Lusty Sticky Lycra Ballet

by Canius Swiss

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Hish School Student Tammy Fyke asked Josh Rodinson to come over. Josh has a major crush on her. As she wore a full body lycra suit, she asked him to wear one as well. There's just something about a black Lycra suit that turns her into a nympho. He finds himself becoming overly horny as well. They soon fall in each others arms and become wet and sticky.

Nervously, 18 year old Josh Rodinson knocks on his dream girl Tammy Fyke's door.

"Why did she ask me to come over? I mean she could have asked anyone else to help her out." Fretting, he knocked loudly on the door. "She is like the dream girl in my class."

The door opened and blonde haired Tammy popped her head outside "Thank heavens you are here!" She then swings the door wide open.

With eyes popping out, Josh stared at her whole body. The black body covering lycra outfit she is wearing is stretched so thin, he could see her hardening red nipples and well shaven bush. Drooling, he just stared at her and couldn't say anything.

Babbling, he replied "Oh um anytime I um well what's going on? What do you need?" Talking nonsense like a six year old, Josh shifts from foot to foot.

Grabbing his hands, she dragged him inside "Come on in silly I just need you to help me with a few ballet steps. Don't worry my folks aren't home."

"You take ballet?" He stumbles upstairs to her bedroom.

"Kinda. I'll explain when you get dressed." They head for her bedroom.

Inside her bedroom is a satin sheet covered bed. Her windows are closed and covered with her white curtains. There is a black boom box that is out on her messy desk. The carpet on the floor is one of black and red criss crossed wool.

Yanking him inside her bedroom, she hisses "Hurry up." As she closes and locks the bed room door, he oofs, stumbles, and lands on his back

"Sorry but I am just so damn eager to get started." Her grin is one of a starved cougar.

Getting up, he stretches and nods "That's OK I guess but what do you need me for."

"See there are some ballet steps that I want to practice on. So in my bathroom over there is a black body Lycra suit. Put it on and I'll get ready for our steps I want to practice. Oh and no underwear." Adding that part made a twinkle gleam in her eyes.

Swallowing nervously, he went to the brightly lit bathroom. "Wow It's Black suit!" He slowly undressed in the cold bathroom. He thought as he got naked, "Oh man what if she can see my cock and balls?" Fretting, he took his time putting on the suit.

Knocking on the door, "Is everything OK?" her worried voice echoed in the bathroom.

He looked down and gasped. Now that his suit is on his body, he can clearly see his cock and balls. The suit is stretched so thin it showed every part of his body. "No I can see my cock and balls." He whimpered.

"Yes um I just want to make sure it's on right." Twisting and turning his body around, Josh fretted about how revealing the suit was. "Shit I can see my cock and balls so clearly."

Building up his courage, he creaked open the bathroom door and poked his head out. "Um are you sure that this suit is the right size?"

"Let me see." Begging, she urged him to walk out of the bathroom. When he stepped outside the bathroom, she jumped up and down. This caused her clearly seen luscious breasts to jiggle.

"Shit. Don't do that." As he stared at her breasts bouncing, he felt his cock start to pop out and slowly tent his lycra suit.

"Oh it's perfect! That suit is perfect on you." She embraced him good and tight. Her lycra covered hands rubbed his smooth back and rubbed it. He gasped as the smooth cool suit felt good on him. His cock certainly tented his suit then. It poked her smooth crotch good and hard. Then when he rubbed her lycra covered thighs, her moaning approval rang in his ears.

"This does feel good." he realized as he closed his eyes and rubbed more of her smooth body. Feeling her slick and smooth backside, he concentrated on rubbing every part of it. This made her slowly moan and shiver as she got more aroused. "Please don't stop." She murmured as her eyes closed.

Poking her covered crotch with his covered cock, he couldn't help but moan in response. His meaty cock rubbed her lycra covered pussy. With up and down movements, his cock slowly rubbed her crotch. "Oh fuck!" he hissed as he took his time rubbing her pussy.

