Telltale Signs

by Fable

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Desc: Sex Story: What am I supposed to think when you deliberately don't...

"Check... the... ASS... on... that! "

I turned my head to see what the loud-mouth was talking about just in time to see a familiar head pop up and move away. Yelps and jeers rose from the crowd at the bar.

I've heard a bullet is hot when it enters your body. That's the feeling that came to my chest, like a furnace, blazing.

Two sentences formed in my mind as I tried to stab my way through the sea of suits. "That's MY wife you're talking about. I don't appreciate the comment you made about her ASS."

But I was trapped in the midst of thirty or so thirsty men. By the time I could have gotten to him and tapped him on the shoulder he would have forgotten about Karen's ass and his crass remark. Besides, I only knew the general direction the remark came from. I only knew him by voice.

I considered yelling in his direction. "Hey, ASSHOLE, comment about your own wife's ass. Lay off of mine."

But that would only draw attention to me. A bunch of men I didn't know would snicker and make jokes about my wife's anatomy. Loud-mouth probably wouldn't even look my way. "Oh Well."

The bar was stacked three deep. Free booze brings out the worst in some men, although, at one thousand dollars per couple it was not really free. It took another fifteen minutes to move within shouting distance of the bartender and ask for a scotch, neat. He ignored my request to make it a double. I guess we were all trying to get our money's worth.

I lost track of Karen until I saw her at the auction, bidding on an item. She was standing by the wall on the other side of the room. She didn't bid again. She was too busy fending off some guy who had her pinned against the wall. His chest was almost touching her breasts and his mouth was very near her lips. At one point he leaned over to whisper in her ear. I waved to get her attention but she didn't look my way.

I watched them. Karen was looking up at the man demurely, a shy smile on her lips, being very feminine. Was she enjoying the attention? Even from a distance I could see that her head was tilted back, something she didn't have to do with me. In normal heels she is my height and that night she was an inch taller.

I didn't mention loud-mouth's remark about her ass on the way home. I couldn't bring myself to admit to Karen that I had not defended her honor. I saw how Karen fled the scene. Was it what he said or the reaction of the bystanders that made her trot off down the hall? The guy was right though. Karen definitely does have a nice ass.

Nor did I mention that I had watched her with the guy in the crowded auction hall. She seemed to lose interest in bidding when the guy said something to her. What had he said? Had he told her she had a nice ass? I shuddered to think of what she must have endured.

It had not always been that way. In college she would have been the first to admit that she was... well... nicely stacked but a little overweight. She dwelled on it, saying that she didn't understand how I could be with someone with flabby thighs and rolls of fat around her tummy. I told her she was exaggerating, they were not flabby and they were not rolls and anyway, I was the only one that saw her naked.

I both credited and blamed her job for the transformation. The job began as 'mother's hours' when the boys were nine and ten. "It will get me out of the house and the money will be nice too," she said at the time. It wasn't long before she was telling us funny things that had happened at the office that day. I noticed the boys were wearing better quality clothes and there was an occasional gift for me, a new tie or a monogrammed shirt.

When her father died and her mother came to live with us, Karen accepted a full time job with the company. Nancy was great with the kids. She soon became an indispensable member of the family.

At first the changes were subtle; new friends, visits to the gym and a more engaging personality. Karen was promoted twice during the first year and I lost track of the advances she made in the second.

I did know she had increasing responsibilities. One night at dinner she rose from the table and excused herself.

"What's wrong with mom?" Dennis wanted to know.

"She's taking a call," his brother answered. Tom had seen his mother retrieve her cell phone from a pocket.

"What's unreasonable about it? Meeting deadlines is part of your job," Karen said impatiently as she walked away from the table, her voice fading as she moved farther away. Nancy looked at me and shrugged, obviously shocked at her daughter's demeanor. We were not accustomed to hearing Karen talk that way to anyone. But when she returned to the table there was no indication that she had spoken harshly to one of her subordinates. "Mom, you've outdone yourself with this meal," she said, looking around the table at us, smiling.

