Love of Politics
Chapter 1: A Political Junkie

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Slut Wife, White Couple, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: A Political Junkie - Fascinated with politics, she starts in local races and slowly becomes comfortable at higher and higher levels. The excitement of power stimulates her sexually her work becomes intermingled with sex outside her marriage. She celebrates political wins with skirt up and legs spread.

I remember the first time we met.

It was 1983, and I had volunteered to work for the Democratic candidate for Governor of Michigan. We won, too, by the way. I was standing on a stepladder in one of those old high schools that had an auditorium with an old-fashioned stage. Mark wandered in while we were setting up for a rally. I saw him walking down the aisle when my friend Brenda commented on how good-looking he was. He had an easygoing confidence that showed as he glanced around the room and stopped at the foot of the stage.

There was a lot going on, people trying out speaker systems, others hammering signs onto strips of wood, people talking. I was holding one end of a banner while someone worked on the other end and I needed a tack. The tacks were on the floor far below the level of the stage. I looked down to find Mark standing there looking up my skirt. I asked him to hand me the tacks, but for several moments, he seemed so intent on my nylons that he didn't respond.

I stood looking at him with a smile until he looked up.

"The tacks?"

He bent to hand them up and I could see that he was blushing at being caught trying to see my panties. His embarrassed grin was engaging and I liked him right away. I didn't know it then, but a long and increasingly close friendship had begun.

Our first pleasure together was the electric thrill of being on the winning side of a political campaign. To this day, I find the excitement of political campaigns almost sexual. They make me tingle with excitement the same way.

In 1991, we both attended a statewide convention on Mackinac Island in the Straits of Mackinac. It was to be a fateful event that altered the course of our lives to this day.

Convention is Ending

The band struck up a spirited and very loud "Happy Days Are Here Again" for the umpteenth time. I sighed wearily but sadly that the convention was coming to a close. Spotlights swept around the grand hall and balloons dropped from overhead to fill the floor with red white and blue. A banner proclaimed "We're BACK in 1992!"

There is electricity to political activities that I find irresistible. I don't know if it is the feeling of power, or the high-energy people, or meeting people whose names are familiar on the nightly news. Whatever it is, I am aware that it raises an excitement in me that is almost sexual in nature. I shivered with the pleasure of it once again, even though three days and the inevitable late night parties had left me slightly drained.

"How does the most beautiful campaign manager in Michigan manage to look so fresh and lovely after three days of this?"

I smiled as Mark's familiar arm slipped around my waist and I leaned into him.

"I think you are not looking carefully! Under this façade, I'm exhausted!" I said loud enough to rise above the band. His arm squeezed me in an old friend's embrace. I felt a glow of pleasure in his company and the obvious warmth of his gesture.

"Will you manage my campaign again next time, then?"

"I said I was tired! Besides, my husband may lock me up if I come to many more of these and leave him baby-sitting."

"But I need you! No one else will do!" he exaggerated.

I looked up into his dark brown eyes and smiled my agreement.

"Yes, OK, you're so helpless! I know!" Actually, I was delighted. I had successfully run his first campaign for the state legislature last fall and it was great fun. I found it very exciting. But, of course, he was a great candidate and I really believed that he would one day be in the U.S. Senate. I was admittedly his biggest fan.

"It'll be a little easier this time with the kids in school at least?" he said hopefully. "They are school-age now, right?"

"Yes, Mick is in first grade now. There's almost nothing to do anymore!"

Mark smiled and rolled his eyes appreciatively. "Thanks, Beth, you're a marvel."

Someone supporting Bill Clinton had the microphone and we stopped to listen.

"I met this guy once. He's pretty high-powered." Mark said. "Maybe he can make it. Got that southern charm, you know. And smart!"

"I think it's time to find our carpool and head out, don't you?" We left the ballroom and scanned the lobby for Janet, who had been my roommate for the past three days. We spotted her in the bar having one last drink with one of the guys from the Upper Peninsula.

