My Mistake

by Soronel Haetir

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Science Fiction, Light Bond, First, Body Modification, Caution, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A hitchhiker walking down a loney highway makes a bad decision (or is it?)


Copyright┬ę 2005 Soronel Haetir

It had been two days since the... transformation. Hell, who am I kidding. I have no idea how long it's been now. So much has changed, and none of it that I liked. These people are psychotic, and they know it. Two days ago, or whenever the hell it was, I had been hitch hiking near the Oregon-California border, heading north. It was pretty country, mostly forested, and the sun was shining through the dense trees.

A van pulled up beside me, two guys inside. They looked clean and ordinary, probably college students somewhere. They offered and I accepted. I had done it before, and would probably have done it again if I weren't in the mess I've landed in. I stowed my gear in the back, just a backpack really and moved up to the rear passenger seat. I noticed both were big guys, broad in the shoulders.

"Gotta drop off some stuff at a place up ahead, won't take long."

"Sure. Thanks for the lift."

"Where you headed?"

"Seattle right now. started in Mississippi in May. Have to get back to school in August. Other than that, will just have to see."

"Sounds fun, wish I could get away like that."

"Only chance I'm gonna get to do it. Probably wouldn't want to again anyway."

"I hear ya."

We turned off onto a dirt road, I figured for the drop off, no big deal to me. The building we arrived at surprised me, it was a basic metropolital office complex, three floors, lots of glass, white. The lot was paved, but most of it was empty.

"Hang tight, be back in a flash." The other passenger picked up a small box and both got out. This is when the strange things started happening, the doors locked and the van started up again. Then it popped into gear and started driving around the side. There was a garage there and I really wasn't liking this. I tried stomping on the brakes and turning the wheel, but got nothing. The car rolled through the garage door and the door lowered behind me, cutting off the outside world and everything normal.

I tried the door again, no good. That's when I noticed the hissing sound. I was able to bang on the window one more time before sliding into unconsciousness.

I woke some time later. It took awhile, everything was fuzzy. The light overhead was too bright, and the background humming was too loud.

It didn't take long for me to wake up after realizing I was strapped down. Even my head, though I was able to look down and see I was naked, an IV stuck in my arm. At least it was warm, aren't these sorts of things supposed to be cold?

Some guy in a white coat, great. Mostly bald. glasses, you know, you typical freakin' mad scientist type. "Hey, what the fuck is this?"

"All in good time."

"Fuck you."

"That too, but not yet." Uh-oh, kinky sex games. I tried the restraints again, same result. He came over and fiddled with a bag of black goo attached to the IV, unhealthy looking shit. "You're not going to enjoy this. Tough."

I wanted to spit at him, but my mouth was too dry. And then there was pain. I could feel the goo oozing into me, it burned. Must not be the first time they've done this, cause when my bowels let go, there was a pan under me ready for it. And then the changes started happening. It started with my dick, the burning goo arcing through me, somehow making me harder than ever before. The pain grew, and then my boner just started melting back into itself. There was a mirror down between my legs, I could watch it happen. Sadistic bastards.

It was when the pussy started forming I blacked out again.

It took me awhile to wake up again, wondering what the hell that was all about. Things felt... different, and I somehow knew it wasn't a dream, even without opening my eyes. The restraints were gone and I was on my side. My chest seemed heavy. I opened my eyes, looking around, no idea what I would find.

I was in a very plain white room. The bed seemed comfortable enough. There didn't appear to be a door, or cameras, though I felt sure they were watching me. Over in one corner there was a small bathroom area. Not your typical ultra-durable prison style sink and toilet, much more homey. There was a mirror over the sink. I just had to see what they... did... to me.

Whatever the shit was, it was thorough. My face was changed, much softer now, my hair had grown longer, and was now a light brown, with waves. I seemed to be a little shorter. Whoever's in charge must like women that seem to fit together, cause I sure was. My new bust large, but not overly so. Beats me what size. The nipples weren't too large either. I wondered if I was still drugged, cause I felt I should be fucking pissed, but wasn't. My hips flared nicely, melting into firm shapely legs. I was hairless from the neck down, other than a small patch of pubic hair. If I had still been the old me, I'de have sure been attracted to this vision.

