The Doctor Is In

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mary is having some minor sexual dysfunctions and hopes her OB/GYN doctor, Dr. Ann can help, but when she gets to the clinic for her exam, Dr. Ann is out sick and Dr. Adams takes over her case. He really helps out with Mary's problems.

Mary Wilson stepped out of the shower, dried off and went into her bedroom to prepare herself for her one o'clock doctors' appointment. Normally Mary wouldn't look forward to her annual OB/GYN appointment with Dr. Ann Landress, but not this year. She and Steve, her husband of six years, had slacked off on sex for the past nine months and she wasn't exactly sure why. She had noticed that she wasn't getting as wet as she used to do and, in fact, Steve wasn't stimulating her, either mentally or physically, as he usually did and she hoped that Dr. Ann could tell her why. Mary set out a conservative pair of panties, a nice matching white bra and blouse and a pair of tan slacks. When she finished she walked over to her vanity and sat down and looked at herself in the mirror - critically.

Not to bad she thought at least not for a 37-year-old woman. No appreciable fat in my arms, legs or butt and no sag, yet, of my 34D breasts. Mary scooted back in the vanity chair, spread her legs and looked down at her womanhood. She reached down with her left hand and slowly spread her outer vaginal lips, her labia, to reveal her large clitoris. She looked in the mirror and saw that, as it normally did, her clit was hanging down about an inch into her sexual cavity. Mary had always loved her clit form the time she first found it in the seventh grade. She loved the feeling it gave her when she played with it and she hadn't realize that hers was any larger and longer than most women's until several girls at a high school senior sleepover were comparing their anatomical differences. When Mary first had sex, in her sophomore year at college, she learned that not only was her clit great for pre-sexual stimulation but during the act itself her partner's cock not only filled her pussy to the max, but it also continuously rubbed on her clit. The feelings that Mary experienced during sex were pure ecstasy.

She gently caressed her labia and then put one finger just inside her lips and began to rub her clitoris. She immediately felt the pleasure building up deep within her body, but when she felt further inside her pussy it was as dry as the Serengeti dessert. "Shit," she said aloud. What the fuck is wrong with me? Even when Steve eats me out I don't get wet like I used to. Dr. Ann hopefully has some explanation for this or at least has a medication I can take to fix this problem.

Mary arrived at the Kaiser Medical and HMO Plan offices at a quarter to one and checked in with the receptionist.

"Good afternoon, my name is Mary Wilson and I have a one o'clock appointment with Dr. Ann Landress."

"OK. Would you please fill out this information on the clipboard and I'll make sure that Dr. Landress knows that you're waiting," the receptionist replied.

Mary took a seat, filled out the required "Current Visit" medical form as well as the attached "Permission to Treat the Patient" form. "Oh, Mrs. Wilson?" the receptionist called. Mary walked up to the front desk and said, "You called my name? I'm Mrs. Wilson."

"Oh yes. I'm sorry Mrs. Wilson but Dr. Landress has left the office, just before lunch actually. Seems she took ill. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I can reschedule you with Dr. Landress or if you prefer you can wait for another doctor, its your choice."

Mary was about to reschedule the appointment, when she thought about her "problem" and decided to take the first available doctor. "No, you don't have to reschedule me; I'll take the next available doctor."

"Good. Here is your chart and the completed forms. Please take them and go through the door to your left. Follow the corridor down to the end of hall to exam room number 5. It's the last exam room on the left. If you'll be kind enough to remove your clothes and don the paper gown, the doctor should be with you in a few minutes."

Mary walked through the door and down the hall to exam room number 5. She entered and noted that it was the standard exam room seen in most clinics. It had a small screen so the patient could change clothes with a modicum of privacy, the standard OB/GYN exam table - with stirrup holes, and rolling seat for the doctor. There was a variety of examination equipment laid out on the counter and a sink for washing one's hands.

Mary walked behind the screen and began undressing. She hung up her blouse and skirt on the coat tree provided, removed her bra and panties and put on the paper gown. She hated those damn paper gowns that never fit, your butt hangs out in the back and you can't possibly close the front. She sat and waited and after about five minutes a nurse knocked, entered the room and took Mary's vital signs; blood pressure, temperature, respiration, noted them in her chart and told Mary that the doctor would be right with her, and left the room.

Shortly thereafter was another knock on the door. "Come in," Mary yelled.

The door opened and Mary saw a tall, tanned, and very well built man standing in the doorway. He walked in, closed the door and introduced himself. "Hi Mrs. Wilson, my name is Dr. Adams, I'll be your physician today. Let's get started, shall we?"

"Sure. Nice to meet you Dr. Adams. Aren't you going to have a nurse stand-by, present during the exam?"

"Well, the clinic is very short today, but if you insist I can go and see if I can find someone to stand-by.

"No, I'm sorry Dr. Adams, this will be fine. Oh, by the way, it's Mary."

"OK then Mary; just give me a moment to review your chart." Mary watched him as he read through her chart. He was a very nice looking man, she thought. He looked to be about 6'2" and weighed maybe a 190 pounds. Dr. Adams was wearing a khaki pair of Dockers and an open collar shirt. Over that ensemble he wore his white doctors' coat with his name, Dr. Ken Adams, sewn above the left breast pocket. She was thinking that if she weren't married she would have done some serious flirting with this man, probably even tried to get him into bed.

