Seduced by a Story

by Preggofan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Cheating, First, Lactation, .

Desc: Sex Story: How being inspired by a story led, with a little help from the author, to a woman seducing her best friend.

This story is based on a series of Emails I had with a reader of my story, Pregnant Pause. Unfortunately I lost contact with her. Sheri this is for you.

Hi. I'm Sheri everyone calls me Sher. I am a 28 year old new mom. Recently I was feeling a little horny so I went on line and read a few stories. One story I read really got to me.

It was about a woman who was attracted to her best friend and drank her milk while they made love. I loved the story, and it really hit home. Recently I had a chance to share my milk with one of my girlfriends, she wanted to taste but I didn't do it. After getting turned on by the story I was regretting not letting her.

I have fantasized about her nursing on me ever since she offered and the story had me using my fingers through the whole story. I'd never been with a woman and it would be my first time.

I decided to contact the author for any ideas about what I might do.

I couldn't wait to open the Email when it came. It was full of ideas, I read it quite a few times and after masturbating twice while reading it over and over I decided to try.

Following the advice I called Denise. I was so nervous telling her that I had been thinking about what she said, but I did it. Denise said she was serious and would love the chance to taste my mommies milk. Denise said she would come over that afternoon around 2:30.

I was so excited I couldn't keep my hands off of myself. Denise had a boob job about a year ago and the thought of feeling and seeing her boobs was very exciting. When she first got her new boobs she wanted to show me but I declined thinking it was weird, and I was feeling very ugly during that stage of my pregnancy, but now I was back to my small figure. And I have a great sex drive. I was so very excited, I decided to read some stories the author recommended. Then I'd start to get ready. I was also going to feed my baby from his bottle for lunch so I would be very full of milk for Denise.

I am a chicken! I totally chickened out with Denise, but I still wanted to try.

I did nurse in front of her again and did not even try to cover up at all. I watched Denise as she stared at my breasts, she must have told me 10 times that I had beautiful boobs. I wanted to invite her to feel and taste but I was so afraid of rejection that I didn't. Instead I was left to some very intense masturbation right after she left.

So I talked myself into trying again the following Monday. I invited Denise over for lunch, but my baby was very fussy and I had too many distractions to get alone with her.

I still had an urgent desire for it to happen.

Denise was so interested in my nursing, one of my nipples was leaking and she picked up a cloth, I reached out to take it. Denise was going to wipe it for me, I just reacted with out thinking. Damn reflexes.

We had a work out planned for Thursday morning after which I decided to invite her over.

My plan was to quickly shower and tell her I needed to feed the baby, although I would have already had the sitter feed him. So he wouldn't be hungry and I'd be left with full breasts. I must admit that if it happened like I planed I'd be the happiest girl in the world.

I must admit that I had read and re-read my latest email and came twice. Not to mention reading all the stories I could find involving breastfeeding. I read them all the time. It made me feel like I have such a powerful sexual tool right now while I was nursing.

I would never openly flaunt my nursing in public, I am way to shy, but I do have women come and talk to me about how cute my baby is all the time while I am nursing and since the stories, I would leave my nursing exposed to them as they admire my child, especially the cute new Moms, I love to look at their eyes to see if they are peeking at my breasts or the looking at my baby, and it seemed like most of them were looking at my breasts, or maybe its just wishful thinking.

I fantasized now all the time about totally seducing women from that very scenario, (that is my bold self) I sure hoped it'd go well tomorrow.

Denise is just so cute and bubbly, she is a go getter and I know that if she gets going and is interested she will take me over, (I sure hope so) I wish she would just be bold and blunt, but I am very excited.

I am showered and shaved and very excited, thank you, I am doing this. Denise was very curious about my boobs this morning, I promise she was flirting with me a lot, she even mentioned that she wished I was her mommy, she will be here in about 10 minutes and I am very wet. My baby is sound asleep with a very full tummy from his bottle, I am very full.

It was heavenly and once I offered my breast milk to Denise and she knew I was serious she took to it. I was too nervous to rub my pussy in front of her, but my robe was open exposing my newly shaved pubes. I was moaning before I knew it.

