Barry Fox
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Barry is a womanizer who tells the stoires of his conquests and his downfall.

First Appointment Wednesday, October 13th 4:00 PM


"Barry Fox."

"Current address?"

"1542 Baker Road, Paducah, Kentucky."

"Zip code?"


"Home phone?"

I was beginning to get annoyed. How much more information would they need before I would be allowed to see the doctor? My world was collapsing around me and all they cared about was getting my personal and insurance information.

"Okay Mr. Fox. All I need now is your insurance card and then you can have a seat over there. Dr. Haverty will be with you shortly," the receptionist said.

Luckily, I was the only patient in the reception room. I felt uncomfortable enough just being there without having an audience. I had never talked to a shrink before so I was a little nervous. Dr. Haverty had been recommended to me by our company doctor but I wouldn't have been there at all if my boss hadn't insisted that I get psychiatric help. I admit that I needed help but the idea of having to talk about myself to some old man who couldn't possibly understand or appreciate my life bothered me.

I hadn't met Dr. Haverty yet but I had developed a mental picture of him. I saw him as a short old man, bald on top with a horseshoe of long gray hair around the sides of his head. Sometimes I pictured him with a goatee and other times with a full beard. I usually pictured him smoking a pipe as he asked questions like, "How did you feel about that," or "How did that make you feel?"

When I called to make an appointment the receptionist told me that I was very lucky. She said that it usually takes a month or more to get into see Dr. Haverty but one of the doctor's patients had committed suicide over the weekend, which had left an open time slot on the doctor's calendar.

"Good luck?" I get in to see the doctor because some guy killed himself. Is that really good luck or a bad omen?

The receptionist's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Mr. Fox, you can go in now."

The receptionist was quite attractive and I had given her my best smile when I came in but I got no response from her. I tried to make eye contact with her again as I walked across the room to the door that led into Dr. Haverty's office. The receptionist looked at me, pointed to the door and then looked back down at the papers on her desk. That was part of my problem. I was losing the touch.

I stepped through the door into the doctor's office but the room appeared to be empty. I stood for a moment and looked around. The room was cozy without feeling small. To my left against the wall was an oak roll top desk with a large red leather chair pulled up in front. The wall adjacent to the desk and across the room from where I was standing was made up entirely of bookshelves filled with books and journals. To my right, at the far end of the room was a window covered with heavy draperies. The room was dark except for the light given off by two lamps. One on the oak desk and the other a floor lamp next to the stereotypical patient's couch that was positioned in the middle of the room facing away from the desk. The low lighting of the room added to the feeling of coziness.

The room had a definite smell. I noticed the slight scent of a woman's perfume but there was another smell and it was more overwhelming than the perfume. The only way I could describe it was that it smelled like despair or was that just my imagination.

I was still contemplating the scent of the room when the chair at the desk began to turn and I found myself facing a young woman. She looked no older than thirty. I was shocked because I had thought that I was alone in the room. I was initially confused. What was this woman doing in the doctor's office?

"Hello Mr. Fox, I am Dr. Haverty," she said as she stood to shake my hand.

Dr. Haverty was about five feet five inches tall with long dark hair. Her eyes were brown and warm. Even the professional looking pants suit she was wearing couldn't hide the sensual shape of her body. She was hot.

"What is the matter Mr. Fox?" She said. "You looked confused."

"I was expecting a... I mean someone much... I was expecting something different," I said.

I wanted to punch myself for sounding so stupid. I had never had trouble talking to a beautiful woman before. I couldn't understand why was I so tongue-tied?

Dr. Haverty smiled at me, which didn't make me feel any better.

"You were expecting someone much older? A man?" She asked.

"Well, yes. I just thought that... I guess it doesn't matter."

"Can I call you Barry?" She asked.

"Sure," I said. "What should I call you?"

"Dr. Haverty," she said. "Why don't you sit down Barry and make yourself comfortable?"

Dr. Haverty moved back to her chair and I sat on the couch.

"Why don't you put your legs up and relax?" She said.

