Offbeat Wedding

by Horace Baldwin

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Nancy Hunters is a very sexy cheerleader and also the girlfriend of the quarterback of my football team. She enjoys the excitement of having sex in public places. I can never forget what happens on her wedding day. This story is inspired by a true account.

An Olexander Skripnik Adventure Story


You can know a little more about me from the story "Girls' Soccer Coach" written by this same author, who has exclusive rights to tell all my stories.

Many thanks to jhasty658 for his effort in editing as well as suggestions on developments on this story.

The Story

Damon, a freshman athlete, saw me holding a pale pink envelope when I came out of the head coach's office. "Someone's getting married?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said. "His nephew is marrying Nancy Hunters."

"Nancy 'Clara Bow' Hunters?"

"Yeah," I said, chuckling.

"I've heard of her name, but I have no clue why she has that nickname, and who the hell is Clara Bow?"

"Want to have a coffee?"


"Okay," I said, as we walked toward a lounge. "Clara Bow was an actress of the late 1920s. There were many rumors about her holding orgies for the USC football team in which she serviced the entire team."

Damon laughed. "So Nancy had slept with the entire Scarlet Knights?"

"Nah," I said, also laughing. "I don't know about Clara Bow, but Nancy has never served the entire team. As a matter of fact, I don't think she's slept with very many people while she was here. You know Simon O'Carroll?"

"Yeah, he was our quarterback. He's with the Patriot now but he's not getting much play time."

"Yeah," I said. "He was her boyfriend for a while."

"So is she sexy? Have you slept with her?"

"Oh yeah, she has bedroom eyes and is very sexy. I haven't slept with her, but I have to admit that I spent more than one evening with visions of her in my mind and my cock in my hand."

"Okay. So do you know Coach's nephew, too?"

"Yeah. He's also a Rutgers Alma Mater. He didn't play any sports though. He was a year ahead of me and tutored me in a couple Biology courses."

"Oh I see," Damon said. "Hey, I'm hungry. Have you had lunch yet?"

"No," I said. "Okay, let's go." We went for the cafeteria instead of the lounge.

That evening when I checked the venue of the upcoming wedding and remembered what I told Damon earlier, I knew I had that smile again.

I had never told anyone that I actually had slept with Nancy Hunters. Often the players would brag about their sexual encounters to other players and friends, and I had done it on a few occasions, while I was still the school team's wide receiver. However, at the time I had sex with the popular cheerleader of the Scarlet Knights, Nancy was my quarterback Simon's girlfriend, and it would be very unwise to disclose my affair with the sexy blonde.

Nancy didn't just have bedroom eyes. You don't want to be wearing jeans when she's in her cheerleaders outfit in front of you, because it'll be very easy to develop blue balls. On the other hand, it's equally not a good idea to be in football pants while she's wearing anything that would show off her legs, because everyone will know you're having the Nancy Hunters syndrome, our expression for a big hard-on. The toughest part was that Nancy always dressed in a way to intentionally expose most of her thighs.

My ex-girlfriend Maria was also a cheerleader and so we used to hang out pretty often together with Simon and Nancy. I was injured in a game during my sophomore year and suffered severe Colles' wrist fracture. I was eventually sidelined for the entire season after my surgery. I still saw my teammates a lot, but after breaking off with Maria I didn't hang out with the cheerleaders much. Instead of the football field or the gym, my most frequently visited sports-related venue had become the physiotherapy clinic.

I was very surprised one day when I saw Nancy at the clinic while I was waiting for my treatment.

"What happened to you?" I asked Nancy, while studying her. It was the first time I saw her in jeans.

"Low back spasm," she said, smiling. "How have you been? I haven't seen you for a while."

I raised my left arm. "The screws are starting to rust," I said. "How bad is your spasm?"

Nancy chuckled. "Need any WD40 for your screws?"

"Sure, if you have some spares. How's your back?"

"Well," Nancy sighed. "Still hurts when I bend. I'm now off the roster for at least two weeks."

I didn't know why I started painting a mental picture of Nancy bending in front of me in her cheerleader outfit. It was nice that she wasn't wearing a short skirt, or I'd begin developing the Nancy Hunters syndrome. In fact, her jeans wasn't even the typical tight ones made for girls like her.

"I haven't seen you in jeans much," I said.

"Do I look okay?"

"Of course," I said, and rose as the woman behind the desk waved at me. "Excuse me," I told Nancy.

