Sex, Thugs & Rock'n'Roll

by Bakerman

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: People go crazy after a Stones concert.

My name is Bill and I'm 17. My parents, Liz and Phil were 40 and 45 respectfully and married for 20 years. In that time I had never seen either of them do anything remotely crazy. It all started several weeks ago when the Stones announced another concert tour and this one would bring them close to our town. My Mom and Dad had seen the Stones 20 something years ago before they were married. It seems Mom wanted to go but Dad was playing old man about the house. He was complaining that he had moved on in his musical tastes and could not understand why Mom wanted to go.

"Hey, I wouldn't mind going if your getting tickets. A real family get together session." I smiled at Mom as I spoke.

"Come on Honey you are always saying we don't do enough as a family any more." Mom gave Dad a cutsie look and pushed her bottom lip out.

"Alright, I'll think about it just don't keep at me about it." said Dad.

We duely got three tickets but inside I felt Dad was going to wash out. Sure enough a few days before the show he threw up some work problems that needed his attention.

The concert was not in our town, it seems a football game was on at our stadium, so we were going to have to drive about 3 hours to a nearby town for the show. Now that Dad had pulled out he was now not sure that Mom should go with just me but I had a back up plan ready. My friend Marty was keen to go and I arranged for him to "just" drop by and comment on not being able to go to the concert. Dad never guessed he had been set up and as Marty is a solid six footer from the school basketball team he agreed Mom would be safe escorted by two teenage boys.

The day of the concert and I overheard Dad talking to Mom. He told her to remember she was no longer a teenager and to behave herself at this Stones concert as he still remembered some of the rumours about her last outing with the Stones.

"Honey, I never took my top off and flashed my boobs at Mick Jagger." said Mom

When Dad pressed about the other stories he had heard she just turned and walked away saying "but you still married me because you wanted a wild girl in your life."

Wow my Mom was a wild girl in her younger days, I just hoped she was not an embarrassment tonight. Well my hopes went out the door when Mom came down the stairs later that day. Marty and I were in jeans and t-shirts and had been listening to Stones CD's all day to get in the mood but that dissappeared with the appearence of Mom in beige slacks, brown leather moccasins, crisp white blouse buttoned to her neck with a little butterfly collar. Her hair was pulled back in a bun and her face was clear of make up. She looked like a "mom". Dad instantly approved, all she was missing was a string of pearls and a clutch purse.

We silently got in the car and Mom carefully drove away from home waving to Dad one last time. Mom drove at the prescribed speed, no loud music or talking as we entered the highway traffic for our "big night out". I felt flat, my expectations of Mom's wild side emerging and this being a great night were gone. We had been driving for about 30 minutes when an SUV pulled along side as we left the city behind and cruised into open farmland. Seeing a single female and a couple of boys the guys in the SUV began calling out to Mom. They made all sorts of rude comments about what they would do with Mom if she was game to party hard. She slowed slightly hoping they would drive off but they just matched our speed. A few bare butts had been pushed against their windows but Mom didn't look then one guy dropped his pants and waved his cock out the window. Moms only comment was that "that would be the only way that cock would be blown." The guys were looking angry but then a police car coming the opposite way slowed to see what was going on. The police made a U turn and the guys in the SUV floored it and hightailed it out of there. The copper gave us a quick look as he passed and believing us to be honest travellers took off after the SUV.

We drove for several more minutes without seeing anyone pulled over so when Mom saw a truck stop she suggested a short stop to stretch our legs. She was reaching behind her seat for something when Marty passed her a bag that must have been put in the car earlier. Mom didn't leave the house with it. She was going to the ladies and asked me to get some cans of soft drink and a coffee for her. Twenty minutes later Marty and I were at the car but no sign of Mom. We were just deciding to go to the doorway of the ladies room and call out when a woman came out. It wasn't Mom but she looked hot. Tight hipster jeans worn really low, high heeled boots made her legs look extra long, a flat, firm, bare midriff topped with a cuttoff Stones t-shirt that was stretched tight across her breasts. She was wearing sun glasses even though it had started to darken into early evening. Her hair was a wild swirl about her face tied up with a scarf. It was then that I noticed the bag she was carring was the same as Mom's and I was about to rush her to find out how she had Moms bag.

Before I moved though she stepped from the light by the restrooms into the dark of the parking lot. I could see her outline as she walked towards our car. She began looking in the bag and her hand emerged with the keys. I tapped Marty on the arm and we moved as one to cut off this woman but she then stepped into the light from the restaurant and I froze because it was my Mom, my crazy wild Mom.

