Barry Fox

by KK

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating,

Desc: Sex Story: Barry is a womanizer who tells the stoires of his conquests and his downfall.

Author's note: If Barry Fox's name is familiar it is because he was a character in my story "On Being Proactive." This story isn't exactly a sequel but the two stories do cross paths. For some readers this story may answer questions they had after they read Proactive. This story is a departure from my normal writing style. I have tried to tell Barry's story as though he was talking about his life to a therapist. This created some challenges for me in handling the dialogue. How do you have a character telling another character about a conversation they had with someone else. The use of quotation marks becomes confusing. I handled this by turning parts of Barry's responses to the therapist into narratives that contain dialogue with other characters. That is probably as clear as mud but you will see what I did as you read the story. I hope you enjoy this and provide feedback either way. Thank you, KK.

Thanks to noone269 for his assistance in proofing this story.

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I am sitting in a hotel room in Indianapolis, Indiana as I write this account. My name is Barry Fox. I am thirty-six years old and I am the assistant warehouse manager at Sharon Manufacturing in Paducah, Kentucky. I am a natural born lady's man and this fact has brought me years of enjoyment and more recently a lot of problems. When my problems started to interfere with my work my boss insisted I get help. Two days ago I had my last session with Dr. Haverty and this morning I decided to tell the story of my therapy sessions over the last six weeks. I have captured the discussions as precisely as I can remember them. There may be some things that I have forgotten but I doubt that they would materially change the content of my story.

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