Slutty Behaviour

by AmandaMarais

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Desc: Sex Story: Still living at her parents house, Amanda tries to seduce a police officer who just happens to be at right place at the right time...

It's the 6th of September 2004 at the moment, and I am writing a short story about something that happened about four years ago. I must have been 21 years old at that time and I was still living at my parents house at then.

Actually, I stayed longer than I expected in my parents house. I was almost 23 years old when I left them to live with my current partner Edwin in our own comfortable house. No mommy anymore to do my laundry, clean up my room. No more daddy who always was there for me when I was in trouble. But again, this story occurred when I was still living under my parents roof at age 21.

Some of you might already know this but for those people who don't, my father is a Judge. That's what he does for a living. A few more years and he will be retiring. Being a judge means he also raised his children, me and my brother and my sister, with a hard hand. We have learned a lot from him, although when we were young, we didn't think the same as we do now. And I must say that I was quite a rebel when I was younger. I have had my share of groundings and other punishments. This story is about one of those days that I felt like being a rebel and my naughty side took over from the angel inside me.

It happened a lot that people came to our home to talk to my dad about certain things related to his job. Most of these people were people who worked in the same sector as my dad. Other judges, lawyers, policemen, you never knew who might be sitting in my father's office with him when I came home from school or work. I grew up with these people, and some were even like family to me. They all knew me and most of them had seen me grow up too. But it did happen sometimes that a new face showed up at our house, a face I hadn't seen before. And this was one of those days.

I was sitting in my room, reading a book when I heard some voices in the living room. There were two different voices. One was obviously the voice of my father but I did not recognize the second. It seemed like it was the voice of a very young person, but on the other hand the voice did sound very masculine. Curious, I laid my book down on my bed and made my way into the living room. I looked at my dad who smiled at me and I looked at the person whose voice I just heard. My eyes moves from his face to his chest, down to his legs and back up to his face. He was wearing a uniform. I guessed his age must have been around 27, maybe 28. He was kind of cute.

I smiled at my daddy and said : " Shouldn't you introduce me, Daddy? " My father laughed : " Frank, meet my daughter, Amanda. " Frank smiled at me : " Nice to meet you, Amanda. " A devilish grin showed up on my face : " Nice to meet you, Frank. "

I kept staring at him while he turned back to my father and handed him over a file. My father looked at me so I guess that was a sign for me to go away. I could see what he meant, just by the look in his eyes so I walked towards the coach and turned on the TV. From that point I could still see Frank and admire him. He was indeed very sexy. I hoped I could see him again sometime. From time to time I noticed that Frank peeked at me. Or was it my imagination? My father and he talked for a few more minutes till he left through the front door.

A few days later, one of those hot days in the summer, I was swimming in our swimming pool wearing a nice yellow bikini. Everybody was gone that day and the house was all mine. I climbed out of the pool, throwing my wet hair backwards as I made my way to the kitchen to get me a drink, leaving my wet footprints behind me all over the floor on my way into the house. I opened the fridge and closed my eyes as I felt the coldness running over my body. It felt so good to feel this refreshing air washing over me. My nipples got hard instantly. I looked to my breasts as my nipples were pointing through my bikini. I giggled, grabbing myself a can of iced tea and closed the fridge again making my way back to the pool.

On my way outside I heard the doorbell ringing. Quickly I turned around to make my way into the living room to look on the monitor to see who was at the gate. We had a fence around our house and a big driveway. Our gate was always closed and people had to wait at the gate so we could see who was ringing our bell before we opened the gate electronically. I looked at the monitor and recognized Frank. A big smile showed up on my face.

I laid my finger on the button next to the speaker and said : " Who is it? " Off course I knew who he was but I love playing games so I made him think that I did not know who he was.

His voice sounded weird through the speaker : " Its Frank, I am here to deliver a file for Mr. Marais." I pushed on another button and saw on the screen how the gate opened. I watched Frank getting back into his police car and driving up our driveway. Dirty thoughts started running through my mind. Afterall, I was home alone.

He parked his car at our front door as I was watching him through the window. He walked up onto the porch and rang the doorbell. In my wet yellow bikini, my hair still wet, I made my way to the door. While throwing my hair backwards I opened the door. I smiled at Frank.

With a formal voice he spoke : " I am here to deliver this to your father. Is he home? " I looked at the file in his hand :

" Uhm, why don't you come in and I will see if he is home. " I let him in, closing the door behind him. As he walked me by I could see how his eyes checked me out from head to toes. I showed him the way into our living room and asked him to wait there as I was going to see if my daddy was home. I knew very well that he was away for the whole day but I just wanted to play a little game with this guy to see how far I could go. I told him to take a seat but he made clear he didn't want to sit down, he said he was fine. While I walked out of the living room, I made sure that I was moving my ass in a way he just had to look at it, waving it from left to right.

