Sticky Manly Lycra

by Canius Swiss

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, Gay, Fiction, Humor, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Billy Johnson is sitting outside his place horny as hell and wanting to have a kinky sex life. He is sick of jerking off. Resigning to jerking off to story porn, he sees Seth Triggs, the sexiest African American running by in lycra. Will Seth give Billy the kinky Sex life he always wanted?

Groan! I, Billy Johnson, was sitting outside on the porch. Horny as hell, I was sitting in by shorts and a T-shirt. I was silently groping myself because it has been a long time since I have been with someone. Disgusted, I snorted about my bitch of an ex girlfriend who had been sleeping with my best friend. Hating being horny, I thought of all the sex filled stories I read on line this past week. Moaning I wished I had someone to be kinky with. I didn't care if that someone was male or female. I realized that beggars couldn't be choosers.

One day I was at my apartment when I rubbed my growing tire belly. Damn I knew I had to start walking in order to get some exercising. I hated having to move around, but, walking around would be better than dying early.

The next morning I went to the sports store to buy a suit to wear as I take my daily walk. I passed by the sexiest looking lycra body suits. They covered from neck to feet and are smooth to the touch. Horny as hell I picked one suit up that had openings in the crotch and ass region. My hard on grew in my pants as I went to the cash register. I fantasized of exercising in my lycra suit. Then I'd wear my suit with my cock and balls hanging out of my suit. Yet I'd wear my skimpy gym trunks to hide my exposed hard cock. I grinned wickedly as I picked up the skimpiest gym trunks the store had. My horniness made me rush through the purchase and head home.

Later that day I was relaxing at my place when I saw the sexiest guy run past my place. As I came out of my place, I saw his beautiful lean chocolate skinned body and tight ass. I grew a hard on as I saw that tight ass shake. Wearing the tightest black lycra suit, I saw his suit stick to his tight ass. Struggling to keep up, it was so hard to run with that hard on in my pants. I had to keep this young sexy masculine African American male in my sights.

I followed him for what seemed like hours. All I can do is stare at his tight ass swaying back and forth. We ran around the block in the street. Suddenly he turned and ran up the steps to a red and blue house and vanished inside.

"Shit I scared him! Dammit!" I hissed as I ran home. Rather I stumbled home with that huge boner in my pants. Scurrying inside, I went to the bedroom and jerked off on the floor. After that, I collapsed on my bed and took a nap.

I woke up hours later and heard a knock on my door. Stumbling to get up, I made sure to put on my shorts. As I opened the door, I thought that the person looked familiar.

Standing in front of me was the most handsome African American guy ever. He stood 6 feet tall and was muscular build. He was wearing the skimpiest white T-shirt and shortest red shorts. He had the shortest cut hair and a sexy trimmed groti. "Hello there I don't believe we have met."

I stammered as I realized that this is the guy I followed this afternoon. "Oh man Hi I am sorry if I offended you earlier. I am Billy Johnson." I wiped my hands on my shorts, then nervously gave him a handshake.

Laughing, he shook my hand. "No not at all. I'm Seth Triggs. As I saw you ran away I had to admit that you are pretty hot yourself." Looking me over, he crossed his hands and gave me a wink. "So you jog?"

Getting horny, I decided to put my kinky idea to the test. "Sure I have a lycra suit and everything."

He put his muscular arms around me. My breath became hot pants as I leaned in and gave him a slow kiss.

Responding to my passionate kiss, he put his hands on my ass and gave it a good squeeze. My throbbing cock rubbed against his crotch as I closed my eyes and sucked his tongue. "Oh you are so sexy!" I moaned as I slowly rubbed his masculine chest. Caressing each of his manly breasts, I traced both his hardening nipples.

Breaking away, he looked me deep in the eyes. "We can have fun later. First why don't we go jogging later tonight."

Fully dazed, all I could do was nod and say "Oh I can't wait to work up a sweat with you."

Pinching my ass, he grinned at me "Oh we will be sweating all night."

