The Hawk and The Chipmunk

by The Scot

Copyright© 2005 R. Michael Lowe aka The Scot

Action/Adventure Story: A young programming genius is framed for murder by his wife, who steals all that she can and disappears. Years later, he is able to escape but leaves the authorities thinking he's dead. Assuming another's identity, he finds love, a challenge to right many wrongs of the past and present, and help bring about major changes to this country and the world. He might also get even with his ex-wife. - 423,000 words.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Crime   Workplace   Polygamy/Polyamory   Interracial   Politics   Slow   Violent  


All rights reserved © 2005 by R. Michael Lowe aka The Scot

Cover Art

The images are Mogollon Rim east of Pine.jpg by Kevin Dooley, Red-tailed Hawk.jpg by, and Tamias sibiricus (Mount Oike).jpg by Alpsdake all are used under Creative Commons Attribution license, and obtained from Wikipedia. The adding of text, manipulation and merging is done by Ernest Bywater. All rights to the cover image are reserved by the copyright owners.

20 July 2017 Edition


This story was written by The Scot in 2005 and published on the story website In 2015 he asked me to remove certain scenes and to repost the story for him. I’d forgotten about it until he recently reminded me about revising the story for him. My role in this is that of an editor making a few cuts as directed by the author, and fixing any errors found in the process. As well as reposting the story I’m publishing the story as an e-book for him. No changes to the plot or story development were made during the revision. The original story had been edited by Kanga and TeNderLoin, while the revised version is edited by TeNderLoin, The Rev, Dan, Gordon, Thornfoote, and myself.

Ernest Bywater

July 2017

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