by SirNathan

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Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Dominant husband exhausts submissive wife.

I had teased her mercilessly. Almost every hour I'd called her.

I had just asked her if the sound of my voice still turned her on. She cleared her throat and in a quiet voice said that it did. I had her brush her fingertips over her nipples to make sure they were hard. She did and said they were. I smiled and hung up.

When next I called I asked her why my voice turned her on. She replied that she loved its depth and tone, and listening to me never failed to give her butterflies. She admitted she had been thinking about the sound of it for an hour. I asked her to pinch her nipples gently. She moaned softly into the telephone and I hung up again.

When I called again I could hear the eagerness in her voice. I said I thought someone was getting excited. She agreed she was. I had her squeeze her thighs together and tell me what she had been thinking about. Breathlessly she said she didn't know. I said that wasn't good enough and to separate her knees by two inches. She sighed plaintively and said, "Yes, Sir." I told her to answer the question and I listened to her breathe down the telephone line as she fought to answer. "I... I've been thinking about p... playing, M... Master," she whispered. I smiled while I made her sweat. I loved how she stuttered as she became excited. It was adorable. I finally broke my silence.

"Playing?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. Her breath shortened.

"P... Playing with myself, Master."

"Perhaps you mean... solitaire?" I asked teasingly.

I heard her swallow again. I love what 'dirty talk' does to her. It's so much fun.

"I mean, m... masturbating, Master."

"I see. So you mean playing with your cunt."

"Y... Yes, Master," she rushed, breathing hard.

"Say it."

"Playing w... with my c... cunt, M... Master."

"Good girl."

I hung up.

An hour later I called her again. I talked about the weekend. I asked her if we had plans. I asked whether we had time to visit my mother. She answered but she sounded a little desperate. "Are you all right, pet?" I asked, smiling.

"Yes, M... Master."

"I have to go."

"Ohh..." she moaned in frustration as I hung up the receiver. I was enjoying this far too much. I chuckled. By now she would have realised I was calling almost on the hour. I left it an extra fifteen minutes before I called her back.

"Hello, pet."

"Thank you for calling me so many times today, Master."

"You are welcome, little one," I said, as if distracted. For a moment I listened to her soft, halting breaths. I knew she was wondering if I had to leave again. However, she also knew the importance of silence and not to fill it unnecessarily. I finally asked, "Are you wet, Ally?"

"Oh... yes, Master," came her quick reply. I could hear her smile.

"You have a wet cunt."

She gasped then replied quietly, "Y... Yes, Master."

"Say it."

"I... I have a w... wet cunt, Master."

"Are you still in your nightie?"

"It's after midday, Master!"

"I beg your pardon?"


I hung up.

This time it was an hour and a half before I called her back again. I was enjoying myself. She probably thought she was in trouble.

"Hello, Allison."

"Oh, Master. I'm so sorry. I didn't think before and just -"

I interrupted her. "If I ask you a simple question, I expect a simple answer. I do not expect the simplicity of the question to be pointed out to me."

She gulped. "Yes, Master. I'm sorry, Master."

"Apology accepted. Now pinch your nipples and squeeze your thighs together."

Her breath quickened. "Y... Yes, Master."

"When I hang up, you will go and get your nipple clamps and put them on, tighten them to medium, and not remove them for any reason until I call back. If you are not in shorts and a t-shirt already, go and change now. Nothing else. Clamps under the t-shirt."

"Yes, M... Master," she breathed.

I hung up.

I called her back just before I left work for the day. I smiled as I pressed the numbers. I'd left it for another hour and a half. "Hello, my pet."

"Oh, Master. Th... Thank you for calling back." Now she was desperate.

"You are welcome, my little one,"

"I h... hope your day is g... going well, Master."

"Hold up your t-shirt with your teeth. Take off the clamps."

"Y... yes, Master."

In moments her breathing became laboured as her bunched up t-shirt was held in her mouth. She was breathing fast through her nose, right into the receiver. I imagined her unscrewing one of the clamps and in a second she gasped. "Good girl. Other one."

"Mmm... MMMMmmm..." she moaned as the second one came free.

"Good girl. Caress them."

