Winning It All

by Soronel Haetir

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Desc: Sex Story: Lace tells a story


Copyright┬ę 2005 Soronel Haetir

Sweetness and Lace were working on the laundry, seperating the clothes into many small batches and running them through the cleaner so that none of the colors ran. As each load was completed, one or the other would fold the garments and separate them as to where they belong.

Lace looked up from one particularly nice silk slip and asked "would you like to hear about how I first met Master?"

"Don't tease me, of course I do."

"It was the last day of competition for the Ninety, and He was the clear favorite to win."

The Ninety was a two year long competition held every five years, with events ranging across the spectrum of human endeavor, physical prowess in running, swimming, wrestling, and mental acuity in poetry composition, chess and debate were just some of the many things tested. To be champion required skill in all of them.

He walked down the aisle looking over his possible selections. As the leader coming into this last event he got to choose first. As he approached one she looked up some, but could only see his chest without breaking position. Though it was evident she was nervous there was also a rueful grin on her face as if she were looking forward to whatever might happen. Her long blonde hair was brushed out straight and neat, spread across her shoulders. Like the rest, she was dressed in white, denoting her untouched condition. The girl at his feet was attired in a tight fitting leotard of sorts. While it had a solid crotch the leggings were mere wrappings that left the outer half of her thighs exposed and even more of her calves. The top was fashioned of two bands, branching from the crotch, each looping up to cover her nipples, leaving the side of her breasts exposed and then pass over her shoulder and meet again just above her rear. "I'll take this one, I like her smile."

As he reached down to take her hand, her entire face went red, not being used to such a compliment. Before leading her away, he bound her hands behind her back just tight enough to make her chest arch into the straps. As he left the selection room and went to the assigned viewing room, the next competitor entered. They exchanged friendly nods, there being no need for unpleasantries anymore.

The judges were waiting for him, As was customary for this event they were all female, their faces covered by deep hoods. Who better to judge a woman's pleasure than another woman? In front of the table where they were seated was a bed and a few feet from its base a binding pole was set firm in the floor, which was covered in thick furs fashioned from the soft almost snow white hide of the northern bear. Various implements for binding were arrayed on a small table between the bed and post. The room itself was a sort of felt tent fashioned within a larger building holding more such constructions. No one remembered why it was done this way, it too had become custom.

The lead judge was the only one that spoke "It has long been the belief in our land that while a man may run his household as he pleases, it is his duty to bring pleasure to any woman he chooses to keep there. Today your efforts will be tested, you may begin now."

The chosen girl gasped realizing just how lucky she was. The Test of Passion was something every girl unfortunate enough to be taken slave hoped would be her lot. And being chosen first, she knew this was a very special man.

He paused to take a piece of silk perhaps seven feet long from the table then led his chosen to the bed. Her released her wrists from the binding he had placed earlier and motioned for her to lay down. He fed the silk around two convenient slats in the headboard leaving a foot and a half slack on each end. As he took each of her arms, she thought at first he was going to tie her in place, but instead he looped the extra around her palms a couple times and closed her fingers around that, ensuring she had a good hold. Leaning down next to her ear he whispered "Don't let go" and all she could do was nod.

His hands brushed down her sides, becoming acquainted with the feel of her. His breath was warm on her neck as he considered how to proceed. She felt herself shiver as he licked a finger then drew it up along her exposed mid-line. She opened her eyes as he scooted away from her, watching him move over to the table. Her eyes opened wide seeing him pick up a pair of scissors, unsure of what he would do.

After returning, he placed the scissors on her chest, letting the feel of the cool metal gnaw at her as his lips sucked slow and teasing along her neck. One hand slid over the band on the side away from him, soft touches permeating themselves into her consciousness. As his lips moved up, tugging at her ear, the scissors faded out of her senses. And still he made no move to expose her. His hand stroked over her breast feeling her nipple already stiffening and moved on, traveling up her shoulder and dancing along her neck. At last he took her chin. holding light with his thumb and finger, turning her face to him as his came came forward.

And in that moment, she knew she was forever his. Her hands closed tighter around the strand of silk, knowing what was at stake. He devoured her through that kiss, draining away every fear and shadow that had ever troubled her. Somehow separated for just a moment she heard one of the judges moan as the kiss continued and then she was part of it again. His lips closed over her lower one sucking at it, his body shifting to lay partway on her. The weight pressed the scissors against her some, but she was beyond caring.

His tongue flicked out, dancing first along the edge of her lips then pressing just between, playing over her teeth. Beyond her experience and going on instinct alone, she opened her mouth, but his tongue approached no closer. Instead he withdrew, then speared between her lips again, and then once more before venturing between her teeth. At last his tongue found hers, swirling around its tip then roaming deeper. The unexpected joy of this sent waves of pleasure coursing through her. With some hesitation she tried returning the motion, pressing his tongue back, then exploring his mouth as he had hers. During the moments he let her take control. she ran her tongue as far back over his palette as she could, then along his teeth as he had done to her. Somehow it was all wonderful.

