The Offering

by TitMilker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Uncle, Niece, Lactation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A reader gave me this idea and permission to post this story. It's his niece and her milk. She offers and he suckles.

Note: My thanks to a reader for this story idea. It's short but essentially tells his brief encounter. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Naturally, comments, suggestions or your own tales are welcome but please sound real and use correct spelling and grammar. If you are reading this story it's only because I have received permission to post it. Yours, Tit.

When I was married to my first wife we tried but never had children. OK, we had no kids but sure enjoyed trying. Finally we divorced and some years later I remarried. By this time our age prevented us from having kids so also my dream fantasy of tasting the milk of a mother.

I can't begin to tell you how often I dreamed of having my lips pressed against the firm flesh of a woman's breast while nursing and tasting her hot milk. More times than I could possibly count I would masturbate thinking of how wonderful having that fantasy come true. It seemed I was destined to never realize my dream and live out the remainder of my life never having tasted the hot sweet milk of a nursing mother. Well, that's what I thought until my wife's niece entered the picture.

Mandy was in her late twenties and simply lovely. She was by no means a drop dead gorgeous woman but she was attractive. By no stretch of the imagination could she be called sexy. Mandy didn't have big breasts, and a skinny waist with sexy flaring hips. She was just a woman that was nice to look at and very pleasant to be around. We had gotten along very well in the years I'd known her and often kidded around playing and tickling each other. The nearest we'd ever gotten to being sexual was hugging and giving light kisses on our cheeks.

My wife and I had helped her along with her pregnancy after she divorced her sexually wondering husband and now she all but lived with us. Since we'd never had kids we took to her son as if he was our grandchild. I learned how to change diapers, give him baths and all the rest. The one thing neither of us had to do was fix a bottle. Mandy nursed her son.

We had all grown so close there was no thought given when she would relax on the big soft chair in our front room and watch TV while nursing. I wouldn't want anybody to get the wrong idea from her doing this. It wasn't like she sat down, stripped herself half naked while in front of us. Mandy would open her blouse, drop the flap of her nursing bra and hold her son to her breast. It was all quiet natural and perfectly acceptable even in public, well almost in public.

Well, you guessed it. Because of my fetish and long unfulfilled fantasy I never failed to grow an erection. Having been raised in a proper home I was taught to never stare at a person. Do you have any idea just how hard it is to keep from looking directly at a woman that is breast feeding? I did what my upbringing had taught me and used only my peripheral vision trying to catch a glimpse.

Now comes the point where you would expect Mandy and I to be alone and your expectations would be right, but not the way you might think. My wife had gone shopping and any of you have a wife like mine you know she will be gone for hours.

My wife had been gone only ten minutes when Mandy came out with her son. I was watching TV sitting in the big soft chair she normally used when she nursed. She refused my offer to trade places and sat on the sofa. We had all grown so comfortable with each other that often one or more of us would walk around the house wearing only our underwear so what followed seemed natural.

Mandy got comfortable on the sofa and opened her blouse. I don't know if she was conscious of her actions or not but rather than just unbuttoning enough to expose one bra cup she undid all the buttons and opened her blouse exposing all of her bra. She dropped the flap and brought her sons mouth to her exposed nipple. Maybe it was because she was showing more than she had shown before I cast aside my upbringing and looked directly at mother and son.

"Sounds like he's really hungry," I commented on hearing his noisy suckling.

"He is and I can't tell you how glad I am he finally woke up. I'm so full I hurt," Mandy replied looking at me.

"Lucky him," I sighed heavily unable to keep from watching.

Mandy didn't say anything but there was an odd look in her eyes. She relaxed by sitting back and making no attempt to cover her exposed half.

Nothing was said and the sounds from the TV were barely heard over the sound of a baby nursing. I felt myself become more and more aroused at the sight. My mouth watered and I was constantly swallowing the build up of saliva.

"You would think he would be willing to share," I blurted out not thinking.

Mandy said nothing as she gazed into my eyes and smiled. Her son suckled and filled his tiny tummy until he was satisfied. His eyes closed and his breathing deepened indicating he was asleep. Mandy carefully lay him beside her, looked at me without closing her blouse. I sat looking at her one exposed breast as drops of milk oozed from her freshly nursed breast.

"In case you hadn't noticed I have two," she softly breathed. "The other is still full and I hate using that damned pump." She patted the spot beside her.

In a flash I was next to her as she turned slightly towards me. Her fingers went between her breasts and unsnapped her bra. She pulled the cups aside exposing her naked breasts to my glazed eyes. Using one hand she cupped and lifted her still full breast while gently pulling my lips towards the dripping nipple.

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