I swung my legs up and sat back against the end of the couch. It was quite comfortable but I wasn't relaxed.

"Now Barry, why don't you tell me what you think your problem is?"

"I thought you were supposed to tell me what my problem is," I said.

"Okay, let me rephrase that. Why don't you tell me why you are here?"

"My boss told me I had to come."

"So you don't think you have a problem?" She said.

"I guess I have a problem but I didn't think I needed a shrink," I said.

"You know of course that if you don't want to be here I probably won't be able to help you."

I thought about that for a minute and realized that I did want to be there. I wanted to get help with my problem but it took my boss to insist and now that I had met Dr. Haverty and saw how hot she was I really wanted to be there. I just wished that the couch was turned so that I was facing her.

"Dr. Haverty, I do want to be here."

"Then why don't you tell me why it is that you think you need help," Dr. Haverty said.

This was the part I didn't like. I had been dreading talking about my problems when I thought the doctor was an old man. It was going to be even harder to open up to this sexy woman. I was still hesitant but I was beginning to think that maybe by opening up to this woman and telling her about myself I could get her to like me. Maybe even make her want me. One way or another I was going to have to talk to her so I might as well try to make the best of the situation.

"The problem is that lately I have been very depressed. I haven't been eating or sleeping very well and it has been interfering with my work."

"What kind of work do you do Barry?" Dr. Haverty asked.

"I am the assistant warehouse manager at Sharon Manufacturing in Paducah," I said.

"Is there a lot of stress in your job?"

"No. I don't think so. Don't tell anyone but I think my job is quite easy."

"So you don't think it's your job that is causing you to feel depressed?" She asked.

"No. It's not the job."

"Then why don't you tell me what you think is causing your depression," Dr. Haverty said.


"A woman is causing your depression?"

"Not a woman. Women. Lately I have been having trouble with women."

"Trouble? What kind of trouble?" The doctor asked.

"I have always been good with the ladies, if you know what I mean," I said.

"Actually, I don't know what you mean so why don't you tell me?"

"Well, you saw me when I came in," I said. "I don't think I am bragging when I say that I am a handsome man. Women have always been attracted to me. There have been very few times since I had my first girlfriend that I haven't had more than one girlfriend at a time including when I was married."

"Why did you feel the need to always have more than one girlfriend?" Dr. Haverty asked.

"I never thought of it as a need. I just liked having more than one girl to have sex with. I liked the variety I guess," I said.

"Can you tell me what has happened or what has changed that has you feeling depressed?" She asked.

"Women don't like me anymore."

"They don't? How do you know?" The doctor asked.

"I haven't had sex with a woman in five months. I can't even get a date with a woman. I used to go to bars at night and the women would come on to me. Now they avoid me."

"Why do you think that that is happening to you?"

"I have been cursed."

"You think someone placed a curse on you?" She asked.

"Not a real curse. I don't believe in that shit. Sorry for my language."

"That's okay. I want you to feel comfortable to express yourself in whatever way is easiest for you," she said.

"The curse is that the women in my life got together and are plotting against me."

"Why would they plot against you?"

"Because they are women. Who the fuck knows why they do things? I was good to all of them. I always told them what they wanted to hear and I kept them happy in bed. What more could they want? Hell most of these women were married so it wasn't like they should be expecting more out of the relationship. It wasn't like I promised to marry any of them."

I heard Dr. Haverty sigh and then she was quiet for a minute.

"Barry, why don't you tell me about your childhood."

"What the fuck does my childhood have to do with anything?"

"Humor me Barry."

"Okay. I was born in Knoxville and my parents moved to Paducah when I was seven. I've been here ever since. My mom and dad got divorced when I was fifteen."

"Why did they get divorced?"

"My dad was always out fucking some broad he picked up in a bar. One night my mom caught him in their bed with another woman. She threw him out of the house."

"How did that make you feel?"

I knew that question was coming.