His hand began moving again, this time sliding down to rest on her far hip. As his lips drew away a tender moan escaped, his hand slipping under the cloth to run along her thigh. His lips pressed at the side of her neck, sucking just behind her jaw. She closed her eyes, the feelings so intense there was no need to watch, only feel. His chest was against her side as his hand came back up, taking the scissors and dragging them across her belly button. She felt a light nip as his teeth nibbled at the exposed side of her breast. His tongue ran across the sliver of flesh caught between his lips and teeth, letting it pull back through. He ventured in more, but left the cloth in place, his lips closing around her nipple almost sucking it through the thin cloth.

As the maddening teasing continued she felt him reach down and snip one of the bands around her legs that kept the leotard in place. A cool breeze slipped through dancing across her inner thigh. He set the scissors down again then worked his hand under the pit of her back lifting her to him as he traveled down her stomach, switching from one side to the other. Trying to become part of the act she bent one of her legs, stroking her foot along his back and side. His hand came down lifting her leg more, his head turning to press his lips just above her knee, then let go, returning to her stomach. She groaned as the sharp point of the scissors went up her side, only to shiver as she felt one of the upper straps fall loose. His teeth grasped the cloth pulling it to the side, Lifting her hips again he snipped the same band from underneath, disposing of it. Once more he worked his way higher upon her oh so willing body, his gentle hands holding her as his tongue swirled over her tightened breast, never quite moving in to her nipple.

As his tongue and mouth continued to dance over her one hand came up, pushing under the remaining band then cupping over her ripe breast. Once more she arched to him, a long drawn out groan testament to her enjoyment. As his mouth continued inward, his tongue flicking over the very tip of her erect nipple his hand began to kneed the other, almost as if he were milking her.

Once more he picked up the scissors, the metal now warm against her skin as he cut the other side loose. As this strap was pulled free, his hand strayed down, cupping her rear and squeezing, his fingers pressed down between her legs almost grazing her moist pussy. The tantalizing taste of what would come was short lived as his hand moved away. She opened her eyes again when she felt him depart, and watches as he unbuttoned his shirt and slid out of it. He was muscled as she knew he would have to be, but the reality of it forced a sharp breath after a few seconds holding it all in. He returned to her, his fair skin covered in a sheen of sweat, the light sparkling on him. He rubbed his way up her stomach until his chest was resting on hers, her nipples digging into him, his lips by her ear again.

One hand caressed down her side, turning across her hip to stroke just along the crease where her leg turned to body. She moaned while trying to move her hips around, trying to get closer to those wonderful fingers, but they stayed just out of reach. His voice pierced her soul as his body held her trapped "soon, little one, is there any special wish you've dreamt of when alone at night?"

She managed to croak out, low enough that he could just make it out "you, you are more than I ever dreamed." She felt his lips kiss her ear before he moved away again. He kissed along the leg where he had already cut once as he picked up the scissors to continue revealing her. He kissed across her waistline as he snipped the one legging free, then began to roll it down. His actions went in slow motion, her entire being tuned to his every move. His hands brushed over her skin sending shock waves throughout as the legging came off. His lips followed a little behind, staying more to the inside of her leg than did his hands. He gave her ankle a little rub as the now useless material was pulled free, then licked his way back up her leg.

She ran her now bare leg up the side of his chest, hoping to coax him faster, but he would have none of it. One hand slipped under the cloth, stroking her soaked mound, for the first time touched that way by someone other than herself. Her back arched and she moaned, pleading with him to keep going. Her hands tugged hard at the silk, almost letting go but managing not to. His thumb pressed against her slit, letting her get used to the idea. And then he was moving away again, making short work of cutting the second leg free. He pulled this one down with agonizing slowness, using only his teeth. Tugging first on one side then the other until it was finally off. She watched as his eyes roamed up, examining his prize. She wondered what he saw, but didn't ask. She knew he had to see how ready she was, she could feel the soaked through cloth against her.

He ran one hand up each of her legs as he moved in. His hands stopped on her thighs for long moments, As he looked at her, seeing her clad in what would almost be a panty. She hoped he would take it off, but instead he kissed slowly back up. Holding her to the bed, showing her just how much she was his. He whispered "soon I shall see what is mine, will you be ready to become mine?"

She managed a whimpered "Yes, Master", loud enough the judges could hear, she looked over and realized with a shock how much they wished they could be her. Her legs wrapped around him, clinging, wishing it could be her hands.

He slid off to her side again, one leg draped over hers, using the scissors he cut the last cloth free with a snip to either side of her hips. Then with deliberate slowness he pulled the soaked silk free. He brought it to his nose and mouth, inhaling deeply. He offered it to her, but she shook her head. He set the cloth and scissors aside, no longer needing either, his now free hand roaming down her stomach. He stopped for a moment, stroking her bared womanhood, clean shaven as custom dictated.

She turned to watch his face as his middle finger stroked up and down her slit, spreading her juices around, everything so slick. His eyes locked with hers as his finger split her lips, sinking into her tight clutching body. She closed her legs trapping his hand, the feeling of something inside her so tantalizing and filling. His finger withdrew but his palm remained, pressing against her entire mound all at once. He kissed along her neck and then over her chest, stopping to suck at her nipples some more as his finger probed inside again.

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