The Drive

"Oh, there you are!" she shouted. "I've been looking everywhere for you," she laughed, holding up her drink.

"I can see you have," I replied, twisting my mouth into a skeptical smile.

"Listen, guys. I've got one or two items I didn't get finished and I want to stay over for another day. Would you mind driving back yourselves? Charlie here has offered to fly me home in his plane tomorrow. I hate to confuse things, but ... Oh, and I think Kelly wants to stay over too. Can you two manage?"

This left Mark and me in Janet's suburban for the 4 or 5-hour drive downstate.

"Up to you Mark, I'm probably going to fall asleep though, so don't count on help with the driving."

"OK, sure, not a problem." Mark smiled.

And so, we found ourselves alone on the ferry staring into an autumn sunset and the Mackinaw Bridge beginning to twinkle into view.

We pulled our coats around our necks and drank in the view with deep breaths of crisp fresh air off the lake.

"Your husband isn't political, I guess?"

"Worse. He is interested, but has gone bad - he's moved to the right of Attila the Hun! But, he isn't a bit interested in political party activities of either side. He considers this my hobby and is happy to leave me to it if I don't insist on playing golf with him!"

He smiled that lovely smile and leaned his head to the side, staring into my eyes with the warm friendship that made me a little weak in the knees. I had been tempted during the last few years, but so far, I was still completely faithful to David, my one and only. The gentle flirting between Mark and me was pleasant, but harmless. And I think it was never obvious enough for anyone to think otherwise. For an ambitious first-year state congressman, that was important.

"How long have we been buddies, now?" he asked quietly, turning out into the highway and heading south.

"Well, if you count the first time I caught you trying to look up my dress, it's exactly nine years," I laughed.

"I do count that one! And a very pretty sight, too."

I punched his arm. "Now cut that out!"

I stared off into the sunset and recalled the meticulously neat 21-year old standing at the foot of the high school stage. I had volunteered for a campaign and stood at the edge of the stage holding one end of a sign for someone. He had been so engrossed in trying to see up my short skirt that he didn't hear my question. I had just had my first baby and I knew that an old married woman had no business enjoying the attention. We were immediate friends and saw each other whenever there was a political event that needed volunteers.

Janet's suburban was a huge thing and it felt more like a truck to me. I leaned my head against the window and watched drowsily as the headlights cut a swath into the night. It wasn't very comfortable and that brought me to a fateful mistake, ... well maybe mistake is not the right word.

"Mark, - would you mind if I leaned on you instead of this hard cold window? I hate this big old truck."

"Mmmmm, as the big bad wolf would say, 'be my guest.'"

"Now cut that out!" I said. I scooted across the wide seat and pretended to puff up his shoulder in preparation for a long snooze.

We droned on through the night as I dozed off on my friend's shoulder with the masculine scent of his body rich in my nostrils. It was just like when I was a child and my father drove through the night with me sound asleep against him - or, with my head in his lap. It was a delicious feeling then and now.

The Dream

The pleasures of the past few days drifted across my mind ... the sounds, the friends, the big name politicians, the jokes, the flirting, all those exciting elements that thrilled me so. Being involved in it was nearly sexual in the way it affected me. I was on a constant high at these events.

I drifted in and out of sleep several times and each time drifted back off. I slipped my heels off and curled my legs up on the seat, then snuggled deep into his shoulder, my hand resting on his forearm. The exhaustion set in and I fell deeper into sleep, waking only when we hit a bump or something interrupted the steady hum of the engine.

I noticed on one wakeful moment that my arm was resting on Mark's leg, my hand drifting down on the inside of his thigh. I could feel the warmth of his leg under my wrist. I stared down at my arm, lighted by the dashboard lights. I felt too tired to move it; I just stared at it. But then I noticed there was a distinct bulge in his pants visible in the dimly lit scene.

I knew that I should sit up. I knew that my arm should not be resting so warmly against his thigh. I knew that I should not be causing my dear Mark the discomfort of an erection, no matter how innocently it had begun. The bulge was lovely and it looked large in the orange glow of the instrument lights.

