Fucked By Mexican Customs

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Lesbian, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Joan is 6 months pregnant and left alone in Mexico to smuggle cocaine back to her husband in San Diego. She is caught by Mexican DEA agents and what transpires next is a sexual fantasy of the greatest magnitude.

Joan Mertz lay back in the king-sized bed in the cottage she had her husband had rented for their two week Mexican vacation. She was wearing only her white cotton panties and they barely fit her anymore. She rubbed her large belly, six month swollen with their child, then she reached below her stomach and felt her labia, wet with desire. Steve had already left for the airport and had left her lying in bed; wet, horny and angry. He refused to make love to her saying that the baby would be in danger. Bull shit! She knew if they made love doggie style the baby would be just fine. Hell, he wouldn't even eat her out! She love to give and receive oral sex, but Steve was put off by her pregnancy. God Damn it, she was horny.

Joan slid to the side of the bed and rolled out. Once on her feet she walked into the bathroom, stepped into the shower and began to wash her hair. As the water cascaded over her body her hand slipped back down to her labia and Joan gently rubbed her clit. Faster and faster she rubbed until she felt the familiar tingling deep within her and she knew she would soon cum. When her orgasms reached its crescendo, Joan's arm dropped to her side and she let the water and the orgasm wash over her body. Well, she thought, that was fun, but I would rather have the real thing.

The cab stopped in front of the airport and the sweaty Mexican cab driver unloaded her bags at the AeroMexico luggage drop off. Joan checked her bags in with the attendant, knowing that they would still have to go through exiting customs, and walked into the airport in Oventic, Mexico. She found an empty seat and sat down sideways in the faded plastic airport chair, her back aching from carrying the weight of her child. Joan tried not to act nervous but here she was six months pregnant and smuggling cocaine back to San Diego for her husband. She had never done anything like this in her life, but her husband had convinced her that this one small package, sold on the streets of a drug hungry California, would give them enough money to finally buy the house they so desperately wanted. Joan was sweating as she waited for her turn for luggage inspection, not only because of the heat and humidity of Mexico but because she was scared to death of getting caught with the drugs. Joan had heard the myriad horror stories of Americans caught with drugs in foreign countries.

The AeroMexico spokesman called for all of the Flight 611 passengers to form a line at Exiting Customs and to have their passports ready. Joan rose out of her chair, and because of her "condition" was allowed to go to the head of the line. As she approached the Mexican customs agent she noticed the armed police that patrolled the departure area. She shuffled up to the passport station and handed her passport over to the customs agent. He looked through the pages of her passport, stamped it with an exit visa and handed it back to her.

"Headed home Mrs. Mertz?" the Mexican official asked in heavily accented English.

"Ah yes I am. Been on vacation with my husband, but he had to return to San Diego early, so I am by myself." Jesus Christ Joan, she thought, you're talking too much. Just shut the fuck up and don't attract any undue attention.

"OK, well everyone's bags are over on the table, so if you'll just go over and stand-by your bag we'll try and get you out as soon as possible." He looked at the very pregnant woman with compassion. He didn't understand why a beautiful woman would be left alone in a foreign country.

Joan walked over and stood by the lone bag she was bringing home. Her husband had convinced her that she could get away with carrying the drugs precisely because she was pregnant. The drugs weren't hidden in her luggage but rather had been concealed in a specially constructed belt around her waist, one that was made to look like a back support belt for a pregnant woman.

The officer asked her if she had anything to declare and she replied in the negative. He opened her bag and gave it a cursory search and she watched at the agent open up and looked at her panties, bras and frilly, see-through nightgown. He packed everything back in the bag, smiled at Joan and then closed the bag and pushed it toward her. "Mrs. Mertz," he said. "You'll need to come with me to the quarantine area."

"Oh! Why? She asked.

"Just come this way Mrs. Mertz, please." The officer took a hold of her arm and led her down a long corridor and then opened the door to a large office marked "Investigations." "Please, Mrs. Mertz, have a chair and the Captain will be right with you."

"What's going on here? Why have you brought me here?" Joan nervously asked the guard.

"Please Mrs. Mertz, just be patient and wait for the Captain."

