Long Night

by hotwetnshaved

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Incest, Mother, Son, Orgy, Anal Sex, Water Sports, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: My son and I enjoy each other

I looked good as he came to open the door of the cab for me, I knew I did and I also knew that he thought so too,

"Hello darling" I said as he smiled down at me and held out his hand,

"Hi mum" he said and just the briefest of glances between my legs when I got out, betrayed the relationship between us,

"You look gorgeous"

"Thank you darling"

I took his arm and together we walked into the interior of the hotel, where he'd booked a table in the restaurant as well as reserving a room for later!

A waiter brought us the expensive champagne he always ordered and I smiled at his extravagance,

"You spoil me darling"

"That's what a beautiful woman is for"

I smiled at him over the rim of my glass and said that I could think of other things a young man could do with a beautiful woman, as I said it, I unfastened the top button of my jacket and saw his eyes taking in the swellings of my breasts above the lacy white bra I'd bought specially for the occasion.

"I like you in white" he said softly, "Like a virgin"

"A virgin with very damp panties on" I laughed,

"Why are they damp?"

"You know why"

"I want you to tell me"

"Because of what you're going to do to me after dinner"

"And what might that be?" his eyes twinkled at me and we waited until the waiter brought our first courses,

"I hope that you're planning on being extremely rude with me" I whispered,

"But you're my mother!"

"It's never stopped you before" I grinned,

"Stopped me from doing what mum?"

"From fucking me darling" I saw the flicker in his eyes and leaned closer to him, "From sliding that monstrously huge penis of yours as far as it would go into my cunt and riding me until I screamed"

"Do you like my cock?"

"You know I do, that's why my knickers are getting wetter by the minute"

"You could always go and take them off"


"Why not?"

"Because I want you to take them off"

I unfastened another button and smiled at him as the waiter cleared away our plates, we refused a sweet and asked for more champagne, I'm very fond of champagne, it makes me lose what few inhibitions I have, so we ordered another bottle to take upstairs with us,

"Tell me what you're wearing mum"

"Well as you already know, I'm wearing all white underwear, a lacy sling bra that just about covers my nipples"

"Are they hard?" he interrupted"

"They're aching darling" I told him, "They need a lot of kisses to help them get better"

"What else?"

"A very small white g-string with just a little scrap of nylon between my pussy lips"

"Does it hide your pussy?"

"Oh God no" I laughed, "Sex is the only purpose of that little garment darling"

"And what else?"

"A lacy little suspender belt, white of course and very feminine"

"And stockings?"

"Of course" I laughed, "Why else would I wear a suspender belt? And anyway, you saw my stockings when I got out of the taxi"

"I didn't think you'd noticed" he grinned,

"A woman always notices when a man tries to see her underwear"

"Did you shave this morning?"

"Sarah did it for me" I said and failed to suppress a giggle at the expression on his face, "I was naked apart from stockings, which she insisted I wore and I must admit they added to the sexuality of the situation"

"I bet they did, did she eat you?"

"Mmm, yes" I said with a smile as I remembered our sexy little session, "Let's go upstairs and I'll tell you all about it whilst you undress me, then we'll watch the video we made for you, while you fuck me"

Clutching the champagne, we went up to our room where he took me into his arms and kissed me, he was as horny as he always was, a trait that he inherited from me, his fingers found the rest of the buttons on my jacket and opened them nimbly and he stepped back to look at how my breasts bulged out of their lacy cups.

Expertly he eased one out and kissed the nipple, bringing a gasp from my mouth as I unfastened his tie, he kept his mouth to my nipple as I practically ripped his shirt off and then we kissed again as he unzipped my skirt, I could feel his erection pressing into my stomach through his trousers and moaned softly into his mouth as I unzipped him.

"You're rock hard" I breathed and felt myself melting as my fingers found his prick.

"I've been hard since the minute I watched you getting out of the cab,

I stepped out of my skirt and pulled his trousers and pants down for him to step out of,

"Oh God darling" I gasped as I took hold of his prick, "You've got a beautiful cock"

He gasped as I slid my lips over the dome, there was some pre-cum on it and my tongue found it as I swirled it all around his gorgeous shaft, like me, he was completely hairless and he stood like a rock for several minutes while I slavered over him, I took each of his heavy balls into my mouth and licked every last little droplet of sweat from them, I licked between his legs, even prodding my tongue into his anus.

"God you're a fucking dirty bitch" he said as we kissed again and he sucked on my tongue,

"That's exactly what Sarah said this morning"

He pushed me down onto the bed and I lay with my legs wide apart as he stood in front of me stroking his massive length,

"Play with yourself mum" he hissed,

I giggled and stroked a finger leisurely up the whole length of my slit,

"Is this what you want darling?" I whispered, "Mummy's cunt?"

He growled as I eased the tiny g-string up into my slit and then unfastened the bow at each side of the sexy little garment,

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