His Father's Son

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a love story, not a stroke story. If that's what you are looking for you should probably go somewhere else. This is the story of John, his father and his father's lover and how the lover and John react after the tragic death of his father.

Sometime in the past...

There was light drizzle falling through the high dark clouds as the limo moved slowly down through the cemetery and by the graves of the hero's who were buried at Fort Rosecrans Veteran's Cemetery. John Richard sat in the rear of the limo with his mother Mary. The coffin, secured in its place in the black hearse directly in front of them contained the body of his father, John Richard Henry, Sr. The hearse pulled off the main road and drove down a side lane then came to a halt under a large Maple tree across from the open grave site. Both John and his mother got out of the car and watched as the assigned Navy side boys unloaded the coffin from the hearse, lifted it onto their shoulders and then grimly walked his father's body to the gravesite. His father had been a retired Navy Commander and having sailed in and out of San Diego for years he had wanted to be buried at Fort Rosecrans so he could always overlook the San Diego bay.

After the funeral and the mandatory condolences from his father's many friends and acquaintances the Henry family returned to their home to Falbrook. Although they were expecting quite a large number of people over for his wake, John Richard went up to his room, tears in his eyes and sat on his bed and reminisced about his father. John Sr., at 63 had passed away from a massive stroke after having several small heart seizures the previous week. John Richard had been the one who found him, almost six blocks from their house. His dad had gone out for his morning two-mile walk and when he wasn't back home in a reasonable time, John Richard had gone looking for him. He found his father sitting on the side of the street clutching his side. All his dad had uttered was, "Take me to the emergency room son."

The last time John Richard had spoken to his dad was on the afternoon of his death. He and Mary had been at the hospital visiting and his mother had gone down the hall to use the bathroom.

"John Richard," his father had said. "I need for you to do me a big favor, son."

"Sure dad, anything you need."

"If I die, and I think I will, I need you to go through my office and clean out any personal papers I have. Ah, you know things I wouldn't want your mother to see."

"Like what dad? Where are they?"

"Mostly on my computer son. You know stored files and things..."

"Dad, what exactly am I looking for?"

"Look son, you'll know when you find them. Your mother isn't very good with computers, but just in case, get rid of all the files. Ok?"

"Sure Dad. I'll take care of it for you."

His father died later that evening.

John Richard sat in his bedroom and thought back through the 27 years of his life, the years he had spent with his father. He didn't remember much about the early years, his dad had been out to sea so often, but from high school on they had become very close. He had been named after his father and his parents had always called him John Richard to avoid any confusion of both men having the same first name. John dried his eyes, got off his bed, and went back downstairs to help his mother meet and greet the expected mourners.

It was almost two weeks later that John had his first chance to go, uninterrupted, into his father's study. His mother had left that morning for Orlando to visit her sister and John was alone in the house. He wasn't sure what he was looking for, but fired up the old HP, put in his dad's password and waited. The icons flashed by and then the home page appeared on the screen. What was it that his dad had said to him? Oh yea, something about files. He left clicked on the start button and then opened up the document files. He scrolled down through each file not seeing much that attracted his attention, and still not sure what he was looking for. Every once in a while he would open a suspicious document, check it's contents, close it and move on. After an hour of fruitless searching he still hadn't found anything he would have called out of the ordinary. Where else could he look?

He futzed around with the computer for a while, then opened up the "programs" file and looked at all of the programs his dad had loaded onto his computer. Within five minutes he found a PhotoReal program and opened it up. The program had five folders in it; Our House, The Family, Vacations, John and Ruby. He opened each file in order. There wasn't anything real exciting until he got to the "John" file. When he opened it he saw that there were about twenty photos listed. He opened each, one by one.

The first five were just pictures of his dad at places he didn't recognize. But when he opened the sixth picture it showed his dad lying back on a bed, nude, smiling and sporting a huge hard on. Picture seven had a picture of his cock with cum oozing out the pee hole. The rest of the pictures were mostly the same, shots of his dad in various states of sexual arousal. He looked back at the pictures again paying particular attention to his father's cock. He judged it to be about 8" long and about 2-3" around. Well one thing I have over you dad, is a bigger dick, and he chuckled out loud.