I rubbed and tickled her back as she drained my breasts in record time. Denise seemed to love it, she kept telling me she could not believe how long my nipples got when she sucked them, then she would start sucking again, mmm, it was heaven.

Nothing more happened but I know we both wanted it to.

I invited her over Friday and after she nursed again we kissed, never in my life had I been so turned on.

She commented again on the length of my nipples as she pulled them gently with her finger and thumb.

I took the opportunity to ask her if I could play with her breasts, Debbie didn't hesitate at all. She has very lovely soft breasts with dark nipples, we felt each others breasts kissed.

Then I told her I masturbated after she nursed on Thursday, she wanted to see me to that, so we both ended up masturbating for each other while kissing and sucking on each others nipples.

We planned to get together Thursday and Friday again.

Denise is very, very talented in licking my pussy, I could never have guessed it would be so good. It all happened on Thursday.

As Denise nursed on me I began to masturbate, she put her hand on mine and we worked together on my wet pussy. She was cooing and softly encouraging me to feed her, she alternated between breasts and then she just held my nipples with both her hands as she moved her way down my body.

Denise began kissing my fingers as I moved them in small circles on my pussy. She put a finger in my soaked pussy and worked her tongue between my fingers until I gave myself to her mouth.

Her moans and soft voice of encouragement were such a turn on, she pulled the best orgasm of my life out of me in record time.

After a brief rest, Denise cleaned up my leaking breast milk, then she began masturbating for me while I watched, instantly I felt so turned on again.

She took my hand and placed it on her hand as she rubbed her pussy. I could only stare at it. She has a small patch of dark hair just above her slit, very pretty. Her lips are very full and they are loose around her opening, her clit was hidden until she began her handwork.

I suddenly realised she was talking to me asking me if I liked what I was looking at. I just nodded. She opened her hood allowing her clit to pop out and took it between finger and thumb and slowly stroked it like a small penis.

I was mesmerized, she kept talking encouraging me to watch her, telling me that she loved my breast milk and please always let her feed.

I kissed her mouth tasting my juices on her, I sucked her nipples enjoying them as she did mine. Regretting only that there was no milk for me to drink.

It was so easy to continue down her beautiful body, I could smell her sex and hear her wetness, and as she stroked her clit for me I licked her for the first time. And it tasted soooooo goooood, it was easy to devour her wet, wet pussy. She came in record time as I stayed glued to her pussy.

I thought she was going to cry, we hugged and just loved our experience. We talked about how good it was, and how my nursing was the thing that turned us both on.

She nurses on me all the time now at least 3 times a week. and then it gets very hot and heavy. Sometimes she'll fill her mouth with my milk and then give it to me in a kiss, it is such a turn on. I have tasted my milk from Denise's hot pussy and she has dripped milk down my stomach and cleaned me off from pussy to boobs.

My nipples stick out so far, Denise loves to suck them deep in her mouth. Denise after licking me came up and kissed me, she whispered that women with long nipples usually have very large clits too, I guess that is true.

For the very first time in my life I had someone put a finger in my anus and WOW I came instantly.

My baby is about half bottle and half me now but I plan on letting her nurse on me as often as she wants.

We have talked about how sexy it is to see women nurse and how easy it would be to seduce other women, Denise watched a porno movie with her husband once about a women who seduced married women and I guess it really turned her on, it was shortly after, she told me, that she saw me nurse and really wanted to taste me.

We have several women who get together for scrap book parties once or twice a week, there are some very pretty women who seem to flirt a lot with me.

Denise and I have thought of some schemes to have me nurse in front of a couple of them and try to get in situation where we can see if any of them might be interested.

There is a good friend named Julie who comments on my breasts all the time, another friend named Tiffany who always comes and watches me nurse. Tiffany is a very cute strawberry blonde with a small petite body and small breasts, she has a very outgoing personality. Just Monday night I nursed right in front of her bare breasted. She watched intently as I changed breasts I think she will be very interested in my milk. She has already asked me if I have tasted it and I did tell her that I did all the time, that its sweet and warm and very good. She just smiled.

Denise wants to try to seduce them too.

I have to tell you I would love to have three women nurse from my milk filled breasts.

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