I trembled as I went back to the bed, knowing I wouldn't be satisfied until I had taken a look down there. It was a pussy all right, and jut as pink as you could ask for. I was startled out of my inspection by a hidden door sliding out of the way. I instinctively tried to cover myself, hiding in the corner, pulling the blanket up around me. It was one of the guys from the van, the driver, he was wearing tan sweats today, "hi, sweetie."

I looked around for something to throw at him, nada, so yelled instead "FUCK YOU!! What the fuck are you people doing?" I've GOT to be drugged, that little outburst drained so much energy.

"Oddly enough, that's what I'm here for. The Doctor insists that I... drill it into you that you really are a woman. I just got lucky, I was driving when you came aboard."

"So you think I'm just gonna lie here while you fuck me? You're fucking nuts."

"No, you're going to be much more involved. And you're going to enjoy it."

"That's even crazier."

"Suit yourself. But if you behave, he won't give you more. It wears off in about six months. I've been exactly where you are."

"Ok, then why? Why all this? Why me?"

"Well, the why you is easy. You weren't going to be missed for awhile. Why all this? I don't know, I just work here."

'Guess I should have known." Damn, I should be a lot more angry about all this. I focused on his claim that it wears off, no way to know if he's lying. Not like he's given much reason to trust him so far.

"Anyway, you need to eat. That stuff takes way too much fuel." He wheeled a cart in, a tray on top. I couldn't have wanted it more, I was starving. There were two bowls of hot oatmeal, apple slices and cinnamon mixed in. Those I flat inhaled. Next several pieces of toast, various jellies. Gone almost as fast. I slowed down some for the oranges. Finally two glasses of milk, one of apple juice. And some pills.

"What are these?"

"Vitamins, minerals and... birth control. We let a couple visitors experience motherhood. Turned out to be more trouble than it's worth."

"Thank... thank you." Just the thought gave me shivers. "So what was it like, waking up without a dick, and then some guy coming in saying he's gonna fuck you?"

"I was pretty pissed. They didn't have the mood meds right when they did me." Ah, I /am/ drugged, wonder if I can do anything about it. "The sex... the first time wasn't fun. You'll get a choice in a few minutes, same as I did. I chose to fight. I hope you don't."

"What's the other choice?"

"Be the young women that you are. I can show you a time most real women dream of. Or fight. If you win, they'll administer an anti dote and send you on your way. At least that's what they say, I trust them on it though. I really suggest you don't do that, you can't win. And the guys they would pit you against enjoy being rough."

Maybe it was just the 'mood meds', but I sure didn't feel like I could beat anyone in my current condition. I bit my lower lip "I don't have much reason to trust you. But I think I will, for now."

He smiled, "best move you've made in awhile." He gathered up the dishes and rolled the cart out the door. I don't know if its more drugs or whatever they did to me, but I realize he's pretty sexy. I hope THAT goes away later! "So you know, as long as you continue behaving, you won't have to fuck anyone other than me."

"Ok... okay," this just gets weirder and weirder. People who are out of their heads, who do these sorts of things. And then be nice? Hope it's true. "So what next?"

"Well, First comes the beauty salon, and then some clothes. Got to be perfect for your big day, right?"

"I... guess," women have /got/ to be wired different, the thought of getting my hair done and then finding just the right thing to wear was making me all tingly inside.

"Come on, it's not that bad." I was perplexed when he gave me a robe, but managed to get into it without showing myself. He offered his hand, I took it, getting out of bed.

"So how much of this is drugs, and how much hormones?"

"Calmness is probably all from drugs. Any excitement though, that's either hormones or just you."

I've had at least part of this inside me all my life? No way. He didn't caress me or anything, but did kiss the back of my neck. It felt good, but I fought not to let him know that! He led me out into the hall, typical non-descript corridor, recently waxed tiled, bright lights, the works. There were doors along both sides, many open versions of where I had been. The beds looked unused.

"How many others here like me?"

"Can't tell you, sorry."