With the increased responsibility came longer hours and a generous salary. Although she didn't boast about her position or her pay I could tell that her success was gratifying to her. For the first time in her working life, my wife was being rewarded for her efforts, both financially and in terms of praise. The gradual changes that were taking place in her personality and appearance were almost unnoticeable, except by me. I watched in awe and admiration.

With Nancy available to watch the boys and Karen's increasing income, we were free to get away together without straining the budget. The only problem was the long hours she was working. I was about ready to voice my concern that the boys needed their mother at home more when she mentioned the car. She knew that for years I had coveted a Benz.

"We can't afford that kind of car," I lamented, knowing I was right, but wishing it was not true.

"I want you to have it," she said, handing me her latest bonus check, which by itself would cover half the cost of the car. I was overwhelmed, both by Karen's generosity and the unpretentious way she told me about her bonus. I postponed the talk about the kids' needs and we settled on a CLK 320 coupe with silver metallic paint, leather throughout and a moon roof. It was far from the top of the line but the price was extravagantly affordable to us. We drove it for the first time to the Charity auction.

I remember quite well the conversation when we got home from the auction that night.

"Where were you tonight? She was undressing, hastily. I watched her shimmy out of the dress, and then bend to remove her stockings, all while looking directly into my eyes.

"Mostly at the bar trying to be served," I said, trying to avoid telling her I had seen her with the guy at the auction. Should I tell her I was sorry that I had not made more of an effort to cross the crowded room and tell the guy to get lost? I decided not to say anything. She would know I saw her, looking up at him, completely absorbed by what he was telling her, wouldn't she?

"Did you have a good time?" She was dropping her bra in a pile of clothes and looking at me compliantly, the same way she had looked at the auction, as she pushed her panties down.

At thirty-five, my wife had blossomed into a shapely, very attractive female. I noticed men blatantly staring at her when we were in public together, and she pretended not to notice when they nudged their friends. What was it like when I wasn't with her, I wonder?

"It was all right, I suppose. The place was too crowded and I didn't know anyone so I just people-watched and talked to a couple of guys at the bar. I didn't get their names," I said, thinking of the guy at the bar who made the lewd comment about her ass.

My suit needed to go to the cleaners anyway so I dropped my clothes in a pile too. And, seeing that she was getting into bed nude, I tossed my shorts on top of the pile and joined her.

In college we had tried various positions but neither of us was experienced enough to know that sex was supposed to last more than thirty minutes, including disrobing and foreplay. We read about technique, talked to our friends and watched porno films until, by the honeymoon, we were up to an hour, three times a day. Tom was born a year later, followed by Dennis.

After Dennis was born Karen obsessed about her weight. Nothing I could say seemed to relieve her concerns. With the full time job came two noticeable changes; Karen discovered exercise and our weekly love making sessions were reduced from three to two, until now.

Karen was naked and ready when I hopped into bed with her, then wild and vocal as we made passionate love. I worried that we would wake Nancy and the boys. I had never seen her like this; one time was not enough.

"Do you think I'm sexy?"

"Yes, I do and you have a nice ass," I answered, taking her butt in both hands and feeling how firm it had become.

Sometime during the night I awoke to find her riding me. How did she get me on my back? I never sleep on my back. How did she get me hard? Worrying about such details was silly. I reached up to show my approval and to urge her to continue.

The next day was Saturday and we spent the afternoon in the bedroom. Karen maneuvered it. That morning we went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. We all piled into the new car and Karen drove. I took the boys to shop for gifts for their mother and she went off alone. We were to meet at the car and go from there to lunch. I noticed the boys had more money than I would have dreamed of having at their ages, eleven and twelve. They wanted to buy their mother something nice, something expensive.

"Mom's already here," Denny said as soon as we got off the elevator in the parking garage. He was right. Karen was thirty yards away, standing by the car talking to a man.

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