The woman told me it was my turn. I motioned Nancy over. "Let her have her treatment first," I said to the woman. "She's having a lot of pain."

Nancy smiled at me before she followed the woman into a treatment room.

When I came back to the reception area after my treatment, Nancy was still there reading a book.

"Why are you still here, Nancy?" I said.

"Do you want to have lunch together?"


We had lunch together, and then Nancy said she needed to go for her afternoon class.

Nancy turned around after taking a step off her chair. "Are you going to watch the Sunday game?" she said.

"Of course," I said. "If they know I'm not watching, they'll strip my scholarship." Our team was going to play an away game at Pittsburgh.

Nancy chuckled. "Do you want to watch the game together?"

"Well, okay. Are you coming over? Do you want me to pick you up?"

"Why don't you call me up tonight?"


I was still in my bed the next morning when Nancy called me. She was giggling when I answered the phone.

"Too busy with your girl last night, huh?" she said. "You didn't call me."

I chuckled. "I'm sorry, Nancy. I forgot. No, I wasn't with a girl. I was with some friends drinking. I'm not with Maria anymore. You know that."

"Well, Maria starts with the letter M," she said, still giggling. "Where's your N-girl?"

"Oh, you mean Nancy?" I said playfully, and chuckled again.

Nancy burst out laughing. "Say it again when your bud is here," she said.

"I do that all the time. You know that."

"Yeah, yeah," she said. "Anyway. Do you want to have lunch together before watching the game?"

"Hmm. Are you paying?"

She giggled. "I don't get a big scholarship like you guys have."

"What time?"

"Game starts at four. What about two?"

Nancy wasn't wearing jeans when I went to pick her up for the Sunday lunch. She was wearing a long skirt, which meant it covered her ass well. I cursed as I forgot to beat myself off before leaving home. I was also very hungry because I didn't have breakfast yet.

When we got to the restaurant Nancy suggested, there weren't many customers inside. We had the unusual privilege on a Sunday pickoff picking our seat. We took a table at the side with stalls chairs.

As usual we were joking and casually flirting before and during our meal. Nancy slapped my hand when she giggled. After I applied the tactic of withdrawing my hands, she began kicking me under the table. I didn't mind being kicked gently, but when she began raising her foot higher to kick the lower part of my thigh, guided by her shin along my leg, it became a little too much.

I wasn't sure if I had too much root beer, but I felt the need of a bathroom break. I switched topics to talk with Nancy on some course assignments to allow myself to cool down a little before I told her I needed to go to the washroom.

"Actually, I need to make a trip myself," Nancy said, and scooted to the edge of the bench.

"Lady first," I said, as I didn't want her to notice my physical embarrassment, which didn't go away during the cool off period.

I was considering if I should simply beat myself off as I stepped into the tiny men's room. I knew it wouldn't take long anyway. I swung the door closed behind me.

Before I could turn the knob, the door opened again. I saw Nancy's smiling face. Then she stepped inside through the partially open door and closed it behind her.

I was a few seconds late in asking the intuitive question. "Is the ladies room occupied?" I said, then realized how dumb I was. "What're you doing here?" I asked another dumb question.

Nancy smiled slyly at me. "Are you going to beat yourself off?" she said, as she turned the knob to lock the door.

I felt my face heating up. I then felt my body heating up as I felt her finger on my bulge.

"Maybe I can give you a hand," Nancy said, smiling, while leaning forward.

I wasn't gay, and I wasn't a saint. I held her in my arms and starting kissing her passionately. I began cupping her ass cheeks and pressed my body against hers. I raised her skirt up until I could reach her panties, and started pulling them down, while Nancy struggled to open my jeans.

My underwear and my jeans were only down to my knees when Nancy took my cock into her hand and started stroking it. I reached for her ass again and raised her up a little until the position was right, then I shoved forcefully inside her. I didn't know what made her so wet, the flirting, the kicking, or my kisses. It was a hell of a smooth and joyful drive.

Nancy clenched her arms around my neck, wrapped her legs around my waist, and sucked my tongue as I pumped myself in and out of her. Moments later she was clinching me tightly, and alternated sucking me lips or gnashing her teeth from moaning.

I didn't last long. I didn't know if I was too horny, or my bladder was too full, or was it because I had never had sex in a public place before. I didn't know if Nancy had come either. I made a few more strokes with my deflating cock inside her while kissing her before we disengaged. I put my underwear and jeans back on while she cleaned herself up. I picked up her panties for her. She didn't put her panties on, but stuffed them into my pocket.