We turned into another room. Lots of showers, each with it's own little cubical. The first one was free, he chose it. He gathered up my hair under a showercap, then indicated I should go in the adjoining shower. "Remember, be good and things continue this way."

"I thought you'de be doing this."

"Not this time, sweetie. It's part of giving you something you'll never forget. Later we'll do a lot more."

"You're a strange man. I'de have never acted like you are, before."

"Remember, I've been there, I know how scary it is. The Doctor says to think being nice gives results closer to norm, whatever that means."

I closed the curtain, then handed the robe out. There wasn't any soap, but the nozzle seemed to have a dispenser built in. The lather was thick and creamy, and felt really good on my new soft places. I was tempted to play but his voice brought me back "You'll have time to play later."

I couldn't help but giggle, giggle? damn. I finished up with the shower, rinsing off with one last spray of luxuriant hot water. I reached out and he gave me a towel, done with that and he gave me back the robe, still without looking. Found myself wondering at his control.

Next up was the salon, just as he said. A shock was waiting for me here. The other guy from the van was here already, with another young woman. Our eyes met for a moment, the truth plain to see. His lips on my neck took my attention off her. He led me behind another partition, thankfully seperating us from the other pair. "That was freaky."

"Had to happen sometime. I'm glad it was here, and not down at the infirmery. That's where the ones that choose to fight end up."

"Why don't you do something if it's so bad?"

"I do what I can, convincing you to cooperate saved you. Very few fight anymore."

He helped me into an ordinary salon chair, a tub under my head. I don't really know what all he did. I know he washed my hair, and then trimmed a little. But mostly I just let him work. He seemed to know what he was doing. He also filed all of my finger and toenails, that felt REALLY different. Both my hands and feet are a lot smaller than I'm used to. "Polish comes later."


He kissed my cheek, "you're being very good, sweetie, are you starting to feel anything?" I wanted to resent him, but couldn't. We left the salan, I looked over, but the other two were gone. I'm not sure if I was glad or not.

"Some, everything is so different. So much softer feeling. Can't you call me something other than sweetie?"

"Not until after... well what this is leading up to. That's when I give you a new name."

"It's alright for you to say fuck, you know."

"No it's not, fucking isn't special."

I chewed on this in silence. The next room was filled with clothing, something had evidently already been picked out for me though, cause he handed me a hanger with a bag over it, then ushered me into a dressing room. He waited outside.

I opened it up, taking a look at what I was supposed to put on. The panties were easy to figure out. Black, high-cut, mostly transparent lace. No bra, didn't really feel like I needed one anyway. Whoever designed the dress ought to get a medal, and then shot. Black, strapless AND backless, I have no idea how it stay up, other than it did. There was a slit that exposed most of my right leg. He pushed a pair of shoes under the door. Thank God, not high heels! Instead, just a moderate platform. They went on like they had been custom made, maybe they had. Walking felt very natural.

He had changed while I was getting dressed. The sweats were gone, replaced with a white polo shirt and slacks. His shoes were shiny black wingtips. He looked like a hunk. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. He had a small bottle of nail polish, which he applied with obvious ease, blowing each finger dry afterward.

"Have you ever wondered what it's like on the other side?" His question caught me off guard.

"Doesn't everyone? Never thought I'de find out though."

"Of course not. And now, is my lady ready for her evening of entertainment?"

"It's evening already?"

"It is."

I knew everything had taken awhile, but not THAT much time. Maybe he was just playing with me. Not like the time really mattered. What mattered was that I was hungry again... and nervous. I wanted to be good, if only to avoid pain. And he had me wondering, tonight might be nice. "Then yes."

He kissed my cheek again, I tried to turn into him it felt so good, but he backed away with a twinkle in his eye. "Later, later you will get all the kisses you can possibly handle."

He linked my arm in his, then led me around another corner, then down a short hall. We stopped in front of a door. "Close your eyes."

I didn't want to, but did. I could hear the door open, and then he helped me through. The door closed. "Okay. You can open."

