Not a Word was Spoken

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Janet isn't popular and goes camping so she can pleasure herself in privacy - but along come a stranger and pleasures Janet himself.

Janet sat, Indian style, on the top of the mountain overlooking the valley far below. It had taken her almost four hours to trail hike up the mountain and set up her tent at the proper angle so she could have the view she adored. Janet was 23 years old, a college junior and not a very popular woman. Oh, it wasn't like people didn't like her it was more like they didn't even notice her. She wasn't ugly but neither was she pretty.

Janet glanced down at her body; she was wearing nothing but a thin T-shirt and her panties. She saw herself as slender but not too thin. Her breasts were OK, but she would have preferred them to be a little larger. Janet's hips were wide, and she thought that in twenty years she would have hips just like her mother. She seldom dated, a ritual going back to her high school days. It wasn't that Janet didn't like boys, she did, but they just seemed to ignore her, not the kind of a girl to show off to your friends or take home to mother.

No, Janet had her own special sex life and she used these mountain excursions for her own pleasure. She had left her dorm room because two of her roommates were having a party and she wanted some privacy. Stored inside her tent, ready for use when she wanted it, was her favorite nine inch dildo she had nick-named "Captain" because she had always wanted to screw Jamie Jamison, the captain of her high school football team and she imagined that his cock was about the size of the dildo.

As Janet sat in the afternoon sun she reached back and took the erotic novel she had brought and started reading the marked passages. As she read her hand went down to her womanhood and Janet began playing with her pussy. Not hard, not fast, just very slow and gentle. The more she read the wetter she got and her finger began rubbing the outside of her labia. She knew it was swollen, no that wasn't right, engorged with her own blood and the sensation was sending chills throughout her body. She ran her hand under the side of her panties and touched herself. She was dripping.

Janet put the book down, closed her eyes and tilted her head backwards. One hand went under her T-shirt and began to massage a breast and to pinch her nipple. The other hand remained inside her panties caressing her pussy. She could almost smell herself. She slipped a finger inside herself, removed her hand and tasted her wetness. God I taste good, she thought. She continued to play with herself, slowly and gently, for a long time, long enough that she knew she was close to coming.

Janet sensed his presence before she ever saw him. She stopped playing with herself and opened her eyes just enough to look around. It took a minute to locate him, he was standing almost inside the forest leaning against a tall fir tree just off to her right - watching her. He wore nothing but a pair of cutoff's and hiking boots. She could see that he was in good shape, God she thought, great shape. He probably worked out a lot for he was sexy muscular with being the typical bodybuilder type. His tan proved that he was either outdoors a lot or that he used a tanning booth. She wasn't sure how he had snuck up on her secret hiding place without making any noise. Normally she was very aware of her surroundings and she had never seen anyone at this spot in all of the times she had been here camping.

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