First Cyber-Lust, Then Reality

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: April, a sexy but frustrated wife, meets Tom online from reading his stories. They get so hot for each other, they agree to meet and see if reality is as good as Make-believe. It's even better.

April and Tom met by accident one day. Tom had been writing erotic stories and posting them for several years, and April happened upon one of his stories and wrote to him with her reactions. To her total amazement, he wrote her back almost immediately.

April was extremely sexual and she loved reading about some of the sexiest and most erotic situations that she'd also fantasized about herself. She found one story series that Tom had written about a married woman and mother named Amy who had finally realized her sexual needs weren't being met by her husband. She got up one morning, resolved to start seeing who else was "out there" and before the day was over, Amy had managed to let herself be seduced and fucked by one of her handsome male co-workers. As April read that story, she felt herself growing very aroused, her pussy grew extremely wet and her nipples were poking out hard against the cups of her bra.

April was a married woman, mother of two, and she worked but she wasn't getting the attention from her husband that she sometimes needed. She would often realize how much she needed her sexual needs to be met, how often she wanted him to make love to her, and then when she found Tom's erotic stories, she was overwhelmed at the scenarios he wrote and described. April had sat at her computer, feeling herself getting very wet and her nipples hard and aroused as she saw how Amy met a man at work and ended up letting him seduce and fuck her.

"I wish that could happen to me," April thought as she sat there with the story on her computer screen but her hands had already started touching her body and bringing her to a hot state of arousal. "Ohh, gosh, Tom, your stories are making me so hot and so horny, baby," April moaned as she reached up inside her blouse, unfastened the front closure to her bra and began playing with her perky nipples inside her bra. Then, April leaned up, undid her shorts and let her other hand slide down inside her panties and find her hot wet pussy. She quickly started stroking across her sensitive clit and then found her pussy and hooked one finger up inside it and began finger-fucking her horny pussy.

"OHhhhhhhhhh, yessssss," April moaned as she brought herself rapidly to a strong sexy orgasm. She came and then stroked her pussy some more and came hard and strong a second time. When April calmed down after her orgasm finished, she decided to write to Tom and let him know how much she'd enjoyed reading about this sexy but frustrated wife, Amy.

"Dear Tom, I just finished reading the hot erotic story about Amy and I got off so good by reading it. I love your sexy mind and the way you write. Thanks. I'm looking forward to reading several more of your hot stories. thank you so much, April."

To her surprise, tom, the writer of the stories she was loving to read, wrote her back and sounded very friendly and very appreciative that he'd received a nice email from one of his new female readers.

"Dear April, thanks so much for writing. It really excites me to get such a nice and such a sexy response from one of the women who reads my stories. Wow. that's all I can say. Tom"

April got up her courage and immediately wrote back to Tom. And, in only a few moments, she got another email from him.

"What was there about my story on Amy that you enjoyed so much?" Tom asked April as he'd written back to her.

"I find myself feeling in the same situation, Tom," April wrote as she thought about how hot Tom's story had made her. She had often played with the sexy fantasy of being at work and finding some guy who was sexually attracted to her. She'd thought about him actually putting moves on her and then the two of them either having sex there at work or going somewhere after work and enjoying sex there in the privacy of a motel room.

"I really appreciate your writing me, April, and sharing your personal experiences and your reactions to my stories," Tom wrote. He loved it whenever one of his female readers would take time to write to him, and when his stories really turned a lady reader on, that was the best.

"I'd love to meet you at work, April, and strike up a relationship that resulted in our getting together for some hot lusty sex," Tom wrote to her. "Maybe one of these days we can make that happen; I hope so," Tom wrote. He felt his cock throbbing in his groin as he thought about April and the things that she'd been sharing with him. He was really turned on and he wished there was some way he and April could meet and possibly end up in bed together.

April wrote back, "Oh, Tom, that would be so awesome. I wish you or some other man would make a move to seduce me and I'd have his dick out and suck him and fuck him in a flash. I'm so horny for sex and for some man, any man's attention. I'm really sad that I can't get any sex at home, and it's about to drive me crazy," April wrote. She sat there looking at Tom's words on the computer screen, and she wrote back.