It tooked like an expensive hotel suite. There was a sitting area with a couch and a loveseat. A dining nook with an attached kitchen. I could glimpse a bedroom through one door, and guessed a bathroom was through the other. In one corner of the main room, there was a raised platform with a hot tub.

There was food waiting on the kitchen island, and only one chair at the table. I stood eyeing it nervously as he gathered up food, and a glass. He brought over two heaping plates, as well as a bottle of sparkling apple cider.

My mind was screaming 'This is wrong!' but I couldn't muster any will. He faced me after arranging the plates, drawing me against him, I couldn't fight if I wanted to, and I didn't really want to anymore. He brushed his hands over my bare back, it was the first time he had touched me other than hands, feet or head. It felt wonderful.

He sat down, then helped me settle on his lap. I couldn't help but snuggle against him. I must be going off the deep end. A few days ago I'm a normal hetro man, and now I'm apparently a hetro woman. Maybe I should be thankful for whatever favors I get.

His hand stayed around me as he forked some spagetti. I was starving again and it looked like he was going to feed me. I guess I can deal with that. He offered it to me, and I accepted. I'de read about things like this, usually involving a lot of teasing. He wasn't like that. He fed me almost methodically, occasionally taking a bite for himself. He kissed me a few more times, never lingering, much as I wanted him to.

Must have been really hungry, cause those two plates went before I even noticed. He sucked on my ear, making me gasp in pleasure, then poured the cider. He left it there, bubbling in the light, it was enchanting. Just like the food, he let me drink most of it, taking only a little for himself. I hoped he was getting enough.

His hand caressed my back again, his other hand gently raising my chin, gods he knows how to touch a woman! "It's time, sweetie." All I could do was nod, then he leaned down and kissed me, not pulling away this time. In a world where everything had turned upside down, he was the one solid piece I could cling to. In a strange sort of way I even felt safe. The kiss was unhurried, but promised a lot more.

He picked me up, he made it seem effortless, maybe it was. I held on around his neck. I wanted to feel him pinning me to the bed, his hard cock filling the tiny pussy I still hadn't been able to explore. It was all too weird. But as long as it was like this, I can take it. I kissed his neck, it felt right.

The bedroom was a thing of beauty, the light had a sort of fuzzy quality. The walls were draped with a satin looking material in deep red, probably to hide the fact there were no windows. The bed was huge of course, and heart shaped. How cliche. These people read too many romance novels. And pillows, lots of pillows in many different shapes. Well, so far he hadn't lied to me about being nice. There was a knot of anticipation in my gut.

"So do I get to know your name?"

"Sure, sweetie. I'm Mark. Nervous?"

"Some. But I feel safe with you. You're ok for a kidnapping bastard."

"Thanks, I think." He had moved over to the bed without me noticing. I /did/ notice when he sat down though, I could feel the hard bulge pressing against my hip. I shivered trying to imagine what it would feel like. His lips caught mine again, not that I was trying to escape. It felt good to let him take charge. He moved my hands down to his shirt hem, I took the hint.

I wasn't easy getting his shirt off. I didn't want to stop kissing him, and the more I kissed him, the more tingly I got. Mark has great muscle tone. I'de he's about 6' 3", and easily over 225 pounds with very little fat. Somehow though, his muscles have grace, like some jungle cat. Not the bulkiness that you see so often. His skin was warm and soft, and his smell, that was GREAT! Very little body hair, don't know if he shaves, if it's just the way he is, or if it's something the drugs did.

His hand on my leg took me by surprise and I sucked in a startled breath. Might have been what he was trying for, cause his tongue openned my lips wider. Have I mentioned that Mark really knows how to kiss? He does. I kicked off my shoes, losing myself in that kiss, his tongue making love with mine.

I moaned, disappointed, as it petered out, left breathless. "Want to do something for me sweetie?"

Uh oh "Maybe, what?"

"Crawl into bed and look sexy."

That sounded pretty fun. "Sure," I wiggled against him a couple times teasing, payback's a bitch and all that. He watched, smiling as I got down on my stomach, using my elbows and knees to scoot inward. They really did a number on me, I'm way more flexible now. And have much better balance and coordination. When I got to the middle I turned have on my side, my stomach down and my hips cocked sideways. I slllowly openned my legs, my right one pulled through the dress slit.