Clamping his arms around his waist, she viciously rubbed her pussy on his cock. "Yes don't stop!" Her voice screamed in his ears "Do it! I am so horny I need you to make me fucking orgasm!"

Obliging, he kept up the momentum of smothering his cock in her pussy as best as he could "Oh yes shit!" he hissed. Pelvic thrusting his cock with mighty thrusts, he felt his cock ready to blow. "Oh mother fucking!" he snarled as his lycra covered hands clamped on her smooth ass good and hard. Then he rubbed her ass with strong rubbing motions.

Tammy called out as she orgasmed. Her shivering body rubbed his as a wave of paralyzing pleasure hit her. "Oh! Fuck!" she hissed as she closed her eyes. Seeing white, her body shook on her feet as the orgasmic wave diminished.

Josh gritted his teeth as his orgasm was still building. Calling out "Oh no!" he whined His body screamed because he needed to shoot his load. Frustrated, he pulled back and tried to jerk off. His lycra covered hands grabbed his lycra covered cock. He tugged his cock like a mad man. Up and down went his hand as he embraced his cock. He never gave his cock a chance to be still as he tugged his cock harder and harder. Showing his cock no mercy, he growled "I am going to fucking cum in this suit!"

Staring in shock and arousal, Tammy watched him jerk off with such vigor. "Oh yes he is going to soil his suit with cum. Its so arousing it's making me wet again." The smell of his pre cum filled her nose. Her lycra covered hands started to rub her hardening nipples. These nipples were poking so obviously from her skintight suit. She rubbed then slowly with her fingers as she stared at his slowly wetting bulge. "Oh go man! Do it! Shoot that load baby!" Whispering these words made her other hand rubbed the wet crotch on her suit.

Flinging his head back, he called out "Oh Yea!" His face was dark red as he gritted his teeth. His cock tip opened up as he shot his load. The hot white cum sprayed out of his cock and splattered his suit. This white cum made obvious white spots all over his over stretched black lycra suit. Not caring about the results of his jerking off, he wobbled on his feet as he finished gushing his load all over his suit. The end result is a huge, wet white stain on his suit.

Slumping to the floor, he was spent. He moaned and wiped his sweaty face with his cum covered lycra gloved hand. "Man I am sorry about that." He looked in her eyes with a look in his eyes like a puppy dog would give.

Grinning she helped him up "For what. I am glad that you get horny in these suits too. I thought I was the only one that gets turned on wearing lycra."

"You mean you invited me here for sex. Cool!" he brightened up immediately.

"Yea I figured you would be sweet about this. You are just so sweet in school. Not like all these jocks that have this big ego." She started rubbing her chest slowly "It is so cool wearing these suits. I mean I love wearing it. It makes me so horny to feel it against my body." She then rubbed her chest with her gloved hand.

Grinning, he started to rub her chest as well "You look so hot you know that! When you wear this suit I can see through it. You just make me horny just wearing that thing." He can feel his cum drenched cock make a tent in his soiled suit.

Reaching for the Boom box, she turned on some soft music. "OK let's have some fun. Just rub me all over and I'll do the same to you."

He nodded as his hands went all over her body. His gloved hands caressed her luscious bouncing breasts. Every time he gave her breasts a good hard groping, she moaned and swayed to the beat. "Yes!" she mumbled as her gloved hands rubbed his smooth chest. He panted as he felt her smooth hands on his chest. His nipples started to get hard as he felt her hands all over his body. Smiling, she rubbed his hard nipples up and down slowly. Then he started pelvic thrusting his cum covered cock in her wet bush. He made sure to rub and twist his cock against her. "Yea does that feel good? Is that what you want?" he teased and whispered in her ears. Grinning, he stared in her blue eyes and got lost in them.

"Uh huh!" she murmured as she felt herself succumbing to the throes of another building orgasm. Her breath got hotter as she panted in arousing pleasure. She moaned as she swayed on her feet.

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