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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, Lesbian, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amanda her life at the university is not going as it should be , till she meets Sarah.

What some of you already know or don't know, before I started my first real job, I studied one year at a local university. Unsuccesful cause I partied to much and I didn't want to study, so I quitted after a year. But in that first year I met somebody very interesting and somebody I still like very much to this very same day. And that's what this story is about, or should I say who : Sarah.

The people who have read my previous erotic stories, know that I have had lesbian sex with a girl before, with Eline. This story is about another girl who I have had some lesbian fun with. Eline and Sarah are the only females so far in my life who I shared a bed with. How it all started with Sarah, you can read now :

After graduation, I decided to give it a try at a local university. It was a tough decision cause I wasn't very motivated to do it, but my parents kinda pushed me into it cause they both are very succesfull in life. My father is a judge en my mom owns her own clothes shop. So to please them I attended the university to study bio-science. The first two month were pretty uneventful for me in terms of romance. I dated a few guys but it never really worked out for some reason. None of them really seemed to peak my interests. So university life was starting to get a little boring for me.

Those boring days I filled with partying. Every week there was a party somewhere. Some weeks even 4-5 parties in that week! It came to the point where I was devoting most of my time to parties instead of studying. Life had become pretty heavy at that moment. I didn't even get much sleep those days. And I experimented with some things that I rather don't want to write about.

Then I met Sarah.

I had a sexual relationship with a girlfriend before, with Eline, as you all could read in a previous story. But I never really gave much though to get into another relationship with a female until Sarah came along. I do not know what it was that attracted me to her. When I saw her for the first time, I could not help but to think how beautiful and sexy she was. Sarah was 20 years old and in her second year. She looked like she was right out of a fashion magazine. Long blonde hair, a million dollar face and a very nice smile. She had a nice body that had all the guys on campus lusting after her. And probably some girls too, like myself.

I first saw Sarah when I was having a drink in a local bar, a bar where only students come to have a drink. A friend of mine introduced me to her. I was in a hurry so I couldn't stop to introduce myself properly. Though I wanted to, she was beautiful. But I saw her again, that same day at a party, and then I introduced myself. I told her my age, name, what I was studying and we started to have a little chat. And it seemed that we had the same interests. I just made a new friend and she seemed to like me too, as a friend. Sarah, extremely receptive with a sweet personality, seemed eager to make new friends too. We hit it off great, quickly becoming the best of friends.

Perhaps the reason why I was so attracted to Sarah was simply because of intuition. I could never really pinpoint the exact reason why I was so drawn to her, but my woman's intuition told me that she was the type of female who would not object to a roll in the hay with another female. As Sarah and I got to know each other more and more, I actually began to believe that my intuition was accurate. When I was alone with her, Sarah would 'flirt' with me. She liked to run her hands across my back and shoulders. She would often a soothing massage and was more than willing to brush and blow-dry my hair after a shower or bath. One of her specialties was running her fingers through my hair, teasing and soothing my head, she definitely liked to use suggestive, yet subtle touches. I didn't know what to think about her at that moment. Was she coming on the me, or not?

Though she was 20 at that time, and I was 18 and in different classes, the two of us managed to spend a lot of time together during a regular school day. We often ate lunch and had study breaks together. Though I did not study much. Anyone from our friends would recognize us as two giggling girls who were best friends. I doubt anyone would think one of us had lustful intentions.

I had become so obsessed by Sarah that after 3 months, she was over to my dorm room for a visit like every single night. Nothing happened so far. We were really flirting with one another, always laughing and having a good time together. I found myself turning down date requests from guys because I had other ideas, ideas of being in a romantic relationship with Sarah. I also noticed that she was not dating anyone either, despite the many requests she had from the guys. That made me think.

