Kelly Drosin, MD, U.S. Navy

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Blackmail, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Kelly graduates from her residency training program, but owes the Navy three years for paying for her medical education. She is shocked to have to report to a ship, not a hospital, but decides to make the best of it. While on board ship she encounters a young woman who wants to know more about women's health and an executive officer/voyeur. Where will this all lead, read and find out more.

Four Months Ago:

Kelly Drosin, M.D. Kelly was enthralled that she had finally completed her residency-training program and was now a full-fledged physician able to practice medicine on her own. No more of that idiot "Chief" resident assigning her "scut work" day in and day out. No sir, now she could practice medicine as she saw fit. And no hospitals either, Kelly wanted her own private practice and wanted to do it right here in Tacoma, Washington.

Well, there was that little matter of the two years she owed to Uncle Sam's Navy. After all, she reasoned, the U.S. Navy had footed her bill for medical school with the proviso that she would pay them back giving the Navy three years of her life. Kelly assumed that she would be practicing medicine in one of the many fine Naval Hospital around the world. Actually, she was looking forward to three years of relatively easy duty, taking care of a generally health population of servicemen and women and their dependents. Kelly glanced up at the clock and saw that it was almost four on a Friday afternoon. Time to head home and relax, after all it was the weekend and she didn't have to report to the Armed Forces Reserve Station until Monday morning, so she deserved a nice relaxing weekend. Maybe she would go down to the lake.


Lieutenant Kelly Drosin, MC, USNR. Well Kelly was now a Navy physician alright, but she certainly wasn't going to one of the nice Naval Hospitals, oh no, Kelly had been assigned to the USS Wilson, a guided missile destroyer out of San Diego. When she was at the Medical Officer's orientation course in Newport, Rhode Island she had discovered that the Navy had a need for medical officers on medium sized and bigger ships and now that the Navy was co-ed they always had a need for female medical officers. Kelly would be stationed aboard the Wilson but would be medically responsible for the health care of the entire six ship flotilla that sails in the company of Wilson, a total of over 1400 men and women.

LT Drosin stood at the head of Pier 5 at the 32nd Street Naval Station in San Diego and watched the Wilson as it prepared to dock from its latest four days of sea trials. Kelly waited and watched as the, "yard birds," the civilian shipyard workers, set the ships gangway in place and the crew went ashore. As the sailors departed the ship Kelly studied their faces and thought to her self that these were mostly all kids. They looked like they had all just gotten out of high school, then she remembered that the average age of a sailor aboard ship was 20, so most of these men and women were probably just fresh from high schools across the nation. Kelly tugged and straightened her dress blues and climbed the gangway. At the top she stopped, face the American flag flying on the stern, saluted then turned to the Officer of the Deck (OOD), saluted and requested permission to come aboard.

"LT Drosin reporting, permission to come aboard?" she intoned.

The OOD, a good-looking Ensign, saluted back, "Permission granted." He said. Then he extended his hand and shook hers. "Ensign George Corn LT pleased to have you on-board. The Executive Officer has been expecting you so you might want to scoot down to his cabin and report in. And again, good to have you on-board."

"Uh, George, how do I find the XO's cabin?"

"Oh, sorry. Head up the port side until you see the hatch marked "Operations". Go through that hatch, down the first ladderwell you come to and then up that passageway towards the bow. The XO's cabin is on your right and clearly marked."

"Thanks again George," Kelly said, as she started up the port side of the ship.

Kelly fumbled her way around the ship until she found the XO's cabin. It had a highly polished brass sign that read:

Commander David Prosser, USN

Executive Officer

Kelly knocked on the door and waited for an answer. In just a second she heard a gruff voice saying "Enter!"

Kelly opened the door and entered the Executive Officer's stateroom. She saluted and said, "LT Drossin, Medical Corps, reporting for duty sir."

"Good afternoon doc," the XO replied. "Take a seat."

Kelly sat down on the small couch adjacent to CDR Prosser's desk. Prosser looked up from his paperwork, gave her a thin smile and said;

"Well doc. First thing is, you don't salute indoors, only the Army and Air Force salute indoors. Second, we just got your stateroom ready for occupancy - you are the ONLY female officer in my crew and thirdly, I am "old Navy" and that means I don't believe that women belong on ships. Oh, I know that isn't the conventional wisdom of the "new Navy" but I grew up with the motto that "men belong on ships and ships belong at sea." Oh, and women belong at home having babies and taking care of their children. Any questions?