She mewed as she did so.

"Drop the shirt. Pinch them through the material."




"Let go."


"Caress them."

"Oh, Master. They're throbbing and hot."

"And hard."

"Oh, yes, Master. So hard... Mmmmm..."

"Squeeze your thighs together again."


"How wet are you?"

"Ohhh, so wet, Master."


"Y... Yes, Master."

"Your cunt is dripping."

"Yes, Master. M... My c... cunt is dripping."

"Good girl. I have to go. I'll see you soon."

"Please, no, Master!"

"What is it?"

"Please Master, please, please may I play?"

"No. Wait until I get home. Then, if you ask nicely..." I let the implication sink in. She would have to ask face to face.

She swallowed and in a small voice replied, "Y... Yes, Master."

"I'll be home in forty-five minutes."

"Y... Yes, Master."

I hung up.

Ally had outdone herself. When I entered our home, I was pleasantly surprised by the sight of so many candles, and by soft music wafting through the house from the lounge room. I decided then and there that I would have to tease her more often. The scent of a delicious dinner wound itself around my senses as I dropped my briefcase in the walk-in wardrobe and changed into jeans and a t-shirt. I washed my hands and face in our ensuite before making my way to the kitchen. Ally greeted me with a kiss on my cheek and asked if my day went well. I smiled meaningfully at her and replied that it was delightful. Small talk ensued and I studied her as she put the finishing touches to our meal. She caught a couple of my looks and smiled back. Ten minutes later we were eating.

After dinner I loaded the dishwasher, turned it on, and returned to my recliner to read while Allison showered. Throughout dinner I had said nothing about our phone calls. The persistent light blush in her cheeks told me she was still thinking about it, and turned on. While we ate, I almost relented, but wanted to see how long it would take for her to ask.

When she returned from her shower, I looked up from my book and rested it in my lap. She stood between my recliner and the couch, hands clasped behind her back, waiting for instruction. She had put her t-shirt and shorts back on. "Wouldn't you have felt more comfortable in something else, little one?" I asked.

"I um... I didn't know... what to... um... ohh..."

"Ahhh... I hadn't asked you to change, had I?" I asked, understanding at once.

"No, Master," she replied. Her bottom lip was getting a work over.

"Good girl."

"Thank you, Master," she said, bowing her head.

I returned my attention to my book, smiling to myself. Noticing the music had ended, I glanced across at the stereo system.

"Would it please you to listen to something light in the background, Master?" she asked quietly.

"It would," I replied. "Sit on the couch when you have done so, little one."

"Yes, Master."

She was the expert when it came to music and she always made good choices that reflected the mood. She chose something classical then returned to sit on the edge of the couch across from me and wait. After a while she picked up and flicked through a magazine. She even hummed to herself and twirled some of the hair framing her face. But nothing held her attention and she kept glancing at me. Fifteen minutes must have passed before she had finally worked up her nerve. I smiled as she whispered, "May I please play now, Master?"

"Sure, little one," I replied, continuing to read.

"Th... Thank you, Master. Thank you." She stood and made to leave.

"Where are you going?" I asked, looking up from my book. She stopped in her tracks and turned to me.

"T... To the bedroom, Master," she answered quietly, standing still and looking down at the floor.

"I did not say you could leave the room to play."

She bit her lip again. "Forgive me, I just thought - "

"It's all right, Ally," I said softly, interrupting her. "Just ask the right questions."

"Y... Yes, Master," she whispered, her eyes flicking up to mine. As she continued, she broke into a naughty grin. "I... I like p... playing for you, M... Master."

I closed my book and placed it on the coffee table, relaxing back in my chair. "Why?" I asked, smiling back at her.

"B... Because it t... turns you on, Master." Her chest began to rise and fall more noticeably as she stood before me. Her nipples hardened and pressed against her t-shirt. She wrung her hands together as she looked up at me in desperation.

"Yes?" I asked, smiling at her.

"M... My toys are in the other room, Master," she whined.

"Your toys?" I asked, feigning annoyance.

"Um, I mean, the toys you gave... I mean..." Her head dipped again and she spoke quietly. "Y... Your toys, Master."

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