"Pissed off. I liked having my dad around. We used to do shit together. After the divorce he would come around and take me places but by the time I was sixteen he wasn't coming around anymore."

"So, do you blame your dad for that?"

"No. I blame my mom. I love her but she made him go away. Maybe if she had loved him more he wouldn't have cheated on her."

"Where were you the night your mother caught your father with the other woman?" She asked.

"I was at home watching them."

"You watched your father having sex with this other woman?"

"Yes. I was supposed to be spending the night at a friend's house but he got sick so his dad took me home. My mother was working the second shift at the hospital that night and was supposed to stay until one o'clock in the morning to cover part of a shift for another nurse.

"I walked into the house around nine o'clock and when I saw that no one was home I went up to my room. About 10:30 I heard my father come in. I started to go downstairs to tell him I was home when I noticed that he had a woman with him. They both seemed to be drunk and dad led her straight into his bedroom."

"Did you know what they were going to do in the bedroom?" Dr. Haverty asked.

"Yes. I already knew about sex but I had never seen anyone doing it. My dad hadn't turned on any lights when they came into house but he did turn on the light in the bedroom. I noticed right away that he didn't close the door all of the way so I snuck downstairs and stood outside the bedroom and spied on them. When I looked in, my dad was standing behind the woman and was kissing her on the neck while he reached around and started to unbutton her dress."

"How did you feel as you watched this?" She asked.

"Horny. I had a hard on before I even got to the door. I wanted to see them have sex."

"Okay, continue."

"When my dad had the dress unbuttoned he pulled it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Then he unhooked her bra and removed it. That was the first time I had ever seen a woman's breasts other than in a picture. I was so excited that I almost climaxed in my pants. Next, my dad pulled her slip and her panties down completely exposing this woman to me. I quickly pulled my cock out and climaxed in my hand without even stroking it once."

"So you already knew what an orgasm was?"

"Of course. I was fifteen years old. I had been masturbating since I was thirteen. It was what my dad did next that really fascinated me. He pushed the woman down on the bed and he climbed between her legs and started to eat her pussy. I had never even dreamed about doing that but there was my dad sucking away on her puss."

"Did that disturb you?" Dr. Haverty asked.

"Hell no. It gave me another hard on. The idea appealed to me right away and then when he got on the bed and she started to suck on his cock while he ate her I had a second orgasm. I had managed to catch both loads in my hand. They weren't very big after all, I was only fifteen.

"My dad had just started to push his cock into the woman when I heard the door open behind me. I didn't have to turn around to know who it was. My problem was to get my cock back into my pants before my mom saw me. I managed to hide my dick but not before my mom saw me standing at her bedroom door. She came over to me and put her hand on my shoulder and started to say something to me when she looked into the bedroom and saw my dad with his friend."

"What happened then?"

"My mom sent me to my room and she waited until I closed my bedroom door before she went into her bedroom and started screaming at my dad."

"Did you hear the whole fight?"

"No. I could her my mom shouting but I couldn't make out more than a few words. My dad left that night."

"How did you feel about what you saw that night?" Dr. Haverty asked.

"I found the whole thing exciting. Even the part where my mom caught my dad fucking that other woman."

"So you weren't angry with your father for what he did?"

"No. I just thought that it was natural for a guy to want as many women as he could get. I guess it was a mistake for him to bring his lady friend to our house but my mom wasn't supposed to come home that early."

"Do you think your mother was right to divorce your father?"

"I don't know. She was pretty mad at him so I guess from her point of view it was the right thing to do."

"What about from your point of view?"

"She made my dad go away. I think she should have given him another chance."

Dr. Haverty was silent for a minute but I could hear her writing on her note pad.

"Okay, let's move on from the divorce. Was there anything else in your childhood that was as upsetting to you as your father leaving?"

"Like I said, he didn't leave my mom kicked his ass out. Other than that I had a pretty good childhood. I don't remember anything all that upsetting happening to me."

"Okay then, why don't you tell me about your relationships with women starting with your first girlfriend."

"All of them? There are an awful lot of them."

