Ebony and Ivory

by Party

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: A life-changing experience on holiday sees a wife's first step to becoming a slut

Chapter 1

I'm Jack, and I'd like to tell you about something that happened on a recent holiday that has changed my sex life with my wife dramatically for the better.

We had travelled out to the island of Zanzibar, and the combination of a delay in departure and long flight meant that we were both a little tetchy when we checked it. It was early afternoon by the time we arrived, so we decided not to have a nap when we got to our room, but to unpack and try to keep going until the evening even though we were both very tired. At some point during the unpacking an argument broke out, I can't remember what about, but doubtless just some little thing, which, in our tired state, got blown out of proportion. After shouting at each other for a bit I decided that I was going to have a walk down the beach to cool off (mentally, though not physically - it was glorious weather!).

Slamming the door behind me, I strode down to the beach and started walking up and down for a little while. As I was doing so, I couldn't help but notice that there were plenty of attractive women around, slightly younger than my wife and I. We're both in our early thirties, and many of these women were probably early to mid twenties. But the best thing about them from my point of view was that they were all wearing bikinis, which showed off some great figures. I started to think about one of the bikinis that my wife had bought along, which was basically just a couple of small triangles of material held together with string, very skimpy! I couldn't wait to see her in it as I was sure she would look better than any of the other girls.

I suppose at this point I should tell you a bit about Natasha. She's a fair bit shorter than me at around 5'5", and has an absolutely knock-out body. She did a lot of gymnastics when she was younger, and still keeps herself very trim with aerobics, yoga, all that sort of stuff. And she's got the best pair of 32C tits you could hope for, I just can't get enough of them!

Anyway, all this thinking about her, combined with scantily clad women all around me, had started to get me horny, and I decided to head back to the room to "make up" with her. However, when I got back to our room, I found she'd gone leaving me a note saying that she had gone down to the pool. Walking back out of the door, I headed down to the pool to meet up with her.

The lobby and pool area were fairly quiet. I guess it was a combination of it being still slightly off-season, and that there had seemed to be quite a few people at the beach. As I got closer to the pool, I could also see the bar just off to one side.

Natasha was there with a drink in her hand, chatting to a guy who looked to be in the uniform of the entertainment staff. She was looking great wearing a strappy top and some quite short shorts over that bikini. I couldn't wait to get to her, apologise and maybe get her to show me the bikini at really close quarters.

As I got closer I could see that he had his hand on her arm, and they appeared to be laughing and joking. Intrigued, I edged closer trying to make certain that they didn't see me, however I wasn't very good because Natasha spotted me and pulled herself away from the guy quickly, and with a slightly guilty look on her face. The guy leaned forward briefly, and I just about heard him say "husband", which received a nod from her. He nodded his head fractionally, and walked off towards the restaurant.

As I got up to my wife, she turned and headed towards the pool. Following her, I quickened my pace to catch up, and once I was alongside asked her who she had been talking to. Natasha told me his name was Sunday, and that he was a member of the entertainment staff at the hotel, he had been telling her when the next water aerobics session was.

"He looked like he was getting a bit friendly." I said

"Maybe he could see that I was upset." She replied huffily, "Are you jealous that he was paying me a bit of attention?"

"Look, I was trying to find you to apologise. I know we're both tired, and maybe I said a couple of things that I shouldn't have, but you snapped at me too..."

"Is that supposed to be an apology?" She said, stopping to look at me, "'I was wrong, but so were you', that doesn't sound as though you're too sorry to me!"

As she walked away, I realised that I'd put my foot in it, and actually made her madder at me than before. Well, I thought as I walked after her towards the beach, doesn't look like I'm going to be getting lucky this evening.

The rest of the day was spent in virtual silence, I tried to apologise for my botched apology, but I didn't get any real reaction from Natasha. By the time dinner came round, we only spoke to ask each other for condiments etc. I was upset that the holiday had got off to such a bad start, but I figured that if we got a good night's rest, we'd be able to talk things through in the morning and start our "vacation in paradise" for real.

Back in our room the silent treatment continued while we were getting ready for bed. Just before we turned out the lights I made one final attempt at conciliation, but I was blanked. Settling down for the night, I hoped that the morning would bring better things, little did I know that what was about to happen would change our lives.

Natasha was tossing and turning in the bed for a couple of hours, meaning I was only ever half asleep. I could just about make out that she was mumbling something, and straining my ears I worked out that she was saying "No, I couldn't". Figuring she was having a bad dream I turned over again and tried to get to sleep, however as I did so, I felt her get out of the bed.

Through half closed eyes I watched as she put on her bikini, wrapped herself in a sarong and left the room. Looking at my watch I saw that it was 3 a.m., so, wondering where she could be off to at that time of night, I got dressed quickly and headed off after her.

I was just in time to see her disappear around a bend in the path towards the beach. Following at a distance I went with her down to the beach, and then along the coast a little until she reached the end of the beach rooms. There she turned back up towards the main hotel, but I noticed she appeared to be heading in to what looked like staff quarters. I was confused, had she got lost, or had Sunday invited her down? And if he had, what was I going to do about it? My mind was in turmoil, I was upset that Natasha was heading towards another man's room in the middle of the night, strangely proud that he had picked her, and apprehensive about what might happen.

Continuing to follow, my suspicions were confirmed when she stopped outside one of the rooms. She looked a little nervous to be there, and tentatively knocked at the door. After a moment or two there didn't seem to be any answer and Natasha looked like she was going to leave. As she turned slightly to go, the door opened and there stood Sunday, dressed only in a pair of shorts. He looked as though he'd just been woken up and was ready to have a go at whoever had disturbed him - until he saw that it was Natasha. His mouth broke into a wide smile and he invited her in. She looked a little uncertain, but stepped into his room anyway.

I moved closer to the room and managed to position myself in the shadows by the open window. Peeping in I could see that Sunday's room was basically the same layout as guest's rooms and although he and my wife were standing in the middle of it, they were quite close to the bed. Straining my ears I tried to hear what was being said. The first voice I heard was his.

"So, you've come to find out how a man should really treat a woman."

"No Sunday," said Natasha with a slightly nervous voice, "I've come to tell you that I love my husband very much, even though we had an argument. I don't think anyone could treat me better than he does. I came here to tell you to stay away from me."

"Stay away from you? If you've come here to tell me that, then you were obviously worried that you might do something you shouldn't. I just spoke to you, paid you a little attention when you were looking sad. I'm guessing maybe you felt a little something."

"I did not! Look, I just thought I'd be courteous and tell you that I appreciated your attention, but I'd prefer it if you left me alone."

"And you had to come and tell me that at three o'clock in the morning? You couldn't have told me at a quiet point during the day? Girl, I think you're lying to yourself."

"You're just twisting things!" exclaimed Natasha, and she turned and walked towards the door.

Sunday took a step forward and reached out, grabbing her arm. He pulled her back to him, and although there was some resistance in Natasha's body I could see that she was fighting an urge to succumb. He held her close, her back to his chest, and whispered something into her ear. She shook her head slightly and made to move away, but his big hand slid up to her right breast, and he began to gently stoke it through the material of her sarong and bikini.

He whispered again to her, and began to kiss her neck as he moved his other hand up to the sarong's knot at her neck. Untying it he let it drop to the floor and slid his hand down to her other breast. He cupped and stroked both for a few minutes, all the while kissing and nibbling at her neck and I could see the resistance in her body disappear. Her eyes were a mixture of lust and guilt, which quickly became only lust as Sunday reached up and undid the neck of her bikini top. As the twin triangles of material dropped away, I could see that Natasha's nipples were incredibly erect.

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