Joan sat alone in the office and looked around. There was a large wooden desk, two metal armchairs and a large padded table that reminded her of an examination table similar to those found in a physician's office. The walls were void of any decorations with the exception of one wall, which had a large built-in mirror that Joan was convinced was a two-way mirror. After what seemed like an eternity Joan heard some noise in the hallway and the door to the office opened and a large, swarthy Mexican in the uniform of a Captain entered trailed by a skinny Mexican woman in a T-shirt stamped "Customs" and a pair of khaki pants.

"Mrs. Mertz," the Captain said. "I am Captain Salvador Cortez of the Regional Customs and Drug Enforcement Service and this woman is Carmen Dorado, also of the Drug Enforcement Service.

"Captain, why are you detaining me?" Joan asked.

"Well Mrs. Mertz, it has come to our attention that you might be carrying drugs back to the United States and we have been asked to investigate the allegation.

"That's just plain crazy! What in the hells is going on anyway? I have done nothing wrong and demand to be released, this instant." Joan's voice projected a calm and innocent forcefulness, but her insides were anything but calm and she was positive that she was going to be caught.

The Captain took a handkerchief and wiped the sweat off his brow and looked at Carmen who was standing in the corner of the room. "Carmen, what do you think? Is this American woman carrying drugs?"

"Yes Captain, I believe she is. My informant was positive about his source. He told me to look for a tall, around 5'7" blonde American, one who was very pregnant. Mrs. Mertz seems to fit that description perfectly."

Joan chimed in, "I can't believe that you think I would be a partner to this drug smuggling business. And I am appalled that you are trying to hold me against my will. I would like to see someone from the American Embassy please."

The Captain listened to her tirade, turned and motioned for Carmen to come over to the chair in which Joan sat, and said, "Well Mrs. Mertz, seems like we can clear this up right now. We already know that your luggage is clean, so if you'll just stand up and let Carmen here perform a body search I think we can resolve this issue here and now."

"What? You expect me to let this woman perform a body search. Without evidence I won't allow it. And that's final!"

"Hummmm," the Captain said. "Let me explain something to you. First you have no right to see anyone from the American Embassy UNTIL you have been arrested and charged with a crime. Second, you are not in the U.S. you are in Mexico and Mexican laws apply to you. When you entered Mexico you waived your rights under the bilateral drug treaty signed by your government and mine, so you real need to cooperate with us.

Joan was in no position to argue with these people. She was caught and she knew it. It was time to cooperate. "OK Captain, what ever you want."

"That is good Mrs. Mertz, we appreciate your cooperation. Carmen you may get started." The Captain grabbed a chair, sat down at the desk and tilted it back so he could watch Carmen at work. He loved it when they captured a good looking American because he was a voyeur at heart and he really enjoyed seeing Carmen violate another woman, especially a pretty white woman.

Carmen walked over and faced Mrs. Mertz, "I will be searching your entire body. You must stand still and let me do everything. If you do not obey my every order I will be forced to have the local police assist me in the search. Do you understand?"

"Joan's head hung down and she stared at the floor. "Yes I understand. I'll cooperate with you."

"Good, now stand up Mrs. Mertz, and face me."

Joan rose out of the chair and faced Carmen. When Carmen reached out for the buttons on her blouse, Joan reacted with horror. "You aren't going to do this with HIM present, are you? And she pointed to Captain Cortez.

"Why yes Mrs. Mertz, I am. Now are you going to cooperate or do I have to call the guards?"

"No, no, I'm sorry, I'll cooperate. Joan stood still, her face turned beet red with the knowledge that she would soon be standing naked in front of this stranger. She watched, somewhat detached, as Carmen began unbuttoning her blouse. Button by button until it hung from her shoulders and exposed her frilly white bra. Carmen took off her blouse and tossed it onto the empty chair. She ran her hands around Joan's shoulders, down her back to the edge of her jeans and then around to the front of her body, gently caressing Joan's body but never touching her breasts.

Very nice Mrs. Mertz. You have lovely skin. It is so soft, and smooth and very white."

"Thank you," was all Joan could think to say.

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