"How many?" She asked.

"You know I never really counted but there were more than a fifty over the last eighteen years. Some lasted more than a year, others only a night or two. You want me to talk about all of them?"

"No, I guess not. Why don't you just tell me about those that you think were the most significant or important to you."

"I thought you were supposed to ask me questions," I said. "Why don't you just ask me what you want to know?"

"I want to hear you tell your story without interruptions," she said. "That will give me a better feel for who you are than if I lead the conversation. Don't worry, I will have questions when you are done talking."

"I am not real comfortable talking about this," I said. "I have never talked to a woman about my sexual exploits with other women before."

"I take it you have talked to other men about your 'exploits' haven't you?"

"Well, yeah. I guess I have bragged a few times when I was out drinking with friends," I said.

"Just pretend you are talking to one of your friends now," Dr. Haverty said. "Once you start you will find that the more you talk the easier it gets."

I thought I would tease her a little.

"How detailed should I be when talking about my sexual relations with these women?" I asked. "I don't want to offend you."

"Don't worry, I am not easily offended. I have heard it all before," she said. Just tell the story as if you were bragging to a friend only don't exaggerate. Try to be truthful."

It was funny. I had always wanted to brag about my sexual exploits to a woman and now I was going to get the chance. For the next forty-five minutes I talked nonstop. What follows, as best as I can remember, is the story I told Dr. Haverty that day.

My first real girlfriend was Tracy Fowler. We started dating toward the end of our senior year in high school and by May we thought we were in love. We had been dating for just over two months when I took Tracy's virginity at her parent's house.

Tracy's parents were going out of town for the weekend and they were leaving Tracy at home alone. Earlier in the week Tracy and I were sitting in my car necking when she told me about her parents going away for the weekend. We began discussing what we could do while they were away but I was afraid to suggest having sex so I suggested that we have a party. Tracy nixed that idea. She said she would never be able to get away with that. The neighbors would tell her parents. I had Tracy pretty hot that night so I asked her if we could have sex when her parents were away. I was surprised when she agreed. I guess she was as eager to try it as I was.

The night Tracy's left we had been at a dance at the high school. We went to Tracy's house after the dance, put some music on and sat down on the sofa. I immediately put my arm around her and we started necking. You have to remember that we were just eighteen years old and neither of us had any prior sexual experience. I had done some necking before but nothing more than that. Our kissing quickly escalated from light pecking to very passionate kisses. I slipped my tongue over Tracy's lips and she opened her mouth just a little and let my tongue run between her lips. For the next several minutes we were locked in deep tongue kisses.

I began rubbing Tracy's breasts through her shirt. Tracy pulled my hand away from her breasts and pushed me off her. She stood up and I was starting to apologize for whatever I had done wrong when she stopped me.

"I don't want you to rip the buttons off my blouse," she said.

Then she started to unbutton her shirt. I asked her to let me do it for her and I stood up I opened the rest of the buttons on her shirt and helped her take it off. Tracy dropped the shirt on a chair and turned to face me. I couldn't help staring at her bra and I began to have difficulty breathing.

Tracy teased me a little. She said, 'If I take my jeans off you aren't going to take advantage of me are you?'

"I said, 'No I wouldn't do that.'

Tracy opened the button on her jeans and unzipped them. Then she pushed the jeans down over her hips and let them slide down her legs to the floor. She was now standing in front of me wearing only her bra and panties. I wanted to tell her how sexy she looked but I couldn't seem to get my mouth to work. Tracy bent down and picked up her jeans and placed them on the chair where she had put her shirt. By the time Tracy sat back down next to me my cock was almost ready to explode.

