Teresa: A Fantasy

by Scribe36

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: A restless night after her husband leaves for work

Something different from me.

From the doorway he saw her small body curled on the edge of the big King size bed. She had fallen asleep there while trying not to cry.

She was tiny. If it weren't for the woman shape, the tastefully sized and shaped breasts and fanny a man would think her pre-teen. Certainly not a woman in her mid-twenties.

The man took a moment to close the bathroom door, hiding the glow from the nightlight burning on the vanity. Despite the impatient need driving him, he took a moment admiring her so cozy in her bed. He had spent time learning his target and knew about the nightlight. Teresa's night vision was so poor the tiny brunette insisted a light be left on at night. Without it she had trouble finding the bathroom door in the darkened room.

The intruder was out of his clothes in seconds. Instead of dropping them as they fell he laid them out carefully, in a meticulous order. If it was necessary this would allowed him to snatch and run without hesitating. The man knew it wouldn't be necessary tonight but good habits should never be broken.

Though he didn't believe it was needed he took care not to shake the bed as he slipped between the sheets after tucking the little bottle of Astroglide into an armpit to keep it warm. He intensely disliked the shock of a cold lubricant just as he was ready to enjoy.

The new mattress never quivered as he slid next to the lovely little wife curled up with her back to him. Careful not to touch her, not even moving the bedclothes covering his little prize, he slicked his cock. He grinned in the inky blackness. This one was going to be choice.

It had taken Teresa a few minutes to fall deeply asleep after her Johnny pumped his sperm inside her. Her new husband was stressed from his new assignment to the vice squad. It was a "volunteer" job, but Johnny was wise enough not to rock the boat when the Captain "asked" him to volunteer. One unexpected result in addition to really weird hours and being gone more nights than he was home was a temporary disappearance of the loving, considerate lover she had married.

Tonight he had kissed her as he climbed onto bed to make love and say goodnight before he left for work. He immediately turned her onto her back, sucked a nipple into his mouth and began fingering her slit. Teresa hadn't begun to savor the tug on her breast, much less the thrill to her man's touch on her sex, before he rolled between her legs. She hadn't had time to begin to lubricate before he began working his big schlong inside her.

It hurt, but what was a little pain if she could bring pleasure to her love. After this assignment was complete she was sure he would return to the loving man she had fallen in love with. Johnny was worried and a little scared of what they had him doing. Not that he would ever admit it, but she knew him. He was able to handle the assignment, but it scared him.

It scared her too, with his being scared. It was the first time she had seen Johnny concerned about anything.

But even as tense as he was, he hadn't just begun to slam into her. Instead after his initial penetration he began long, hard strokes. Still he didn't even give her time to pull her legs apart to comfortably cradle his hips. The slim brunette had only begun feeling the tingles in her belly, much less absorbing the initial pain penetration caused, when her husband began spasming inside her. He jammed himself tight up her channel and promptly filled her to overflowing with his seed.

Her sex was aching as he held her tightly and kissed her, telling her how good a lover she was. She kissed him back barely managing to keep her tears from falling. He couldn't help it, not now, and they would have many years of good loving in the future.

But she was so horny, so needy and instead of the pleasant glow after coitus she was wild with frustration. Her crotch hurt. Her vagina throbbed with the ache of his penetration and the need his abbreviated loving had left.

She knew she should get up to clean herself after her husband had filled her. But it would be later. Let him leave the apartment believing he had made love to her, believing he pleased her. He didn't need to know he had given her pain as he masturbated into her.

The Teresa's dream grew decidedly erotic. It slowly drug her up from sleep. As she reached the twilight between sleep and awake she felt her body shuddering to her husband's gentle, firmly fingering and pulling on her nipple. Swimming out of sleep she felt Johnny begin the familiar "milking" of her breast, his strong, wise fingers pushing into her breast. The sensations were almost painful but so intense they reached deep into her womb. They filled her with hunger and joy.

He must have felt her wakening.

She hummed with pleasure and opened her mouth to welcome him back home as she began turning onto her back to embrace him. Instead his firm hand cupped her shoulder, preventing her moving from her side while his other hand lightly covered her mouth. For a moment she didn't understand, then heard his hoarse whisper, "Your fantasy, Terry. This isn't your husband... This is your fantasy."

It took a moment for her understand. Johnny was giving her the rape fantasy she had once described. Not 'til then did she feel how dark it was in the room. The dark terrified her but only for a moment. His strong arms around her calmed her. Instead of rolling onto her back and spreading her legs the curvy young bride stretched her legs forward almost off the bed while pushing her behind into and at the man lying behind her.

The darkness was so appropriate for the "rape" she almost giggled.

It was easy to swallow the giggle when her man's big cock effortlessly and swiftly slid into her body. He must have left such a big load up inside her she was swimming in his cum left from their earlier loving. It allowed his entire length to slide smoothly up her, filling her without pain. It was so nice feeling only the thrill of being filled after the almost brutal loving they had joined in less than half an hour before. She had been lying, throbbing with need. His sudden filling of her sex caused her sheath to pulse around his welcome length. Her first cum tonight, even if it was a little one: Would there be more?

It was the first time they had loved in this position with Teresa on her side. She pulled her legs up in front of her further, which pushed her butt back to accept his fucking.

It was different. His penetration seemed even deeper than usual, though not as deep as when she rode him. And the angle was so different. She missed the friction of his tool against her clit! But that was offset by his big cockhead sliding directly over and caressing her G spot on every stroke.

It was different, something they would need to try again. Not better than the others, just different. Definitely something they would do again.

As the second convulsion of a cum pulsed through her she knew they would try it often, and soon.

Soon Johnny found a slow, long shafting rhythm that felt so good. She joined and matched his rhythm naturally. They were so compatible together! They naturally and imperceptibly increased the quickness of their strokes until Johnny gave her two or three rapid, full length strokes before pushing himself hard against her cervix. As his bulbous glans pushed so deep inside her she convulsed. As he so often managed, Johnny withheld his orgasm while enjoying hers. Teresa knew he would manage eventually to bring them to simultaneous orgasm. But he was patient and she had learned to enjoy him.

They rejoined in rhythm, the man behind her varying the with sudden short jabs deep inside her. He would hold himself still, deep inside until the pleasure waves began to subside. Then her unseen lover would lead her again into the slow, sensuous rhythm which again led her to orgasm.

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