Without thinking, I rubbed my thighs together slightly, pleasurably, like a caress - or like a plaintive cry for a caress, which was it? I could hear the quiet whish-whish of my nylons; could he hear too? And would it be something sensuous to him, drawing his awareness to my legs, to the warm secret place between my legs? I wondered. Or was he already aware of a faint sexual scent in the closed space of the car.

I raised myself, but as I did it, I accidentally touched the bulge in his pants with the back of my hand. I felt guilty immediately. I pretended it didn't happen.

"Are you? Want me to drive awhile?" I asked.

Mark shook his head, "I'm fine. Go back to sleep."

"Not in your way?"

He raised his arm and tucked me under it, shaking his head without comment.

I knew it was my second mistake, but I was so very tired, and it was so inviting to be cuddled when you are so tired.

Sleepily, I relaxed against him and let my arm fall once more onto his thigh, my head lolling against his chest. I stared down at the warm glow on his bulge and drifted into sleepy dreams once again. I felt the soothing touch of his hand on my hip, patting me softly.

In my dream, I saw poor Mark's left hand leave the steering wheel briefly to pull at his snug pants for more room for his cock. I could see his fingers rub the long length of cock now prominently visible under the dark pant leg. In the dim light, I watched dreamily as another, slimmer hand replaced his fingers and pressed soothingly along the cock and patted it gently. I felt it harden and lengthen still more. It was warm and hard and my panties suddenly felt quite wet.

We droned through the night, warm and full of feelings of human comfort. His hand was still on my hip, but his fingers found the line of my panties and slowly fondled it with soft fingertips, until it disappeared under the cheek of my bottom.

My right hand now cupped his balls and his cock, my fingertips deep down under him. I heard him moan his pleasure softly and felt him squirm to give me more room to grip him.


I found myself thinking how disappointed my husband David has been when he asked me to describe my high school sexual experiences with other men. He found the idea so exciting that just asking me to tell him made his cock get bigger and harder as he shuddered his pleasure into me.

I wonder if it would be exciting to tell him about this drive ... this feeling of excitement in my stomach - at feeling the cock of someone not my husband ... and increasing moist warmth between my legs. Would those be exciting details for him to hear whispered hoarsely as we coupled?

I heard the car slowing and my reverie dissolved. I tried to avoid giving him one last squeeze before pulling my hand away. I sat up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Maybe he hadn't noticed, maybe I had just dreamed it all.

"Need gas," he said quietly. "Shall we get a cup of coffee?"

I nodded sleepily and put my hand back on his arm possessively while I probed with my toes for my heels.

"Think I lost my shoes!"

Mark opened the door and came to my side of the car. He swept his hand under the seat until he found my other shoe, then bowed graciously and held my shoe for me to slip my toe in.

"Are you just trying to look up my dress again?" My smile betrayed me as he leered and nodded. He gently squeezed my nylon-covered calf as he put on my shoe. I briefly pulled my skirt to mid thigh and watched as his eyes darted to the hem.

"What color?" I asked.


"Wrong!" I giggled.

We drank our coffee and looked at each other sleepily.

"I shouldn't have leaned against you like that. I'm sorry. I should have stayed on my side. Perhaps I should not be your campaign manager?"

"Oh, no, you can't get away that easily. Don't say that."


"No, it's OK. Friends. A friend thing ... really! Delightful. Are you OK? I'm ... well, terrific."

"Sure?" I asked.

"Sure!" he said.

I nodded, and looked away.

"I have a cabin on the Au Sable. Not far away ... would you?"

"No, I have to get home. You know. Getting late. But, thanks."

In the ladies room I looked at myself in the mirror for a long minute, I wasn't quite sure why, but I slipped my pantyhose down and off and stuffed them into my purse. I gave myself a dirty look on the way out.

I sat on my own side of the car for a while and we made small talk.