I opened the door a little to make sure nobody was outside, and then motioned her to get out of the washroom with me.

Needless to say, the first thing happened when I took her to my apartment was to have sex with her again in my bed. I was still with her in my bed when the game started.

"Hey," Nancy said, while playing with my limp manhood. "Have you ever had sex in the locker room?"

"No," I said, chuckling, while stroking her breasts. "Have you?"

"Yeah," she said, smiling. "The first time was when I was in high school, and it was right before the half time break. If he had come a little later, we'd have been expelled." She giggled.

I laughed. "Did you come?"

"In the locker room? Or at the restaurant?" she said, smiling slyly at me.


"No," she said, while pinching my scrotum.

"Do you do it a lot?"

"Well," Nancy said, giggling. "A little. Do you like it?"

"I don't know," I said, chuckling. "Well, I think it's exciting, and also, you know, a little scary."

"You've never done it before?"

"Only inside the car."

Nancy giggled again. She thought briefly. "You're coming to next week's game, aren't you?"

"Of course I am. Aren't you?"

"Have you ever been to our locker room? I mean the cheerleaders one."

"Of course not," I said.

"Go there after half time."

It was then I remembered this girl in my bed was my friend and teammate's girlfriend. I must have displayed a hesitate expression.

"You're not telling him, are you?" she said, giggling.

"He won't do it?"

"Not in the dressing room, and actually, he can't, unless he injured himself on purpose."

I was still wordless.

"Well," Nancy said lazily. "Was Maria your only woman when you were with her?"

I knew my face was heating up again. It took me quite a while to admit it. "No," I said.

"Am I the only woman he has?"

I chuckled. It was apparent she already knew the correct answer, so I didn't have to cover up. "No," I said promptly.

Nancy smiled sweetly at me. "After half time?" she said, while playing with my balls.

"After half time," I said, smiling at her, and resumed stroking her breasts.

"And until I have my orgasm?"

"Sure," I said, chuckling.

We maintained our affair behind Simon's back for a couple months. We mostly had sex in public places, where Nancy enjoyed the excitement the most. we stopped doing it after I started going out with another girl. We still talked and flirted occasionally, but it never evolved into an intimate situation anymore. About a year later Nancy split with Simon.

I saw Nancy together with Edwin, my biology tutor and the nephew of the football team head coach, a few months before her senior year final exam. She called me that night telling me she was experiencing a new horizon of a serious and monopolized relationship. We also talked about a lot of other things. she even teased me about some moments during our previous affair, but made it clear the only future sexual thing between she and me was that I could think about her while beating myself off.

Edwin came back to Rutgers to take up a laboratory job shortly after I became an athletic trainer of the football team. Because Edwin's uncle was now my boss, we came together quite often. About six months later Edwin was offered a forensic lab job at Newark with better pay and benefit, and from then on we started seeing each other less often.

A month or so before I received the wedding invitation, I found a message on my answering from Edwin when I came home. I returned the call. Edwin was not at home, but Nancy answered my call and told me the news. I congratulated her and we talked for about half an hour before hanging up. Later that night, Edwin called me again, and we talked for another fifteen minutes. I also agreed to be an usher at the ceremony.

I didn't expect to see Nancy and her sister Pat at the bridal and tuxedo shop when I went there to pick up my usher attire a couple weeks before her wedding. They were there for a minor alternation of her wedding gown. I was about to go into the fitting room when Pat's pager buzzed. She checked the message.

"Nancy," she said. "I got to go now. There's a derailment."

"Okay," Nancy said, then she turned to me. "Alex, do you mind giving me a ride home?"

"No, of course no."

"Thanks, Alex," Pat said. "Sorry, Alex. Sorry, Nancy. I'll call you later tonight." She then left.

"What does she do?" I asked Nancy when Pat went out of the shop.

"She works for the PR department of the NJ Transit."

"Oh, I see. I'll try on this tux and then I'll take you home."

"Let me see how you look in it."


When I came out of the fitting room in my rental tux, Nancy smiled at me and said, "You look very nice in it. How's the fitting?"

I turned around in front of the mirror while the saleslady looked me up and down, and pulling the corner of my tux here and there. "Fits very nicely," she said.

I smiled at the saleslady, then at Nancy, before I went back to the fitting room to change back.

"Where's Edwin?" I said as we went out of the shop.

