mouth. Her tongue snaked inside of his lips and played touch-and-go with his tongue and then explored the rest of his mouth. She felt his hand drop down and caress her breast through her dress and she moaned with pleasure. She reached out and reciprocated by caressing his manhood. He felt big and she wanted to feel him inside her, and soon.

"Oh God Jim, this feels so wonderful. Your hands are doing wonders for this old woman's body."

"Christ Terry, you aren't old, not at all. You're a beautiful woman. I can't believe that you feel that you're old. No, I believe that you're young at heart and I want you and tonight and I'm going to have you. I am going to show you exactly how much pleasure I can bring into your life and body."

They nuzzled and kissed right up until the time the arrived at the Marriott. She heard Bob give the keys to the valet with instructions to park it for the night. Terry faintly was aware that all three of them were staying at the hotel. All three? God did Jim expect to share her with Bob? She had never had sex with more than one partner. Never. She looked at the two distinguished gentlemen escorting her to the elevator, and she felt like a queen. No, if they wanted to share her, so be it. Fuck Brad. He didn't care about her and her needs anyway. Why should she be the one to suffer without sex because Brad wasn't interested?

They got on the glass elevator and Jim looked over at Terry quizzically

"Twenty Nine" she said.

Jim hit the button and the elevator started up the side of the building. The elevator gave one a great view of downtown Tulsa, but none of them were paying any attention. Jim, standing behind Terry had unzipped her dress and his hands were inside playing with her nipples. Bob was facing Terry and they were locked in a passionate kiss. When the elevator stopped and the doors opened they broke apart and Terry reached back and zipped up her dress.

"Got to be presentable as we walk the halls. Never know who you'll meet." She said.

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