"Ah, no sir, I don't." Kelly was amazed at his boldness. Women at home having babies? This is just great I have a Neanderthal for a XO. Oh good grief she thought, this tour aboard Wilson ought to be a ton of fun. "Well sir, if there is nothing else, I guess I had better get to may cabin and stow my gear."

"Yes, doc, that's a good idea. Your cabin is the one next to mine. Dismissed." Commander Prosser turned towards his desk and started back on his paperwork.

Kelly left the XO's cabin and walked back down the passageway and saw an open door with a blue and white plastic sign which read:

LT Drosin, MC, USNR

Ship' Surgeon

She admired the plaque for just a second then entered her cabin. She closed the door and saw that the sailors had taken her two bags and put them into her cabin. She opened up the aluminum double doors to her locker and started putting away her uniforms. Once the task of getting settled in the cabin was done, she washed her hands and decided to try and find the ship's Sick Bay. Kelly had just stepped out of her cabin and almost ran over another Navy officer. "Oh, excuse me sir." She said.

LT James Frew looked startled for a moment, then smiled at Kelly, "Hi, I'm Jim Frew, the ships supply officer. You must be our new doc. Welcome aboard."

"Thanks Jim, I'm Kelly, Pleased to meet you."

"I see that your just getting settled, but if you need anything just let me know."

"Well, actually" Kelly said, "could you direct me to Sick Bay?"

"Better that that Kelly, I'll walk you there." And with that Jim towed Kelly down the passageway aft, through a couple of hatches until they came to a cross passageway, made a right and walked into a space labeled "Sick Bay."

"There you go Kelly, and once again, Welcome Aboard."

"Thanks Jim, I appreciate your help."

Kelly entered the Sick Bay and was introduced to the three assigned Hospital Corpsman, two males and a female. She reviewed their training records so she would be familiar with their capabilities and then they discussed the general health of the ships' crew. She was told that there were 13 officers and 276 enlisted stationed aboard Wilson and that there were 34 females in the crew. The female crewmembers had a specially designated berthing area just forward of the missile launching compartment. Kelly puttered around Sick Bay for a while, then she headed back down to her berthing area. She located her cabin without any difficulty, entered and sat on her back and surveyed her living space.

The cabin in which Kelly would spend her next two years looked to be about 20 feet deep and maybe 15 feet wide. It had a single lower bunk, an aluminum-clothing closet with hanging space on top and three drawers below. The room also had a small desk with a wall-mounted safe and a chair for the desk. In the right rear corner of her cabin stood a sink and a small shower. Not much to look at, but it was home. Well time to explore the rest of the ship.

It was just around 10 in the evening when Kelly got back to her cabin. She had dined in the Officer's Mess, met most of the ship's officers and stayed around for coffee and a movie. She entered her cabin and decided that because she was in port she could take a nice long, hot shower. She stripped down to her bra and panties, washed her face and then took off her underwear and stepped into the telephone booth sized shower. She let the hot water cascade down her body and massage her skin after a long first day aboard ship. She stepped out of the shower and began to dry off. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and saw a 5'9", 125 pound, 32B, dishwater blonde woman staring back at her. Kelly knew that she wasn't the prettiest woman in the Navy, maybe not even on the ship, but she wasn't a ugly duckling either. She had a number of relationships between college and her residency training program and had even been engaged, albeit only for a short period of time, like after finding him with her roommate one Sunday afternoon. It was after she broke off her engagement that she had a short fling with another female student. She didn't think that she was gay, most probably she just had some bi-sexual tendencies.

After drying off and putting her hair curlers in place Kelly walked over to bunk and sat down. She started thinking about that last weekend before the Navy had called her up. She had driven down to Olympia and to a secluded lake just outside of town. Her original plans were to just relax by herself for the weekend, but after getting her tent setup and fixing some dinner she had met a great looking guy across from the canoe racks. He was an easy 6'4" and a hunk. They had hit it off immediately and she ended up spending the majority of the weekend inside her sleeping bag, with him!

Kelly's recollections were getting her hornier and hornier so she reached into her lower drawer and pulled out the 8" dildo that she sometimes used when she was alone. She lay back on her bunk and began my using her left hand to rub her pussy and clit and her right one to play with her ever increasingly hard nipples. As she played with herself, she got wetter and wetter and was now ready for the dildo. What she didn't know was that there was a pair of unseen eyes watching her every move.

