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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two old friends get back together after ten years.

He hadn't seen her for about 10 years, but oh the memories. They had an affair nearly twenty years ago. They were hot and heavy for a couple years, then, he had to move. Oh yea, there were the occasional reunions. It never seemed to take long to get right back on track. They always seemed to be in sync with each other. But ten years is a lot. They had kept in touch on the Internet. Every year or so one would drop the other a note. More to the "Hi, thought of you wondered how you were doing" kind of thing. After all they both had lives, children and spouses. Their bodies were the only things they ever really shared in common. But that sharing was always extraordinary. They met at a community benefit event. Each brought a different skill and it was just by chance that the met. Their first eye contact locked and lasted many more minutes than their actual time together. They were both hooked instantly, locked into some kind of cosmic gravitational pull that both experienced and neither tried to deny. They indeed loved each other, but they were driven more by lust than any anything. He wondered if she still felt it. He did every time she crossed his mind. He often used thoughts of her to cure a latent dysfunction that sometimes occurred when he was with his wife. Thoughts of her were more effective that Viagra.

But now here he was standing outside her home once more, ten years older than when they last met. At age 53 he wasn't dashing but he looked younger than he was and had kept his weight down. She was 5 year older and every bit a lady. Everything about her flooded his mind in an instant, the tone of her skin, the softness of her touch, her curves, not model perfect but just right. Just thinking about her he could remember the weight of her breasts and how his hands fit perfectly the contours of her hips and ass. And of course he remembered their lovemaking. In fact was the first and only woman ever to take his maleness into her mouth. Oh God was that heaven. He has never had a better experience in his life. She seemed to enjoy "going down" on him and it was part of nearly every encounter they had. He indeed made love to her the conventional way and returned the favor of going down on her as well. They made love from many different positions and in many locations. He remembers quite fondly the time he fucked her tits in the woods overlooking a waterfall in a nearby park. Then licked her tits clean when he was done. Everything about her was exotic and hot and fun.

He was at the door now. He readjusted his pants to best hide the erection he had been sporting since he arrived, then knocked on the door. The next 15 seconds seemed an eternity as he stood there, heart pounding, fully erect, and utterly unsure of himself.

She answered the door. And as he looked at her his face took on the same appearance it did the first time they met. She was wearing sunglass, but he swore he felt her glance pierce right through his soul. She wore a satin eggshell colored shirt and a gray skirt. His focus never left her face as she smiled and said, "Hi, would you like to come in."

As she turned to lead him into the house he caught her profile and she was backlit by the sunlight coming through the window. The light drew a distinct silhouette of her body against the whit satin of her blouse. It was lovely and he could help but notice her nipples pushing at the fabric. His already hardened cock swelled just a bit more at the sight.

They walked to a sitting room she turned and faced him. They were just inches apart. She asked, "How have you been?" He reached for her hands and held them in his and answered, "I'm just fine, thank you." She released his left hand just long enough to remove her shades and reached back and took his hand back into hers. They looked into each other's eyes. The lust had never died. He pulled on her hands moving her toward him. Their hands parted and they reached for the embrace they had each anticipated. They pulled each other close. And pressed their bodies close. And wrapped their arms around each other. He felt her breasts press into his chest. She felt his hardness press into her belly. They folded into each other's arms, holding each other firmly, absorbing the warmth and smell of each other deep within them. The stood silently embracing, barely breathing. His heart was racing and he could feel hers beat in time with his. The both inhaled pressing them closer tighter. She turned her head sideways facing his neck and snuggled in. He allowed his hands to move feeling every inch of her back and down across her hips. She sighed and he moved his hands across her buttocks and pulled her hips toward him as he pressed his against her. He looked down at her and she looked up at him. Their eyes seemed to be glazed over. Their faces moved slowly toward each other. Their eyes closed their lips parted. Their mouths pressed against each other softly the parted and them met again. This time he passed his tongue past her lips and touched her tongue with his. This set a spark and they kissed deep long and lingering. When they parted they were both short of breath and said, almost simultaneously, "Oh, I've missed you."

Then they kissed again, His hands roamed more freely, as did hers. First, across his back, and then across his firm butt, then around his hips and reached for his belt buckle. His hands went from her butt up her back over her shoulders down her chest and held her firm breasts. As he started unbuttoning her blouse, she unfastened the buckle of his belt.

They were right back where they had left off ten years ago. It took no time to have her blouse open and he pulled her bra up over her tits and felt the fullness of her breasts in his hands and he began to feel her hardened nipples with his thumb and forefinger. She has his fly down; pants unsnapped and she was pulling his pants and briefs off. He bent and kissed each nipple of each breast and kissed his way around every inch of her breast and back to her nipples where he paused to suckle each at length. Her hands wrapped around his stiff penis and holding the shaft with her left hand reached her right hand down between his legs and cupped his balls.

Neither could believe they were this far, only minutes of him entering the house. Each had totally given them, over to the other with no second thought o remorse of any kind.

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