Magic Panties

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ben Roberts stumbles onto one of the greatest inventions ever made. Upon doing so, he embarks on the wildest, most exciting adventure of his life!

One of the nice things about working in, as well as owning an adult novelty store, is the perks associated with doing so. I'm a people person, anyway. I love watching people. Often going to the mall to pick up one thing or another and finding myself sitting down, watching people walk by. It's interesting to wonder what they are thinking about, who they really are inside. Which is one of the reasons I love my job so much. When people enter my store, I have a pretty good idea of what they are thinking about. Sex.

Admittedly, the majority of clients who enter my store are men. Most of which are there to find something that will put the spice back into their sex-life, or pick out something that they've been harboring as a fantasy for a while, that they've managed to persuade their respective partner into going along with. Or at the very least, hoping they will. I do however, get a fair share of women too. And they are, of course, the ones I really enjoy watching whenever they come into my store to shop.

Most women tend to buy gag gifts, things for bridal showers, things like that. Though occasionally, one or two will browse through the toy section, looking for a particular vibrator or dildo so that they might pleasure themselves or in a few cases, their female partners. Usually most of these women spend less than five or ten minutes inside the store. They seem to know exactly what they are looking for, searching briefly, selecting something and then bringing it up to me to purchase. Rarely do I ever get anyone who actually asks me for help, though this does happen. I love working with these kinds of women, as they seem to be more open-minded and at ease with themselves. More so than anyone else, including the men who come in.

As I like to do, I usually come in about an hour or so before the store opens. Generally I restock the shelves or straighten up the merchandise, though occasionally I may try out one of the new toys that have come in, especially if they are designed for a man. Though most of these are merely novelty items, which I've found actually have very little to offer.

I had just finished restocking some body oils on the shelf when I turned to see a nerdy looking guy standing just outside the door, peering in. "We're still closed!" I said, approaching the door and pointing at the closed sign, which had the hours I was open clearly indicated on it. I watched as he looked down one side of the street and then the other, before turning back to face me. Just the way he acted made me a little suspicious of him; suddenly glad there was a locked door between us. Not that he looked violent, or even capable of being able to cause anyone physical harm, but as I watched him open a plastic bag he was carrying, I half expected to see him withdraw a gun or something. Instead, he reached in and brought out a pair of women's white cotton panties. The kind you would see sold in generally most stores, certainly not the kind I sold in mine. I looked at him inquisitively, once again yelling through the closed door.

"Not interested!" I yelled, knowing he could hear me, at least. "Now if they were crotchless... maybe!"

I honestly expected him simply to turn and walk away. But he did not "They're not normal panties!" he exclaimed back at me. "I've invented something... and I think you might be interested in seeing what I've done," he implored.

Against my better judgment, I unlocked the door letting him inside. He immediately introduced himself.

"Name's Marty Wilder" he told me. Even his name sounded nerdy. I was almost afraid to shake his hand as he offered it to me.

"Benjamin Roberts", I said introducing myself, "Though everyone calls me Ben."

"Thanks for letting me in... Ben,"he began. "You're the first person who's actually been willing to see what it is I have to offer." Once again he withdrew the pair of white cotton, obviously women's panties. The fact they looked brand new still did not tell me anything, though I was curious.

"If you're trying to interest me in a pair of women's panties, it's really not my thing. And I don't care who you might claim actually wore them, it's not something I'd actually be interested in."

My comment seemed to catch him in mid-stride. For a moment, I thought he would stuff them back into his bag, turn and leave. Which in a way, was something I was now hoping for, already regretting that I had let him in. He smiled awkwardly, looking almost embarrassed.

"No... you misunderstand. They look like normal women's panties, but they're far from it. My panties are special... very special."

Once again I was starting to believe I was standing there talking to some kind of a pervert, or worse. And not that I had any problems with any particular fetish of course, after all, I sold a lot of things a hell of a lot kinkier than women's underwear.

He must have noticed the look of doubt on my face, worried perhaps that I was a second away from asking him to leave, which I was.

"Hear me out... please," he begged. Being the people person that I am, I decided to give him a few more minutes. I was now interested in what he really did have to offer, or at the very least, discover what it was that he thought he had and why I would be interested in them.

"Ok... but keep it short. The store opens in fifteen minutes." I told him.

Marty relaxed considerably, genuinely relieved. "I work for a major micro-chip computer factory," he began. "Research and development specifically. For several years I've worked on an idea I had, on my own time. With the access that I have to certain materials, as well as the freedom to work on my own in relative privacy, I eventually perfected, and made a very small microchip that's designed to do only one simple thing. And that's bring pleasure to women."

"Ah huh..." I said dubiously. "And just what does this little microchip of yours have to do with women's panties?"

Obviously he was excited to finally be able to tell someone about his little invention. Opening a small tiny little envelope he poured the contents of it out on top of a white handkerchief he had spread out. What I saw were perhaps a dozen or so small razor thin translucent little disks no bigger than the size of an aspirin. Once again showing me the panties, he pointed directly at the crotch area.

"One of these microchips is inside these," he said. "You can easily insert them into any woman's panties, purchased from any store. As you can see... the chips are so thin that you can make a simple cut with any sharp razor, insert the chip between the layers of material, a tiny... very tiny dab of superglue is more than enough to hold it in place."

"Yeah, right." I said going along... becoming more and more sure this guy really was some kind of a nut case. "Listen... I really do need to open the store," I said, hoping to convey in not so many words that I was no longer curious or interested in his panties.

He was too excited explaining things to me though, to have listened. "The chip is triggered by body temperature, as well as moisture." He said continuing. "It sends out a pulsating electrical energy wave that is very... stimulating."

That got my attention.

"It does what?" I had started towards the door to turn the sign around and invite him to leave. Hearing what he had just told me, I froze with my hand still on the doorknob.

"These panties induce orgasms," he said simply. "But the best part is... most women don't even know why, or how it could possibly even happen, as there's nothing to detect in the panties they're wearing to indicate how... or why. They're completely washable, the chips are virtually indestructible unless you burn them of course, and I've yet to find a chip that's gone bad or worn out."

"You mean to tell me... women wear these panties and simply experience an orgasm from doing so?"

"Well in theory... yes."

"In theory?" I asked... suddenly thinking I really had been duped into some guy's get rich quick scheme here, thankful that I had not agreed or worse, actually given him any money for his so-called climax-chips.

"I've only been able to test them on one or two subjects, without their knowledge of course..."

"Of course..." I said skeptical as hell, wishing I had never allowed him to enter my store.

"But both women appeared to have some kind of pleasurable experience, one eventually even fainting from it... though admittedly that was my fault because I'd sort of increased the intensity just a little too much I think."

"Ok... you lost me," I told him. "How do you increase the intensity of this little super-cum ship, or whatever the hell you call it?" I asked

"Well... that's the other part I haven't told you about yet," he said, once again speaking in low tones as though worried I had surveillance cameras or microphones hidden inside my store, which suddenly... I wish I did have.

"There are two ways the chip can be activated. One is simply by the increase of body temperature, coupled with the slightest trace of moisture. So, in other words, if a woman becomes aroused, even slightly... the chip picks up on that. It begins to send out miniscule little pulses that a woman wouldn't even associate with anything except her own body causing it to happen. She would initially feel nothing more than a nice "itch" no different from the first stirrings of arousal in any woman. The more she becomes aroused however, the greater the signal that begins actually to interact with the sexual nerve endings with a woman's clitoris. Before she knows what's happening... or why, she can actually experience an orgasm without ever having had to even touch herself."

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