For a few minutes I waited in the kitchen before returning to the living room : " Sorry, my father is not at home at the moment, but maybe I can help you? "

Frank handed me the file : " Maybe you can give this to your father? "

I took the file from his hand : " Sure, no problem, Frank. " And I smiled while laying the file on the table : " So you want anything to drink, Frank? "

He blushed : " Sorry Miss, uhm, I am on duty. "

I moved closer towards him and laid my hand on his chest, looking him in the eyes : " What nobody knows, hurts nobody. "

His cheeks turned even more red : " I should get going now, Miss. "

As he wanted to turn and walk away I laid my hands on his shoulders and pushed him down into the couch. Frank dropped on his back on the couch as I crawled on top of him, my wet bikini messing up his uniform, making it all wet. I laid my hands on his face and placed my lips on his, kissing him fully on the lips. He was fumbling, trying to get from beneath me but I tried to keep him down with all the power I had in my legs.

He turned his head, breaking the kiss : " Sorry Miss, I cannot do this. "

I grinned : " Is there a girl in your life? "

He shook his head: " No, but..."

I did not let him finish his sentence and laid my lips back on his lips. He was struggling but at the same time I could feel that he was enjoying it. While we were kissing, my hand moved down towards his waist. I reached between his legs and started rubbing his penis through his pants. Again he stopped the kiss and pushed himself upwards, trying to get from beneath me. I lost my balance and fell off the couch on the floor.

Frank was standing next to me and helped me back up and said : " I am sorry, are you okay? "

I made a sad puppy dog face : " Don't you like me, Frank? "

He was afraid to look me in the eyes : " Uhm I do Miss, but your father... " And before he could finish his sentence I had already untied my bikini top and let it drop on the floor.

Instantly his eyes were focussed on my breasts. " You like them? " I grinned and grabbed his hand and laid it on my right breast. His hand was warm. He tried to pull his hand back after his fingers made contact with my flesh but I was still holding his hand so he wasn't able to release. Slowly his fingers started to move and now he was caressing my breast. I released his hand.

While he was touching my breast I slipped my hand into my bikini panties and moved it over my pussy saying : " I have something you might even like more. "

Frank blushed as I grabbed his hand and pulled him with me as I made my way to my bedroom. After we walked into the bedroom, I locked the door behind us and pulled the key off and laid it in a drawer so he couldn't escape from me anymore.

Frank was looking around in my room and uttered : " Nice room you have here, Miss. "

I walked towards him : " I want you to arrest me, Frank. "

He looked clueless : " What do you mean, Miss? "

I showed an evil smile on my face : " Arrest me, frisk me, handcuff me, do to me what you have been fantasizing about since the night you saw me for the first time! "

He blushed.

" Come on, I know you want it! " I smiled, " Do it! Mister Police Officer! "

These last few words must have been the trigger that turned him into a horny monster cause he turned me around and made me stand against the wall. He grabbed my arms and made me put them against the wall and stand backwards. With his foot he kicked against the inside of my ankles : " Spread them! "

I smiled and replied : " With pleasure, Sir "

He started frisking me, his hands roaming over my body, started at my breasts, which he fondled for a few seconds, moving down over my stomach, between my legs, over my thighs to my heels and back up, his hand rubbing over my pussy. He grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back. I could feel the force he was using as he took his handcuffs and locked them around my wrists. The steel was cold.

He grabbed my wet hair and pulled my head back, whispering in my ear : " Now you are all mine, Miss. "

I grinned. He turned me around and grabbed my shoulders, making me sit down on my knees. I looked up at him, into his eyes, his eyes that had changed from shy into commanding. He started to unbutton his pants, dropping them on the floor. He was wearing funny boxer shorts. Dark blue ones with The Pink Panther on it. I had trouble trying not to laugh and ruin the moment.

Frank grabbed the edges and pushed his boxers to the floor. His cock jumped out of his boxers and was already hard as rock. He grabbed his shaft and moved his skin up and down a few times : " Open your mouth, Miss! Or should I call you Slut? "

I smiled, remaining speechless and opened my mouth. Slowly he slipped the tip of his cock between my lips. I could taste his pre cum as a drop of it, fell on my tongue. I enclosed my lips around his shaft and slowly started moving my head back and forth. Frank started moaning softly, obviously he was enjoying this as much as I was.

He laid his other hand on the back of my head to control my movements to his need. " You really enjoy this, don't you, you slut! "

He started moving his cock deeper and deeper. Lucky for me he wasn't that well endowed. He wasn't small either but I had seen and had bigger ones before. He grabbed my head with both his hands and started fucking my mouth faster. His cock went deeper and deeper down my mouth each time he pushed his shaft between my lips. A few times I could even feel his cock touch the back of my throat.

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