Next door, in the Executive Officer's cabin, CDR David Prosser sat at his desk and looked at the display screen centered on his desk. During the refurbishing of Dr. Drosin's cabin, he had secretly installed six miniature cameras so he could virtually see every inch of the room. Each camera was well hidden in either one of the many nooks or crannies in the room or disguised as part of the HVAC piping system that went throughout the ship. Each camera had the capability to zoom in to such a point that it would be like virtually standing in front of the person. Yes, CDR Prosser did not like women on ships, that is, unless they were in his bunk and he was fucking them. When he had heard from one of his classmates at Newport that he would be getting a female medical officer and that she wasn't half bad looking, he had decided to set up the camera system so he could watch this woman. David hadn't got this far in the Navy by fucking those who worked for him, so his peccadillo for voyeurism took a hold of him and the camera idea was born.

David had watched as Kelly stripped and took her shower then dried off and he thought that she had a spectacular body. He loved women with small breasts and relatively tall women with small breasts were his downfall. He sat there, very still, watching Kelly masturbating on her bunk. He had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking it and rubbing his balls. His right hand caressing his shaft, just barely going over his very sensitive purplish head, giving him that sensuous thrill every time it crossed the ring of his cock. He continued to watch her hoping he could time his cum to hers. But when she gabbed the huge dildo and shoved it deep into her cunt and started slamming it in and out of her very wet pussy, he couldn't hold back any more and he shot his hot cum all over his chest and arm. He continued to stroke his cock as it slowly withered, but his eyes never left the screed and he was almost hard again when he heard her moaning and then coming.

Kelly basked in the wonderful feeling of a great cum, and a soft glow formed on her face. She rolled over in her bunk, pulled up her sheet and blanket and drifted off to sleep thinking that there must be some irony in the fact she was masturbating by herself on a ship full of men.

The weekend went quickly by and on early Monday morning the Wilson set sail for local operations off of the San Diego coast. Kelly was in Sick Bay as the ship glided out of San Diego bay and past the Point Loma lighthouse. The seas were nice and calm and once outside the breakwaters the ship took on an easy rolling motion that Kelly actually began to enjoy. She and the Corpsmen had finished up morning sick call and were cleaning up the sick bay and getting everything ready for sea. Kelly had noticed that the Chief Corpsman had done a pretty good job of teaching the two junior corpsmen how to handle the daily sick call of ship's company that were either for, one; real sick sailors or two; sailors trying to get out of some work detail they didn't like. Kelly really took a liking Joni Buc, the most junior of the three corpsmen, and the only female. They had hit it off from the start and Kelly thought that perhaps she would take Joni under her wing and teach her some of the idiosyncrasies surrounding female healthcare.

During the morning sick call Joni had asked Kelly a million questions about female health issues and how to diagnose certain illnesses associated with the female body and on and on. "Look Joni, if you really want to learn about these issues you and I need to get together, in private, so I can show you how to find and then diagnose them. I'm free after lunch and it looks like the afternoon will be slow for us, so why don't you come down to my stateroom, say, oh, 1330, and we can get in a few hours of study."

"Oh, that would just be super LT Drosin" Joni said, "Thank you so much. I'll see you then."

At promptly 1330 hours Kelly heard a soft knock on her door and she rose and walked over and opened the door and let Joni into her stateroom. "Joni, you take a seat at my desk and I'll sit on my bunk."

"Ok LT, thanks."

Next door the XO heard the two women's voices and turned on his hidden cameras. He saw the doc and the female corpsman in the room. He turned up the volume just a bit so he could hear what they were discussing.

"Joni, first thing, when were in private please call me Kelly. You'll need to be formal in public, but when were alone Kelly is fine."

"Oh gosh, thanks Lieu... uh, Kelly."

"OK, now let's get back to our discussion of breast lumps and breast cancer. You realize that one of the easiest and best early detection tests methods for breast cancer in women is finding lumps in their breasts. Did they teach you how to do that at Corps school?"

"Uh, no ma'am, they didn't"

Both women were wearing their Navy working class uniforms. Joni had on dungarees with a white T-shirt and Kelly, who had taken off her khaki shirt, was wearing khaki uniform trousers and a white T-shirt. "OK Joni, I'll teach you then. Why don't you pull off your T-shirt and slip out of your bra?"

When Commander Prosser heard the words "breast exam" he stopped his paper work and looked up at his screen. He saw the young corpsman stand up and remover her T-shirt and slip off her bra. Good God, he thought, will you look at that, what a great set of tits. Shit they have to be 36C. And they stood straight out from her body. Ain't youth great!