John moved the mouse until the pointer was over the "Ruby" file and again he left clicked. When it opened there must have been 40 pictures listed, he started at number one. It, not surprisingly, was a picture of a woman. She looked vaguely familiar to John, tall; perhaps 5'9" maybe 135 pounds, blonde hair and she appeared to be in her mid-50's. She was a good looking woman who was smiling at the camera as she posed in her green two piece suit. The next picture showed her at an outdoor pool, wearing a conservative two piece bathing suit. Nice body he thought. When he opened up the third picture he knew why his dad had asked him to delete the files. It was Ruby again, still wearing her green suit, only this time she was on her knees with a cock in her mouth, presumably his fathers. That was confirmed when he opened the next photo that showed his father fucking Ruby, doggie style, but you could clearly see his Navy ring on his left hand. John looked at each photo and was amazed by his father. Oh he always knew his dad was pretty sexual, but he had no idea that he needed that much sex. There were pictures of Ruby getting fucked in the ass, pussy and mouth. Pictures of Ruby with cum on her face, breasts and with cum leaking out of her pussy. And there were other pictures. Some showing Ruby doing a strip tease for the camera, taking off her clothes item by item until she was standing in front of the camera with nothing on but a smile. And then there were "the" photos. His dad had shots of Ruby, blindfolded, her arms tied up to an "O" ring in a doorway, being spanked. Each subsequent photo showed Ruby with one less item of clothing until she was naked and hanging by her arms. The last two pictures showed Ruby with a large strap-on dildo. In one she was proudly showing off her "cock" to the camera and in the other she was pushing it into someone's ass, and he guessed it was his father's ass.

He knew this woman; he had met her once, he was sure of that - but where. He went out to the kitchen and took a bottle of Moosehead from the refer, opened it, and walked back to the study and sipped his beer. John sat there contemplating how he could find out who Ruby was. His eyes roamed the office and when they landed on his dad's briefcase and he jumped up, opened it and took out his dad's PDA. He immediately went to the "R's" but no Ruby. John took the stylus and poked on the "A" and started going down the list of names, one by one looking for a familiar name. He had to go all the way to the "W's" before he saw it: Wilson, Alta R.

John printed a copy of each photo of Ruby and then sat back and admired each of them. She really was a good looking woman, tall, nice sized breasts that didn't sag too much, nicely muscled legs and arms and only a little pooch to her stomach. In many of the pictures her nipples were hard and stood out proudly. As he was staring at the pictures his hand strayed down and was rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. He was getting real excited looking at the pictures of this woman and he finally unbuckled his jeans and stripped them and his underwear down to his ankles and began stroking his hard, 9" cock while looking at Ruby. When he got to the picture where Ruby had his father's cock in her mouth, her eyes shining up brightly with just a bit of a smile on her sucking lips he came. And he came very hard. John knew he had to meet this woman.

It was another two weeks before John had the courage to call Ruby. He waited until his mom had left for church one evening and he dialed her home number.


"Hi, is this Ruby Wilson?"

The use of her middle name, Ruby, startled her. No one used that name but her father and John and they were both dead. "Yes, this is Ruby Wilson, and who is this?"

"Ruby, my name is John Richard Henry, II and I suspect that you know who I am?"

"Yes I do John, your father talked about you a lot. Because you have called me I guess that you know a little more than I thought anyone did?"

"Uh, yea, I probably do."

"What do you want John, why did you call?"

"I want to meet you... actually I need to meet you. Are you alright with meeting me?"

She wasn't sure that she wanted to meet with John's son, but felt it might provide both of them some closure so she said, "Sure John. When and where would you like to meet?"

Before John had placed the call he had thought long and hard about a place to meet. It had to be on neutral grounds and he thought a lunch might be a good idea. "Uh ma'am, there is a nice restaurant in the Marriott, the one across for the ballpark, you know which one I mean?"

"Sure John and please can the ma'am crap. I'm old enough as it is I sure don't need to be reminded me of my age. When and what time?"

"Sorry Ruby, how about Saturday, noon for lunch?"

"I'll see you there," and she hung up the phone.

John was sitting at the bar in the Marriott when he saw Ruby walk in the front door. She looked exactly like her pictures. He rose, threw a five on the bar and walked over to her and introduced himself. They shook hands and the maitre d' showed them to a table. Once they were seated, had their iced teas and had ordered lunch Ruby looked across the table and said;

"You know John Richard, you are the spitting image of your father."

"I get that a lot. And you can drop the Richard, now that dad has gone there isn't any confusion with our names."

"I'm really sorry for your loss John. Really I am."

"Thanks, that means a lot to me."

There was a long silence, and then Ruby broke it, "John. Why did you want to meet with me?"

John reached into his inside coat pocket and took out an envelope and handed it to her. He had selected several of the photographs of her, but only those that were "decent" and didn't show a lot of X-rated activity.

