Boys and Girl

by AmandaMarais

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amanda having sex with a few boys at a private lake...

I was walking with some friends through the shopping mall on a sunny summer day. It was vacation so we didn't have to go to school. Nothing to do, slumbering around all day. Everyone of us was bored and the warm hot burning sun was making us lazy too. Little drops of sweat were covering our faces and bodies. We needed a refreshment, and we needed it quick. I was thinking about a nice and cold ice cream till a friend came onto the idea to go swimming in the large lake not far from here. It was a private property so we needed to watch out that we didn't get caught cause there was no trespassing or swimming allowed in that Lake. But we wanted to take that risk. Everybody agreed to go swimming cause this would do us all good and cool us down. So we walked to the lake.

A few minutes later we arrived at the lake after climbing over the fence. The Lake was surrounded by a large forest so nobody could see us. The lake was calm, there was no wind, the sun burning on our flesh. We wanted to jump in the lake, the only problem was that we didn't have any swimming outfits, no bikini's or nothing and the guys had the same problem. So we decided to go swimming in our underwear, guys only wearing their boxers and girls only wearing their bra and panties or thongs. So we undressed, threw all the clothes on a pile and jumped into the water. It felt so good and it was so refreshing. A very welcome refreshment indeed.

At first we were all swimming very close together but after a while the group parted in several groups. The lake was very large. Some male friends were whispering to each other, but I couldn't hear it very well so while they slowly moved away from the other group I went with them. All my other female friends stayed behind with a few other male friends and I swam away to the other side of the lake with a few male friends who had made me curious.

We arrived at the other side of the lake. I could barely stand and keep my head above the water. The water almost touched my shin. The guys were taller so they had their shoulders above the water. They were still whispering, making me even more curious. I knew they were planning something but I didn't know what. It gave an exciting feeling. By now we were completely out of sight and our other friends could not see us anymore. The guys closed down on me. One of my friends, Mark, came very close and was standing right in front of me now and leaned forward to kiss me in my neck. I let him do and his kisses came closer towards my mouth. His lips touched mine, his hot tongue slowly pushing against my lips to come inside. I parted my lips for him and his tongue slipped into my mouth, meeting my tongue. He kissed very sensual and it turned me on as our tongue were turning around in our mouths, sharing each others liquids. I felt how Mark laid his hand on my breasts and I couldn't help myself and a moan escaped between my lips. This turned him on even more and gently he started rubbing my breasts through my bra with both his hands. The other guys were still standing around us and watching what was going on. They noticed that I was horny and they also liked a horny naughty adventure.

The guys could not control their lusts and hormones any longer. Mark kept on kissing me deep and in the meanwhile I felt another hand moving over my leg towards my pussy. It was Raimo's hand. Raimo was standing behind me now, the tips of his fingers running on the inside of my thigh and moving higher. He moved his hand into my thong and rubber over my swollen pussy lips. The water made it easy for him to slide a 2 fingers inside me at once. Mark's tongue was still fighting with mine while Raimo's fingers were exploring my pussy, trying to find my clitoris. When he found it he started to rub it around in circles, hard and fast, causing me to moan. I couldn't moan loud cause Mark's lips were still covering my mouth and his hands still rubbing over my breasts. By now Mark already pulled my bra down so he could feel the skin of my breasts in his hands.

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