I started kissing her again and playing with her breasts. I took my time and was very gentle. I knew that Tracy might stop me at any moment so I didn't want to scare her by moving to fast. By the time I finally reach around behind her and unhooked her bra she was ready. I removed her bra and threw it on the chair with the rest of her clothes and began to gently kiss her breasts. I kissed and sucked on one and then the other. I licked and sucked on her nipples. Then I ran my hand up her leg and let it rest on the outside of her panties for a minute. I waited to see if she was going to stop me and when she didn't make any move to stop me, I began rubbing her pussy through her panties. I could feel the heat from her sex on my fingers followed by the growing damp spot in her panties. Tracy pulled my mouth to hers to kiss me and I slipped my hand inside her panties and began rubbing her naked pussy.

I had never touched a woman down there before. The only actual pussy I had ever seen was the one I saw that night in my dad's bedroom. I liked what I was feeling but I had no idea what I was supposed to do. The only thing I knew was that whatever I was doing Tracy seemed to be enjoying it.

I pressed my fingers against her slit and one of them slipped inside her. I loved the way she felt inside, warm and wet. I wiggled my finger around as I moved it in and out of her slit and while I did this Tracy started humping my hand and letting out a soft moan. I didn't know it at the time but Tracy apparently had a small orgasm while I was fingering her. I continued to push my finger in and out of her and her pussy juices began to run down my wrist.

I continued to finger Tracy's pussy as she slid down onto the sofa. Tracy was lying on her back with her eyes closed and when I pulled my hand out of her panties, she sighed but didn't open her eyes. I stood up and removed my pants, shirt, and my underpants and dropped them on the floor. Then I began to pull Tracy's panties off. She opened her eyes but didn't say anything. She just stared at my stiff cock.

I stood next to the sofa and Tracy reached out and touched my cock. It jumped and surprised her. Tracy laughed and I made it jump again. Then she wrapped her fingers around it and pulled me closer to her. Tracy kept her hand on my cock as I sat back down with her. She began stroking me as I went back to sucking on her nipples and pushing my finger inside her pussy. After a few minutes I kissed Tracy and then asked if she was ready.

Tracy didn't ask me what I meant, she knew.

"I am ready," she said, "but you have to use protection."

I got up and retrieved one of the condoms I had in the pocket of my pants.

"Tracy watched me roll the condom onto my cock. I had practiced putting a condom on, so that I wouldn't look foolish the first time I used one. I was having difficult time trying to remain calm as I was getting more excited by the second, knowing that in a minute I was going to actually be inside Tracy for the first time. Inside a woman for the first time. I had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

I got between Tracy's legs and lay on top of her and I used my hand to guide my cock to her opening. It took me a few tries to find the hole and when I felt the tip of my cock pressing against her pussy I felt my excitement growing. I finally found the opening and as I began to slide my cock into her, I had to stop when I was in only a short way. Tracy asked if it was going to hurt and I said I didn't know. Tracy said do it fast, and get it over with.

"I gave one quick push and slid all of the way into her. Tracy gave a little whimper, and then she made me stop and hold her for a minute until the pain went away. I was very gentle and kept asking her if she was all right. In a couple of minutes she told me to start moving slowly and she should be okay.

For the next fifteen minutes I stroked in and out of Tracy very slowly, bringing her to one terrific orgasm and then I climaxed. I held her for a few minutes then I pulled out. Afterwards, we sat and watched television in the nude and played around with each other. Tracy liked playing with my cock and I wanted to get a better look at her pussy. We explored each other's bodies for a while and when my cock got hard, I got another condom out and we had sex again. After that first night, we had sex every chance we got usually in the back seat of my car.

In the middle of July I ran into Karen Barnett one night, when Tracy was out of town visiting her grand parents. Karen was really hot. She had blond hair and blue eyes and a great body. Until that night I thought I was in love with Tracy and would never cheat on her, but when I sensed that Karen liked me I knew I had to have her.

I managed to give Karen the impression that I had broken up with Tracy without ever saying that I had. Otherwise, she would never have agreed to go out with me. Karen was a friend of Tracy's so I had to be careful that Karen didn't find out I was still dating Tracy and that Tracy didn't find out I had started dating Karen.

The first time I had sex with Karen was in the back seat of my car. The car was a ten-year-old Lincoln Town Car my uncle sold me. It was a great car for going out on dates because of the large back seat. Tracy and I had fucked many times in the back seat of that car by the time I got Karen into the back seat.