After half an hour, he held his hand out to me and I slipped across the seat and snuggled against his warmth once again. I pressed my lips briefly against his cheek, and then pressed my cheek against his shoulder. I put my hand back on his leg and felt his lips nuzzle my hair in a kiss.

His hand rested on my thigh as we settled in once more. He noticed that my legs were now bare under the dress and it occurred to me that I was being a bit obvious.

"It feels good to get out of pantyhose after 12 hours." I offered. My conscience whispered to me that I was saying that to make him even hotter. Men think of our underwear as sex objects, I know that, but it slipped out.

"You feel nice -- even without them."

"You're so sweet."

When his hand slipped between my legs, I parted them a little to invite him closer. I slipped my hand over his bulge once again. It felt different. Looser, freer. I realized that he had taken off his underwear. Slowly, I searched for his zip and found it already unzipped. I slipped my hand inside

and immediately felt the masculine hair of his body and then the hard erect cock waiting for my touch.

I curled my hand around it and felt it slide against my wrist, its warmth a pleasure on my skin. I grasped his balls and pressed my wrist against the underside of his length. It felt hot and hard, yet a velvety softness under my exploring hand.

Mark parted my legs and his hand slipped up my thigh, pushing my skirt ahead of him. We snuggled against each other, my thigh pressed tightly against his. I felt the first contact of his hand on my panties and the shock was surprisingly acute.

"This is a first, Mark, ... I mean ... since I got married."

"I think I know that, Beth," he said quietly, and squeezed my leg.

He moaned as my hand explored the bareness of his huge, threatening hardness. I looked down and admired the cock jutting straight up in the orange light of the instruments. My hand was tight around his shaft. The head and three inches of shaft jutting above my grip formed a powerful image of strength and strident need. My mouth was dry with excitement as I looked at the great mushroom of a head and the deep ridge just behind it. With my other hand I explored that deep ridge with a fingertip. It was beautiful but slightly frightening in its taut strength.

"Yellow," he whispered.

I nodded and smiled, then squeezed his dick in reply.

"I'm afraid you have made them a little wet, though."

"I love that, too." he muttered. His finger slipped past the tight leg band and touched my moist slit. It was my turn to tense up and suck in my breath.

We seemed all alone in the night, the headlights sweeping a path before us through the total blackness of the Michigan countryside.

Two hands gently caressed in the darkness. He asked me to stop a moment and I put that lovely dick back inside his pants and for a little while contented myself with teasing its head lightly with the tips of my fingernails.

Mark pulled his hand away from me and I watched as he brought his glistening finger to his lips and tasted my pussy and then made a quiet purring noise. I squeezed the head of his dick in reply.


"I really have to get home..." I began, "but, maybe we could park a minute before we get there ... I want to kiss..." I whispered the last into his ear. A shiver ran through me and I slipped my hand inside his pants once more, my hand finding the soft warm skin of his big cock, and sliding further to cup his balls.

I snuggled closer and he hugged me closer. He fondled my breast for the first time and I pressed it into his cupped hand. We headed into the off-ramp to a rest area and mark parked far down toward the end of the empty parking lot. He turned the headlights off, but the instrument panel lights remained on. Mark turned toward me and our lips met as he slid toward me, easing himself out from under the steering wheel. His tongue slipped between my lips and I felt my body shudder with pleasure. It was like the memory of my very first French kiss, thrilling from top to bottom. I eagerly responded with a darting tongue as his hand slipped between my legs and fondled my pussy,

"I want to see you."

"OK." I replied, and leaned back against the door and raised my skirt.

He looked around to be sure we were still alone and turned on the inside light. My yellow panties gleamed between parted legs. I glanced down to see the outline of my patch of dark hair and the dark spot of my sexual excitement. I watched his reaction and it was thrilling to see how excited he was to look at the firm prominent mound between my legs.

"I need to go shopping. These are getting a little tattered. Should have worn something nicer if I'd known ... if I'd known..." I was babbling and I knew it. There was a catch in my throat that let him know how tense it was making me to brazenly show him my panties.