Later that evening I put on my new black lycra suit. Feeling free, I grinned and got an erection. My cock and balls popped out of the unzipped hole and sprang to life. Groaning, I got so horny as I stood there. Imagining walking around town wearing this suit, yet my cock and balls are covered with these shorts made me grin wickedly. It was like I was pulling something over on everyone. I quickly slid on the shorts and strutted around. This made my cock and balls fly around every which way. "Oh yes!" I grinned as my hardening cock and balls rubbed against the shorts. Stretching, my cock and balls rubbed the shorts fabric and sent chills all over my body.

I went outside and waited for Seth. As I stood outside in the cool air, I felt so wicked. Rocking from side to side, my cock and balls jiggled free from the clothing constraints. My balls jiggled as I jumped up and down a little. The wicked feeling ran through me since no one can see that my shorts were covering my cock and balls flapping around. Feeling like I was getting away with something, my cock stood more erect and made a somewhat noticeable tent in my shorts.

Seth slowly jogged by me. All he was wearing, besides tennis shoes, is a full body black lycra suit. This suit was like a second skin. All it did was accentuate all his arousing body parts. His sweat dripping chest, his muscle pecks, his muscular legs, his bulging cock, dangling balls, and, his sweet tight ass cheeks. Swallowing, as I was aroused, I heard his sexy deep voice call to me. "Let's go sexy!" he called out. Running beside him, I felt so horny because of how hot he was. My cock stood there and filled up with a good load as I looked at his sexy sweaty chest.

As I glanced at his sweet tight ass, my hard on rubbed fiercely against my shorts. Groans escaped me as the constant rubbing sent chills down my legs. Unable to stop myself, I kept concentrating on his ass cheeks swaying side to side. It was driving me wild seeing that sweet lycra covered ass because I wanted to ram my thick cock in it. My shorts had a noticeable tent in them as I struggled to keep up with the beautiful vision in front of me of his ass cheeks.

Taking me by surprise, he turned around and started running in place. Jerking me out of my steamy fantasy of fucking his ass, I gasped and stopped where I was. "Are you all right? You were moaning." Then he saw my tent and laughed a little. Blushing I lowered my head. As he ran in place, I could see his meaty cock making a tent of its on in his skin tight suit. Fidgeting I stammered "I'm OK." As I moved my head from side to side, I wondered what his cock would taste like. Dreaming of sliding it in my mouth and sucking on it, my cock poked at my shorts a lot more. Laughing, he kept running in place "I think I know why you were moaning." Scratching my head a little, I couldn't help but notice his dangling balls swaying against his suit. So wanting to give them a good groping, I almost reached for them.

Winking at me, he whispered "It's OK we are almost to my place. Then we can unwind and get to know each other."

"I can't wait." I whispered back. Noticing his sweaty chest, I had a sudden urge to lick his sweat from his chest. I so wanted to slowly start at his belly then lick the dripping swear from his body. I desired licking from his smooth belly up to his manly breast and hard red nipples. The thought of licking his sweaty body made me so hard.

He laughs his deep laugh again. As I stared at his sexy lips, I wanted to kiss him right then and there in the empty street. Yearning to slide my tongue down his throat and kiss him all night, I took a step to him. My hands slowly rubbed his smooth chest as I leaned up to kiss him. Rubbing my fingers over his male breasts, I traced his hardening nipples that were on his black skinned chest. My mouth opened up slowly as I was about to kiss him right then and there. Our lips connected as his masculine hands slowly went on my ass. A pleasurable chill went up and down my spine as I closed my eyes and got hot. Moaning softly, I gave his chest a good squeeze. Feeling myself tingle with excitement, I placed my tongue against his. In response, he moaned and gave my ass a good squeeze. My cock nearly lost its load then and there. As my body tingled, my nose filled with his sexy masculine scent. It made me so horny I fought to hold onto my orgasm.

He broke our kiss. "Come on before we fuck here in the street. Everyone will be watching us fuck and maybe even videotape it." Slapping my ass good and hard, he broke into a run to his place.

"And that's bad?" I ask as I struggled to keep up. That ass slapping made my cock stand stiff again. The pain felt so good as it went through my body. Hoping that he would slap my ass again, I made a note to tell him that when we got to his place

Laughing, we made it to his place in record time. Bursting through the door, we collapsed on his couch in gales of childlike laughter. "You are so wicked minded." He slapped my ass again as I moved closer to him.