He bent down, removing his shoes, And then his pants. This both disappointed and relieved me. I kinda wanted to do that, but was still a bit out of sorts. Oh well, it was his show anyway, so let him drive. I licked my lips, waiting for him to turn around. He sure didn't disappoint me here. He was already fully erect, not overly long perhaps seven inches, but thick. It was the first time I had ever seen a hard one in person, other than my own. I wanted him.

I licked my lips as he approached, unable to help myself. I wanted to reach out and feel him, but he moved behind me, kissing up my bare back. His breath was hot on my skin, his hands gentle. I pushed against him as he teased my neck. He's too damn good at this. He moved up more, nibbling at my ear.

"So, sweetie, can you feel yourself getting ready for me? Getting all hot and slick?"

I managed a husky "yes."

"Good, being able to admit it is important." He turned me to my back, gazing into my eyes, "there's no other feeling quite like it, your body welcoming your man."

"You won't have to take what I freely give."

"A trade then, pleasure for pleasure." I openned my mouth about to speak, but he kissed me into silence. He flipped down the top part of my dress, that's when I really noticed my nipples. They were hard little pebbles rubbing against his chest, sending sparks through me, mostly between my legs it seemed. I tangled my hands in his hair as he moved lower. My boobs had been firm when I first looked in the mirror, but now they were tight and aching, waiting for him to feast on.

And feat he did, using lips tongue and teeth, alternating from side to side. My hips were rocking by the time he sucked at my nipples. Damn he's good at this too. And that was before he started using his tongue on them. The heat was spreading now, I could feel it down in my crotch.

He kissed my stomach, playing with my belly button, pushing the dress past my hips. I moaned as he brushed my legs, removing the dress, it just felt so good. Only my soaked panties remained. And I wanted them gone. Mark did too it seemed, he tugged at them and the seams unraveled, convient. I moaned again as the cool air hit me, exposed and very ready. I sure wasn't ready for that kiss though, his touch sent fire coursing through me, a very pleasant fire unlike the burning pain from the goo.

He backed off a little, bringing his hand up to brush my mound. His middle finger teased my slit, I could feel him against my moist center. It took him awhile to press it inside, I could feel myself gripping him everywhere! It felt so big, I had no idea how his dick could possibly fit, but knew it would. I must be on a hairtrigger cause as he was pulling his finger out, he hit something and I lost it. I could feel myself trying to clench on something that wasn't there, waves of pleasure rolling up and down my body.

He rubbed against me as he moved back up, pressing me into the bed. It was a dominance gesture I recognized, I'de done it many times. It felt good, him doing that. I had already given myself, and now he would take me. I gasped as he rubbed against me, I could feel the big vein sliding against my lips. It felt huge.

I tensed up as he brushed his tip against my brand new pussy, more sparks flowing. His whispered "releax, sweetie" did help calm me some. I could sense the solid length of him behind that initial contact. My body struggled to keep him out, but with gentle pressure I finally gave in. It tore and it stung but all pain is nothing compared to the black goo that did this to me.

Mark took his time, letting me adjust to the moster he was shoving in. If I thought my grip on his finger had been tight, this was more like a python death squeeze. Nit ot sure felt good! I felt so tiny, held under that big guy. I could get used to this! His lips covered mine as his pubic hair tickled me, I wrapped my hands around his neck, hanging on for all I was worth. He started playing with one of my nipples, his hips resting against me. "How ya doing, sweetie?"

"Its hard to believe, but I like it. I couldn't even feel inside where it was going to go, but now, oh!" He took one of my hands, guiding it between us, I got the idea and slid it down more. He was slick with my oils as he withdrew, I could feel myself closing inside, it was a very empty and alone feeling. My fingers though, that was very nice, inside may have been pure pleasure, but lacks the detail that fingers give. It was all new, not even sure how to describe it all. I felt my mound pushed in as he returned to my hot passage, a moaned forced from me.