Ruby opened the envelope and took out the reprints and looked carefully at each one. She then looked up at John. "You know John, your father had a lot more pictures of me than these, some even more... ah... er... graphic that what you have given too me."

"I know. I've seen them all."

Ruby's cheeks reddened at the thought of this young man looking at the private photographs of her and his father, some of which could easily fit the description of pornography by anyone's standards. "Why did you give these to me?"

"I'm not sure Ruby, I guess I just wanted you to know I had them."

Her voice rose. "Well now. That sound a little like you think you might be able to blackmail me with these. Well I'll tell you something right now. I'm not married and no one where I work would give a shit who I was fucking, so there isn't any leverage there. Go ahead with what ever you planned in that dirty little mind of yours, but I would have expected a lot better from the son of John Henry."

Her outburst had surprised him and with her voice raised, several customers at adjoining tables were looking their way. "Oh Jesus Ruby, it was nothing like that - honest. I wasn't thinking anything like that. You misunderstood my words."

"Well, just what did you mean then?"

It was his turn to blush. "Oh Ruby, I guess I should have just destroyed all of them like my dad asked me to do, but the more I looked at your pictures the more fascinated I became. You are so beautiful I realized why dad was having an affair with you, it would be easy to happen."

She was unnerved by his statement. He looked so much like his father she wanted to sit there all afternoon and just soak up his reflection. "John honey, I was a soul mate to your father for almost nine years. We first met when I was working in Los Angeles and then the next year he talked me into coming to work for him. No one knew we were anything but close colleagues. We met at least once a week for all those years. I loved your father and would have married him in a New York minute, but he couldn't leave your mother, so we just did our thing when we had the chance. I am not embarrassed by you seeing me nude or by knowing what I did for your father, things that your mother either wouldn't or couldn't do. I am proud of my body, although it's getting harder to be proud of each year.

John paid for the meal and walked Ruby out to her car. As they stood in the afternoon sun, saying goodbye, John blurted out, "Ruby, I would like to see you again."

"Why John? What good could come from another meeting?"

"Oh I'm not sure, but I know that I could learn a lot about my father, things that you know and no one else does. Would you be willing to share those moments with me - please?"

They met once or twice a month for the next three months. Always on a Saturday and always in a different place. Sometimes that would meet down by the ocean, sit on the grass and talk about her and his father, sometimes they met at a restaurant, and sometimes they would meet and just take long walks and talk. Meeting by meeting Ruby and John became closer. She loved talking with him; he was so much like his father. He had his father's same sense of humor, his mannerisms and he was just as good-looking, only younger.

This week they had agreed to meet at the Crab Catcher Restaurant on Shelter Island. When Ruby drove up and parked next to John's car he motioned her to come around and get in his vehicle. She got in, put on her seat belt and asked, "What's up? Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise Ruby; you'll just have to trust me."

John drove out of the parking lot down some of San Diego's side streets until Ruby figured out where he was taking her. They arrive at the cemetery just after one o'clock on Saturday afternoon. John drove down the street then stopped and parked. He got out, walked around the car and helped Ruby from the car and, together, hand in hand, they walked up the grassy slope to his father's grave. When they got there they looked down at the simple marker and both of them were deep in their own thoughts and memories.

Ruby had tears in her eyes as she stood there thinking about the love that she had lost. At some point, she didn't even know when, the tears took on a life of their own and began rolling down her cheeks. Her stomach growled and heaved and she began to sob. "Oh God John, I loved him so much."

John, now with tears streaming down his own cheeks, put his arm around Ruby and gently lowered her to the grass. He brushed the hair off her face, took a Kleenex and wiped away her tears and then kissed her cheek. "I guess this was just a bad idea Ruby, I'm sorry."

Ruby raised her head and looked at the young man holding her close. "Oh John, it was a beautiful idea and thank you so much for sharing his grave with me. You don't know what this means to me. Thank you honey."

They drove back down the hill and to the Crab Catcher, but neither one of them had an appetite, so they settled for a beer in the bar.

"John?" Ruby said, "Would you like to see my place? Your father and I spend many happy hours there enjoying each others company."

He wasn't sure that this was a good idea, but he didn't want this day to end so he replied, "Ah, yea Ruby that would be great."

They paid their tab and John followed Ruby back to her condo in downtown San Diego. She opened the parking lot gate with her card and John followed her down under the building and parked in a "Guest" parking spot. The caught the elevator and watched the floor numbers until it stopped at the 25th floor and when the doors opened John couldn't believe his eyes. You could see all of Coronado and most of downtown San Diego and the bay.

"God Ruby, this is a million dollar view."

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