"I'll be right back." He got up as I melted on the couch. Getting my second wind, I watched his ass as he walked away. Licking my dry lips, I thought, "Damn it looks good!"

He came back with two glasses of ice water. I downed mine and fought a belch. "Thirsty?" he grinned as he sipped his glass of ice water.

Sitting next to him, I kissed him on his lips again. It felt so good to touch our tongues together. Closing my eyes, I moaned as I felt a surge fill my body. As we kissed, I slowly unzipped his suit. Placing his glass of ice water on the floor, he helped me strip down. "Eager aren't we?" he teased in his sexy voice.

Nodding, I placed my glass of ice water on the floor. "I can't help it. You are so arousing." Then I continued swallowing his tongue.

Moaning, he peeled off his sweaty lycra suit. Smelling his scent made my cock slowly reach its blowing point "Oh you smell so sexy!" I whispered. Then I buried my nose in his suit to take another whiff.

"Thank you." He laughed as he patted my head. "No one ever told me that before. Or thought my sweat was arousing. "

Blushing, I crinkled his suit in a ball and placed it on the floor. "Sorry." I stammered. "I must look like a fool."

Naked, he patted my head "Nonsense. I think that it is wonderful. You do what ever makes you happy or horny as hell." Relaxing, I saw his sexy smile and I pecked his cheek "Thanks. That makes me feel better."

Taking a deep breath, I felt better opening up to him.

Grinning, he slides his down my shorts. Looking at me with a shocked look in his eyes, he then grinned at me "You kinky dude!" Then he laughed loud and long "Damn I never would believe someone would do this! You have been running around with your dick out?"

Pleased with myself, I nodded and sat up proudly. "Yup and it was hard ever since I saw you in that suit. You always got a boner out of me!" I felt my cock stir as he fondled it "Keep that up and I'd shoot my load in your hands right now!"

Laughing again, he teased me "You horny exhibitionist bastard."

Nodding, I agreed "That's me! It's either you or this Lycra suit."

Peeling off my sweaty Shorts, my cock sprang up good and hard. It waved in the cool air. Moaning a sigh of relief, I closed my eyes and lay on my back. It felt so good to have my cock and balls free for the clothing confines.

As I laid there with my cock and balls exposed, I moaned softly "That feels so good." Seth grinned and licked his lips as his masculine hands gave my cock a good squeeze "This looks delicious. I just want to suck it."

Begging softly, I told him "Please do! I need to cum!"

Nodding, he slid his cock in his mouth and gave my cock a good lick.

Groaning, I closed my eyes and thrust my cock in his mouth. "Oh yes damn that feels so good." Hearing my cock scream to cum, I slowly fucked his mouth. Pelvic thrusting, I panted and kept jamming my cock in his wet mouth. Licking my cock all over, he swallowed and moaned in pleasure. Sucking my cock, he slurped and smacked his lips. Using his hands, he gave my balls a good squeeze.

I clenched the pillows as I bucked my hips and forced my cock in his mouth "Oh Shit!" as I felt the pressure in my cock build. "Oh fuck please make me cum."

Nodding he kept giving my balls a good squeeze. Then he slid my cock in his mouth and swallowed again. Feeling my cock reach the point of no return, I pelvic thrust like a maniac. "Oh fuck must cum shit!" I screamed as my face dripped sweat. Then he inhaled my cock again as his tongue rubbed my cock tip.

Gnashing my teeth, I shot my load down his throat.I moaned and shook hard as large globs of cum spurted out of my cock. "Oh fuck!" I called as I tensed my body. Shocked, I felt all my cum flying out of my cock like it would never stop. Yet Seth closed his eyes and drank every drop easily. Smacking his lips, he finished drinking it and smiled at me. "You taste scrumptious. I'll be sucking your cock off a lot baby!"

Melting on the bed, I breathed in relief. "Thanks. I needed to blow my load. You suck cock so wonderful." Then my body tingled as he called me baby. The way he said it made me get aroused again. Coming from him, the words baby and, in fact, all the dirty talk, sounded so beautiful. Smiling, I looked at him lovingly and asked "What do you want baby to do for you love?"

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