That night I took Karen out to a movie and then we went parking. The uncle that sold me the car had an old farm a few miles outside of town and that was where I always went parking. It was private property but I had my uncle's permission to be there. I parked the car far enough up the driveway that it couldn't be seen from the road and we sat and listened to the radio as we began necking. After a half hour of heavy petting, with our clothes on, I suggested that we get in the back seat.

Karen asked, "Why do you want to get in the back seat?"

I said, "So we'll have more room."

"More room for what?" She asked.

"Just more room."

"I don't think we need more room"

This wasn't getting me anywhere so I said, "It was just a thought. We can stay where we are."

Then Karen said, "Well if you want to get in the back, let's get in back."

There was something in the way that Karen had teased me; that told me she had done this before. Knowing this, as soon as we got into the back seat I started to unbutton Karen's shirt and she didn't stop me. I soon had Karen's shirt and bra off and was sucking on her nipples. Karen was wearing shorts with an elastic waistband, which made slipping my hand inside her panties quite easy. I had just started to finger her pussy when Karen stopped me.

"Wait a minute," she said.

Karen lifted her legs up and pushed her shorts and panties off in one quick motion and then she pulled me on top of her and kissed me. I slipped my hand between us and started to finger Karen's already wet pussy. Karen began nibbling on my ear and then started to whisper to me.

"Have you ever kissed a girl there before?" She asked.


"Kissed her pussy," she said.

I knew about oral sex. I had seen my dad doing it but I had never done it.

"No, I never have," I said.

"Do you want to try?"

I couldn't believe what she was asking me. It was something I had thought about many times after seeing my dad doing it but I had never had the nerve to suggest it to Tracy. Karen had me so horny that the idea of getting my face that close to her pussy appealed to me very much.


Karen moved back so that she was leaning against the door and her legs were on the seat. I had to open the door on my side of the car to get more room. I had my feet on the ground outside the car, and I leaned in and moved my upper body onto the seat between Karen's legs. Karen moved her right leg out and put her foot up on the back of the driver's seat giving me access to her pussy.

My car was full of the musky scent of her sex. There was nothing unpleasant about the smell so I was encouraged to move closer to her mound. The closer I got, the stronger her scent became and the more I liked it. When I was close enough to press my lips against her pussy, Karen put her hands on the back of my head and pulled my mouth against her wet opening.

At first I just kind of kissed and licked her a little without really knowing what I was supposed to do but then Karen started telling me what to do. I was amazed at how quickly I began to enjoy eating her pussy and even more amazed at the orgasm I gave her with my mouth.

After her orgasm Karen told me it was my turn but I didn't know what she meant. She told me to take my pants off and get back in the car, which I did. Then Karen took my cock into her mouth. This was my first blowjob and it was fantastic. Karen had me close to climaxing a couple of times, but she seemed to know when to stop to keep me from coming. I didn't think I could handle any more when Karen finally stopped.

"Come inside me now," she said. "I want you now."

I reached for my wallet and pulled out a condom but when Karen saw it she said, "You don't need that. I'm safe. I'm on the pill and I want to feel your juices inside me"

So I dropped my wallet and the condoms on the floor and moved on top of her. Karen put her right leg up on the back of the front seat and her left leg going up the back seat with her foot on the rear deck under the window. I got between her legs and pushed my cock into her pussy. I had known all along that Karen wasn't a virgin but she was so tight, that she could easily have made me believe she was a virgin if she had wanted to. When I was all the way inside her tight, warm, and juicy love tunnel; I was laying on top of her with my knees bent and my feet pressing against the window in the back door. I began stroking my cock into Karen and she lifted her hips on each down stroke. We soon had a very comfortable rhythm going and we kept that steady pace until we both climaxed. That was the first time I had sex without a condom and it was the best. I knew right then that no matter what happened with Tracy I was going to keep fucking Karen.