"Ok Joni," Kelly said, "take your left arm and lift it over your head. Uh, no more like, lay it across the top of your head. Ok that good. Now you can see and feel how your breast tissues have stretched out a bit to afford you with easy access to palpate your breast. Now take your hand like this and gently rub in small circles and see if you can feel any lumps."

"Gee Kelly, I'm not sure how to rub. Would you rub my breast and show me the correct method?"

"Sure, no problem." Kelly stood behind Joni and took her right hand and extended the fingers straight out and around Joni's body and started rubbing her right breast in small circles, her path going straight out from the nipple across the areola and around the side of her breast. "You see how you do it? Another thing Joni, remember to tell your patients that it will work better if they are performing this in the shower. The warm water makes finding lumps easier."

David's eyes were glued to the screen and he was getting a vicarious thrill out of watching one woman rubbing another woman's breasts. He could feel the swelling in his pants and he was tempted to unzip his khakis and take his cock out and stroke it.

Kelly saw that Joni's nipples were getting hard and she knew she was turning on this young woman. She glanced sideways and could see that Joni too knew the effect it was having on her, so Kelly decided to see if Joni was willing to take this game any farther. "You know Joni, maybe there is a better way to show you how to do this. Here, let me slip off my shirt and bra and I'll let you practice on me - if that's OK with you?"

Joni looked up at Kelly with an innocent look and said, "Oh sure, if you think that will help, I'll be glad to try."

In the XO's cabin David couldn't believe his ears. He was about to see two decent looking women rubbing each other's breasts. He watched as the medical officer shucked out of her T-shirt and reached around behind her and removed her bra. The size of her breasts were not a surprise, after all he had seen them on her first night on board, but watching two women, naked from the waist up was just too much. David quickly walked over to his door, locked it and then sat down and removed his trousers. He pulled his cock out of his skivvies and started to gently stroke it as he watched Joni rub Kelly's breasts.

Joni was smiling at Kelly as she worked her fingers around Kelly's nipple, then the areola and then around the breast itself. She noted that Kelly's nipples had hardened and she thought the doctor was enjoying herself. She too decided to push the envelope just a bit. "Am I doing this Ok, ma'am?" she asked.

Kelly knew that this wasn't the first time that Joni had ever rubbed another woman's breasts. She was hitting all of the right spots and taking her time doing it. "Oh, ah, sure Joni. You're doing super, keep it up. Can you feel the "meat" of the breast and feel how, if there were any lumps, you could find them?"

Joni "knew" that Kelly wanted her to do more and she was going to take advantage of this situation. "Uh, you know ma'am, your nipples look real hard. Am I turning you on or something?"

"Oh, I'm ah..." she muttered. Kelly blushed just a bit, then continued, "actually you are, but is all part of the examination process. You ought to see what happens to men when I touch their cocks during an examination."

"Oh, I see ma'am." Joni said. Then she leaned forward and took Kelly's nipple and sucked it directly into her mouth. "Then this doesn't bother you, I'm sure?"

Kelly leaned back and put her hand on the sink to support her, "Ah, Joni. Uh that does feel good, but we have to stop this, after all you're an enlisted woman and I'm an officer."

Joni knew she had her boss and wasn't going to stop. "Oh LT, I'll bet your panties are sopping wet too, aren't they?"

"Nooooo, their not. Please Joni, we have too quit."

Joni reached up and placed her hand behind Kelly's head and gently pulled her lips to her then kissed her. Kelly resisted for a moment then fell into Joni's arms and kissed her back. Their lips were entwined in a jumble of kisses and tongues darting back and forth when Kelly felt Joni's hand reach down and snake into her pants and then she could feel Joni's finger rubbing on her clit.

"God damn LT, you are so fuckin wet. You know, I wanted to fuck you the first time I saw you in Sick Bay. Woman, you are so hot!"

The XO watched as the two women caressed each other and he stroked his hard cock. He saw Joni help Kelly over to her bunk and lay her down on the bed. Then she leaned over, kissed her and played with her tits, but she also unbuckled Kelly's belt and pushed down her trousers.

When Joni had those off, she moved her head, ever so slowly down and slid her finger around the edge of Kelly's panties. First running her finger around the lacy edges, then up the middle until she found her clit. As she rubbed Kelly's clit she took her free hand and moved a finger under her panties and pushed them aside. Then Joni feasted on the petals of the pussy lips in front of her and she lowered her head until she could get her tongue inside of this young doctors cunt.

"Take off your fucking pants Joni" Kelly whispered. "Take them off so I can get my tongue into your hot pussy and fuck you too."

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