"Still at work," Nancy said. "He's been pretty busy these few weeks. Everyone's sending materials over even if it's a pet abuse case."

I chuckled with her. "So are you nervous?"

"Well, I don't know," she said, with a sigh. "I don't think I'm really nervous, but the pressure, gee, it's tough. What's worse is that he's so busy at work lately that I'm doing almost everything by myself."

"Well, once it's over, and you're on the Bermuda cruise, you can relax and enjoy."

She giggled. "Yeah, I'm longing for that moment. Hey, I haven't had anything since breakfast. Will you buy me something to eat?"

"I'm starving, too," I said. "You pick a place. I don't know Newark that much."

"I'll show you which restaurant we're going to have the bridesmaids' luncheon."


It was a nice small restaurant she took me to. The atmosphere and lighting were very relaxing.

"I forgot to ask if you're dating," Nancy said while we waited for our food.

"No, not for like a few months."

"Gee," she said, giggling. "It looks like you change dates once every three months."

"Not really," I said, chuckling. "But you can't control this thing, can you?"

Nancy giggled. "Depends on what thing."

I chuckled again. "Not many customers here now. Is it because it's a Monday?"

"I don't know," she said, and paused while the waitress served the food. "I actually haven't been here much. It's Pat's suggestion."

"I see. Toast!" I said and took my glass of draft in my hand.

Nancy clanged her cocktail glass gently at my glass. "Toast! Thanks."

After the main dish, Nancy said. "I think I forgot your ex-girlfriend's name. Was she Judie or Julie?"


"How come you're not following the alphabet?" she said, smiling.

I chuckled again. "Well, Sometimes not. I think I'll pick a K-girl next time though."

"Hey," Nancy said, lowering her voice. "Did you do it in public with Julie a lot?"

I chuckled once again, and also lowered my voice. "Never. She didn't like it. You?"

"Nah," she said, giggling, with a little pink on her face. "He's a chicken in this department."

I nearly laughed out loud. I turned my head to see if there were many customers at tables near us. All adjacent tables were empty.

I was about to grab my draft when I felt Nancy kicking me underneath the table. "What?" I said.

Nancy smiled at me, but didn't say anything. Well, not with her mouth. Instead of kicking me, she was running her instep along my leg. I began breathing a little faster.

I had been feeling composed all evening since I saw Nancy at the shop. She was wearing a poplin full skirt that hit just below her knees. The reminder that she was marrying a friend had kept me from any wild imagination of her. All these had now broke down, and I knew I was developing a bulge.

I believed Nancy was feeling something. Her smile had disappeared. She was looking straight into my eyes, with her mouth slightly opened, and the tip of her tongue was visible licking her lips. She continued stroking my leg and calf with her instep.

Finally she broke the silence. "The ladies room," she said softly. Then she rose from her seat and went toward the back.

I had wanted to struggle, but apparently I failed, even before I started trying. I waited a little while in my seat, but it was mainly because I hoped my bulge would ease off a little before I followed Nancy. It didn't work.

The ladies room door was slightly opened, which clearly meant Nancy was alone inside. I tapped on the door after checking nobody was watching me. She opened the door for me. It was a small washroom with only one toilet in it, which made it a perfect place for our activity.

Nancy locked the door once I stepped inside, and I held her in my arms, sucking her lips and tongue, running my fingers all over her back and ass, and pressing myself against her. Very soon I was stroking her thighs underneath her lifted-up skirt, and she was slipping a hand between our bodies to open my pants.

We didn't break our kiss while her panties fell onto her feet, and my pants and brief slid down my leg. A few seconds later I was shoving inside her, while gripping her ass cheeks and she wrapping tightly around me. She had broken the kiss since I began shoving, and instead had been looking steadily at my eyes, starting from smiling to biting her teeth.

Even though I had not had sex in a while, it was still a very big and remarkable orgasm when I shoot inside her. I also knew she had come, moments before I did, from the expression on her face and eyes. It took quite a while for both of us to subside.

I took Nancy back to her home after the dinner. I didn't go inside. We knew it would be a very stupid thing to do so. Nancy, however, wanted me to accompany her to the church, where her wedding ceremony would be held, for a 'final inspection' the next day.

I called in sick the next morning. I took her to the church, and we had sex in the ladies room.

"Wow," Nancy said when we were driving away from the parking lot. "It's the first time I've done it in the church. Gosh, I want to know how it feels if we do it on the altar."