"Do you think your father would have let me leave home dressed like this?" she did a little dance as she showed off her outfit.

"I thought some truck stop woman had robbed you in the ladies room." was all I could say.

Marty was less controlled and blurted out "talk about hot, you look great. I wish my dates dressed like that."

Mom gave Marty a peck on the cheek and told us to get in the car. With a scream of "lets rock'n'roll" we laid rubber out of the truckstop and hit the highway at speed. My expectations that this would be a wild night were on the rise and we sang all the way to town. We arrived well before the show was due to start so we wandered the stalls outside buying a few tour t-shirts and posters. Mom met some old high school friends and told Marty and I she would meet us inside later as she wanted to catch up with all the gossip.

Moms friends got her in, down near the stage while Marty and I were at the back, I saw her with the binoculars I had riding on some guys shoulders. She was true to Dad and did not flash her tits at Mick, I think it was Keith. (Sorry no concert review available at this time). We waited by the car for nearly an hour after the show until finally Mom arrived with some big army looking guy she called Leon who walked with a cane. She thanked Leon and opened the car for us. In the confined space I could smell the lingering aroma of marijuana. Leon was looking a little puzzeled that Mom had hopped into a car with two boys and left him standing in the car park. Without even a wave she sped off weaving a little as she drove.

"Mom are you alright? and who was the creepy guy with the cane?" I asked

"That's Leee-onn" she slurred "he got injured in the first Bush war." she laughed at her own joke.

We drove very fast for the next half hour and then Mom began to come down from whatever she had been smoking. She pulled into a motel as it was getting very late and she no longer felt like driving. While she organised rooms I rang Dad with a story about traffic getting out of the carpark and Mom having a noise hangover which was bringing on one of her headaches. He agreed we were very sensible about stopping and again made a comment that Mom really was too old for rock concerts.

I walked to where the car was now parked which was now outside the last room. Inside Mom was sprawled across the double bed and Marty was sitting on a single bed looking out at me. It seems this was the only room available for the night and we would have to crash together. I asked Marty to help me swing Mom around so I could lie next to her and he could have the single. He made a joke about him sleeping with my mother if I felt uncomfortable. I tilted my head to one side and stared at him and then said he just wanted to feel her up. A big grin split his face but I just pushed him back on to the single.

Mom was mumbling a Stones song as she lay on the bed. I was rung out after the concert so told Marty I was going for a shower. I had no sooner gotten under the water when I realised Marty was alone with Mom. He did grin about copping a feel. Hey he was my friend he wouldn't try anything, right. A quick rinse of hot water and I was out of there. I barely dried myself as I pulled on my t-shirt and briefs. Rubbing my wet hair with the towel I casually walked back in and found Marty sitting right where I had left him.

"Quick shower dude, whats up no hot water?" asked Marty

"No man, it's fine. Why not grab one for yourself." I told him

Marty went to the shower and I took Mom's boots off to get her comfortable. She was talking to herself about what a great show it had been. It sounded like she was talking to someone else about another show then it hit me she was back 20 years at the other concert. The next thing she asked was for me to take her jeans off. I undid the button and the zip and was standing on the bed pulling the legs of her jeans when Marty came out in a t-shirt and boxers.

"Hey man is a party starting?" he said with a laugh

Just then there was a knock on the door and the voice said Mom may have left something at reception when she checked in. Marty didn't hesitate and pulled the door open and in walked Leon, cane in one hand and a gun in the other. Marty backed away from the door and Leon let it close behind him.

"Looks like you guys have plans for this lady. Maybe I'll just watch the show." Leon leant back against the door pointing the gun our way.

It must have looked bad to Leon us guys already in their underwear and me trying take Mom's jeans off.

Mom chose that minute to open her eyes and seeing the three us she let out a "woo who" and started pushing her jeans down. She had on a tiny pair of black lace panties which still covered what pubic hair she had. Leon motioned with the gun and I pulled the jeans off and thought for a second about tossing them at him but them I remembered he had been in the army and he probably could still shoot me without looking.

While I was looking at Leon Mom had taken off her top and was now laying on the bed in just black bra and panties. Her hand reached out and she grabbed Martys cock through the leg hole of his boxers. Marty had no control and as soon as Mom had a grip and began jerking his cock it grew rapidly to full size.At least 8 inches and thick around the middle. I had heard comments from guys about Martys cock in the locker room after sport but this was the first time I had seen it.

"Oh yeah feel this monster" cried Mom as Marty was drawn nearer the bed.

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