"Pretty ... very pretty." He made it all right.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips against the firm mound under my panties. I slipped my fingers into his hair and pressed him close as he continued to nuzzle my pussy. My eyes closed in pleasure and I slipped toward him, spreading my legs wider and pushing my pussy against his moving lips.

He raised his head and looked out at the parking lot again, though the windows had begun to steam over with our body heat. His hands were fondling my bottom through the satin panties as his lips returned for another soft kiss. This time, my tongue led the way, probing along his lips and then opening them with pointed insistence.

His hands explored and slowly found their way up to cup both breasts.

"Should we turn out the lights?" I reminded him.

"Let me see them first?"

I unbuttoned my dress and watched his eyes devour the sight of my breasts bulging from a lacy bra. His hands slipped inside my dress and lifted my breasts so he could press a kiss between them. My hands pressed him close. His eager hands and lips sent an electric thrill from my nipples straight to my pussy, drenching my snug panties.

"They're beautiful!" he muttered.

I unsnapped the front closure bra and let it spring oven for him. Mark swallowed hard as I shrugged my shoulders and let my breasts and nipples sway gently in front of his eyes. It was a thrilling to see how my breasts affected him.

He reluctantly turned off the lights leaving only the dim lighting of the parking lot. I pressed myself into his arms and excitedly twisted and turned my lips against his as my breasts pressed against the tweed of his jacket. My hand slipped down to grasp his cock and I forced him back against the seat as I began sliding my hand up and down the shaft. The skin of his dick was taut under my hand.

His hands were squeezing my breasts and he pinched my crisp nipples between his fingers.

"They're beautiful, Beth ... you're beautiful." He whispered hoarsely as he squeezed and fondled me eagerly.

"I like the way you touch me," I whispered, my voice trembling a little.

I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants, my heart racing with excitement. As he fondled my breasts, I began stroking his lovely dick. My hand covered about half his length as I began sliding up and down from the head to the hairy base with a snug grip. I could feel the tension throughout my body, but especially in my hand as I began giving him pleasure. His hands tightened on my breasts and his legs straightened as his body stiffened.

Mark's beautiful cock juts straight out from his body, not curved at all. It looked proud and rampant under my hand and I pressed it closer to his body to direct it up onto his stomach rather than onto his pants. I watched his face as I continued to stoke up and down his dick. It felt wonderful under my hand.

It was a thrilling moment. For the next few moments, he was almost helpless under my hand. I could smell his sex here in the big suburban, closed off from all the rest of the world, while only we two enjoyed a few moments of intimacy. The smell of his sex in my nostrils was wildly stimulating.

I felt him tense as I speeded up. I let my hand slip over the bulbous velvet head and felt the precum coat my palm. His body shuddered and I heard him moan sharply as the first spurt burst from him. I felt the surprise of its warm creamy texture hit my forehead.

"Come!" I urged, my hand stroking faster and squeezing to milk it out of him. Again he spurted under my hand and I felt the warm lovely cream rolling over my hand as it fucked up and down the hard thrusting shaft.

"Yes! Yes!" I whispered into his ear as I urged his cock to give me more. His body began to relax, the last of his cum oozed down over my hand. I leaned over and kissed the warm slick head and then pressed his cum to his lips with mine. His tongue came alive under mine.

"Oh, god ... That was..." he sighed loudly. "That was ... lovely!" he murmured, hands pressing my breasts softly as his dick softened in my hand. I found a tissue and wiped him off and then gently put him back into his pants.

I knelt on the seat and felt his hand go between my legs as he kissed my nipples once more. His hand reached between my legs and brushed across the silky expanse of my bottom and his wrist pressed along the length of my pussy lips in a final lovely caress.

As we drove back onto the highway, Mark looked across at me and smiled, more relaxed than I had seen him in three days of the convention.

"It's been a wonderful trip, Beth, sorry it's ending."

"Me too, the whole trip."