When Tracy came back to town I introduced her to oral sex and we both loved it. She never asked me why I suddenly wanted to do that which made me wonder if she already knew about oral sex and was just waiting for me to initiate it.

Everything was great until the middle of August. I was dating both Karen and Tracy and getting more sex than I had ever dreamed of getting. It was then that Tracy told me she didn't want to go out with me any more. She said she was going to be leaving for college in two weeks and she didn't want to be going steady anymore. It pissed me off that she broke up with me but I was sure that she'd be back. I was her first and a woman never forgets her first. I knew that she would always be thinking about my cock and how it felt that first time. I knew that I would bed her again and I told her so.

I was about to continue my story when Dr. Haverty interrupted me.

"We are almost out of time today so let's stop your story here and you can continue it next week," she said.

"Next week?" I said. "I have to come back next week?"

"Barry, we are just getting started. You will need to tell the rest of your story so that you can understand what is happening to you. We will have to meet at least five more times, maybe more. It all depends on you," she said.

I started to get up but Dr. Haverty stopped me.

"I just have a couple of questions before you leave today," she said. " Do you really believe that because you were Tracy's first that she would always desire you?"

"Of course. That's just the way women are isn't it?" I asked.

"I see," Dr. Haverty said. "Do you think this desire to have sex with you would be stronger than her desire to be faithful to another man."

"Any woman can be taken from her man. If you know the right things to say to a woman it doesn't matter how much she loves another man, she can still be seduced. If you happen to be the one who took her virginity it just makes it easier to take her," I said.

Dr. Haverty was silent for a moment and I thought that she was probably wondering if I could seduce her.

"Okay Barry, I think that does it for today. See Linda on your way out and have her set you up with appointments for next five weeks," Dr. Haverty said.

When I stood up and turned toward her, Dr. Haverty was busy writing on her note pad. From the looks of it she had taken a lot of notes.

I wanted to make eye contact with her before I left but when I said good night she responded without looking up from her notes.

"Good night Barry."

Second Appointment Wednesday, October 20

I showed up ten minutes early for my second appointment with Dr. Haverty. I wanted to use the extra time to see if I could get a date with Linda. When I walked into the office Linda looked up at me and smiled.

"You're a few minutes early. Dr. Haverty is with another patient right now." Linda said.

"That's okay. I kind of wanted to talk to you anyway." I said.

Linda gave me a strange look and asked why I wanted to talk to her.

"It's just that you are a very attractive woman and I wondered if you might like to go out for a drink with me some time."

Linda lifted up her left hand and pointed to her wedding band. "I am married."

"So? Being married doesn't mean you can't have some fun on the side." I said.

"That may be true but I am not so sure that you would be any fun and I don't cheat on my husband." Linda said and then closed the glass window and went back to the papers she was looking at.

Shot down again. How many times was that now? Was I ever going to get a date again?

I sat down in the waiting area, alone with my thoughts, and waited until Linda opened the window to tell my I could go into Dr. Haverty's office.

As I entered the office Dr. Haverty turned in her chair and greeted me.

"Hello Barry, how are you today?"

"Not so good Dr. Haverty. I just got shot down again. I don't understand what's happening to me."

"Just got shot down again? What do you mean?" Dr. Haverty asked.

"I just asked Linda for a date and she blew me off."

"You asked my receptionist for a date?"

"Yeah, why?"

"That is very inappropriate behavior. I don't want you trying to get dates with my staff do you understand?" Dr. Haverty said. I could hear anger in her voice.

"What's the big deal?"

"You are a patient in this office and as I said you are not to ask my staff to go out with you. If you can't obey that rule you will have to find another Doctor."

"Okay, I got the message. Sorry." I said. In the back of my mind I wondered if she was jealous. I hoped she was.

"Last week you were telling me about Tracy and Karen," Dr. Haverty said. "You said that Tracy broke up with you because she didn't want to be going steady with you when she left for college. Why don't you pick up your story from there?"

The following is the gist of what I told Dr. Haverty that day.

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