"Tom, here's my phone number, my address and this is when I'll be at home alone. Get in touch sometime and let's talk," April wrote and then she said, "I'll be reading your stories and sending you comments on them, Tom," and then she signed off.

April continued to read Tom's stories on different websites where he posted them, and they would occasionally exchange emails about his stories and that would lead to emails on all sorts of hot sexual topics they would write to each other about. Then, April got an email from Tom saying, "April, I'm going to be in your area this weekend. Clear your schedule and meet me at 6:00 at the Red Roof Restaurant, OK?"

April couldn't respond fast enough to get the words back to Tom. "Ill be there, baby," and she closed her eyes and smiled a huge smile as she realized she was finally going to get to meet the man of her sexual fantasies.

That Friday night came much quicker than April had expected and she found herself wondering if she could go through with her plans to let Tom meet her, seduce her and enjoy a weekend of unbridled sex with her. Was she actually willing to meet this stranger who's mind and words she loved but who she'd never seen before? April knew the answer; even though she was struggling, she knew that Tom was possibly the answer to her personal and sexual needs being met.

April showered and dressed with the reality in her mind that her new sexy friend, Tom, had every intention of seducing her and bedding her that night, but she wasn't taking anything for granted. She went through her lingerie drawer, pulling out the sexiest hot thong, and a very sexy lace demi-bra that showed off her rounded B-cup breasts just right. She picked out a sexy top that she knew would show off her breasts and a short skirt that fit just tight enough to be hot without appearing slutty. She drove to the restaurant Tom had mentioned and within 10 minutes, the time arrived and she saw him walk over to the table he'd reserved for them.

"Hi, April, I'm Tom," he said. April looked up into the eyes of a rather good-looking young man, blonde, blue-eyed and in obviously good shape.

"Hi, Tom, it's so good to meet you after all our emails and all these weeks of talking by the Internet," April said. She watched as he settled into a chair opposite her and they began to get to know each other in subjects that they could talk about without fear of the other tables around them overhearing. The meal was delicious and then Tom leaned over and whispered, "I consider you my dessert, April, but would you like anything sweet before we leave?" and he looked into April's eyes as he could see her smile in a very sexy knowing way; they both knew precisely what the real dessert would be for that evening.

Tom paid the bill and then he told April that he'd drive them to a nearby hotel where he'd booked a room for the entire weekend until Monday morning. "Can you stay that long?" Tom asked as he took April's hand and led her outside to the parking lot.

"Oh, I think that can be arranged, Tom," April responded. She had felt herself growing more and more aroused through their meal, and now that it was nearing the time when they'd actually be alone in privacy, April could hardly wait. She felt her pussy getting wet and her breathing was already coming more shallow and rapidly. Tom parked the car and then he showed her the way up to the floor where their room was located. Once they were inside the room, Tom offered April something to drink and then he took her over to the large picture window that overlooked the city and he moved her in front of it while he stood behind her.

"April, I'm so glad you agreed to meet me tonight. Our dinner was so wonderful; I hardly tasted the food from just the pleasure of being there with you," Tom said and his hands came up to her upper arms, and then April felt his warm muscular body pressing against her from behind as she suddenly felt his hands move forward and cup both of her breasts as he reached around in front of her chest. April closed her eyes and loved the feel of Tom's large hands covering her breasts. Her nipples grew instantly harder and she felt her pussy gush with juices. Then, Tom turned April around to face him and his lips met hers in a hot sexy hungry kiss.

"April, you're so sexy and so hot, baby," Tom said as he felt his cock growing totally hard. He pulled April close into his arms and he felt her breasts pressing firmly against his chest as he pushed his hardon forward until his body was touching April's at their groins. April felt a wave of hot lusty desire wash over her, and her hand slid down to Tom's crotch, grasping the large hard bulge of his hardon inside his pants.

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