"Yes, the whole trip. Listen, I have to say something important. They say that sex between friends can ruin the friendship. I would hate that!"

"So would I, Mark. So let's not let it. OK? I know we are both family people and I know that we are friends because we are sort of soul mates. So let's not ruin that."

"Shall we think of this as a bottle of special Champagne that we put away for some future special event? I mean there might be a time or a moment when we decided to open the bottle. Or just take the bottle out and look at it together, but decide that it isn't the time to open it again."

"I love that thought. I'm so glad you said that. It's perfect. Who knows, perhaps someday we'll decide to open it and ... even have strawberries with it... ?"

The look we exchanged was soft and warm and he leaned forward and we tasted each other's lips again for a long minute.

"Yes. I'll always be hoping for the strawberries."

He carried my suitcase up to the door and I searched around for my key and unlocked the door.

"Thanks for everything, Mark!"

"Good night! Thanks to you, too."

Home to David

He didn't risk a final kiss and I was slightly relieved, since there was still a light on in the house. I straightened my dress and hoped that it wasn't too rumpled as I pushed open the door to find the children asleep on the couch and David looked up sleepily from his chair in front of the TV.

'Hey, how's the nation's political process functioning?" he said with a grin. The kids wanted to wait up for you.

I nervously leaned over to brush a kiss on his lips and he pulled me into his lap.

"It was fun! You know I'm a political junkie, though. I told Mark I would run his campaign next year again. Is that OK?"

"Someone has to represent the family! Too bad it's with those pinko liberals, though. Do they know how lucky they are?"

"Oh, I think they do." I laughed. I leaned back against him as his hand found my breast.

"Hope you're not too tired, I've been sitting here thinking about you for three nights!"

"Oh, really?" I giggled. "Well, I got a little sleep on the trip, so..." I teased.

We carried the children to their beds. They half woke up to give me a sleepy good night as I tucked them in and then stood admiring their curly heads.

David's hands slipped under my breasts and squeezed. I leaned back against him and felt the telltale pressure of warm cock against my bottom. I waited while he unbuttoned my dress and let his hands explore my bra with eager hands. A little twinge of guilt crept along my spine.

"You're awfully randy tonight! What on earth were you thinking about me?" I asked as his lips nibbled on my earlobe.

"Thinking about those big high school athletes that wanted you when you were the hotsy-totsy cheerleader ... you promised to tell me the whole story, if I was a good baby-sitter."

"I keep telling you, there's nothing to tell, darling!" I had forgotten the joking promise he had extracted before he let me go to the convention.

David picked me up and carried me to our bed. Kneeling, he pushed my knees apart and slipped his hands up the outside of my legs. He leaned between my legs and kissed me on the mound.

"I'm going to eat you up, sweetie! Mmmmm, baby, you're wet already. I think politics gets your motor running, you know that?"

"Wait; give me a minute to freshen up, dear." I took off my dress and rolled my hips as I let him admire me walking to the bathroom in panties and bra.

I took off the sodden panties in the bathroom and dropped them in the hamper. I dabbed perfume here and there and put a simple nightie over my head.

David undressed as he watched me hang my dress in the closet.

"You look gorgeous, you know that?" he said. I climbed into bed beside him and reached under the covers to find his cock.

"Tell me about that high school hero, darling. Tell me how he tried to get into those pretty little panties." He whispered hoarsely into my ear.

"I don't know why you find that so interesting. And even less why it's exciting."

It was a familiar issue in our sex. I hadn't had that much sex life in high school, and I wasn't good at inventing something. David sometimes longed to hear me tell him how an old boyfriend had made love to me. The thought of it was highly stimulating to him. But I didn't really have that much to offer him, though sometimes I would embellish some relatively tame evening of necking to heighten our pleasure. In the beginning of marriage I was offended by it, but over time I decided that it was not harmful and tried to do better at making up the fantasies.