Was she really interested in me? Was she holding out on guys, wanting me instead? I could lay awake night after night, thinking about that. Fantasizing about Sarah. I imagined holding her in my arms and making soft, sweet love to her. I sensed what it would be like to feel her thick, pouty lips pressing against mine for a kiss. I shuddered at the heat of our bodies, curled together, as we climaxed simultaneously. One evening I fell asleep and had a dream that seemed extremely real. I dreamed that Sarah came into my dorm room in the middle of the night and almost begged me to make love to her. I did, of course, and that seemed very real as well. We fell asleep after several hours of passion in each others arms, content and satisfied. Then the alarm clock went off.

The dream was so real that when I woke up, I actually looked for Sarah next to me in bed. After a few seconds, I realized it had all been a dream. In frustration, I pounded both fists against my bed. I went to get dressed and noticed my panties were soaked. They weren't wet, they were soaked. It was this time I realized that something must be done about this. I had to make a move on Sarah or go insane with hiding my secret passions from her. If it turned out that she wasn't interested in me, at least I would know I had tried. No one will get anywhere in life if they do not try.

That same day, I asked Sarah if she would come over to my dorm room immediately after class. I told her I had something really important to discuss with her. She tried to get it out of me right then and there, but I held back, telling her it would have to wait until we were alone. Sarah would usually go to her own dorm room after class to shower and change. But I wanted her to come to my room right away after class. She said okay, but added that it had better be important. I assured her, it was.

Down deep, I was fearful of being rejected. But I did my best not to think about that possibility. I concentrated more on what it would be like to wrap my arms around that beautiful, luscious body of her. I imagined the possibilities of holding and kissing her, and making love to her. Without a doubt, those thoughts were most pleasant. I never done anything like this before, seducing another female. Cause in my previous lesbian relationship, it was me who was being seduced. I really did not know if I had gone about things with Sarah the right way. I even phoned Eline to speak with her about it, hoping for some advice and pointers. She wasn't much help.

I wasn't really too worried about the possibility of word getting out that I was bisexual. If Sarah should become offended and then tell everybody about me. While I prefer to keep my love life and sexual preferences out of the 'gossip rounds', it was worth taking that chance. I wanted Sarah, and I wanted her bad. The possible reward was much greater than the risk.

Fresh from class, Sarah showed up at my door on time. She was dressed in a nice skirt with a matching skintight sleeveless top. Every subtle curve of her body was outlined in that tight fabric. Her blonde hair was a bit messy. Sarah got right to the point : "Amanda, now what is so important? " I walked over to my bed and then looked back at her. I was very nervous at that moment, but determined to go through with this. I had to. " Sarah, we've been friends for a while now, I don't really know how to say this, so please have patience with me. "

" Sure, anything ", she replied. I took a deep breath. " Sarah, from the first time I saw you, I have been very attracted to you. " I felt a huge lump in my throat and my entire body was trembling. But I had to continue. " I don't know if you have ever give any thought to being with a girl, but I just have to find out, I have been driving myself crazy with this. " I waited for her reaction. At first, Sarah seemed stunned. My heart broke. I was a total fool for assuming that she had any interest in my as well. A complete and total fool. That is what I told myself. The stunned expression on her face made me want to curl up and my head against the wall. I needed to say something, to break the silence. " I... shit,... Sarah, I am sorry for..."

" You are really sexually attracted to me? " she suddenly asked, interrupting me before I could finish my sentence. I stuttered in reply : " Uhhm yeah, I... I am. " She still looked stunned. As a result, I hung my head in shame. I really did think of Sarah as a friend. And it seemed I just threw it all away. Our friendship was ruined.

" I am attracted to you also." With an eyeful of tears, my head shop up and I looked at her, now stunned myself. Did she say what I think she just said? Now, I was trembling and shaking even more than before. " Could you repeat that? " Sarah smiled and stepped towards me. " I am attracted to you also. " My face flooded with tears, tears of joy! Sarah threw her arms around me and hugged me tight. A mixture of relief, excitement and shock running though my body. So after a long silence, Sarah decided to add : " I have been bisexual for 4 years, I have only had one girlfriend but she moved away last year." I told her about Eline, still trembling.

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