New Mother - New Needs Realized

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Bethany is a knocked up young wife whose husband has been ignoring her sexually for some time. Ted is the lucky recipient of Bethany's sexual needs while hubby's the one who loses out.

Bethany had never envisioned things taking the turn they had since she and her husband, Philip, had first found out they were expecting. They'd been married nearly two years and had been actively fucking the entire time and when she suddenly began to experience symptoms of pregnancy, she did the EPT and found out that indeed she was in the motherly way. She could hardly wait to tell her husband the great news that night, and Philip had seemed very thrilled that he was going to be a father. But, that had been when Bethany was only about 4 weeks pregnant and when she began to show Philip had first seemed to be aroused by her increasingly pregnant appearance. But, as she gotten to her sixth month and her swollen belly became larger and larger, she suddenly realized that Philip didn't seem nearly as interested in her sexually as he had at first.

By the time Bethany was full-term and ready to have the baby, it had been several weeks since Philip had touched her at all. She rationalized that he simply didn't find a young woman with a hugely pregnant belly and swollen breasts to be that physically desirable. She knew once the baby came he'd fall in love with it and with her all over again. Bethany planned on that being the way things would go. They didn't. When the baby was born, Philip seemed little interested in his new baby or in his young wife who could now regain her formerly sexy body.

Bethany became even more despondent and depressed as she realized that her wonderful sexy marriage before she'd ever gotten pregnant seemed to be gone forever. She didn't know what to do but one thing was for sure; she had a nicer bigger set of tits and her sexual needs seemed even more urgent than they had before she'd had her little girl. Philip would be up and gone before Bethany got out of bed every morning and she would spend the entire day alone, just her and her new baby daughter.

At first, Bethany resorted to doing what she'd done before she ever got married -- she'd help herself get off by masturbating and envisioning that her husband Philip was still madly in love with her and infatuated by both her and their new baby. Mid-morning when the baby was lying down for a nap, Bethany would get naked and crawl back into their marital bed and she'd let her hands start moving all over her naked sex-needy body. She loved the nice newly rounded breasts she'd gotten from having her baby. She'd had nice B-cup size tits before she'd gotten pregnant but now they were solid C-cups and Bethany knew that on her 5'4" frame, they looked pretty hot. She didn't know why Philip didn't seem to realize that.

Bethany would quickly lose herself in her masturbation sessions and she'd soon be moaning her husband's name and letting her fingers titillate her breasts, her sensitive aroused nipples and then she'd let her hands move all over her naked body and eventually end up between her legs as she'd caress over her naked pussy and then start letting her fingers slide up inside her and she'd finger-fuck herself until she'd start cumming. Bethany was very orgasmic and it was nothing for her to have at least 3 or 4 orgasms in one session. After she'd cum, she'd be all right for a few hours but by late afternoon, she'd have her hands up under her top and down inside her pants, rubbing herself and working her pussy until she came again and again.

One afternoon, Bethany had finally gotten so horny that she went into the spare bedroom and pushed the door shut so she wouldn't waken her baby in the room next door. She would usually not get totally naked in the afternoons when she'd masturbate but this day she decided to be a bit more wanton and before she knew it she'd stripped off all her clothes -- shorts, top, bra and panties -- and was lying there in the middle of the guest bed with her fingers rubbing up and down over her naked pussy and then her fingers starting to spear up inside her pussy to bring her off. Bethany didn't know that her husband had asked the local entertainment electronics store to deliver a new wide-screen TV that he'd bought for himself and the first thing Bethany knew was when she heard someone walking down the hallway towards their family room. She was too far gone in playing with herself to stop; Bethany realized how bad off she was when helping herself cum was more important than stopping to see who had ventured into her home unannounced.

The delivery and installation guy was a young man in his early 20's and he'd actually heard Bethany moaning and rocking on the bed before she'd known there was someone in the house. He'd dropped the large screen TV in the family room and then he'd quietly walked back and peeked in the space between the door and the door facing where he could see an attractive naked woman lying there on the bed getting herself off. His name was Ted and he felt a huge hardon grow in his pants as he knew this was either the daughter or the wife who lived in this house who was getting it on with herself. Ted was pretty horny too, and he wondered if he could be bold enough to join this young woman in the bed.

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