I bumped my clit and forgot all about examining the way I spread for him. WOW! Mark groaned as my muscles inside clamped down on him. I liked the feeling of power that gave me. He began a slow steady rocking, driving away all other thoughts. I /was/ his pleasure, as he was mine. I couldn't hold back any longer and let go, my fingers rubbing my clit with abandon, my feet hooking around his thighs pulling me tights as I came. And came and came and came. It went on forever, The waves of pleasure kept crashing over me. And in the middle of it all, Mark pressed me tight against the bed, his hot seed making it all that much better.

I was feeling so content when it was over, Mark smiling, gazing into my eyes. I could have stayed there for all time, but he picked me up, and sat back, me sitting on his lap still wrapped around him. He played with my hair and I snuggled against him. If they wanted me to be a happy woman, they certainly got it right. "So this is how the other half lives. Mark? So do I have duties or something I'm supposed to do while I'm here?"

He sighed, "yeah. Nothing too awful though. Your uterus is a factory now for some fluid. Every couple weeks that gets harvested. It's the real product they're after here, don't know what they do with it. Sex is also part of it. Minimum of three times a day, it drives the fluid production."

"Ok. I knew there had to be something going on." Sex three times a day with Mark? Yum. "Does the... harvesting hurt?"

"No, it actually feels fairly good. You feel kinda bloated when it's time. And if you're willing to do more than the minimum, you can earn special priviledge."


"Yeah, stuff like going to town. This isn't a prison. No one would believe you if you tried to tell."

"Do I get anything out of it besides great sex?"

He kissed my neck "if you eat right as the stuff wears off, you grow a lot. I was smaller than you were when we met, when they grabbed me. And it fixes anything that might have been wrong with you. Disease, addiction."

"Sounds too good to be true, what's the catch?"

"You never go anywhere without me. Not to town, not down the hall, not to bed. Anything else?"

"Not right now. Oh! If I'm stuck with you, I'm gonna wear you out!"

"I'll enjoy letting you try. And now, something happier. I know the name that's right for you."

I trembled wondering what trick he was about to play. "You're so sweet, you've just got to be Candy."

"You beast!" I tried pushing him backwards, laughing. He just held me close, laughing too. "So how did a nice guy like you get caught up in this?"

"I was a bum in San Francisco, only 19 and already down and out. A couple guys came by and said they had some work for me. They seemed clean so why not?"

"Why'd you fight then?"

"There were still problems with the chemical balances then. I woke up really pissed and it just got worse. Plus it takes time to clean drugs and alcohol out."

"Guess I won't be upset about them making me happy then. Now come on you, we have a quota and are behind schedule!"

That was 'yesterday' for me. We ended up going at it for hours, talk mixed inbetween. One interesting thing I've learned, whatever process is going on in my body, it takes so much energy that I no longer produce waste. And that apparently is true even after you revert. The only reason the rooms include toilets was to keep the contractor from asking too many questions.

I woke up snuggled against Mark, my leg draped over him. I can't say I didn't like it.

Collection day. It turned out to be a lot better than I feared. Mark helped settle this suction cup looking thing inside me, with a tube hanging out. He was right about the bloated feeling. The process took about five minutes, the fluid filling a sterile plastic bag. There was perhaps a quart of it, with a slight honey tint.

I've been here a month and a half now, and it occured to me today to ask about my period. So far I haven't had one. They made me better than then real thing. My body treats the discharge as waste and recycles it, just like the super food conversion.

We went to town for the first time last night. It's a fairly quiet place, enjoyed some dancing and music at the only club in the place. Some jerk tried ruining it afterward, pulled a knife and threatened to cut me. Guess Mark knows how to huge that big body of his. Guy's wrist was broken before I saw what happened. We stuck around for the police, they seemed to know the guy. They seemed happy enough to let him go with just his broken wrist as a reminder of this mistake.

If being a woman is fun, it's only because Mark makes me feel loved.

Well, it's been six months, almost. I've started growing taller, though I'm still fully female. Have been told it will be another day or two. I've been eating almost non-stop. And I've made a choice.