David slipped his leg between mine and I stroked his cock. I couldn't help making comparisons to Mark even though I know it brands me as a bit of a slut. How could I be lying here with my husband just an hour after bringing another man's cock to a steaming climax? I was confused about this new turn of my life.

But to please him, I began. I began as if it had happened in high school and not just this very night. And as I told him more and more detail, he became more and more excited.

"We were driving back from a concert," I began. "It was a long drive and it was late at night. Bobby was driving his father's big Suburban station wagon and I was sitting close to him."

"I knew there was a story there! I've never heard this one," he murmured, and his cock grew in my hand. His hand slipped between my legs and I opened to let him feel my moist pussy.

"I was tired and falling asleep and Bobby kept putting my hand against his cock. Finally I began stroking it as he wanted."

"Just like you are stroking me?"

"Yes, like this." I slipped my hand lower to grasp David's balls and felt the warmth of his cock against my wrist as he writhed in pleasure.

'Did you let him feel you up too?"

"Yes, I put his hand down between my legs. He slowly slipped his hand under my skirt ... higher ... until his hand was against my panties.

"Wait, wait, you don't have panties on." he giggled. David got of bed and turned on the lights.

"Where did you put them?"

"Just get a clean pair for me out of the drawer."

He rummaged in the drawer and brought back a pair of white bikinis and I slipped them on and smiled as he watched.

He pressed against me and cupped my mound through the little panties.

"Like this?" he asked.

"No, just between my legs." I moved his hand and he pressed the side if his hand against my pussy. He wanted to see my breasts, so we stopped and parked and I did this:"

I took off the gown and let my breasts sway in front of David's eyes.

"They're beautiful, Beth ... you're beautiful."

I shivered as I realized he had used almost the same words I heard earlier from Mark. I closed my eyes with pleasure as his hands fondled my breasts and his lips nibbled jutting nipples.

"Bobby got very excited and sucked on my nipples, while I did this." I put my hand around David's dick and began demonstrating how I had fucked my high school boyfriend with my hand.

"Did you let him put it in, darling? Like this?"


David slipped between my legs and I spread them wide for him. I guided his cock, letting the head of it caress up and down my pussy lips -- then let him slide into me. His hot cock felt lovely parting the walls of my vagina and filling me up.

"Why not? I'll bet he wanted to put it in!" his breathing was ragged now as he sank all the way into me and stayed there, insinuating his hips slightly so his cock moved around inside the wet length of my snug sheath.

"I think he did." I said, letting myself enjoy my husband's cock as it probed around the familiar walls of my pussy.

"God you are sexy, Beth."

"Did you take him in your mouth? He whispered.

"No, not that either," I said.

David was thrusting between my widespread legs and urging me for more details.

"I just fucked him with my hand, darling, just with my hand."

"Oh, god, you're pussy feels hot darling."

"I kept stroking Bobby's big cock..." My words were punctuated by our thrusting. "Oh, that's good, David ... that's it, that's it. Fuck me, honey ... More! Harder, shove it in, baby," I rasped.

"It's Bobby fucking you baby," he rasped

"Oh, shove it in Bobby, shove it in..." I moaned, pleasure flooding my body.

I felt his body tighten and I grabbed his buns to urge him deeper. I could feel the head of his cock touching, jabbing, moving deep inside me. I was thrusting eagerly for more of him, meeting him thrust for thrust. I had my eyes closed in pleasure as we fucked together, trying for every last bit of pleasure from the mating of cock and pussy. Again and again I felt him thrust, his leg muscles hard and straight between mine as we both moaned in pleasure.

I came with a great shiver and felt his cum explode into my vagina. As he fell exhausted on top of me, I felt his cock relax and then slip from the grasp of my pussy. His cum cascaded from my vagina and slipped slowly down my crease.

I lay in the darkness for long time thinking about this unusual night of lovemaking.

"I should be feeling guiltier than this." I thought. But I felt deliciously tired and wonderfully satisfied. Tomorrow I would think this over and see what to do with it. I leaned over and kissed David's cheek just as he began to snore contentedly beside me.

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