"Mrs. Wilson... Mary?"

"Huh, Oh, I'm sorry doctor I guess I was daydreaming."

"That's OK. I was asking you if you still were experiencing those menstrual cramps at the end of each month."

"Err, Oh, no I'm not. I haven't had them for at least six months now. They just seemed to disappear."

Dr. Adams looked up from her chart and said, "OK Mary, that's a good sign."

"Well, I sure don't miss them."

"I'll bet you don't. Now let's have a listen to your lungs."

He warmed his stethoscope by rubbing it on his sleeve and then opened her paper gown and reached his arm around Mary's shoulder and placed the stethoscope on her back about midway between her waist and shoulder. "Take a deep breath Mary." She took a deep breath and exhaled. He move the instrument to her other side, "Again Mary." She took another deep breath and exhaled. "Good. Your lungs sound fine, but let's check the front. I need to hear your heart beat along with your lungs moving air."

Dr. Adams placed the stethoscopes' head just under Mary's right breast and asked her to again to take a deep breath. When she did and exhaled he moved the head across to her other breast but in doing that, his hand brushed across her right nipple. She felt an instant tingling deep in her body, but she chose to ignore it, after all he was her doctor, he wasn't trying to turn her on.

"OK Mary, lie back down on the table and let me check you internal organs."

Mary lay back on the table, the little pillow barley holding her head up. She felt his hands as they pushed and palpated her liver, spleen and appendix and on both sides of her body.

"Well everything inside seems to be in good order, now its time for your breast exam, just relax and let me check you for lumps. Sit up if you would please."

Mary sat up on the table, hanging her legs over the end. Dr. Adams removed her paper gown and placed it on the side of the table. Mary was now completely nude. She thought that was a little strange, but quickly put it out of her mind. His hands were warm and gentle as he manipulated her breasts. He was an expert examiner and if he were not her doctor she would have really enjoyed the way he felt each breast. Massaging around the sides and palpitating near the aureoles.

Dr. Adams looked at Mary, "You have a lovely set of breast Mary, you should be quite proud of them. See how they stand straight out from your body, they are absolutely exquisite."

Mary blushed. She had never had a doctor comment on her breasts or anything else for that matter, but like any other woman, she was pleased and took the comment in stride. "Uh, thank you doctor. I try hard to maintain my figure."

"Well, you have done a spectacular job Mary. "Now this next part might hurt just a little bit, I need to pinch your nipples to see their reaction, but as you know it is a very necessary and important part of the breast exam."

Mary knew he was going to pinch her nipples and although most women didn't like it, it had always been a turn on for her. When she and Steve made love she always liked it when he nibbled and even bit on her nipples. "That's fine doctor, please do whatever is necessary."

Dr. Adams gently took her left breast and cupped it in his hand and then manipulated her nipple with his other hand, finally pinching it two or three times. His touch felt so good and it had been so long since she and Steve had made love, that she felt herself beginning to get wet between her legs, something that hadn't happened to her in quite a while. "Ohhh," and a small moan escaped from her lips.

Dr. Adams looked up at Mary and smiled. He finished with her left breast and moved across to her right breast and repeated his exam. "Looks like your breasts are fine and I don't see any problems with your nipples, they seem to respond to my touch just fine, in fact it sounded like you might have enjoyed that too."

Mary blushed, but said nothing.

Dr. Adams took the stirrups out of the lower drawer and set them in place on the table. "Lay back down Mary and we'll see if we can't get this part of the exam over and done with." After Mary lay down and got comfortable, he took each of her legs and placed them in the stirrups. He then took out the drapes and placed them over her abdomen and legs. Dr. Adams stood up and walked to the sink and began washing his hands. She watched as he dried his hands, slipped on a set of gloves and sat back facing Mary's wide-open legs.

"Mary, before I use the speculum, I am going to check your vagina with my fingers. I promise I won't hurt you."

"Thanks you doctor."

She felt it as he put first one and then two fingers inside her pussy and moved them around, feeling and manipulating both sides of the wall as well as the back of her womb. It felt good. No, it actually felt great. She couldn't believe that she was responding to a physician's touch. She was hoping that he wouldn't notice that she was getting wetter and wetter as he continued to touch her.

"Well Mary," he said. "That completes the digital manipulation, now for the speculum."

He had warmed the speculum and when he inserted it into her it felt like a gigantic cock filling her pussy. He opened it wider and got his face between her legs and she heard him mumbling something. She closed her eyes and she could feel his breath on her labia and clit, if felt warm, nice and very sexy.

"Excuse me doctor? What did you say?" She asked.

"Ahhhh. I was just thinking out loud that your vagina is in absolutely great shape. No tears, no bruises and no scaring. I thought it looked as if you hadn't made love in quite some time. You have, haven't you Mary, made love I mean?"

The thought that he KNEW she hadn't made love in a long time made her cheeks blush with embarrassment. "Well, doctor, it has been a while since my husband and I have... ah... been intimate."

He removed the speculum from her and placed it on the counter. He looked up at her thoughtfully and said, "Well that is unfortunate Mary, very unfortunate. I saw in your chart that you have been concerned about dampness and lubrication for the sex act is that correct?"

"Ah... yes it is."

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