I laughed. "And while you're in your wedding gown, huh?"

She giggled. "That will be perfect. I'm still trying to make him change his mind to do it with me while I'm in my gown. What a waste if it goes to the laundry without a stain?"

A week before the wedding, I got a call from Simon O'Carroll, Nancy's ex-boyfriend. He told me his team was playing the New York Giants and asked if I would like to join him and a couple former Scarlet Knight players for a drink. I agreed.

I found out none of them were invited to Nancy's wedding, even though except Simon, the other two guys both worked and lived nearby.

"I guess she doesn't want her ex-boyfriend to appear in her wedding," Simon said.

"I guess because I haven't seen both of them since I left Rutgers," said Jimmy, who was the backup quarterback when he was with the Scarlet Knights.

Bernard, a former defensive back and now a New Jersey state trooper, had been rather silent and looked a little upset since I told them about Nancy marrying Edwin.

"What's the matter?" I asked Bernard.

Bernard finished his beer, then let out a sigh. "I see Edwin every month. Actually, I saw him last month and helped him get away with a speeding ticket, and he didn't tell me about his wedding."

Jimmy said, "Have you ever slept with Nancy?"

"Fuck you!" Bernard snapped at Jimmy. "Everyone knows I haven't. I'm the only fucking Scarlet Knight who can never get fucking laid."

Our table became silent. Finally Jimmy said, "I'll go get some beer." He got up and went for the bar.

When Jimmy came back with mugs in his hands, Bernard apologized to him, "I'm sorry, Jim. I don't know how many of you have, but I haven't."

"It's okay," Jimmy said, while putting a mug in front of Bernard. "Actually I haven't either. I wish I had." He grinned at us.

Bernard looked at me. "No," I said. "I wish I had, too."

"Well," Simon said, smiling. "I suppose everyone who was with the football team is not invited. I guess Alex is the only exception."

"And why the fuck is that?" said Bernard.

"Well," I said. "I guess it's because I'm Edwin's uncle's assistant."

"Whose idea do you think it is?" said Jimmy.

"Must be the fucking bitch," said the unhappy Bernard.

"I don't know," I said. "I'd rather not know."

"Anyway," Jimmy said. "I don't really fucking care if I'm invited or not. I do fucking care what time that barmaid gets off work."

"Oh, fuck," Bernard said, grinning at Jimmy. "It should be my turn this time. Leave her alone for me, you mother fucker."

"Okay, okay," Jimmy said, laughing. "Your turn this time. I'll call your wife out instead."

Bernard laughed as well. "I'm gonna fuck you in your fucking ass until you become gay," he said, with a pause. "You know, actually I don't care if I'm invited or not either, but it kinda pisses me off he didn't let me know of it."

"Well," Simon said to Bernard. "Get over with it, dude. Also..." He turned to me and continued. "Alex, do you think Maria will be there?"

"I thought she had gone to Chicago after college."

"She's back. I saw her outside my hotel yesterday. She said she moved back about a year ago. I didn't have the chance to talk with her in detail. I was in a rush. I didn't even get her phone number."

"Well," I said. "I actually don't know who else is invited to the wedding. I know two other ushers, one is also a Rutgers graduate. I don't know any bridesmaids."

"Hey, stop the bull shit," Jimmy said, casting his attention at a group of three single girls being seated at a table not far away. "Time to test our lucks."

"Fuck," Bernard said. "I shouldn't have gotten married so soon."

During the rehearsal, Nancy found me at a corner. I was calming myself down after a bitter moment when I flirted light-heartedly with a bridesmaid and she took it personally.

"It looks like you're not enjoying yourself," Nancy said playfully to me.

"Did she tell you?" I said.

Nancy giggled. "I forgot to warn you. She's not into any flirting lately after being dumped by her guy not long ago."

"Well," I shrugged. "I can't help her. But it's also a good lesson. I'll remember to read behind the face before I flirt with any woman."

Nancy chuckled. "That will be a valuable lesson."

"By the way, is any of your former cheerleaders coming to the wedding?"

"No. Why?"

"You don't see any of them anymore?"

"Why are you asking?"

"Well, I saw Simon last week. He said he saw Maria."

"Oh," Nancy said. "How's he? And how's Maria?"

"He was playing the Giants. He said Maria's back from Chicago but he didn't know anything beyond that. He was in a rush. You haven't talked with Maria?"

"I haven't talked with her since graduation."

"What about the others?"

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