I was sitting on Mark's lap, one of my favorite places to be, it's also the time that we talk. Mostly silly stuff, not a lot of serious things happen around here. We take care of the production and are left alone. This time though, I could tell he wanted to ask something important. Just the way he kept trying to start.

"Candy-cane? I'm sure you're looking forward to becoming Daniel again, right?"

"Like a kid looks forward to Christmas!" He smiled. Even with his heavy thoughts, he could still smile for me.

"I can understand if you want to leave, but I really don't want to lose you. Would you stick around for Daisy?"

"Dai..." understanding hit me like a ton of bricks. He nodded at my unspoken question. "I've liked letting you be in charge mostly, I'm guessing that will change?"

"Like night and day. Don't worry about that part."

I used my legs to pull myself really tight, my arms doing the same. "Yes!"

He tipped me backward and we went at it fast and furious. It was also the last time for us as Mark and Candy. Apparently, sexual activity hinders the return transformation. It made me feel very alone, for the first time since arriving here.

I woke up fully male today, have been told I was out for two days. I went to bed close to my current size, but still female. I can't believe how big I am now, 7" really changes how you look at the world. Mark and I haven't seen each other, we both thought it would be too weird. He should be going in soon, now that I'm back. In the meantime, I'm eating. Haven't been this hungry since the first time.

She was asleep when I went in. I could hardly believe it was the same pierson. She could have easily been Mark's sister, but Mark? No way. I already felt protective toward her though, she looked so peaceful. They gave her something for the pain this time. They only keep you awake the first time in order to shock you. It works. I still don't know what they do with the fluid that's the product of all this. We don't have to deal with that side of the operator much. I'm glad too, the few times I've had to meet with them, they still creep me out.

I had food ready for her, and probably would have slipped into bed behind her, except she had asked for me to do something in particular that would come later. The medical team knows their stuff, she began stirring withen 30 seconds of the time they told me. It must be easier the second time, cause she came around pretty quick after that.

"Hi there, little blossom" I may or may not call her Daisy, but thought it was a good joke between very close friends.

Her eyes openned, erasing any doubt that this was someone else. "Hi yourself, big boy."

"I had been nervous for awhile, wondering if this would work. Seeing you though is answer enough." I wheeled the cart over, knowing how hungry she would be. Her hair had changed, Mark's was brown bordering on black, hers was true blonde. Her face had softened even more than mine had, at least I thought so. Maybe I'm biased. She was under a blanket, so I haven't really got a chance to look at her yet.

I had gone all out on her breakfast. I was a pretty good cook even before, and had lots of time to practice. I started her off with a plate of Belgian waffles, piled high with whipped cream and strawberries. I wanted to feed her, and would later, but her request got in the way. She wants to pretend to fight, hoping to erase the bad memories from her first trip through looking glass land. I can understand that, and even look forward to it.

I had spent six months getting pampered though, and was also looking forward to turning those tables. I may have done a lot of the cooking, but other than that first breakfast, I did not feed myself that entire time. Even while cooking, if I needed to taste test something, he was there and would give me the bite. I fed Mark a few times, but never myself. Even in public, that was embarassing at first, but I managed. I got to clean him a lot more than I fed him, that was a lot of fun also, especially since he was usually washing me at the same time. But before I could do any of those things, I had to 'subdue' her.

I had a second plate of waffles ready and she ate those just as fast. then a couple eggs and a piece of ham. A bowl of peaches finished off her hunger. A carafe of apple juice later, and her thirst was equally sated. I asked about coffee once and was asked back "Do you feel like you need it?" and realized I really had never felt better. Alcohol is pretty pointless also, we could drink gallons of it and not get even a mild buzz. And real poisons? A joke. Juice is great though. Sweet and heavy on sugars. She took her pills with the last of the juice.

"I've been told you're going to be a bad girl, little blossom. And that I'm going to need to teach you how a woman behaves."

She bit her lower lip, I wondered how much of it was an act. "If you think I'm going to have sex with YOU, you're gonna have to tie me down."

"Really? That sounds fun." She flashed me a smile which made me feel a lot better about the whole thing. "I'm sure a pretty blossom like you would want a shower, am I going to have to clean you?"

She wailed "No! No! I'll do that."

I cleared away the dishes, then handed her a robe. Mirroring in so many ways that one day. She struggled into it, not revealing herself at all. It was pretty weird though, seeing her stand up, Mark towered over me, but she couldn't have been more than 5' 2".

I preceeded her down the hall, selecting the exact same shower stall. She openned the robe, giving me a quick peek before closing the curtain and handing it out. I sat there, listening to her happy sounds as she cleaned up. She must have been fairly eager, cause she wasn't in there long. Truth be told, so was I. It had been 5 days now for both of us. After six months of constant sex, I was feeling very lonely. I gave her the towel, when she was done with it she tossed it at me. I had to chuckle. She gave me another peek before tying her robe.

We skipped the salon, and would skip the dinner. Mark wanted me to feel as much like a woman as I could. We both knew she wanted to feel like she /belonged/ somewhere. She didn't know what I had picked out for her to wear though. I loved hearing her laugh when she unwrapped it. My clothes were waiting also, so I quickly changed while she was busy. Everything fit both of us perfectly, of course.

"Dan, you're terrible!"

I had picked out a cheerleader outfit for her. A parody of a cheer leader outfit, really. All white, of course. The pleated skirt hung to mid thigh. the long white socks covering her knees, a couple inches of skin between them. The sweater buttoned in front, with a deep-v cut and very tight. The entire inside curve of her breasts were on display. Her hair was pulled back in a scrunchy.

For myself, I had picked out a football uniform, minus pads, with helmet. I'm big enough now that I /look/ like a football player. No shoes for either of us though, they just get in the way here. I pulled her close, and pulled one of my surprises, the handcuffs trapping her wrists behind her back. She drew in a deep breath.

I bent down and picked her up over one shoulder, my hand sliding under the skirt, squeezing her ass through her panties. They were sexy instead of typical cheer panties, tough. She kicked as if she were trying to get away but not enough to slow me down as I carried her into the bedroom we had shared for so long. I dumped her on the bed then leaned down right next to her ear "I've waited for this day quite awhile, you're gonna pay for being such a tease."

She tried pushing away from me, but only managed to scoot more onto the bed, right between the waiting tie ropes. I released the cuffs, and got her first hand through the waiting slipknot without too much trouble. I had to pry her other hand out of my jersey before I could bind it. She was panting and glassy eyed by the time I was done. She pulled them them, testing the hold. "I better let you get a good look at me, little tease."

I stroked my hand down the exposed middle of her chest before slowly removing my jersey. I tossed it aside, then best down, kissing her trembling lips. She was soft and pliant in all the right ways, her lips openned for me. I unbuttoned her sweater while accepting her invitation, her mouth tiny and delightful, her tongue dancing with mine. This was getting harder and harder for me, I wanted to be nice, but knew she wanted something else. "A little tease like you, deserves to have a cock be the first thing you feel against your precious little pussy. Maybe I shouldn't even take your panties off."

She nodded her head, but said "Please, no!"

It wasn't easy, but I was able to get out of those tight football pants without breaking contact with her. I moved down, taking ahold of her ankles. She smiled at me the entire time she 'struggled' to break loose. She was careful, even as she flaided around she didn't kick me and was soon trapped. The skirt flipped up and the panties tore at the crotch. They were /soaked/ and the heat was intense as I settled over her.

"So nice and slick, maybe you've just been too afraid to admit you want it." She moaned as I applied a little pressure then cried out as I speared into her in one thrust, just like she had asked me to. There were tears in her eyes, and I hated myself for causing her so much pain. I kissed her softly, waiting, my hands freeing her wrists. Her arms went around me, but not tight.

Her grip tightened and she started squeezing me inside. I rolled to the side letting her sit on my lap. She felt so light, I could do almost anything with her. For now though I let her rock back and forth, it would be plenty. It didn't take long for nature and our altered biology to run its course, both of us locking up at almost the same moment. There's something to be said for knowing that your partner will always be pleased with your efforts, even if it makes some forms of teasing almost impossible.


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